Andy Roddick Won’t be in Rome; Tsonga v. Almagro in Barcelona
by Sean Randall | April 22nd, 2010, 12:14 am

According to the website of the Italian Tennis Federation, Andy Roddick has decided to withdraw from next week’s Rome Tennis Masters. ADHEREL

No reason that I can discern is given, though Roddick usually doesn’t play many clay events leading up to the French Open anyway – I’d be really surprised if he skipped Madrid also.

EDIT: Looks like Andy and wife Brooklyn Decker are having some fun in Hawaii. Must be nice, as they say.

Brooklyn is there to shoot scenes for her upcoming movie “Just Go With It” which also stars Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Brooklyn and Andy just celebrated their first wedding anniversary Saturday.

Before I turn into a gossip blogger, back to tennis and more injuries.

Nikolay Davydenko has also pulled out with his bad wrist as has Dr. Ivo Karlovic. The report also mentions Tommy Haas but he’s out for a long time. David Nalbandian is also injured as is Juan Martin Del Potro.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are still expected to be the top seeds. (Fingers crossed.)

As for live tennis action, tomorrow in Barcelona it’s a full Sweet 16 slate including David Ferrer, JW Tsonga, Fernando Verdasco, Juan Carlos Ferrer and Robin Soderling. Incredibly we could have an all-Spanish quarterfinal!

Almagro and Tsonga battle again is what will likely be the best match of the day. The two have played twice before, both this year, with Tsonga winning both, 9-7 in the fifth set at the Australian Open and in straight sets last week in Monte Carlo. Tomaz Bellucci and Guillermo Garcia-Lopez has my interest as well (strange?).

PISTA CENTRAL start 10:30 am
[1] D Nestor (CAN) / N Zimonjic (SRB) vs J Kerr (AUS) / R Lindstedt (SWE)
[Q] S Bolelli (ITA) vs [8] D Ferrer (ESP)
Not Before 2:35 PM
[15] N Almagro (ESP) vs [3] J Tsonga (FRA)
[11] J Melzer (AUT) vs [5] [WC] F Verdasco (ESP)
[16] F Lopez (ESP) vs [2] R Soderling (SWE)

PISTA 1 start 10:30 am
[6] L Kubot (POL) / O Marach (AUT) vs L Hewitt (AUS) / M Knowles (BAH)
G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) vs [13] T Bellucci (BRA)
[7] J Ferrero (ESP) vs T de Bakker (NED)
[Q] A Ramos-Vinolas (ESP) vs E Gulbis (LAT)
N Almagro (ESP) / M Lopez (ESP) vs [7] F Cermak (CZE) / M Mertinak (SVK)

PISTA 3 start 12:00 noon
[LL] I Navarro (ESP) vs E Schwank (ARG)
F Polasek (SVK) / A Qureshi (PAK) vs [2] B Bryan (USA) / M Bryan (USA)
[3] L Dlouhy (CZE) / L Paes (IND) vs J Knowle (AUT) / A Ram (ISR)

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52 Comments for Andy Roddick Won’t be in Rome; Tsonga v. Almagro in Barcelona

Von Says:

“Before I turn into a gossip blogger, back to tennis and more injuries.”

Too late now, you’ve already sown the seeds, and the seedlings are sprouting. LOOL

Didn’t Roddick skip Rome last year due to his wedding?? Well, it seems that he’s on a second honeymoon this year.

With all of the money Brooklyn is making in her own career, he’ll have someone to support him when his tennis career is over. That’s the way to do it, put the woman to work!!

Kimo Says:

I love the comment written under the picture.

“Nobody said life is fair.” :DDD

Kimmi Says:

bummer for nalbandian, things were starting to line up for him. I heard he is out for a month, does that include madrid? i hope not..

Ben Pronin Says:

Feeling sorry for Nalbandian is as close to a waste of time as it gets. Even before his injuries, he wasn’t exactly living up to his potential.

