Rafael Nadal Out 10 Days for Leg Injury

by Staff | February 1st, 2011, 3:49 pm

On his website, World No. 1 Rafael Nadal announced that he will be sidelined for 10 days to recover from an “adductor longus rupture” in his upper right leg. ADHEREL

The 24-year-old Nadal sustained the mucsle tear early in a quarterfinal match last week against countryman David Ferrer at the Australian Open. Nadal was bidding to complete the “Rafa Slam” in Melbourne.

Nadal is being treated with NSAIDs, physiotherapy anti-inflammatory, Tecar and specific stretches.

Nadal is expected to be fully healthy for Spain’s March 3 first round Davis Cup tie against Belgium in Charleroi.

Nadal is then entered for the Masters events in Indian Wells and Miami.

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33 Comments for Rafael Nadal Out 10 Days for Leg Injury

Kimmi Says:

10 days out wont affect his schedule. everything should be OK for him.

cant wait for IW and Miami already!

skeezerweezer Says:

Well if he doesn’t play till Davis Cup that essentially gives him a month off, without practice. He should be good to go.
However, only 10 days recovery time from a torn muscle is a very quick recovery? No?……..Ahhhh to be young Me guesses :). Get well Rafa!

Michel Says:

It is not possible! Not with a torn muscle.

M Says:

What is Tecar, if I may ask?

dAri Says:

That is too short of rest!
I had a level 2 pull playing competitive high school tennis and they were happy when I was decent after 3 weeks!
If he had any pain when walking, ten days is not enough. Maybe that’s the difference when you have WORLD CLASS treatment? Oh well, good luck to him and hope he does not come back too soon!

steve-o Says:

Tecar’s website has a description:


“Human Tecar® promotes the natural physiological processes of tissue metabolism by transferring energy without introducing radiant energy from the exterior.

It is a breakthrough approach, because the physical principle of the capacitor was applied to the field of biology for the first time, resulting in a technology that transfers biocompatible energy, and makes it possible to stimulate tissues internally…

Human Tecar® uses state-of-the-art equipment, which creates an alternate electromagnetic field that attracts and repels free electric charges present in the form of ions in each biological substrate.”

This sounds highly dubious and scientifically unproven, but then it’s not my leg they’re treating.

dAri Says:

Ps, Rafa fans or whoever complains of this site being too fed-friendly, a nice trip to the funk/trunk will make you feel better. They do well in putting fed pretty deep in the trunk when they have the opportunity.
Fed gets deeper in the trunk for losing to Djoko, when Murray was the one with the horrendous attitude in the final? I guess you can even it out by saying at least Murray got to the final. Still, I was surprised to see fed there!

M Says:

“Maybe that’s the difference when you have WORLD CLASS treatment?”

dAri, some days I think that is the difference (though I’d rather he rest as long as possible, as hard as he seems to play).

And steve-o, thank you for the definition of Tecar. But just because its clinical development appears not to have happened in any particular FDA-cleared lab you’ve ever heard of, I’m not quite sure that makes it automatically “scientifically unproven”.

I heard a lot of talk like that about Rafa’s plasma treatments too, at first, and they seem to be working pretty well so far.

Kimberly Says:

Dari Says:Ps, Rafa fans or whoever complains of this site being too fed-friendly, a nice trip to the funk/trunk will make you feel better. They do well in putting fed pretty deep in the trunk when they have the opportunity.

I had no doubt that whoiever does the funk trunk column would firmly place fed, rafa, and murray there. Actually think Rafa and Murray earned their spot more than Fed. I expected Wozniaki as well. Surprised no Roddick. I mean, Fed did make it to a semi final with his B game this tournament, not sure thats trunk worthy. Make no mistake, Fed did not bring his best this tournament.

Murray played a horrendous final and Rafa injury two years in a row certainly should rank higher. The Williams rightly deserve their place I guess.

ron Says:

federer=trunk because expectations were stratospheric compared to murray, especially on this site.

Djokivic only 85 rankings points away from reclaiming number 2 ATP player.

Kimmi Says:

its true that federer has created a monster

dAri Says:

Yeah, roddick/American men could do with a mention in the trunk.
Was not gonna be too hard on Rafa, cause injuries are very sad accidents. I understand his style makes them more frequent, but i’ll cut him slack!
Maybe fed is deep in for just that- bringing B game. No time for that no more, old fed!

Hypnos Says:

Looking at this Tecar thing:

It just seems like a disk electrode with an alternating voltage applied to it in “capacitive mode” and a constant voltage in “resisitive mode” (I presume there is a grounding clip attached to the patient when in operation). In capacitive mode, the alternating voltage will induce a (very small) alternating current (AC) between the electrode and the tissues; in resistive mode a (very small) direct current (DC). They list microcirculation, vasodilation and increased site temperature as the desirable effects of this procedure.

The physical principle seems sound, but I’m not a medical doctor, so I wouldn’t know if the desirable effects are large enough or appropriate for the type of injury. Since I doubt the patient would feel anything during the procedure, it should be easy to do a double blind study … in any case, the procedure seems relatively harmless.

Lynd Says:

Why is this news? He doesn’t have any tennis match between now and 10 days nor 20, maybe even a month – just like other top players (except Novak who’s playing Rotterdam). Murray maybe nursing some minor niggles himself but since he’s resting what’s the point of making a press release?

Oh well, Uncle Toni’s Injury Spin Machine is hard at work as usual (to explain the AO loss?) and Tennis-X bites without fail.

margot Says:

steve@8.53 sounds like “crystals” to me too :)
dAri: Andy has been a permanent resident of that trunk, so bout time he was given a break ;)

margot Says:

Bah! dAri: just read “trunk” again, of course Andy is in there…silly me for thinking for one moment he wouldn’t be…….

