Red-Hot Roddick Faces Destiny’s Child Berdcyh for Miami Title
by Sean Randall | April 4th, 2010, 10:13 am

The first leg of the hard court seasons comes to a smashing, super-powered end today in Miami. Andy Roddick and Tomas Berdych, two of the biggest bruisers in tennis will meet for the Miami Sony Ericsson Open title this afternoon, the last hardcourt match until July. ADHEREL

Both players enter into today’s final playing some their best tennis in a very long while.

Roddick has been on fire all week in South Florida. The former Miami champion is coming off a fantastic three-set win over Rafael Nadal Friday afternoon. In that match Roddick showed he still had the reckless power off the serve and the forehand that won him the US Open title in 2003. Six years later Roddick has transformed into a smarter, more defensive player who remains hungry for a return to the top of the ranking charts.

Berdych has long been labeled an underachiever, a stigma he’s trying to shed. The Czech big man is fearsome in just about every key department making him dangerous to any foe. But mentally he hasn’t exhibited the composure necessary to pull out though matches against the top guys, that is until this week.

Berdych perhaps “got over the hump” after his improbable and thrilling victory over Roger Federer Tuesday night. Credit to Tomas who could have easily celebrated in the Miami sun afterward, but instead the 24-year-old kept working hard earning a very tough three-set win over Fernando Verdasco on Thursday, then slaughtering Robin Soderling Friday night to reach what has to be the biggest final of his career.

Head-to-head Roddick leads 5-2 with three straight wins, two coming this year – a three-setter in Brisbane and two tiebreakers in San Jose. And I expect another tough, tight match today. But it’s an intriguing matchup.

On one hand you have Berdych who seems to be riding an Ivan Ljubicic-like path to destiny this week. He looked like he was going to lose again to Federer, but didn’t. Then Verdasco had him down but Berdcyh recovered. And then he blew right through Soderling.

Roddick’s rolled along early courtesy of a cupcake draw until Friday when Nadal had him against the ropes. But Roddick switched modes from defensive tennis to offensive tennis and it paid off wonderfully.

For me the key will be Roddick’s serve. If he serves like he did on Friday he’ll win. When Andy’s serving big it adds options to his ground attack. On his service games he can play more defensive knowing that he can escape a jam with a big delivery, and I really think that passive strategy has now become “Plan A”. On return games he can be that much more aggressive like we saw him do late Friday against Nadal.

For Berdych, he too will need serve well and have easy service games. The fewer pressure moments the better for Berdy and if he can dial-up love service games that should keep his nerves in check.

Neither player has won a title of this size – Roddick 2006 Cincinnati, Berdcyh 2005 Paris – so nerves will be a factor. The pressure will be on Roddick as he’s the American favorite and he’s playing where he’s won before and a place where he grew up. And after Indian Wells loss to Ljubicic, a missed chance here for Roddick would be devastating in my mind.

The pick? I think Roddick’s comes out and serves big, plays his defensive style tennis with the mindset that Berdych will eventually mentally breakdown and make some miscues if not in his own service games then in the tiebreaker. And I think the nerves and the moment will get to Tomas more than it will Andy. Roddick also gets the head-to-head edge. So advantage Roddick in three sets with a breaker involved. Regardless, it should be a fun, fascinating way to end this segment of the hardcourt season.

Happy Easter everyone.

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148 Comments for Red-Hot Roddick Faces Destiny’s Child Berdcyh for Miami Title

Nancy M Says:

My money’s on Roddick (metaphorically speaking). His aggressive play against a healthy Nadal was amazing. It is great to see Andy playing so well.

Huh Says:

I hope all the luck is on Rod’s side today.

stu Says:

I’ve never paid much attention to Berdych, but I’ve enjoyed his pretty, intelligent game this week. Having said that, I’m rooting for Roddick. The guy just refuses to die, and should be rewarded for his continuous efforts.

