Andy Murray at Hopman Cup: “I Didn’t Feel Very Fit Today, Hopefully That Will Improve”
by Tom Gainey | January 4th, 2011, 10:02 am

British star Andy Murray sent up a light warning flare Monday at the Hopman Cup. After beating Italian Potito Starache 75, 61, Murray questioned his own fitness level.

“I didn’t feel very fit today,” Murray said. “I was breathing so hard after four or five games. Hopefully that will improve over the next couple weeks. That’s the goal – to try and beat those guys in the big events, and try to win my first Grand Slam.”

It’s no secret temperatures in Melbourne can skyrocket well into the 100s, so could this be cause for concern for Murray who was a finalist there last year?

Tonight in Perth Murray and his Great Britain team play France. We’ll see if he feels any better and more acclimatized to the Australian heat.

Here’s the full presser from Murray at the Hopman Cup:

Q: Andy Murray is out here in Perth and it is a warm welcome.

A: It was a tough match today. It’s so hot and so humid in here – I was struggling a little bit with my breathing. It was a really good atmosphere and great, so thanks for the support.

Q: Well folks, Andy Murray flew all the way over here from Miami, Florida and that is a 13 hour time change. Have you got over the jetlag yet? Or are you just getting the jetlag?

A: Well I only arrived Saturday afternoon, so there’s not been a whole lot of time to get over it, but I felt ok. It’s going to take quite a few days to get used to it.

Q: You’re pretty happy with your form. Last year at the Hopman Cup you played some great tennis and went on to get to the final of the Australian Open.

A: Yeah last year I played great here, I played great in Australia and I think this tournament here in Perth is absolutely perfect preparation for the Aussie Open. I enjoy coming here. I think I played 8 matches last year and I think it’s good to get a lot of pints under your belt before the big one.

Q: Well you look pretty fit. You’ve been in the press and said you haven’t hit as many balls in practice – you’ve been working really on your fitness perhaps to try and get a little bit closer to Nadal and Federer. You’re very close at the moment, being number 4 for the last 3 years.

A: I didn’t feel very fit today – I was breathing so hard after four or five games. Hopefully that will improve over the next couple weeks. That’s the goal – to try and beat those guys in the big events, and try to win my first Grand Slam.

Q: Well last year you and Laura excited the crowd here in the mixed doubles. This is the Hopman Cup and its mixed doubles again. It’s one match a piece – so you’ve got to do it all again.

A: Yeah we actually won 3 of our 4 mixed last year. In the group stages all of them are at 1 all. I know Laura’s not been feeling particularly well, so hopefully we can play well again together because it’s great fun, the mixed.

Q: Well congratulations on a great effort and we look forward to your continued success during the week, and get ready for the mixed.

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13 Comments for Andy Murray at Hopman Cup: “I Didn’t Feel Very Fit Today, Hopefully That Will Improve”

jane Says:

I think Hopman Cup is indoors, but Andy and Novak have been practicing together outdoors at Perth in an effort to acclimatize to the conditions. Too bad Laura has a cold. : (

dari Says:

I thought it was indoors, too. Bit there is some humidity or low quality AC or maybe roof open or something. Cause those players are sweating up a storm.
Anyway, hope Andy feels better ny the time AO rolls around.

queen Says:

Andy is a wimp by nature and nothing will change that. He will retire Slamless. His grumpy attitude is his worst enemy.

Catherine Says:

I wouldn’t be too sure about that, queen…
Any top-4 player has a shot at a GS. It only needs some glitches from the other top players, and it may be done. Remember how Djokovic got his 1st GS?
This said… I wouldn’t be too surprised if he ends up out of the top-4 after the AO.

Do agree on that grumpy attitude though. He’s so often ‘not a pleasure to watch’, to put it mildly!

jane Says:

Murray will win one sooner than later.

Sean Randall Says:

Hopman Cup is outdoors!

mat4 Says:

Jane, how do you know they were practicing together? Is there a press release? Could you give me a link? It seems that they are on good terms again (Nole’s press conf, when he was jocking about AM).

BTW, it seems that Nole has made a kind of racquet change.

jane Says:

Mat4, yes I did read it in the press; I put the link of the Nole vegimite thread yesterday. I thought Nole’s racquet was just a paint job, but whatever it is, I hope he knows what he is doing! The last racquet change didn’t go so well. I read that he played well against Hewitt though.

jane Says:

of should be on

jane Says:

Bit of a bummer for Andy M. Laura Robson just hasn’t got the form that she did last year, and so they havent been able to get wins in the doubles.

Graham Hall Says:

Comment from the queen,who sounds like a right Queen! Because at times he’s a bit grumpy…so what? That does not mean he can’t win a grand slam.

Nina Says:

And Rafa was bageled today.

mat4 Says:

Jane, I read in Novak’s forum a lot of different opinions about his racquet, and, finally it seems it is a modification of the one he was playing the previous two years. Here is a link

Since I am just an amateur, I don’t know if it is the same model but renamed, or it’s something different. It seemed to me that in the match against LH he was standing closer to the baseline, and playing a bit flatter. But, let’s repeat it, I am just an amateur of tennis.

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