Roger Federer: This Week “I Didn’t Expect Myself to Play the Very Best” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 15th, 2011, 3:35 pm

A very sad looking Roger Federer addressed the media following his stunning loss the Jurgen Melzer today and the Rolex Monte Carlo Masters 1000.

Federer, who had never lost to the Austrian lefty in three prior matches, fell 64, 64.

Federer said, “I don’t think I played terrible. I thought it was OK. It was still the first week of clay, so I don’t expect myself to play my very best and if I would, that would be a pleasant surprise. I think it’s been a solid tournament. I think he played well when he had to. Like I said, the chances I was able to miss today was just too much. I think I should have definitely gotten one of the sets, you know. I’m always down in the score, running behind. Every time I had this slight opening, things didn’t go my way Either he shanks them and they stay in play, he hits the line, i try to do something, I miss by a little bit. All those things accumulate to something quite frustrating. That’s what made it hard. Look, I thought he did well. He played aggressive, played the right way he was supposed to.”

Federer of course has never won in Monte Carlo and in the next go-round he’ll be 30. Has his time passed?

The loss is also the first by Federer to someone other than Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic this year, it’s also the earliest exit for Roger at the tournament in 2011. Still, despite his appearance the former No. 1 says he’s pleased with the week.

“Look, I don’t think I’ve lost against a left hander other than Nadal in, I don’t know, seven or eight years,” he said. “I’m happy to have done something like that. Then again, you know, it’s always disappointing regardless against who you lose. As long as you keep trying, test all the things out there, you feel like you gave it all the chances, that’s really what matters to me. Look, I wish I could have gone further in the tournament. You know, it was okay. I got three matches and I’m pretty happy.”

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7 Comments for Roger Federer: This Week “I Didn’t Expect Myself to Play the Very Best” [Video]

venky Says:

Too bad he forgot about US open finals he lost to juan martin del potro. Isin’t he a leftie?

Kimmi Says:

JMDP isn’t a lefty

Jose Says:

Dude is in serous denial

bryan Says:

Except for fed fans, I don’t think anybody still expect him to play great. And there he finally said in essence that it’s not about being a lefty that bothers him…it’s all about rafa. So I guess he should stop using rafa being a lefty BS every time he loses, and all you fed fans
for that matter.

skeezerweezer Says:


No that post doesn’t fly. It walks. Rafa’s FH(from the lefty side) has a zillion more RPM than any other lefty out there and wreaks havok on Feds BH, thus opening up the rest of the court. How many times have we all seen that? It’s not all about Lefties nor Rafa, it’s both.

Polo Says:

Bryan, I am a Federer fan and recently, all I expect from him is a lackluster game. True enough, he gives me exactly that.

Fruitcake Says:

I’m a Fed fan too … and totally realistic that at almost 30 he isn’t going to be the same as when he was 24/5/6 – the prime years for a tennis player. He is still No 3 in the world and I think for a player of almost 30, that’s pretty incredible, given that he has 946 matches under his belt already! Where are Nadal and Djokovic going to be ranked at age 29/30 I wonder? Fed’s talent and skill is as it ever was .. what might be missing is the deep down hunger to grind out victories now. Again, no surprise.

Fed has too many records/accomplishments in the game for me, as a fan, to be embarrassed/ashamed of whatever he does now on court. By the way, I don’t think he looked “very sad” at all in that interview .. wouldn’t be surprised if he’s just bored by the media … who wouldn’t be … lol!

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