Kimmi Says:

predictions are ofcourse fun to make but lets be honest, most of the predictions have been wrong recently..

IW results was very wacky. If we concentrate only on miami – who would have thought Berdych would beat federer or Roddick beating nadal, Fish beating Murray, Rochus beating Djokovic, the list goes on….just craaaaazy!

may the best man win!

steve Says:

As the British contingent would say: “C’mon Andy!”

It’s been so long since he’s won such a big title that I’m hoping he can get this one.

Dari Says:

I’m rooting for Andy to get this big title! I’m into Berdych right now, but I feel Andy’s time is now!

Kimmi Says:

huh: i agree with you, after that dissappoint loss to Ljubo last week i hope all the luck is with roddick today..

Players on the court already

contador Says:

“Destiny’s Child” Would never have caught the meaning there, Sean Randall, until I read up some more on Tomas Berdych.

All I knew about him really was that i never liked him in Federer’s draw. Berdych was dangerous. Now he “is” dangerous to Federer and possibly everybody else. Maybe.

I didn’t realize he was only 18 or 19 when he won Paris in 2005. Berdych is (maybe again) getting a bad rap with the slacker label. He had a nasty ankle injury in 2008 and reviewing his tournament history, it appears he’s had other things blocking his talent, himself or the tough field.

I saw most of his match against dimples. The Birdman was definitely stream rolling but imo, Soda was not at his best. No excuses, but Robin was not wearing that knee strapping at the start of Miami. No excuses, just observing. I don’t know.

Andy already beat Tomas is Brisbane this year. But I’d say the way AR is playing at the moment and on his own turf, he’s got the edge, a big edge.

It would take a remarkable show of steely nerves and a relaxed mind for Tomas to take down Roddick today.

Would be tragic too, as I’ve said. I don’t want to see Andy lose back to back finals, on hard court, at home. Andy will win. But I hope for a good match, 2 sets with tie breakers or 3 sets. Ready for a fight, is what I hope to see in the moods of both, not 2 nervous nellies, like the AO 2010 from Murray and Federer. Federer won that #16 with help from Murray.

A win is a win though. I’ll take it.

C’mon Andy Roddick!

jane Says:

Yep, like most people, I am hoping to see Rod win but to see Berdy put up a valiant fight. I agree with you conty; there is no way Soda was at his best in the semi. His forehand was just all over the place – way too many errors. That said, Berdy played really well too.

Kimmi – I don’t know if we can believe those papers, but it would be nice to see Murray and Kim reunited, seemed like they made a nice couple.

contador Says:

break point roddick!

contador Says:

oops no…too much coffee this morning..*nervous giggles*

contador Says:

on serve still. 2-1 Andy serving.


jane Says:

Has Berdy improved his return game? I was wondering that when I watched him play Soda.

contador Says:

Not really, i don’t think anyway, Jane.

The Bird has had everything going for him. Well, that’s what i remember thinking when Federer nearly lost to him in Melbourne 09.

I think it’s been mental blockage in the big moments. He’s smart enough, always has been a great mover, for a tall guy.

Kimmi Says:

Going on serve at the moment..both players unleashing the bombs..exciting!

Roddick looks much more comfortable exchanging groundies with T-berdy

contador Says:

What a lob from the sneaky czech

Kimmi Says:

Two brilliant lobs by berdych

Roddick should be careful here

contador Says:

followed up with a cross-court winner from bird.

c’mon roddick!

good time for an ace!

Kimmi Says:

what a second serve by roddick..

contador Says:

Outstanding serving gets andy out of harm’s way….

contador Says:

c’mon make it a match birdie….don’t go all nervous nellie now.

contador Says:

not that i want the bird winning but perhaps it would help if he pretended he was playing federer

contador Says:

weak rally there, girls

but got the job done. tomas.

andy should be jumping all over bird’s weak second serve that last game.

blank Says:

Berdy is winning most of the rallies at the moment.

Roddick – unleash that FH please!

