Roger Federer: I Didn’t Expect To Win Cincinnati, But Now I’ve Got Confidence, Got Matches And I’m Fresh!
by Tom Gainey | August 24th, 2015, 11:58 am

Roger Federer was all smiles after winning his seventh Cincinnati final Sunday beating rival and World No. 1 Novak Djokovic 76, 63 in an exciting final.

Employing his hyper-aggressive tactics, the 34-year-old Swiss overwhelmed Djokovic for much of the match, threatening on several occasions to blow it open in the second.

“I’m happy it worked out very well,” Federer said of his attacking plan. “On the return I was able to mix things up very nicely, and on my serve I was rock solid. If you don’t get broken, like I explained the other day, you can do whatever you want on the return games. I was trying to do that again today, but I was happy I took care of my serve throughout the match.

“I think I played very good also off the baseline. I was moving well I think all week. I think that’s always crucial for me, to be getting out of the blocks early, fast, understand when to come forward, and when I do that it’s explosive. Throughout the week it’s been very good and I’ve been very pleased.”

Federer won the title for a second title without dropping a serve (2012) and he now goes into the US Open riding high.

“Didn’t expect it, to be quite honest, coming here,” he said of the titles. “I knew I had a chance, but still felt more guys were going to have a better shot than I had because they had played Montreal before.

“Now I’ve got the confidence, I’ve got the matches, and I’m actually still feeling really fresh even after this week, because the matches have been rather short. And because I didn’t play both tournaments, I can really pace myself next week and see how much practice I actually really need.”

Federer’s title also puts him back in the No. 2 ranking slot and also as the second seed in New York, which doesn’t matter much to the 17-time Slam champion.

“It’s not that important for me to be ranked No. 2 or 3. You can see it both ways.

“If I play Novak in the semis or in the finals, for me wouldn’t it be maybe better to play Novak in the semis? You know, possibly. So that’s why I think No. 2, 3 doesn’t really matter. Now it’s out of the question. I won’t see him before the finals.

“So I got my work cut out. A lot of guys are really eager to do well at the Open as well, and usually everybody does play well in New York.

“It’s a fair surface, good court. Everybody knows it’s your last chance to do well at a slam or win a slam. So there are not really easy matches out there. Just want to make sure I get going good at the very beginning.”

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83 Comments for Roger Federer: I Didn’t Expect To Win Cincinnati, But Now I’ve Got Confidence, Got Matches And I’m Fresh!

madmax Says:

Great to keep the confidence flying high; Roger also knows that he has his work cut out.


sienna Says:

his resurection is truly getting some momentum. It will be awesome to see how far they can take It next year.
with the decline of Nadal and Murray safely tucked away he is starting to peckback at Djoker.

He is doing what next gen players must be doing but cant seem to get It going.
We are witnessing the punicle of his career and it will lead to #18 within next 18 months. earmark this.

courbon Says:

madmax, I read your post today and it is nice to fan who truly admires his favorite but is also respectful to other fans, balanced and realistic.Keep on posting (-:

FedExpress Says:

Wtf is gulbis doing.

5 bps chances, cant take one. Serving better than rosol. But loses the set 4-6

Skeezer Says:

#2 @ 34. Remarkable.

Markus Says:

#2 @ 34 and just beat #1. Remarkable with a !

cheat nadal Says:

true class.

I really want to see the finals of Roger and Novak

It is an epic.

Michael Says:

What Roger is doing at 34 is unbelievable, most remarkable and extraordinary which can be deemed as incredulous at best. It is good to know that he is oozing with confidence ahead of the US Open and is determined to give his best there. He has a drought with regard to the majors right since 2012 when he last won the Wimbledon and I think he is hungry to get another major under his belt. But for that to happen, many things should turn his way including the elimination of Novak quite early in the tournament. A possibility which is rarely achieved now-a-days with the remarkable consistency of Novak !!

Matt Says:

We know how difficult it will be for Roger. I’m hoping for a lights-out serve, which will bring him to the net, enable him to control and finish points. Stay fresh. If if if.

Would be incredible.

On the other hand, Novak looks exhausted. He’s still the favorite but seems pretty vulnerable.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael youve changed your tune,a week ago you were saying he should just retire….

