Rafael Nadal’s Right Wrist Is In A Cast, But He Can Still Hit A Mean Forehand [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 4th, 2014, 9:32 am

Despite an injury to his right wrist, Rafael Nadal isn’t holding back on his training. The World No. 2 is still “optimistic” for a return at the US Open three weeks from today.

“Training these days, always optimistic,” Nadal posted on Facebook today.

Nadal, who has already withdrawn from Toronto and Cincinnati, and his team hope to make a final decision on his title defense in New York in 10 days time.

Rafa hurt the wrist during a routine practice last Tuesday.

Meanwhile, unable to hit two-handed backhands (he can hit slices, though) he’ll continue to pound that ferocious forehand.

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21 Comments for Rafael Nadal’s Right Wrist Is In A Cast, But He Can Still Hit A Mean Forehand [Video]

roy Says:

i like to see him play even with just the slice. it would be an interesting experiment, to see how far he could go with just the forehand and slice.

Giles Says:

Forehand and footwork working well.
Vamos Champ!

Humble Rafa Says:

Needless to say, I can still beat top guys. Be very scared.

Okiegal Says:

C’mon Rafa you can do the USO with that fantastic forehand working and your fantastic foot work will allow you to run around any other shot that might come your way!! Go for it!! You da man!!


Nice video, btw.

Gee Says:

Novak was never sick nor injured. I’m so talented…I destroyed Novak, no? He’s lucky I’m injured, no?

Ben Pronin Says:

Does the wrist injury hinder his serve?

mem Says:

that’s our rafa, keeping the faith!

miss you kiddo!

jane Says:

why would it ben? he’s left handed (in tennis) and the injury is to the opposite hand. seems the only/main thing that would be affected is his 2-hander, no?

jane Says:

^ although i guess the toss could be affected?

Ben Pronin Says:

Yeah the toss. Could bother his wrist.

Casey Says:

Seriously, his fans don’t actually believe all this anymore do they? I bet deep down they don’t. He does this all the time. Plant the seed in case you lose, or so you look like you made a miraculous recovery if you win. In before Dull surprises everyone by fighting the odds and winning the US open.

How many times has he pulled this bs now?

Hippy Chic Says:

I doubt hes wearing the splint for fun,he said he was very dissapointed that he was unable to play Toronto and Cincy….

Okiegal Says:


I have been waiting for a post putting Rafa and his wrist in a bad light……and sure enuff……I am never disappointed……eyes rolling…..Well, I am disappointed, actually, in some people’s reactions to Rafa injuries and no one else’s. I hope he plays the USO and wins #15…..I’ll be good with that!!

skeezer Says:

Uh? Wrist and Toss? Yes, it for sure can affect your toss. I am hopeful he will come back a new man and maybe his arm/wrist/hand habit will be gone. ;). Pahleeease!

Humble Rafa Says:

I practice “visualization”. I just kicked someone 6-0, 6-1 in a mental game. Be very afraid.

metan Says:

Great, I still have a hope for him to show in uso.
VAMOS Rafa, becareful!

Hippy Chic Says:

Casey i doubt hes wearing the splint for the hell of it,hes already said how dissapointed he was about not been able to defend Toronto and Cincy,you can have your opinion about it and thats fair enough,but you have no right to assume what his fans are thinking….

Giles Says:

There will always be posters like @ Casey. Move along, nothing new! Pfffffft

Polo Says:

What does it cost anybody to avoid being negative and for once give somebody the benefit of a doubt? What does one gain from doubting and maligning every word and action of another?

Okiegal Says:

@Polo……..ain’t gonna happen……jealousy is a strong emotion. Some tennis fans have trouble accepting the fact that Rafa is better than Roger…..pure, plain and simple!! I had a birthday yesterday…..I’m 69 yrs old and I’m not taking it any more!!!! LOL

VAMOS RAFA……YOU DA MAN!! Get well wishes from your #uno fan from OKLAHOMA!!

Michael Says:

I only hope his ailment is not serious and he would be defending his US Open crown with peak fitness. Without Rafa competing, there is a big vacuum at the top. For the sake of competition, Rafa should be fit and raring to go !!

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