Kimmi Says:

berdy is holding his own very well at the moment.

jane Says:

Good match so far – Berdy has a good backhand. Rod’s serves are the best though, first AND second. Berd has a weaker second most definitely. So far Berd has handled Andy’s forays into the net quite well, with passers or lobs. Hmmm… Andy should maybe stick to those cracker forehands.

contador Says:

bird is a bundle of nerves. not playing at all like he did against roger….no tough guy or wild abandon aura.

feeling fairly confident for Andy.

contador Says:

i feel like roddick is just sizing things up at the moment.

he’s gonna pounce. bring out the guns, if bird doesn’t sabotage himself with UE’s

Kimmi Says:

0-30 down berdy got out of jail there

contador Says:


bird comes back and pounds the ace to hold. mr tough guy now.

contador Says:

here comes the revived roddick. not about to let bird have a sniff at a break here!

Kimmi Says:

5 all crunch time crunch time crunch time

Kimmi Says:

great return from Roddick…


contador Says:

let’s see, bird. here’s a choke coming? with all due respect?

Kimmi Says:

T-berdy going for too much
danget time 15-30

contador Says:

Andy with a chance to break and serve for the 1st set?

or not…..

c’mon andy!

contador Says:

yep, break point andy!

Kimmi Says:

break point…ooooo Berdy more FH errors here

Second serve


contador Says:

oh, oh


Kimmi Says:

Ooooh No DF

Adv Roddick again

contador Says:

Bird DF’s, a gift to andy!!

Kimmi Says:

Yeeeah Roddick we go!!

contador Says:

break and Andy will take the first set.

serve mighty!

Polo Says:

Berdych is back! The real Berdych. The old Berdych.

contador Says:

well, t-bird is definitely not playing andy the way he did fed.

nervous bird when it counts

contador Says:

roddick wins the set with a love game!!

blank Says:

Berdy is playing well. Roddick is just playing better than him.

Go Roddick. Bag this one and get ready for Queens. Enjoy the summer with Brooklyn :-)

Kimmi Says:

What a set from Roddick..very steady, using the BH slice to his adv. I don’t think berdy likes that slice, he is struggling with it I think. set in the bag

Set 2

contador Says:

poor tomas.

again, not that i want him to beat andy.

but the bird has played so well this tournament that i want at least a tie break for a 2nd set.

i don’t think so, though

contador Says:

19 unforced errors from berdych….and counting..

fed killer going down to rafa destroyer

Polo Says:

Berdych was playing well at the start of the first set. What matters is how you play towards the end of the set. Berdych was not playing well towards the end in any way you want to look at it.

Kimmi Says:

0-30 berdy is losing it. If he is broken here..thats it I feel

Second serve

good shot that one

Still in trouble though

Another second serve

Big shots..thats better

Kimmi Says:

break point roddick

contador Says:

break point already….not boding well for tomas

blank Says:

Bye Bye Berdych!

Kimmi Says:

FH is letting berdy down..Roddick leading by a set and a break!

Polo Says:

It’s over! There is no way the old Berdych who is in the court right now could fight his nervous way out of this.

contador Says:

andy is cruising now.

i feel like saying, c’mon tomas

just wanting a competitive set here, c’mon

blank Says:

Andy is spewing fire.

contador Says:

c’mon tomas, nothin to lose…already losing, you are so bring it on!

Polo Says:

I hope Von is watching. This is one Roddick match she can watch without getting nervous at all.

contador Says:

here comes the ace from roddick



jane Says:

I don’t see T-Berd rallying here. Roddick has destiny today : )

Berd has nerves, and his second serve is a liability; plus he’s not getting in enough first serves today – 45% for the match right now. He’s playing good, but imo not as good as I saw versus Fed and Soda.

Andy R. is simply way too steady and consistent for Berd. Go Andy – you take that title.