FedExpress Says:

Novak has been the fav for the us open since 2011 but has won it only once. He doesnt look sharp. Maybe he is already mentally exhausted after having achieved so much this season.

calmdownplease Says:

Fed will NOT win the US Open….

calmdownplease Says:

Fed didn’t expect to win in Cincy?
hehe the whole plan was to win at ALL costs
A tired Murray DC’d out check
A Novak who has never won in Cincy check
A surface adapted to his play check, check, and check
And why not?
He should be smart in choosing where he plays at this stage of his career (I didn’t say it!) after all.
As for the confidence thing, fine and good but over 2 weeks and 5 sets he’ll need a lot more than confidence to see him through to number 18.

Dascochoke Says:

“Fed will NOT win the US Open….

Probably not, unless he somehow meets Murphy in the Finals…

elina Says:

Oh don’t worry cdp, Roger will get a lot more than just confidence. A lot more.

A cool evening ready-for-primetime preferred schedule and draw.

A down-and-out Nadal in his quarter with Novak, Murray, Cilic and Stan in the other half.

A year’s more experience with his new racquet now playing the best tennis of his career according to him and collective match statistics with a brand new return of serve.

As skeezer says, so? So what’s wrong with that? Tennis is business entertainment and Federer is it’s largest source of revenue.

Besides, who would you put as a bigger favourite, Djokovic who went out in the same round again due to the humidity and has only won once? Or Murray who hasn’t won a slam in almost the same time as Federer?

Again, only an out-of-body-experience Cilic stopped him last year and Federer is that much better now.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Elina cant remember if ive asked you this before,but whos your favorite player,Skeezer and Jane think its Rafa,just curious?….

calmdownplease Says:

I hear you sister E.
But it still won’t be enough
An unbelievable Cilic?
A Cilic, you mean, that took the rewards and his chances for being on the same side as the golden one’s clear run, more like.
As Stan did the following year at the FO.
They were up to the task, Fed not a chance!
The distrotions and manipulations will continue because as Skeezer stated old fed is box office but it is now, and in many ways, at the expense of the tour….

calmdownplease Says:

`Probably not, unless he somehow meets Murphy in the Finals…

What kind of brain dead BS is THIS now?
Back to your basement at once Dasochokc & stay there!

Georgy Gal Says:

Relying just on memory, I think in all non clay slams starting USO 2013, Fed, Nadal and Murray have been in the same half? Probably in most of the Masters too?
If this time Murray is in Djoko’s half, I would say it boosts Rafa’s chances if he is in Fed’s Quarter. Also as Fed always gets a better schedule, Nadal will benefit by being in Fed’s Quarter.
I hope Elina’s prediction comes true!

elina Says:

GG, they say he’s my favourite, I didn’t.

I like Nadal along with all of the Top 4.

But Monfils and then Gulbis are my two favs.

They have the most colourful personalities (in a good way) on tour.

cdp, calm down please – I’m just looking at the numbers aan the reality that without Nadal at his best aan Murphy aan Nole with aan single title each, Roger playing his best tennis is the favourite ATM.

Murph has lost his last six ve Roger and hasn’t beaten him in over two years aan Djokovic is rarely at his best in the USO final (SF last year).

So they are supposed to be the clear favourites over him? man please.

calmdownplease Says:

I’m perfectly calm(?)
I just find your posts strangely…mixed in their message/allegiance
Odd, And to now say you are a Fed fan!!
Well, I did NOT see that one coming
Quite a reveal after being so coy
For verily you normally post like a Nadal sympathizer
But I’m not in any way angry about it.
As for Fed being the fav, whatever.
Let the cult of personality continue…

elina Says:

No, I didn’t say I’m a fedfan, you did.

My allegiance is with very high level, low error tennis.

I don’t enjoy watching Nadal play error-prone tennis collapsing mentally particularly when he tries to serve out sets.

I would much rather watch the high quality of tennis on display in the Wimbledon and Cincy finals for example.

Not a Nadal sympathizer, I just enjoy calling out some of the fandom driven putdowns and that goes for any player. It might appear that way because, as Roger’s greatest career threat, Nadal draws more of it than his fair share.