The big concern is Del Potro. The world number 5 and US Open champion has played 1 event in 2010. Count it, 1. There have been 4 big events (masters and slams) and tons of other tournaments. He has considerable points to defend in Madrid and especially the French Open. Even if he somehow plays in Paris, what are the chances of him playing well enough to make the semifinals? This is a worrisome issue and it’s a real pity that his injury is so severe. Hopefully he’ll make a full recovery and the forehand blasting will continue.

Ben Pronin Says:

The should be world number 4. Even with only 1 event he’s moved up the rankings…

MMT Says:

That’s one of the silliest things I’ve ever read -the guy has played 4 matches in 1 tournament in 2010, while these other poor saps are schlepping week to week, and his ranking goes up one. If ever there were an argument that meaning of rankings is grossly exaggerated…

Ben Pronin Says:

Well Murray isn’t exactly playing up to his ranking. At the same time Del Potro isn’t playing at all… But he did earn his points and you can’t take away his points for, say, winning the US Open just because he isn’t playing in Monte Carlo…

jane Says:

It is weird that Delpo has leapt over Murray *even though he hasn’t played since the AO. But rankings are strange that way; it’s great when a player is moving up, like Murray was for the first half of last year. The majority of his wins were points gains until the summer hardcourts, where he’d already done well in 08. But once a player has to defend, it gets more complicated. Delpo has had little to defend, really, until around now and the FO. I think Djoko beat him in the quarters in the Rome last year, I can’t remember Madrid, and then of course semis at FO. If he can’t play there, that’ll be the biggest blow points-wise. Too bad. Hope he’s well soon.

jane Says:

Tsonga’s up a break in the 3rd, so that is looking good for him, but Ferrero is locked in a tight battle, 4 all 3rd set, with the Baker man.

MMT Says:

I understand how this has happened – it’s just an argument against the interest in rankings. After all, if a guy is better off not playing than playing, even if it is an isolated case (although I suspect it is widespread across many players, and just gets more attention when it’s a top 5 player) then to me, philosophically, I’m less and less impressed with a players’ ranking than his results.

jane Says:

MMT – I know you know/understand how it happened. My comment was just general. The rolling rankings are strange sometimes. That’s why I always enjoyed “the Race” because it truly reflects the season’s results.

jane Says:

Wow, the Baker beat Ferrero. This could possibly make Tsonga’s path easier?

MMT Says:

Jane – actually, my last comment was directed towards Ben Pronin, but no offense was taken/intended. I just think rankings are overrated. They are interesting talking points, but largely irrelevant to my interest in tennis. Just one man’s opinion.

funches Says:

It’s been Spanish carnage today. Only one of five Spaniards through to the quarters with three more playing later and two of them being decided underdogs.

skeezerweezer Says:

I’d rather be in Hawaii with Brooklyn Decker too! Go Andy :). When in Hawaii, do what the Hawaiians do.

Ben Pronin Says:

MMT, I get what you mean. But if you’re saying that Del Potro isn’t a bigger deal than Nalbandian just because of his ranking, then he certainly is because of his grand slam triumph last year and his overall high level throughout the year. And he certainly earned his ranking last year. This year he’s MIA. It’s a shame. At least Nalbandian has thrown away the majority of his peak years. Del Potro was just starting to hit his stride and yet he’s played LESS than Nalbandian this year. It’s a shame.


Geez. You’re right Funches. It looks like Ferrer will be the only Spaniard left in the draw after today. That’s too bad because without Nadal playing guys like Verdasco and Ferrero had a chance to win the tournament.

The draw is looking very good for Soderling as he only has to beat Lopez and Scwank to get to the semis.


Actually, Verdasco isn’t out yet. Melzer might fall apart like he did in Miami.

jane Says:

Melzer is up a break in the third; Hotsauce is in a hole. Tsonga and Soda could meet in the semis. I’d assume Ferrer will get through Belluci (not that he’s an easy out on clay or anything though) but who will he meet in the semis? Could it be Gulbis???

jane Says:

Wow, nice turn around from Hotsauce: breaks, holds, breaks again. Now he’s serving for the match. Maybe he’ll stop the Spanish exodus here – but he and Ferrer are on the same side of the draw I believe.