Both guys should take some confidence from their performances at this event, taking out Fed and Rafa. I suspect both could carry the momentum more effectively onto grass rather than clay, but oh well. The red stuff awaits.

contador Says:

now the ace.

and another.

solid andy solid, buddy.

contador Says:

no….andy’s got this one.

i see what happens to berdych….nerves. i do hope he goes onto clay season and continues playing well.

isn’t his best surface hard court though?

Kimmi Says:

Berdy only made 3 0f 10 first serves in this second set

he needs to raise it..that break must have eaten away his belief

Kimmi Says:

berdy coach is saying “Don’t give up”!

Not easy when roddick is hitting those aces

contador Says:


i’m a little worried about my own mental state here…..

falling for federer killers? this is weird. help me out…

fed killers, other than rafa that is.

i like berdych. sad to see him going down here.

but i’d be be throwing a fit if roddick was losing

Kimmi Says:

I know what you mean, I am also feeling kind of sorry for Berdy. But even if he loses here he had a great tournament for his standard.

Roddick needs this one more and it shows

contador Says:

poor berdych

nice lob again though. so much potential

he was absolute chill versus federer….not today.

bird has contributed generously to roddicks win…to tight…missing the lines….14th forehand error for bird.

contador Says:


i forget, though i read up on tomas, is he any good on clay?

seems he should be but just curious if he can take his great play getting to miami final into clay season or the bird goes back into a nest.

Kimmi Says:

only one break commentators said

But Roddick has been very impressive on his serve

I cant see berdy breaking back

jane Says:

Kimmi – totally agree with your sentiments quoted below; Roddick is the hungrier one:

” I am also feeling kind of sorry for Berdy. But even if he loses here he had a great tournament for his standard. Roddick needs this one more and it shows”.

It’ll be a wonderful win for Roddick and hopefully, too, Berdy takes his run as a sign of what he can do, especially if he can improve that second serve. Indeed Djoko and Murray should be working on their serves right NOW! : )

Kimmi Says:

I don’t think he is good on clay. his results have been better on HC.

he is a HC guy!

contador Says:

ahh yeah, mary jo fernandez…

roddick can win another GS. wimbledon awaits.

i like andy’s chances best on grass. lots of contenders there but even more on hard court, US Open.

Kimmi Says:

“Indeed Djoko and Murray should be working on their serves right NOW! : )”

hahahah, that is a funny.Yes they should.

Roddick only two games away for taking this one

contador Says:


murray and nole – fed and rafa

best showing of the 4 has been from rafa.

we’ll see , *sigh*

oh, hey that was a love game from bird.

not even paying much attention to the match….

Kimmi Says:

Berdy confidence is coming back on his service games..maybe it is too late now..

contador Says:


thanks…not so familiar with tomas. i guess it’s because he has had a history of choking. so much talent, but not good results in the big tournaments and moments.

Kimmi Says:

one more game roddick

Polo Says:

You cannot let Roddick lead by a break and still hope to win the set, unless you are Federer.

Kimmi Says:

even federer would find very very difficult polo. Roddick is serving very well!

contador Says:


ANDY has the finish line in his sights. as much as this fan wants more tennis today…at least a tie break

it aint happening.

Roddick’s Day

Polo Says:

I do agree with you there, Kimmi. I was thinking of the Federer from two years ago.

Kimmi Says:



Kimmi Says:

match point

Polo Says:

This match was over before it was over.

Kimmi Says:

what a point to save match point wooooow

contador Says:


sorry, tomas. c’mon and have continue to have a great 2010.

match point roddick

bird is alive but gasping….needs CPR, barely a pulse after that rally….31 strokes

i had a stoke!

match point again

Kimmi Says:

another match point

contador Says:

no ….

my stomach!