Peace cdp, I was just having fun with your moniker.

I like your posts very much.

calmdownplease Says:

I like your posts too dear


`Murphy aan Nole with aan single title each..`

I don’t get this…

`Murph has lost his last six ve Roger..`

Last 5, and prior to this period which *magically* occurred after Andy has had back surgery, Fed never almost never led it, even when fed was in his prime (Andy almost always led their general H2H).
Andy will be at his best at this tournament, NID as you say.

`No, I didn’t say I’m a fedfan, you did..`

Er no, you kinda did yourself darlin, all but a few minutes ago, you know in the other thread;

`Out of the Top 3, I’ll be pulling for Roger (once Gulbis and Gael are gone which shouldn’t take that long)`

It’s only in the other thread FROM A FEW MINUTES AGO.
Gulbis (?) and Gael don’t count in this kind of discussion or site really.

Anyway, I do understand why you might like Fed, the Swiss are rightly famous for their apparent `neutrality`on most matters.

jane Says:

CDP, similar thoughts here on inconsistencies.


“A down-and-out Nadal in his quarter with Novak, Murray, Cilic and Stan in the other half.”

elina, i think you called the FO draw correctly, saying murray, rafa and novak would all be on one side.

but i wonder, can all these you name be on the same side at the us open? that’d be #1, 3, 4 and 9. can 3 and 4 be on the same side? i.e., both stan and andy? i think not?

i tend to agree that rafa might be on fed’s side, because the us open is the only slam at which they’ve not played.

elina Says:

I’m not your “dear” or “darlin'” but it was aan obvious attempt to provoke.

What is not to get? The USO (in the finals) have not been historically kind to either.

In those loses to Roger, Murphy has lost 12 of 13 sets.

So regardless of the back surgery now almost two years ago, it is difficult to suddenly make him a clear favourite over Roger on a relatively fast hard court (even compared to Montreal).

Federer is not my favourite player – in other words I’m not a “fedfan”.

Twisting my words is beneath you cdp. You are better than that.

I like Roger’s tennis, not for any perceived neutrality. There is no such thing in tennis.

elina Says:

Nishikori is No. 4, not Stan, so yes theoretically this can happen like I said.

As I’ve said, I’ve been very consistent on appreciating good tennis and challenging posts that unfairly criticize any player.

jane Says:

sorry you’re correct elina; i transposed 4 and 5. wow, well if that does happened it’ll be another very lopsided draw like at the french open, which would be a shame, really. hopefully it’s a good and balanced draw.

jane Says:

as for roger being the clear or co-favourite for this year’s us open or suggesting he would’ve won last year were it not for cilic, these comments may indeed be true.

but i remember, too, that monfils played him very close last year and almost beat him in the quarters. some might even say he choked?

is fed playing better this year? perhaps. he won cincy last year too though, and reached the finals of canada and wimbledon. so he was playing well last year as well. it’s hard to say what will happen. based on form at cincy, he certainly looked the best.

calmdownplease Says:

Yeah Jane
This whole Elina thing….
And now, as you say, Sienna out of nowhere speaks near perfect English.
And what about Elina’s use of `aan` and calling Muzz `Murphy`?
And no Elina you are certainly NOT my darlin!

leo Says:

NY courts and conditions are different than Cincy. I think it’ll be tough for Roger to win the whole show. I still think Djoko and Murray are the prime suspects with Wawrinka, Nadal, Nishikori in the mix

But gotta say, Roger has put himself in place for another great run. What more can you ask for?

Margot Says:

Just read that comment on Serena/Drake thread
OMG what am I smelling here, sure ain’t roses.

Georgy Gal Says:

I think Federer at Cincy played a notch above his level last year. His serve was always excellent but he used to lag behind Djok and Muzz in ROS. But at Cincy this year, his ROS was awesome!!! I really loved his daring and dashing returns especially his returns of Karlovic’s serves.
I think Fed has an excellent chance of winning USO as his aggressive style will probably reduce most of his early rounds to straight set victories in double quick time. Combined with his evening slots, he will probably not break a sweat till the finals.The only unknown factor is Rafa. Most probably Rafa will lose before QF but if by some miracle he has recovered his form then he may upset Fed’s chances.

sienna Says:

meeting Murphy in Us open final again!

we know how those matches pan out. Three sets with a stick, bagel and 1 breaker to bring out the anger.

jane Says:

“especially his returns of Karlovic’s serves.”
hey gal#3, he didnt play karlovic…

jane Says:

“Combined with his evening slots, he will probably not break a sweat till the finals.”

