Kei Nishikori 2017 Season Is Also Over Due To A Torn Tendon In His Right Wrist
by Staff | August 16th, 2017, 8:58 am

Kei Nishikori’s 2017 season is over because of his bad right wrist. In a statement via Eurosport, Nishikori heard a pop in his wrist during a practice session in Cincinnati. And unfortunately he has torn a tendon.

“Two days ago during practice in Cincinnati, Kei hit a serve and heard a ‘pop’ in his wrist. We went straight to the hospital to take an MRI. Yesterday, we went to see a very renowned wrist specialist who works with many of the MLB baseball pitchers.

“We saw another specialist today to get a second opinion. On top of that we have sent MRI results to three other wrist specialists to ensure we get several independent opinions from specialists.

“After consulting with all of them, it has become clear that Kei has a tear in one of the tendons in the right wrist. At this stage we have elected not to do surgery and Kei is in a cast. After the swelling comes down in the next weeks, we will evaluate next steps. Kei will withdraw from all the 2017 tournaments and work hard to be ready for next year.”

Nishikori finishes the season 30-13 with 0 titles and 0 finals. While ranked No. 9 now, he will finish no higher than Top 15, and perhaps out of the Top 20.

Nishikori joins Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka among the top players already done for the season.

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12 Comments for Kei Nishikori 2017 Season Is Also Over Due To A Torn Tendon In His Right Wrist

skeezer Says:

New 2017 Tennis goals: Last man standing.
Jeez, what a funky time of the season.
Bummer for Nishi as well.

Margot Says:

Really starting to feel like the end of an era.

Daniel Says:


Starting to feel like tennis apocalypse;-)

Humble Rafa Says:

I am still standing. Ready to lead and take tennis to the next frontier.

Pamela Says:

What a bummer for Kai. I am so sorry to hear this…

Humble Rafa Says:

No era can without me. Did you read the laws of the era?

Margot Says:

Daniel @ 11.09, given Trump in the White House, I suspect that was not an accidental choice of word…………

Daniel Says:

I hear you Margot, here in Brazil things are not looking good either. Rio also, more dangerous than usual. And religious fanatics getting more power in politics.

The current mayor of Rio (which is a former Bishop of a shaddy church, which takes money from uneducated people), cut the income for Carnaval, which is the main Brazilian attraction worldwide, just because he is agaisnt the “nudity” and sexuality of it all. Go figure, he prefers to jeoperdize all the revenue that the city amass tduring Carnaval due to his agenda.

And it was suppose to be a Lay state as per our constitution, indeed, the end of times and regression !

Margot Says:

Daniel: And in these dangerous and uncertain times GB has decided to cut itself off from Europe and sail it’s little dingy alone into the turbulent ocean. Folly. Madness. No words.

BBB Says:

Is tennis finally going to do something about this? People more knowledgeable than I am can figure out if it’s the equipment (racquets, strings) or the schedule (six weeks off at the end of the year) or something else.

Tennis’ popularity will not grow if the stars of the game are taking six months off to recover.

J-Kath Says:

Margot dear:

Tennis in a way is currently reflecting how the world has gone awry…..I seem to remember some advice given to me which translates today into stay home/trust those you’ve always trusted. In or out of Europe? There’s no guarantee either way….and can relate to your sense of helplessness….although may disagree with the cause.

With respect.

Andrew Miller Says:

Wow, Djokovic and Nishikori both out of us open. It’s a good opportunity for other players to aim for the quarters or higher at the us open. Cilic, Del Potro, new guys – also makes Federer and Nadal even more favorites to win it.

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