Kimmi Says:

coming with great shots to save these match point


contador Says:


but i like bird’s spirit

Kimmi Says:

well..berdych has saved one match point with federer

maybe the lady luck is still with him

contador Says:

deuce again. #15 unforced forehand error, bird

Kimmi Says:

DF does not help berdy! pssss!

contador Says:

oh my god, sorry for bird…..DF on a set point chance for him

Kimmi Says:

Roddick serving out this miami title

contador Says:

got it, bird got his hold.

okay…i’ve had enough, tennis fans.

time for roddick to just close it out for a well-deserved win….

as skeezer says..i’m out….

thanks people.

Polo Says:

Come on Roddick! Don’t let me fall flat on my face.

jane Says:

Nice that Berdych stuck with it and is making Andy serve it out – anyhow it’s only right that A-Rod should win it with his rocket serves! ; )

Kimmi Says:

2 match points on his own serve

Roddick got this one now!

Polo Says:

Von, you can come out now.

Kimmi Says:

He gets it

Congrats Roddick and his fans

Great display from him in these North american hard court masters

A final and a win ..couldn’t have asked for anything better. Congratulations.

blank Says:

Awesome win for Roddick! He is so astute and gritty! I love those characteristics more than his game.

jane Says:

ARRRRGGGGH – CBS cut off before Andy’s speech!

blah Says:

Congrats to Roddick! a final in IW and then a win here, biggest winner of the post AO hardcourt season. Nadal and Soderling also put up good results, and Djokovic defended a title for the first time. Now onto clay!

Polo Says:

Ditto Jane, I was waiting for Andy’s interview. He gives the wittiest interviews even after a loss. I would have loved to hear his comments after a big win.

jane Says:

Phew, found the ceremony on streaming, : ) — Huge congrats to Andy Roddick!! Great tournament and fabulous win for him. : D

Congrats Von and TD (Tam)! Wonderful win for your guy. Big smiles and have a great day celebrating your guy’s victory. Well deserved.

Now Andy – Win Wimbles!!

Berdych – good job from him as well to get this far. Way to go T-Berd.

Kimmi Says:

Roddick will pass soderling in the ranking – back to number 7.

On to clay season

fed is afraid Says:

cbs blows.
congrats to andy.

contador Says:

Where is the interview Jane?

i knew cbs would cut out…pitiful coverage on FSN and CBS

that’s why i went to online and i need to hear andy! i’m being pulled away…

goat galz Says:

Goes to show you that Roddick can still win a masters every four years as long as someone else takes out Fed for him. Got lucky,journeyman.

jane Says:

Oh and Happy Easter to you too Sean – Woot!! You got one!! Cheers.

fed is afraid Says:

roddick did what roger wouldn’t have been
able to do. defeat rafa.

blah Says:

I think the one thing that Andy did say before CBS cut away is very important. Now you can say he’s a player with plan A and B, a defensive game to get by against the lesser players and a power game he has shown that he still has and can pull out against top players. And that serve is firing again. He might even have a plan C if he continues to work on coming in behind that big serve. Like someone said on tennis x, now it’s about choosing the right strategy in the right situation. I also loved seeing how aggressive he was on some returns in the tournament. Great to see how Stefanki has really expanded his game.

jane Says:

The speech is over conty – it was on Andy talked about the Hit for Chile and Butch’s time as leader of the Sony Ericson event. Berdych was kind in his comments on Andy. Quick speeches.

contador Says:


i’ll catch it somewhere later…..

i’m out….very happy!

jane Says:

blah, good points all at 3:03. Also Andy’s movement is so strong now, which allows him all those plans A,B, and C. Couple that with his power and mental strength and he’s formidable to be sure. He knows he can beat Djoko, Murray and Rafa as he’s beaten them all in the last year at least once; he’s toughest match up remains Fed, BUT in my opinion, he showed last year in that UBER close match at Wimbledon that he can beat Fed – he just has to put it all together.

margot Says:

Easy! Easy! Easy!
Well done Andy! Congrats von! Now raise a glass of the lovely bubbly stuff, be thinking of you.

blah Says:

Jane- I think the biggest hurdle he has to overcome against Fed might even be more of a mental one than a match up one now; I was really pleasantly surprised at how he just exploited Nadal’s serve, sometimes running all the way around to the other side to smack a return.