The fighter Says:

Get well soon Rafa….

Rick Says:

Del Potro is now 485! Nadal was doing alot better, when he made his return to the tour from injuried.

margot Says:

conty, kimmi where r u? There’s actually a tennis player called “Go Soeda” must be u twos new fave ;)

Huh Says:


Its coz JMDP’s injury is far far more serious than Rafa’s, nothing superhuman thus about Rafa doing a lot better than JMDP.


Rafa should rest until the Davis cUP and play if it is needed.
He should not go to INDIAN WELLS.
REST FOR THE FRENCH. NO MORE physical problems.

rotini Says:

Heads up:
It was 2cm tear in adductor longus of his LEFT leg – his official site has finally corrected this error! :-)

Kimmi Says:

LOL marogt. i think i have seen that name before.

“go soeda” hahaha what a name!

maybe he will take over from soda pop once he retires, who knows! he hasnt done anything spectacular to make me a fan yet..

if he becomes my fave, it shouldnt be too difficult to cheer for him, dont you think?

Go Soeda!

Kimmi Says:

interesting article re:nadal – i am forced to give up my dream.


Joseph Says:

Who cares about his taking 10 days off?

dari Says:

what was so interesting kimmi?

margot Says:

kimmi: or even Go Go Soeda Go ;)

Dr.Jiheir Says:

Locomotor enjuries like tendinitis,joint effusion, synovitis,rupture muscle or tendon do not heal in days and allow such vigorous playing..
Nadal injuries are minor like muscle spasm, sprain,regidity…etc..
Why nadal’s ijuries appear when he is beaten??????
Why there is asolutely no injury when he wins…???

scineram Says:

Nadal was never out from tour.

madmax Says:

ah who cares about federer being in the metaphorical trunk! Look forward to dubai, he has zero points to defend there, he didn’t play last year, so for ron and rick, even if goes out in the first round, he still earns some points – plus novak won the title last year, so by playing the tournament, will receive nil points.

Federer doesn’t have anything to prove in regard to his aggression against Djokovic. I know it all makes for a great story, and wasn’t it said that fed is over once again – sick of it – Federer and Murray had both beaten Djokovic the last three times they’d played him.

Anybody who saw him in London and Doha will tell you that he was aggressive and mixing up his game. Where that went in the Aussie Open is for Federer and Annacone to discuss and sort – I’ve got to say I was surprised that I did not hear one ‘come on!’ from fed. You ALWAYS hear that from him. It was weird, but it was a close match -hardly a beat down.

What the rest of the hard court season represents is a chance for Federer to improve his ranking points since he did so “poorly” last year.

Federer can make up a lot of ground over the coming months by going deeper in tournaments, whereas Nadal has a ton of points to defend. Hopefully these two will meet again in a final this year.

I live in hope that Fed will win RG again – to my mind, he is the second best player on clay – there is no reason why he should not look to improve on his quarterfinal placing for starters.

Sandy Says:

Are we the only ones who think Rafa choked in the AO Final? Don’t get me wrong….we love Rafa “almost” as much as Rog….but we think he is wayyy toooo comfy with the #2 spot. We think he mentally doesn’t want to be ranked with the GOAT’s. Winning the “Rafa Slam” would have forced him into those ranks and then he would have to live up to it for the rest of his career. He’s a great guy and absolutely a credit to the game and his country…..but a candidate for GOAT???? Naahhhhh….he’s not even in the same room mentally with Roger, Laver and Sampras. Do you think any of them (plus several others) would have tossed in the towel with a 10-Day Injury??? Tear??? Even a cut finger takes as long or longer than that to fully heal. We’re just not buying it. He Choked! Not Hero material. Sorry Rafa….

Sandy Says:

One more thing about Rafa’s injury. It says in this article that he was injured at the beginning of the QF Match against David Ferrer, which means he played that match plus the Semi Final injured. Think back when Rafa left the court at the beginning of the Final for treatment. Think about the look on Uncle Tony’s face, as well as everyone else in his box. Do you think Tony, or anyone else in that box, looked like he knew of a pre-existing injury? To our eyes, they we just as unaware of what the heck was going on as we were. There was nothing that we, or the commentators, saw in the slo-mo that gave any kind of a clue as to when he was injured. Remember his Physio bolting up the stairs and down to the courtside examination room to talk to the people who worked on Rafa to find out what happened? Again, they were as clueless as the rest of us. I say again, the injury was between his ears. The enormous pressure he was under to win the Rafa Slam and have his name alongside (with an asterisk) Rod Laver etal, was just too much for him. I understand…..and I’m sorry for him.
Who knows how it will affect him over the loooong haul of his career. He has a ton of points to defend this year. Mucho pressure. Can he handle it and maintain the #1? Roger and Nole are betting he can’t. This may well be one of the better years Tennis has ever seen. Besides the BIG 4, there is Soderling, Ferrer, & Berdych knocking on the door not to mention if Cilic and Del Potro can get their brains and tallents back on track. That’s a lot of skill pushing relentlessly toward the top. I don’t recall that many truly skilled men all at one time, do you? Oh…..is Davydenko done? On any given day, he can get the job done too….or could? And the young guys coming on the scene, Ryan, Milos and Bernie. Oooooohhhh, just can hardly wait to see the next few years!


Rafa you can do it,get well soon and surely you can break the roger record of 16 grand slam titles,you have a very bright future i am sure you could win lot more titles in the coming days.Injurys are quite common in tennis game,i think he can recover well with this injurys,in 2011 he can win roland garros,wimbledon and us open sure.
when compared to roger rafa is phsically very good just he should concentrate on his game.THANK YOU!

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