Rafael Nadal: I Had a Lot of Fun Watching Federer-Djokovic [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 4th, 2011, 1:08 pm

Speaking to the press this afternoon Rafael Nadal said that he enjoyed watching Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic slug it out in their thrilling semifinal match yesterday.

“Was fantastic match yesterday to watch, in my opinion,” Nadal said. “So I had lot of fun watching that match.

“I saw him yesterday playing fantastic in every moment,” he said. “My key always the same, play at my best. Sometimes is not enough. But if I play my best hopefully I gonna have my chances.”

Nadal has won 16 of 24 meetings against Federer. He’s also 11-2 against the Swiss on clay.

Unfortunately, the forecast for the final between Nadal and Federer does call for rain. Roger, though, said he’s prepared.

“I prefer the sunshine always and higher bounces,” Nadal said. “So for my game is better if the ball is fast and if the bounces are higher. If the rain is there and the day is cloudy sometimes the ball stays lower. So that’s a little bit an advantage for him. But seriously I don’t have the power to control the weather, so if rain I gonna think that is an advantage for me. If sunny I gonna think is advantage for me. I have to think positive all the time because I cannot control that.”

The match is at 3pm local time in Paris. Nadal must beat Federer to stay No. 1 (corrected, thanks Kimmi!)

(Note, the video only has the first two questions from the press conference. You can see the full version here.)

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9 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Had a Lot of Fun Watching Federer-Djokovic [Video]

jane Says:

Rafa had “fun” – lol. No doubt, all cozy in his hotel room. I do agree that the sun might help Rafa’s game, with a high bounce, but it is not going to be sunny.

“Win or lose Nadal will keep his No. 1 ranking thanks to Federer defeat of Djokovic yesterday.”

Kimmi is right. Nadal will lose number 1 if Fed wins. So TWO Fed matches in a row have number one on the line for his opponent. It would be funny if Fed wins insofar as he denied Nole number 1 but could also help him get it, ultimately, by winning. I like what he said to Nole at the net “your record speaks for itself.”

jane Says:

Nadal sounds more positive now, based on what is printed here.

Skeezerweezer Says:

Ok whew… Finally calmed down.

If the humidity is high me thinks it would favor Rafa. The courts will play slower, favoring Rafa. Hitting winners is harder. I like however when Fed says “i’ll be prepared”. What fun is this match has a lot at stake also for #1. When has 2 consecutive matches had that at play?

Kimmi Says:

ha-ha Tom, i get to be in the main article. lol

Kimmi Says:

“I like what he said to Nole at the net “your record speaks for itself.””

jane – is this what fed said to nole..wow! so much respect fed has for nole, true. he also said how happy he was, it felt like he has won the final.

dari Says:

kimmi… but that there is “still the silverware to play for tomorrow” :)
i know this is an even longer shot, i just hope roger plays like he did in the semi

Rafa's babe Says:

Rafa will win but as it might rain tomorrow I can’t say what day he’ll win but he will

jane Says:

Kimmi, yeah. I think Fed said it in his video interview at the RG site. It was a good thing, probably, for Djoko to hear at that moment. :)

WTF Says:

That’s interesting. Didn’t know he prefers the conditions to be faster.

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