Juan Martin Del Potro Withdraws, Thomas Muster to Play Vienna
by Staff | October 22nd, 2010, 11:30 am

Juan Martin Del Potro’s season isn’t quite over yet. Del Potro, who lost both matches in Asia upon returning from a 8-month injury layoff, said yesterday in an interview that he plans to play in Vienna on Monday. ADHEREL

Through Google translation, he said, “This year was very bad, very bad. I started the Australia Open is one of the favorites and suddenly everything falls apart and everything is black. After my problem is in hand, several months without finding a diagnosis and once you find the diagnosis came the operation. The question was minded to that. Nobody who assured me that would be good. But I decided to do it. ”

The Argentine says he will decide after Vienna on his next event.

Del Potro will be joined in Vienna by former No. 1 Thomas Muster who has an unusual eye at returning to pro tennis at the age of 43.

“For me it is an honour to be able to play here,” Muster said to the tournament. “I know that I cannot show my full potential just yet. I’m on the right path, but I will have to wait until spring next year to be able to judge my return.”

Next spring?

Muster’s last tour-level event was the 1999 French Open. He returned to Challenger play this summer but has just a 1-6 record with a current ranking of No. 982.

“I want to inspire people with my fitness and my fighting spirit,” he adds. Read more on his return here.

Also in the Vienna Bank Austria field are Jurgen Melzer, Marcos Baghdatis, Marin Cilic and Nicolas Almagro.

UPDATE: On his twitter account today, Juan Martin Del Potro announced that he has ruled out Vienna and remainder of the 2010 season. He will focus on getting fitter and stronger for the 2011.

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33 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Withdraws, Thomas Muster to Play Vienna

Amber Says:

Glad Del Po hasn’t thrown in the towel on his season. Hopefully the issues were due to physical conditioning, and lack of match play. Hope he can finally win a match on his comeback.

montecarlo Says:

Latest news says he has withdrawn from viena. Infact he has withdrawn from every event till 2011.

sar Says:

I wonder if he has depression. A while back I read a small blurb about that. Hope it isnt true though.

jane Says:

montecarlo, that’s what I had thought, that Delpo was taking the remainder of the season to work and get ready for 2011. So I was a little surprised to read this. Maybe he feels playing matches is better preparation? In any case, wish him the best. sar, it must be tough for him: he reached great heights only to plummet almost directly after. Has to be so frustrating for an athlete of his caliber!

Interesting about Muster – will keep an eye on his comeback, that’s for sure.

sar Says:

OMG anyone watching Fed Wawrinka?

montecarlo Says:

Yes sar, Federer saved a breadstick point and took the game. still 2-5

montecarlo Says:

Wawrinka’s backhand on fire today but I am sure it won’t last in the 2nd set.

montecarlo Says:

Nobody watching? Wawrinka leading 6-2,2-0. I still hope federer can somehow win this. If Federer really wants to tank this then atleast put up some fight? As of now its even worse than FO 2008 Final.

montecarlo Says:

Federer breaks back. 2-2 second set. :)

montecarlo Says:

Oh my God!!!!! Best Point of the year by Federer to get the crucial hold to make it 4-3.

Amazing point.

Von Says:

It looks like Fed’s going to brek Wawa again, and this will go to 3 sets.

Von Says:

Looks like Fed has upped the ante and Wawa is struggling to get himself back on track.

Von Says:

OHH, the serve, what a great equalizer!!

Von Says:

This looks like it’s going to be a very tight 3rd set. It’s all between the ears. who’ll be the tougher one and/or the maybe the luckier of the two.

Von Says:

Nowadays, Stan seems to start out strong vs. Fed, but then he starts crumbling and then rolling over. sheesh. I think he had a very good chance to beat Fed today, and should have kept up his strong atacking game.

Nina Says:

It’s really sad to watch one player on the brink of becoming really successful and then lose it so suddenly and irremediably. I really feel for Del Potro, all the hard work he put and maybe he won’t be able to be that player again.

Kimberly Says:

they all go through waves, they rock, the slump, they rock etc. Fed was slumping in 2008, rocked in 2009, slumping in 2010, seems to be putting it back together….nalbandian, safin, nadal.