“A cool evening ready-for-primetime preferred schedule and draw.”

how do both gg and elina know the scheduling already!? you two must have an inside scoop. it’ll be most interesting to see if you’re correct. ;)

Colin Says:

Regarding the head-to-head between Murphy and Ferodo (two can play at that game!), it is interesting the way opinions of non-Slam events have changed.

When Murphy was leading, we were told endlessly that it was almost all in lesser tournaments that didn’t matter a bit compared with the Slams.

Now Fourdoor wins Cincy and all of a sudden it’s three cheers for three-setters.

As I said before, in the Cincy semifinal Murphy was digging his way into the match (breaking Frodo twice) and in a Slam, might very well have taken it to four sets, or even five. The new approach of Rugose – constant aggression – would be hard to sustain over a long match.

I still don’t think Undies is favourite over Rigger to win in New Yuck, but don’t be too quick to write off the Scut, er Skat, er Skit.

jane Says:

“Relying just on memory, I think in all non clay slams starting USO 2013, Fed, Nadal and Murray have been in the same half? Probably in most of the Masters too?”


uso 2013, murray and novak were on the same side, but murray lost to stan, so novak faced stan in the semis.

murray and novak were also on the same side in 2014 at half of the slams:

-at the us open, they played in the quarters
– at wimbledon they were scheduled to meet in the semis but andy lost to dimitrov in the quarters.

and then of course this year, murray and novak were on the same side at indian wells, for example.

i believe those 3 have been on the same side at AO a couples times though.

elina Says:

“it’s hard to say what will happen. based on form at cincy”

Exactly, hard to say. He was much more commanding in Cincinatti this year than last. Won every set and never broken. In four of five matches, he never faced a break point and only yielded three to Lopez.

In 2014, three matches went to three sets. He faced 26 break points and had his serve broken eight times. His serve was broken in four of five matches.

“how do both gg and elina know the scheduling already!?”

Simple. By looking at prior years scheduling at the USO. It’s all about television ratings and revenue.

” I think it’ll be tough for Roger to win the whole show. ”

Yes it will but no tougher than anyone else.

FedExpress Says:

watched the 2009 us open final
damn that drop volley in the 2nd set when he served for the set. wrong decision and then hawk eye rescued delpo.

coulda, shoulda, woulda. still hurts

Daniel Says:

elina is a Nadal fan, she always defended him and only now is showing more “support” to Fed. Her post always had provoking against Fed.

No shame in sheer for Fed here, Djoko or Murray winning will tie them to Nadal’s 2 US Open. The more Djoko and Murray win outside clay in all other Slams Nadal’s 5 Slams outside clay (although) still impressive will lose relevance in the end.

Right now Djoko already have 5 Slams outside his best (AO) and any other victories will place him above Nadal in this Slams. Same for Murray.

And than the question will rise: How can Nadal be GOAT or GOAT contender when he is not even second or third best for this generation in non clay Slams?

This is not to put down his past records, his 14 are second only to Roger tied with Sampras, but we know it is heavily dependent on clay. If he doesn’t win any more outside clay (which seems very likely every passing Slam), this questions will surface. He already is not second best in Wimbledon, one more USO for Novak or Murray and he loses his status (of second best after Fed) there as well.

elina Says:

Last year Roger’s first four rounds were evening matches and his semifinal against Cilic was the second semi late afternoon after Djokovic wilted in the earlier afternoon match against Nishikori. T

Earlier, the midday sun beat down on Arthur Ashe Stadium and a thermometer on court showed the temperature nearing 100 degrees (37 Celsius), not counting the humidity of close to 70 percent.

By the time Roger’s match rolled around both the heat and humidity had dropped substantially.

This will be a big advantage again this year for Roger and a problem for Novak cumulatively before the final.