Ben Pronin Says:

I feel like Ferrer should win the title. He’s been in the final the last 2 years and lost only to Nadal. Pull a Fed, take advantage of an opportunity.

sar Says:

De Bakker beat Ferrero and that’s one that Verdasco said was a top 5 clayer, besides himself.

MMT Says:

Ben Pronin: “But if you’re saying that Del Potro isn’t a bigger deal than Nalbandian just because of his ranking, then he certainly is because of his grand slam triumph last year and his overall high level throughout the year.”

That’s exactly what I’m saying. If del Potro had, say, dropped out of the top 10, because he wasn’t playing at all, (instead of gaining a place to #4 based almost exclusively on Murray’s poor results, BTW) when he came back, I’d still be more interested to see how he does in slams and throughout the year than Nalbandian, who’s never gotten it done when it counts, with 3 or 4 rare exceptions.

In the end, I say rankings are overrated because it’s not that del Potro is ranked #4 that makes him interesting to follow – this is really a result of Murray has bagging it – but the fact that he won the US Open, and made the final of the YEC. With that pedigree, even if he dropped out of the top 10, he’d still be more of an interest for me than someone like Nalbandian, or anyone else for that matter that doesn’t have his pedigree.

Fot Says:

The rankings are based on the past 52 weeks, right? So if a player doesn’t defend his points (ala Murray), he’ll drop. It doesn’t really matter that the next player is out. So it’s not so much that Del Potro ‘moved up’ because he increased his positition than the fact that Murray ‘moved down’ because he didn’t. (does that make sense?) It’s always going to be someone to move up when someone else moves down. Everyone can’t ‘move down’ at the same time without someone moving up? Hope that makes sense.

(However, personally – I’m with Ben too that it doesn’t seem RIGHT that Del Po could move up without hitting a ball…but that’s just the way it is, unfortunately)

Huh Says:

Sorry for the belated congrats, but CONGRATS TO RAFA FANS for his stylish MC victory. :)

And good for Rafa to withdraw from Barcelona. I also want him to be at his best, physically and mentally, at FO & WIM. Why risk slams for minor tournaments? I would like to see a Fed vs Rafa at WIM/FO.

Huh Says:

What is Fed doing now BTW?

MMT Says:

Fot: Actually you’ve made my point better than I did. That del Potro moved to #4 is a reflection of Murray’s slide, and (obviously) not his own improvement (since he hasn’t played). As such, does it really mean anything that del Potro has “moved up” to #4?

Not really.

But Ben also made the point that del Potro is an intriguing player to follow because of his overall pedigree, more so than his ranking. And I am also in agreement with this, because if his ranking had dropped, his pedigree will still make my ears stand up whenever he finally returned from injury, i.e. “the US Open Champion returns to the tour”, more so than, “the #4 player returns to the tour.”

That would really be ridiculous, because when he became interesting (to me anyhow) in the first place, was when he won the US Open, and at that time he was ranked #5! If he returned at Rome ranked #4, having played 4 matches, that wouldn’t really mean much since it doesn’t relfect anything he did, per se.

Okay – I myself am a little tired of this topic, so I’ll shut up now.

Fot Says:

Huh – He’s practicing for Rome.

Huh Says:

Thanks FoT! :)

Bjorn Borg Says:

When Murray moved up to no. 2 replacing Rafa under similar circumstances his ranking was not so strange, was it?
Rafa had won Canada and Olympic in ’08 but could not defend one and the other event was not there in ’09. His not playing Wimby had done enough damage to his ranking which we saw only about 5 weeks later. We like to forget certain things, don’t we?
Wins-losses and rankings reflect each other and in both Murray and Potro’s rise is due to the same ranking system. The system did not change last week so as to help Potro. Plus Murray’s first round exits are equivalent to Potro’s not playing. It is not that Potro reached this rank first time he had it once previously on 11 Jan 2010. Just like others he earned his points in the 52-week calendar.
I don’t understand what you’ll are saying.

sar Says:

Isn’t Rome required?

jane Says:

“When Murray moved up to no. 2 replacing Rafa under similar circumstances his ranking was not so strange, was it?”

