Watch Andy Roddick’s Sick Diving Winner on Match Point Against Milos Raonic [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 20th, 2011, 7:48 pm

Andy Roddick literally left it all on the court today in a thrilling win over Milos Raonic to capture the Regions Keegan Morgan title in Memphis. Roddick saved the very best for last converting on his fifth match point by hitting a diving forehand winner to pass Raonic and win the title.

It was one of the greatest shots Roddick’s ever hit and one of the greatest shots you’ll will ever see to win a tennis championship!

Without further adieu here’s the shot (really “the dive”) that won Roddick his 3rd title in Memphis and the 30th overall of his career (I’ll upload a better quality youtube video when one becomes available – this footage is off the Tennis Channel feed):

Congratulations to Andy and all his supporters! He had quite a week beating two fellow US Open champions and then the streaking Raonic in the final today. The blood and skin Andy left on the court was well worth it and he did it with a shot that will surely go down in history as one of the greatest!

The final score was Roddick 76, 67, 75.

Updating with a quote from Roddick: “That’s the best shot I’ve ever hit in my life, considering the circumstance. I played a pretty good point before that. Just making the return, you get disheartened when he doesn’t miss the next ball because he’s tough to get a serve back. He had a great volley there. I don’t really remember much else besides the fact that I went for the ball, I hit it, I didn’t really think much of it. Then I heard people cheering. I was like, ‘No, there’s no way that went in.’ I guess it did.”

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23 Comments for Watch Andy Roddick’s Sick Diving Winner on Match Point Against Milos Raonic [Video]

jane Says:

Pretty awesome indeed! Thanks for posting, TG.

adrian Says:

wow!! great shot. i didn’t know roddick was going bald either.

dari Says:

Yeah, adrian, he covers it well.
Good thing he is a very accomplished tennis player, rich, and has a super model wife. Otherwise, it might be a little bit sadder to be bald before 30.
What a shot to get the title!

Kimmi Says:

congrats to roddick. what a volley! that is what it requires to beat this guy.

i left just when the 2nd set tie breaker started.

wow! did milos took the tie breaker saving 4 match points dari? was just reading your comments on the other thread. the kid is a real deal. i am sure roddick is breathing a sigh of relief to win that. he is just starting the atp tour, he will gain more experience as time goes, he will get better. I see a lot of good things happening to him.

good luck milos. i hope you take a rest for next week, getting ready for IW and Miami. he definetly made a big fan of me.. cant wait to see him play again.

fedeRER Says:

i´m happy that roddick playED GREAT tennis , not like in AO where he was a pusher with b@lls and a serve

dari Says:

Kimmi, it was three or 4 match points, fought off with ballsy moves. But roddick was the man today!
_Dubai starts tomorrow! Dimitrov qualifies again, gulbis first up tomorrow. Neither Djoko or fed play first day.
I’ve enjoyed a lot of tennis the last couple weeks without fed, but it will be nice to have him back on the court!

Kimmi Says:

i saw dimitrov dari, he gets gasquet first..he needs a win..any win. he lost first round in his last two tournies..tough life this atp tour. thats why players like milos amazes me.

Yap! the fed is back..back to getting the butterflies when watching tennis, aaaagh!

Go federer!

Kimmi Says:

btw, congrats almagro for winning back to back titles.

dari Says:

I need to look up points for qualifying matches, how much are these guys progressing who qualify left and right and nothing more? Maybe a round or two in the slams keeps them afloat.
truth be told, kimmi, I’ve felt some butterflies with milos and delpo. Not in the realm of fed butterflies, but they were there.
Best to roger fed in dubai, he has withdrawn last few years, would nice for him to do well his first time back.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Congrats to Rod man and it’s nice he gets a career highlight that will be replayed forever. Let no one say Rod Man doesn’t give it his all. I hope he gets “lucky” tonight :)

For Milos, the upcomer, his style/swagger is much needed. Hope he continues to evolve into greatness. Only 20? Bring it Milos!