But then again, I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been on court this summer.


Daniel Says:

Fed Express, that single shot costed Fed the Federer Slam, holding all 4 at the same time. Something we may never see it in our lifetime.
Maybe Djoko will have a shot next year if he wins USO this year. Always favorite for AO and RG next year (we don’t know how Nadal will be playing next clay season) as well, unless injury happens.

Daniel Says:

I hope we get to see 2 of the top 3 in finals, Fed x Djoko; Fed x Murray or Djoko x Murray. They are the best and in form players right now, were in last 4 in Wimbledon, Montreal (Fed did not play) and Cincy.

elina Says:

Not true Daniel.

Firstly, Novak has four slams other than Australia.

Secondly, I’ve always said that Federer plays the most artistic and beautiful style and that he can be argued as the best player of all time.

If he wins the USO as I think he might, I will certainly say that it should be undisputed.

Daniel Says:

Sorry, Djoko has 4 Slam outside his best (3 Wimby and 1 AO), jumping ahead;-)

Agree that the powers to be in NY will try to have a FEDAL Quarters. In Cincy they were already on the same side.

Also think Murray will be on Djoko’s side. But regarding night matches, think Djoko will have his share of night sessions as well, specially if he is to play any american in first rounds. He and Fed will be playing on different days so eventually he will get night matches.

But agree that Fed most likely will play first 4 rounds night,minimum 3 times, but mainly due to star power. It was the same case with Nadal in 2013 if I am not mistaken, he played almost all his matches at night.

Daniel Says:

OK elina, benefit of doubt, but I never saw you post anything derogatory in tone towards Nadal in the same way for the others, hence some were curious.

Colin Says:

“Won every set and never broken.”

You’re talking about Roger in Cincy this year? Andy broke him twice in the second set.

Daniel Says:

Oh and CDP, I remember a few weeks back you said it was inevitable that Murray would get #2 rankings for US Open and I came here to say it was not guarantee, probably but not written in stone as you posted. Guess you were wrong;-)

Hope you are wrong just one more time ref “Fed will NOT win USO…” hehe

jalep Says:

Colin @ 1:18 pm

Now you are making 100% peRFect sense. ;)

(you forgot a couple winkie faces of some kind)

Daniel Says:

Colin, in Cincy semis versus Murray this year Fed faced 0 BPs.I believe you are mistaken it with other match.

elina Says:

Just defending what IMO is unfair or unbalanced fandom based criticism. I am doing the same for Federer now as he has been called delusional/dishonest for saying he is better today than during his heyday.

How is this then Daniel.

Nadal’s tennis is a joke for almost two years now compared to his potential and standard.

His game is unwatchable and quite frankly a bore for the last year with little exception.

He needs to get his OCD under control if ever he is to compete for slams.


To be quite honest, it doesn’t bother me who people believe is my favourite. I usually don’t bother responding. Just felt in the mood to be chatty when GG asked me today. That’s all.

In 2013 Nadal had three afternoon matches and three evening matches before the late afternoon final.

elina Says:

No Colin, as I said, Roger never yielded a break point in any match other than against Feli where he saved three break points faced.

I highly doubt that’s ever been done in a tournament, by anyone including himself before.

jane Says:

colin, no i think elina’s right about fed’s serve not being broken this year at cincy.

similarly, it was broken only once leading up to the wimbledon final this year. indeed, fed faced only TWO break points before the final – one against simon, which he lost, and one against murray, which he saved.

and yet, novak generated 10 break points in the final – that’s 8 more than fed had faced the entire tournament – and he broke him 4 times.

i don’t think that the cincy stats will necessarily translate directly to the us open. perhaps they will. fed is definitely playing strongly. but i think it’ll probably be more like something between wimbledon and cincy, unless the us open court is playing faster this year, which then could be a factor.

in 2012 fed won cincy facing only 2 or 3 bps on the way to the title and never being broken. very similar to this year. he also bageled novak in the final. but yet he lost in the quarters of the us open.

you just never know.

on a super-fast court, too, won’t those charging returns work better than on a slightly slower court? they may be more difficult to execute at the us open??