It’s a slightly different situation though – mainly because the player who was injured and not playing dropped a spot (Rafa), and the player who was playing moved up one (Murray); in this case, a player who’s played only 1 event all year moved up, while the player who’s played AO (finals), IW, Miami, Monte Carlo dropped a spot. So it just seems counter-intuitive that’s all.

I don’t think anyone is questioning that (a) Delpo is a great player or (b) that Murray has been in a slump since losing the AO finals. It just seems odd to see a guy move up who hasn’t even played! But as Fot rightly pointed out, it’s always an “up AND down” thing, rather than just an “up” OR “down” because they’re always displacing each other.

sar – I think players can miss one Masters during the year, but don’t quote me on that because that’s just going by memory and not having looked at any rules.

Duro Says:

Hi, Jane. What’s up? i am it says “later”.

jane Says:

Hi Duro! Not too much is up, just finishing things at work. Looking forward to watching Rome, watched a little Barcelona today. I hope you are doing better each day. Give “i am it” my best; I know a lot of folks miss him around here. : )

Bjorn Borg Says:

We like to be blind when it comes to our favorites and this is not an exception. Hey Djokovic moved to no. 2 for the same reason. Neither did he win AO 2010 nor improved on his previous year’s result but he got to no. 2 because Rafa could not defend AO title. The same thing happened to Murray and our whining is not going to hand him back the ranking he just lost. He has to win matches and start going beyond 1st rounds.

Kimmi Says:

Did not see the matches, I wish I had coz live score made me believe some of today’s matches were great.

almagro lost AGAIN to tsonga. he tried today, got the first set in the bag.. i thought …wait a minute, he got Tsonga this time, but not to be.
NELTA, no need to pick almagro. If he cannot beat Tsonga on his favorite surface then that’s it I am afraid. tsonga has his number!

What a win by the dutch guy..need to remember this name (Thiemo De Bakker).
has he ever beaten a top player before? i think this is his first. Ferrero is no slouch on clay and this year he is looking good. De bakker hang in there, even after losing the second set. Played excellent tie choking! very impressive. Great win young man.

C’mooon Soda. playing well as usual..going about his business, beating the guys he should beat..continues to impress since his breakthrough at RG09. Number 1 seed in barca..popping all the way . GOOOO Soda!

I also have to say Vamos Verdasco. Another one who continues to impress, coming back after being down and out…just like Miami..melzer must be hating this. Nando on fire this season i tell you..but needs to bag more games against Rafa next time. Vamos!

And last but not least..Gulbis. Great win today. Qtr final on the ATP500..yeah baby. Good luck!

jane Says:

No doubt Delpo’s rise in the rankings is due to Murray’s slump; it’s Murray’s not wining that has made him drop a spot, but it still seems ironic, given that Delpo isn’t playing. Delpo now has more points to defend, beginning with Rome QF, then Madrid and FO semis, and if his wrist is still not better, then I guess the rankings could flip-flop again anyhow. It won’t make too much difference as to who is seeded 4th or 5th for the FO I don’t suppose. As I said in my initial post, I hope Delpo is well soon. His forehands, in particular, have been missed.

Kimmi Says:

“It won’t make too much difference as to who is seeded 4th or 5th for the FO I don’t suppose.”

there is a significant difference between 4th and 5th seed. Nadal did not like much when he had to play Murray in the qtr instead of the semi at AO. Murray seeded in the qtr was a tough draw for rafa.

For FO, since Murray is no good on clay, it does not matter much but Delpo will definetly be happy to get a 4th seeding, that means

1)he does not have to worry about no.3 seed (Nadal) till the final

2) does not need to worry about #2 seed (Djoko) or federer till the semi.

If delpo is on a good form, 4th seed is a very good seeding in a slam.

jane Says:

Kimmi, I guess you’re right that Delpo may want to hang on to that 4th seeding. But if Delpo is still injured and doesn’t play Rome then Murray may move up to #4 again. I think there’s only 150 or so points separating them a.t.m. Murray lost in the R32 at Rome last year, and to Delpo in the QF at Madrid. Delpo lost in QF at Rome. So Murray could stand to gain if Delpo doesn’t defend. But then, once it comes to grass that flips again and the pressure will be on Murray to defend Queen’s (in a very deep field) and then semis at Wimbledon, whereas Delpo doesn’t have as much to defend. So the two of them may swap spots for a while.