Now I want to see your Nole pull it all together for clay season- seriously, I love watching his clay game more than Nadal’s or Fed’s, even though he might be the number 3 clay player behind those two. I want to see him and Nadal play the FO final lol, that would be an epic match.

jane Says:

blah – yeah, my Nole is floundering though. I love watching him on clay too – such epic battles between him and Rafa – but if he has no serve to count on, well, that could be a serious problemo. We shall see. Maybe Vajda can get him back on track? I wish he still had those blue shoes too. : )

Sean Randall Says:

Great day for Roddick. Berdych had a poor serving day and missed a few too many forehands.

Andy played well staying mostly in defensive mode which was good enough since Berdych was making errors off the ground.

Good first quarter of the year for Roddick. He only came up short in Australia.

stu Says:

Thank God the hard court season is over :)

andrea Says:

what happened to the berdych that took out fed?

some great rallies though.

good for andy to win. cos you know for the next couple of months during the clay season we’ll never hear his name again.

Polo Says:

Unbelievable how mean some people can be.

rose Says:

I’m happy for Roddick ..he proved me wrong and I’m glad he got it done this time ..playing aggressive and smart,and not chocking on the key moments..Great tennis , his serve was lethal today Mr “ACE”. Great results andy, runner up at IW and champion at Miami..just fantastic ..the older he is getting the brighter player he is becoming and that”s just fantastic for tennis..Kuddos to him and to clay season we go…

David Says:


I think Roddick can put up some respectable showings on clay, maybe a semifinal, a couple of quarterfinals, something like that. By the way, does anyone know if Roddick is going to play Rome this year? He’s almost always played it, but he didn’t last year.

skeezerweezer Says:

Congrats to Roddick fans, and especially to Von. As Sean said, great start ( arguably, probably, the best of the top 5 ) so far! Keep in rollin Andy. If he keeps playin like this it will be an interesting grass court season :)

David Says:


Actually Roddick is off to the best start of anyone “rankings points”-wise. He and Roger are the only 2 players with more than 2,000 points earned since the start of the year, but Andy is slightly ahead. In other words, he’d be leading the “Champions Race” if that still existed.

Skorocel Says:

Just three words: WELL DONE RODDICK!

skeezerweezer Says:


“Good Knowledge”. Thanks for that.


One for the old guys? I am old school and I never could understand why a guy with 140+ MPH serve would not come in and put the ball away. Now I know the rackets, power and fitness has changed, but when I see a match against Fed. or Rafa, and then will return a high floater from his big serve, Roddick steps BACK, waits, and hits a groundie. Am I missing something?

To his defense, I did see him try to serve and volley early in his career he was not a good volleyer, and seem to have no idea about the transition game to the net. So given that, it made since, somewhat.

Anyways here we are today and see Andy this year put some thinkin in to his game. I loved in the Tomas match how he was hitting almost ( ok not quite ) Rafa high topsin FH’s to Tomas instead of his usual flatter balls out FH just mixing it up, Tomas went nuts with this…did you notice?. Boy if he continues to play like this,,,,thinkin is way through, I tell ya he will be a contender! lol!

Just wish he put this all together at a younger age than 28, cause he is fun to watch…..

Andy, may the last part of your tennis career be your best…


skeezerweezer Says:

“Polo Says:

Unbelievable how mean some people can be.”

Got that and know where you pointed that dart :)

Fot Says:

Congratulations to Roddick and his fans (especially Von). Roddick is one of the ‘old’ guys from Roger’s generation so if he’s not playing Roger, I want these guys to win to show that they can play tennis too!

Now on to the clay. I still feel like the clay season will be dominated by Nadal. Nothing like getting back on clay to get that confidence back (unfortunately) lol! I just hope Roger has a decent clay season; I hope guys like Gonzo; Wawrinka (just cause he’s one of my favorites) and all the guys ages 27-up do well! Go ‘older’ generation guys!!!!