Von Says:

Maybe DelPotro is suffering from doubts and fear of the unknown. For example, he’s most probably scared and/or unsure of what will happen to his arm if he were to revert to playing his usual crushing style. He has to be guarding and that must be very uncomfortable for him as it’s got to be uppermost in his mind, which produces a lot of distraction, thus redering him unable to concentrate of playing.

Sometimes, it’s not the injury itself that’s the main problem, it’s the after effects and/or mentally disabling thought process that becomes the crucial factor. This has got to be the worst part of the recovery process.

Von Says:

Well Stan has totally rolled over and/or crumbled. Apple crumb pie anyone?. sheesh.

skeezerweezer Says:

Congrats Rog, tough win. Only saw the last set but I guess he had the engine running at top form by then. As usual, amazing stuff when he is on.

Another ATP semi final…..

Kinda feel for Wawa that match…breaking his Racket and all. He has turned out to be quite the Gladiator this past year and his play has shown it.

skeezerweezer Says:

Didn’t realize this was the Delpo topic. Hope JDP gets it together physically, his play will be missed until he comes back. Best wishes JDP!

Fot Says:

Glad Roger came through although I like Stan too (but I wanted Roger to win).

On JMDP…the best thing for him was to give up the rest of this year to concentrate on next year (I think)

Leon Says:

Wawrinka thought he was playing an ATP match. Federer played an exho.
Poor Stanislas, my sincere sympathy.
It was amazing to see in the middle of the 3rd set how Federer suddenly turned into all Murray – returning every ball unmistakably, etc. (I wonder what would happen had Cedric given that bad call to Roger’s favour…).
Also, poor Robin – but Mayer was great.

Kimmi Says:

ah, everybody is here on fed match. that was a close call. phew!!

just looking at the score, started giving up after the early break in the second set. was sure he was losing.

glad he came back strong. tomorrow ljubi.

hmmm, fed gets to play late again..i guess the organizers wants him to be on prime time. hope he gets enough rest for tomorrow…

Kimmi Says:

If soda won today he would have qualified for shanghai. he is soooooo close. he sure will be next to qualify. is he playing somewhere else before paris? C’mon soda..one more match!!

Kimberly Says:

sar–i recall reading he had depression and/or anxiety attacks somewhere but I also recall JMD agressively refuted that statement. No idea what the basis for it was.

Kimmi Says:

“qualified for shanghai” ah, i must still be dreaming WTF is in shanghai…


jane Says:

I wonder if Fed’ll be keeping an eye on Muster’s comeback; I mean if a 42 year old can comeback and do well, Fed’s just a spring chicken at 29 yrs. Should inspire some of the “older” young players.

skeezerweezer Says:


This will be interesting for Muster @42? Oh boy. Well before his unfortunate accident, the guy was known as a complete iron man on the court, so stamina won’t be an issue, but agility? Wish him the best..I guess he has nothing to lose and if this doesn’t work there is always the senior tour.

Fot Says:

I know this is off topic, but:

Yes – My Rangers won! We need something good in sport to happen in this area (since the Cowboys are not doing anything! lol). I use to work out at the Ballpark for the Rangers so I have seen lots of ‘losses’. I remember when we only had a minor league team down here. Then we got the Washington Senators and they sucked! Then I remember the good times in 1996 when we actually made the post season – only to lose to those YANKEES! But now we are going to the World Series! It’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather was great (in the 80s)…the fans were great….(sell out crowds)…and the Rangers were the best! They came through as a team! On to the World Series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jane Says:

Congrats Fot! I heard it on the radio tonight. : ) Best of luck to your team.

skeezerweezer Says:


I remember we chatted when I was in Tx 105 degrees, remember? Anyways, when I was in Tx in a bar with friends, the Texas crowd was huge back then and all crazy for the Rangers, it was cool.

Well little did I know my GIANTS made a run at the end of the season and are now one game away from meeting your Rangers. Let it be known ( fingers crossed ) that if they make it I will have you marked for some serious trash talkin from the Bay area, LOL!

Take care Fot!

Eric Says:

Muster is probably going to lose something like 1-6, 0-6 or close to it to Gulbis… I hope he can prove me wrong, it would be beyond amazing if he won!

(If he actually sticks with his ‘comeback’ I bet he can get to the second or third round at a few clay tournaments next year. But only if he can get into them…)

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