Kimmi Says:

Agree. Its very close and in few coming tournaments delpo has a lot to defend. I was only trying to point out that 4th seed is better than 5th seed at RG.

talking about the deep field at Queens. I read on ATP site that 7 out of top 11 will play queens this year.

Murray (article did not mention Murray but i think he is playing)
Del potro

Who will federer play with in Halle?


jane Says:

Haas & Kohls usually play Halle. Not sure who else. Djok & (I think Tsonga) played there last year but are coming back to Queens this year.

KillerC Says:

hmm am i the only one who is starting to find modern clay court tennis boring and only will watch the french open out of all the clay events?! the baseline bashin is starting to get to me, atleast in the 80s the game was slower due to technology it was who could outlast the other.. rather watch that sometimes. It is a pleasure tho watching net rushing tsonga and fedex’s masterful skill. anyways rant over!!
Roddick should maybe play one warm up event for clay and do the FO. his game is better suited for faster stuff. bring on the grass and the hard stuff already!!

Kimmi Says:

Yap, haas and kohl..these two would always favour a home tournament I guess…but unfortunatley no haas this year or will he be back by then?

I was thinking about top guys, top 10 maybe…i guess federer does not care who he warms up with as long as they can play some tennis.

All eyes will be at queens this year. Hope murray is sharp by then..he played very well on grass last year.

Andrew Miller Says:

Mayeb all the big players are only slam focused.

Fot Says:

It wasn’t as bad as Indian Wells is for the William sisters, but Roger has opted not to play Queens because when he was younger (according to him), they didn’t give him a wild card to play Queens – even after almost begging them. But Halle heard about it and gave Roger won and he said he appreciated what they did for him so he would support that tournament from then on. So now that he’s become “THE Federer” he still has kept his word to the organizers at Halle.

Fot Says:

Oppos… that should have said “Halle heard about it and gave Roger ONE”…lol! Hey, I’m tired! lol!

skeezerweezer Says:

C O N T A D O R…………..

……….GULBIS winning…….where are you? Your young buck is playing deep into Barcelona! You sure he is not Spanish?

Hope all is well….:)


“i guess federer does not care who he warms up with as long as they can play some tennis…..”

Err…..I’m available! Shaaamooon!

Hey Fed my number is 1-800-FED-GOAT, 24/7

Long Live The King Says:

” Too late now, you’ve already sown the seeds, and the seedlings are sprouting. LOOL ”

LOL Von! sometimes Sean can be worse than a highschool gal….. you can almost see him giggling as he typed up that part about A-rod and brook in Hawaii…..

And those pics, A-rod must be having a lovely time in Hawaii…. lucky bastard!!!!! LOOOL!

margot Says:

LLK: don’t u mean DROOL not LOOOL?

Kimmi Says:

Fot: thanks for the story. very interesting!

skeeeeeeeze! LOOOOL.
yap! keep that number up, you just never know!

where are you? yes, we have all realised Gulbis is winning.
today, he gets a little piece of my hotsauce! hmmmm!

Von Says:


“LOL Von! sometimes Sean can be worse than a highschool gal….. you can almost see him giggling as he typed up that part about A-rod and brook in Hawaii…..”

I agree. I think dear Sean got a big kick out of writing about A-Rod and his double-decker mate. LOLZ

Margot: “LLK: don’t u mean DROOL not LOOOL?”

Yes margot, I agree, DROOL is definitely more befitting. LOL.

BTW, here’s one that will make the guys drool, and definitely proclaim along with LLTK that A-Rod is indeed a “lucky bastard”. Scroll down to the end of the article to see the double-decker.

Von Says:

For Dan Martin. a very insightful article by your buddy, Wertheim on the Bryan Brothers.

Dan, has the baby arrived as yet? Please let us know when the stork delivers its bundle of joy. Thanks.

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