Fot Says:

P.S. Just think, the last 4 Major tournaments were all won by the ‘older generation’:

Year End 2009: Davydenko (age 28)
Australian Open 2010: Federer (age 28)
Indian Wells 2010: Ljubicic (age 31)
Miami 2010: Roddick (age 27)

Not bad, huh!

TD (Tam) Says:

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay Andy Roddick! I am so pleased he won Miami. Congratulations to him, his team and most of all to his loyal fans who have been with him through thick and thin.

I’m very impressed that he managed to win the final a day after flying to Chile to play in the earthquake charity for Chile. The media has always had Roddick figured out wrong; he is the classiest player around bar none!

Happy easter everybody.

TD (Tam) Says:

Oh one more thing: a pox on CBS for cutting out the trophy presentation! >:-(

jane Says: “Congrats Von and TD (Tam)!”

Jane thank you for thinking of me! I dont post much here anymore but when I saw Roddick win I had to come back to post something. I hope Von watched it all and enjoyed it as much as I did. :-)

goat galz Says: “Goes to show you that Roddick can still win a masters every four years as long as someone else takes out Fed for him.”

Indeed! Just as The Mighty Federer cannot win Roland Garros unless someone else takes out Nadal for him. Go back to your whine and cheese my friend.

skeezerweezer Says:



Daniel Says:

Awesome win for Roddick!! I was very impressive with his slices, some of them were Federer like.

Great, great win! Roddick should play more on clay this year. he was hitting excelent angle top spin balls, and his low miss game is appropriate to it. Even though clay neutralize his serve, he has enough patiance to win points without it.

Now some ranking prospects:

As of today:
– Federer: 10675
– Djoko: 7630
– Nadal: 6980
– Murray: 5845

– Nadal can only gain 400 points in Madrid if he wins all clay events (MC, Barcelona, Rome and Madrid): 7380 pts entering RG

– Djoko can gain 1440 points if he wins MC, Belgrade, Rome and Madrid: 9070 pts entering RG

– Fed not playing a tourney until RG, losing points (90 MC, 360 Rome and 1000 Madrid) he will have 9225 pts entering RG

Even if Federer doesn’t play a tourney until RG he will be seeded n.1 when RG comes. This is a fact now!

Nadal is the only one who can overtake Fed’s n.1 after RG (not discrediting Djoko but only Nadal can win RG and 2 or 3 Masters on clay in a same year).
If Nadal wins RG also along wiht all the clay events he enters he will have 9200 points on June 7th.

Taking Fed’s clay points away from his total today he will have 7225 pts

This means that for Federer to secure his n.1 ranking until June 14th, one week after French Opne (when he will break Sampras 286 weeks record) he will have to gain 1980 points during the clay season to not depend on anybody result, this assuming Nadal will win everything:

1 – final in Rome (600), final in Madrid (600), wins Estoril (250) and semis in RG (720): 2170 pts; or

2 – semis in Rome (360), semis in Madrid (360), semis in Estoril (90) and final in RG (1200): 2010 pts

Any earlier loss from Nadal on clay until Madrid will increase or secure Federer’s chances of breaking that record before Wimbledon.

So, basically, for now on everytime Nadal and Fed plays on clay will have major implications to it, as if there weren’t before! :)

Von Says:


Thanks to all for their great posts and good wishes, it’s very much appreciated!

TD(Tam): I’ve missed you so much, and hope you’ll drop by more often. I know why you don’t post here, but if you can, just overlook the bias, and join me in rooting for our guy. It’s kinda lonely being odd person out as a Roddick fan. He has been super since the AO, where unfortunately, he had that shoulder problem, but it appears that the shoulder is now much better. I can tell his serving arm is improving by his ace count. I was worried for a while, as his opponents seemed to be out-acing him, which is not the norm for our Andy, is it?? Anyway, a special congrats to you from me.
Polo: You are reading me too well. LOL. I go into hibernation mode when Roddick is playing.