contador Says:

wow. i missed a couple good matches.

congrats to andy roddick and to milos, who is now in the top 30’s, i think. also to mr.dimplepop! go soda! great to see marin moved up 7 places.

but the biggest cheer is for JMDP! into the top 200. though i just looked i forget exactly but his jump was like 135 places. yay delpo!

have to say it. congrats to wozniaki. she earned her #1 spot.

going to bed but in the morning i hope to find a miracle: that gulbis won his match in dubai. his del ray points will drop off next week :/

yeah bad luck for dimitrov to get gasquet, kimmi. but look at milos! i hope he inspires grigor, berankis, tomic…others…like zoop! keeping an eye on zoop lately…….

contador Says:

or maybe it’s zopp….oops. anyways….

he’s a young estonian, i think. he’s been playing challengers and moving up.

Riza Hamsphire Says:

Way to go Andy, “You’re the man”, all I can say is all effort you put in tonight says it all “WINNER”. It was great game. Congratulation!!!
Love ya man…

madmax Says:

That was an amazing point from Roddick. Even he didn’t think he’d made it.

Whenever people discuss age (commentators and the like), it’s just a number – Andy proved that yesterday. He ran for that ball like a springer spaniel. 9 years older than Milos and showing him how it’s done! Go roddick!

madmax Says:

We need a dubai thread now Sean!

Gulbis – he dragged it out towards the end. Why does he do this? When you see players like Milos and Dogol, with that sheer tenacity to win matches and then you have Gulbis. He swaggers onto court and just seems ‘uninterested’. I dont think I have ever seen another look from him.

And now we have Grigor, G-force. Looks so like Federer and that bakchand is exactly the same. Its amazing. The forehand isnt bad either.

Contador, you must be both pleased and irritated with Gulbis. He just seems bored to me.

Dimitrov – Only 19.

WTF Says:

Is Roddick balding? I thought I saw a bald patch when he removed his hat. Didn’t really notice that until now.

Michel Says:

At least Roddick is beginning at 30. Nadal is balding at 24!

Kimmi Says:

roddick is not 30. i think he is a yr younger than fed, so he will be 29 this year.

ged Says:

“without further ado”, that should be, not “further adieu”.

unless you really didn’t want to say good bye, of course.

Gordo Says:

Milos Raonic played a great match and it was good to see Roddick string together a few high level matches and win his 30th. Congrats to him.

Milos is going to play for Canada in their tie against Mexico in the upcoming Davis Cup and to prepare himself for the clay (the tie is in Mexico) he has been granted special admittance to this week’s tournament in Acapulco, which is on clay. Unlike Memphis, where he had to battle 3 home country Americans in a row, no Americans or other Canadians are in this tournament.

I have no doubt this will be the last time he plays this tournament for awhile, for next year I am sure he will be with the big boys in Dubai.

Meanwhile I had to look to look at the draw and see where Milos would meet Verdasco. It would be a riot if they met in 3 consecutive tournaments, but that is unlikely as their clash would have to be in the final. Too many experienced clay players for Milos to try and get past, including Wawrinka. Still, experience on clay is what Milos wants/needs and he is going to get it.

PS – Milos is actively seeking the record for fastest serve, which Roddick holds at 155mph. Yesterday Milos hit a personal best 150mph. He believes it is just a matter of time. I don’t doubt him.

contador Says:

was just studying the acapulco draw to see where verdasco and milos landed.

yeah, not a good chance they’ll meet this time. but what could be interesting is a dolgo v raonic match. dolgo made a final on clay in santiago. but flamed out early in BA. i’d pick milos. but dolgo has his bag of tricks. sometimes they work, sometimes not. i’ll go hunting for a stream on that match, if they meet.

TD (Tam) Says:

Amazing shot! Love Andy Roddick’s BorisBecker-like dives.

Chris Says:

To Michel, Roddick’s been balding for years, was receeding at 24. Just wore hats to cover it up. Nadal was wearing a cap at the AO a lot. He’s got more general thinning than recession.

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