Daniel Says:


This point in defending Fed for what he said ref being better now is almost going against Fed fans (as was the case) because there were not a single Fed fan or anyone who follow him since 2001 who believed in it. To me don’t even count because in the end, the results shows he isn’t. It was just something you choose to believe.

My problem is “unbalanced fandom criticism” in your case because it happens from all sides: Nadal fans against Fed, Fed fans against Nadal, Djoko fans against Nadal, Djoko fans against Fed and so on… you never used the same humor against Nadal.
So, the ones we choose to defend, “attack’;-0 shows our allegiance as CDP pointed. we are all slight biased here towards some players or others.

But I understand, the way Nadal is playing not much can be done. Only he himself can solve it, or not.

jalep Says:

“My allegiance is with very high level, low error tennis.”

Hold the phone a minute. Thinking I read somewhere you are a Gulbis fan? Didn’t have time to reply. A bit of high level, high error tennis is underrated, no? Benoit Paire, Dolgopolov…

On WTA, Camila Giorgi!

jane Says:

elina at 3:10 – see above – yes, roger’s done it before, and at cincy, too.

Daniel Says:

Just go to ATP site in Cincy draw and click in matches scores, it will show statistics, Fed didn’t face a single BP against neither Murray or Djoko.

jane Says:

jalep, gulbis and monfils, no less! ha ha… kings of comedy of errors.

elina Says:

Daniel, yes but I never said I defended fedfans (or Nadal fans for that matter).

Let them defend themselves.

I find nothing humorous to say about Nadal’s loss of form. As a fan of great tennis, it is sad for me to watch. Same goes for Roger’s struggles in 2013.

I have a soft spot for great personalities like Gulbis and LaMonf who when on form, are almost unplayable so I find them fascinating. When (most of the time) that is not the case, I mostly enjoy watching tennis at it’s highest level which has almost exclusively been Roger and Novak for the last two years and now, thankfully, Murray has entered that level again finally.

elina Says:

The tennis played by Cilic was just truly inspiring last year in NY – a joy to watch.

He almost (did?) raised the bar on tennis excellence (but unfortunately just for the last three rounds). Unfortunately, he returned to earth since that time but it was exhilarating to witness while it happened.

jalep Says:

Cilic has been recovering from injury in the first part of the season hasn’t he, elina?

He was playing inspired tennis last summer. Hope he will recapture that form. Potential is there, nid!

6 Things I Think I Thought About Roger Federer’s Cincinnati Win, His Service Attacks And US Open Chances Says:

[…] 4) Fresh And Confident But hey, Roger’s not thinking that he got lucky last week. He’s thinking he’s fresh and full of confidence for the US Open. […]

Jock-KatH Says:

Now I know that Fed. won’t win, Sienna has convinced me.

Leo – Good measured comment.
Colin – Guid.

Jane – @ 1.25pm. Might it be a matter of rankings? If not suggests……????

jane Says:

jock what do you mean by “it”? i’m not clear on your pronoun reference.

i wasn’t making any claims; my post was meant to correct’s comment from memory.

Georgy Gal Says:

Daniel why should only non clay slams count for GOAT? I thought the French Open is also a slam? Are you telling me that it is not?

Georgy Gal Says:

Jane, thanks for correcting me. I meant Federer’s returns of Anderson’s service. All these giants with their huge serves are all mixed up in my head.
As for the draws, I somehow had the impression that Fed, Rafa and Muzz usually fall in the same half after 2013 in non-clay slams. Anyway, I will do some research. Obviously my memory is highly unreliable or I have come from a parallel universe.

Georgy Gal Says:

Hi Daniel, if we can count out some slams, then I will count out the synthetic surfaces. Let us only count the natural surface slams i.e. grass and clay. So Rafa is GOAT because he has 11 and Fed has 8. Djok has just 3 and Muzz has one. Unless Djok improves his record on natural surfaces, he must be considered just a synthetic marvel!!!

Skeezer Says:

“why should only non clay slams count for GOAT?”
Why should dominating on just one surface make you a GOAT?