Thanks for setting the negativity straight from the usual class-less one.
Margot: I had too much bubbly and was out for over 6 hours after Andy’s win. LOL.

And finally, CBS SUCKZ big time. They packed up the speech slot with commercials and did not show the speech. Thankfully, was showing it and I was able to enjoy the smiles I saw from Roddick. He appeared to be very, very happy.

All in all, a good day at the office for A-Rod. Go Roddick!!

BTW, soeone enquired about Rome. I don’t think roddick will be playing at rome, but he will play Madrid. I wish he’d play at Rome as he’s done well there reaching the SFs a few times, but he’s the boss of his schedule. From what I’ve read, he wants to play Madrid and focus on doing well at the FO.

Gordo Says:

Daniel says –

So, basically, for now on everytime Nadal and Fed plays on clay will have major implications to it, as if there weren’t before! :)


Right you are, but what is additionally interesting is that last year the two men could only meet in the finals and they did that just once last year on clay – in Madrid, with Federer winning. (check it out, Fed is afraid).

Now, until Nadal overtakes Djokovic for the #2 spot there is a 50-50 chance Fed and Rafa could run into each other in a semi-final match. That would be the first time this has happened since the year Rafa first won Roland Garros 6 years ago.

It should be an interesting clay season.

Cindy_Brady Says:

Is the clay court season here yet?

Can Andy Roddick get any more lucky with draws?

Even CBS knows what a joke he is. Let’s see if Andy Roddick can survive a true test and win a grand slam again. LOL!!

Oh Yes, it’s only been 7 years. Whoopity Doo, Andy Roddick wins Miami when the best players don’t care and are preparing for clay leading up to the French.

I bet Von is getting moist about now.


margot Says:

von: nice! Attagirl!

contador Says:

The good news to me is that clay season is here- nice change.

And isn’t there a chance clay season may not be primarily about nadal, federer and nole this year?

Rafa doesn’t have his aura of invincibility not does he have his personal confidence- just my opinion from watching. the fact he lost madrid and early at FO, though injured puts the question in his head, though he’ll be “fired-up.”

Djoko especially is due to rally. ajde!

delPo wiill be rusty in match play at but he been gone a long time. his injury, i hope is all better. how much he’s been able to practice depends on the injury status, of course. would be sad if he has to miss more tournaments.

too many clay courters to mention who have the ability to throw the numbers off, maybe not win, but at least knock a couple top seeds out early if they are not on top of their game mentally and physically.

maybe can’t call murray a clay courter but he’s no slouch.

ferrero, ferrer…..prove me wrong, but i’ve yet to see any of the spaniards bow to their #1 for an eternity, no matter what surface. so i am not thinking of them. there is enough of them able to do a good job paving the way for rafa though.

looking over the south americans and europeans who might shake up the usual results. we’ll see. c’mon nalby…get your form back…

still smiling about andy roddick too. very proud of him…satisfied, for now. he must be feeling great today. great confidence boost beating rafa the way he did.

contador Says:

pardon my poorly typed sentences….just woke up, the excuse this time…..ughhhh

Long Live The King Says:

First and foremost congrats to A-rod for winning and his biggest fan Von for staying on the Andy roddick bandwagon and not jumping to greener pastures like a lot of previous a-rod fans who masquerade as nadal or djokovic fans….. there is something to be said about loyalty like Von’s. Keep it going Von :)

Now coming to some house-keeping, I wonder who let cindy beach out of the assylum she is kept locked in. I wonder if she again bit a few nurses and escaped to grace us with the sheet that her head is loaded with.

Cindy beach (i am sure that is your last name, it suits you better), my post is a pity post for you. I am sure most sane people wouldn’t want to feed a rabid beach like you with responses, but I will take pity on you and spit this post at your ugly face!

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