FedExpress Says:

Beause nadal won his french open titles in a weak clay court era ;)

Georgy Gal Says:

I think when Laver played all the surfaces were natural and most were grass. So according to the flawed logic of skeezer and Daniel, Laver’s grass court wins should be subtracted and they must ask” How can Laver be ever in the GOAT debate when he dominated on one surface!!! LOL

jane Says:, you’re welcome.

i gave you the non-clay slams post us open 2013.

novak and andy have been on the same side a few times: us 2014, wimbledon 2014 (and Fo 15).

of course novak and fed haven’t been on the same side in 2014-15 because for most of that time they were 1 and 2 so they couldnt be. rafa also was at #1 for a bit in 2013-13.

this means that naturally both fed or rafa have been on the opposite side of novak’s due to ranking him always being either #1 or 2.

then, due to injury, there have been periods wherein both andy’s and then rafa’s rankings dropped. so it was a crap-shoot where they’d land.

murray was on novak’s side in the quarters for last years us open!

rafa was on murray/fed’s side at AO this year, then murray/novak’s side at FO, then murray/fed’s side at wimbledon.

but don’t forget that as of AO 2014, stan came in to fill the breech. he was on novak’s side at the two slams where the others weren’t and as we’ve come to see, he’s a rather large threat.

since USO 2013, stan has beaten ALL of the big 4 at a slam:

murray USO 2013
rafa AO 2014
fed and novak FO 2015

Georgy Gal Says:

How can we have weak clay court era? As another poster on another site defined it, weak era means, there is only one or none above the field. So a strong era will have 2 or 3 players consistently making finals and semis. Since 2005, there were mostly Rafa -Fed and Rafa- Nole in finals. So 3 players are above the field. Definitely not a weak era. But in 2003-2007, except for clay where Rafa was Fed’s rival, on all other surfaces, Fed had no rivals who could consistently reach the finals. In fact grass can be deemed to be a weak era surface as per your faulty reasoning because one guy, first Sampras, then Federer have won most of the grass slams. It seems to be easier to dominate on grass as it is a specialty surface and not many players are trained on grass. Clay on the other hand, all Europeans train on it. Now US and Canada are also training on clay. So unlike grass, it is not a specialty surface. So all the more credit to Rafa’s talent that he could dominate on a surface most of the players are familiar with and the top players Fed, Djok are also Europeans.

Michael Says:


“you have changed your tune”

I am just not able to recollect when I said that Roger has to retire ? Nevertheless, his retirement days are sooner than later. I do not think he can maintain this consistency in the next two years. Age surely has to catch with him !!

Margot Says:

Not counting USOpen 2013. Andy was playing on major pain killers and just about to underfo back surgery.
Doubt if winning was actually on his mind, more likely, “Will I ever play pro tennis again.?”

jane Says:

fair enough margot.i guess it still technically counts as a loss but yeah. i remember they played a tight one at wimbledon one year too? i was just trying to suggest that stan is a threat to pretty much anyone when he gets all streaky. :)

Margot Says:

Well, I agree with you there…;) High octane tennis.

Jock-KatH Says:

Jane – I think my “It” was referring to the placement of certain players within the two halves
based on rankings but if the draw appears too heavily loaded on one side could this be deliberate to favour player X Y Z? ….even though I know draws are said to be random…

FedExpress Says:

Georgy, when u call 2003-2007 a weak era for nadal i can say that nadal won his french open titles in a weak clay court era

I dont buy this weak era shiitt becase it doenst exist. Who gives u the right to belittle the achievements of safin, nalbandian, hewitt and roddick. They played fed very tough at the beginning espec hewitt but fed found a way to fid solutions. It is a bit disrepecful to them.

FedExpress Says:

*weak era for fed

calmdownplease Says:

`Hope you are wrong just one more time ref “Fed will NOT win USO…” hehe..`

Didn’t quite say THAT
I said it was inevitable that Andy would get to 2 around the US Open swing (he did actually, for a while). This was due to the points Fed is defending versus Andy
Again unless there is an upset i expect Andy to be back there SOON.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Michael i very much doubt that will be anytime soon,but whatever doesnt really matter,hes here now,they are all here now thats what counts IMO….

sienna Says:

Federer will up his level next year. I think he will continue to that higher level up and throughout 2018.
2016 will be his last so called big year. Doubt hell beat fed as much considering feds level to go up.

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