Roger Federer: “I Have Only Myself To Blame” [Video]
by Staff | September 10th, 2011, 6:56 pm

In an epic 5-set thriller Novak Djokovic saved two matchpoints and a two set hole to turn away Roger Federer in the US Open semifinals today. Federer won the first two sets in convincing fashion but Djokovic got his teeth into the match in the third, then forced a fifth. In the final set Federer served for the match at 40-15 but a Djokovic blistering return saved one matchpoint. Then Federer got an unlucky let cord on the second 6-7, 4-6, 6-3, 6-2, 7-5.

Last year Djokovic also beat Federer saving two matchpoints in a five set US Open loss.

Federer has now lost his last two Grand Slam matches to Tsonga and Djokovic after leading 2-0 in both.

Q. This must hurt, Roger. Can you tell us what your feelings are now and where you think it slipped away?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, it’s awkward having to explain this loss because I feel like I should be doing the other press conference. But it’s what it is, you know, I mean. Yeah, I mean, it’s the obvious, really. He came back; he played well. I didn’t play so well at the very end. Sure, it’s disappointing, but I have only myself to blame, you know.

Q. You seemed like you were taking control in the fifth set. How disappointing is it to not be able to kinda keep that momentum going? You certainly had it in that fifth set.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I had it. There’s no more I could do. Snaps one shot, and then the whole thing changes. It’s strange how it goes, you know, but it was a good tournament for me. Sure, I’d love to be in the finals and give myself a chance to win the title, which is not the case now. So I have to accept that and move on.

Q. You just said I have no one to blame but yourself. Where do you lay the blame?

ROGER FEDERER: Maybe I said.

Q. Do you find it amazing that he can come up with two blinding forehands in successive years on match point? The odds are pretty remote, aren’t they, of him doing that twice?

ROGER FEDERER: Look, it happens sometimes. That’s why we all watch sports, isn’t it? Because we don’t know the outcome and everybody has a chance, and until the very moment it can still turn. That’s what we love about the sport, but it’s also very cruel and tough sometimes. It got me today. It hurts, but it’s fine. Could be worse. It could be a final.

Q. Could you hit a much better serve for the return he hit that winner?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, much better. I didn’t hit the best serve. But it’s just the way he returns that. It’s just not — a guy who believes much, you know, anymore in winning. Then to lose against someone like that, it’s very disappointing, because you feel like he was mentally out of it already. Just gets the lucky shot at the end, and off you go.

Q. What did he do better this time than when you played in the French Open?

ROGER FEDERER: Are you serious? I mean, I thought it was a close match. I should have won here. French Open was very close, too. He could have won that. It’s just one of those matches, you know. I mean, I set it all up perfect, but I couldn’t finish it.

Q. What did you see of Novak’s reaction and playing to the crowd after he hit that forehand winner? What were you thinking at that point?

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I see probably 2% of what he does or other players do because I am focused on my stuff, and I don’t look what they’re doing. I don’t really care. As long as it’s sportsmanship, I don’t care. I don’t know what he did, so it’s not an issue.

Q. When a guy hits a shot like that forehand on match point, is that a function of luck, of risk, or is it a function of confidence that someone would make kind of…

ROGER FEDERER: Confidence? Are you kidding me? I mean, please. Look, some players grow up and play like that. I remember losing junior matches. Just being down 5 2 in the third, and they all just start slapping shots. It all goes in for some reason, because that’s the kind of way they grew up playing when they were down. I never played that way. I believe in hard work’s gonna pay off kinda thing, because early on maybe I didn’t always work at my hardest. So for me, this is very hard to understand how can you play a shot like that on match point. But, look, maybe he’s been doing it for 20 years, so for him it was very normal. You’ve got to ask him.

Q. Comparing this loss to the Tsonga loss in Wimbledon being up two sets, how do you react to that? Are you more frustrated with this one?

ROGER FEDERER: Same thing. I felt like I played okay today. Maybe better at Wimbledon, but then again, it’s a different surface, it’s different opponents. Today I clearly felt like I never should have lost, where in Wimbledon it was I don’t want to say it was more out of my control, you know but it’s, you know, a bit of reaction tennis on grass. I was never up a break in the third, fourth, or fifth at Wimbledon, which today I was. I was one serve away, really. Yeah, I mean, I get over these losses quickly. Wimbledon didn’t get me down.

Q. You were really dominant until the first game of the third set, and you made quite a few errors in that game. Kinda let him back in the match. Given how much longer it went and all the things that happened, how important or unimportant was that game?

ROGER FEDERER: You have to figure that Novak was gonna get his teeth into the match at one stage, right? It’s a pity that it happened then, because I think I had a couple of game points, too. So it hurts getting broken that way. You know, if it goes 15-40 and you never really have a chance to close it out, it’s more acceptable. So like this, it was a bit — again, a bit unfortunate, I thought. He played well. I didn’t serve my very best. It was a combination of many things. And then what he does really well this year, he front runs really well and he started playing great. It was hard to counter his playing. That’s why it was very important to push for the two sets to love lead. Everything I did today I thought was the right way. He just played really well in the third and the fourth.

Q. After the shot that everyone’s talking about, double match point, your next serve was right into his body and he fought it off. That was a good serve, right?

ROGER FEDERER: It was a better serve. I don’t know, I mean, who cares right now? Yeah, maybe I get a bit unlucky with the net cord. Who knows? Seriously, at this point I don’t care anymore. It’s all in the past.

Q. In Melbourne, after your run there, you said not so fast, everybody. Hold on. Let’s see how the year unfolds. A lot of great runs, a lot of good victories this year. No slams. What’s your assessment of your season? I know you’re just coming off a tough loss.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, that’s a great question. Look, I think the top four guys again had a great season at slams. I definitely had some serious chances to do a bit better, and I still made, what was it, semis, finals, quarters, semis? But I think in a few of them I could have gone all the way, if not a step or two further. It’s maybe, you know, a tough year in terms of some tough losses at some crucial stages of the season. Look, it’s not the first time it’s happened. I have had big matches where I ended up losing some, but the majority I was able to win throughout my career. Some of them you just have to move forward with also losses like this and not get too down about it. Sure you always feel like what an opportunity, what a pity, because you got to wait for a year till the US Open rolls around. But then again, the season is not over yet. I’m looking forward to what’s still to come. Like I said, the year could have definitely been better, but then again, there was some reasons for that too, I’m sure.

Q. Can you put into context this year for the competition, the level of quality of play among the top four compared to, say, the past five years?

ROGER FEDERER: I would say similar, isn’t it? I mean, Novak has finished No. 3 for three or four years in a row. Murray has been in the top 5 for quite some time. Rafa, myself, anyway, we have been around for what, six years, seven years together at the top? What’s it been eight now I have been in the top 4? So it’s been pretty much similar. It’s just that this year someone else won slams than Rafa and myself.

Q. When you lost the fourth set or you were close to losing the fourth set, were you trying to save energy for the fifth? No, you didn’t have any strategy?

ROGER FEDERER: I don’t play that way. I don’t give away stuff and just hope and save and do that stuff like other players do. I mean, yeah, I believe I can turn it around. I believe in, you know, making things happen and work hard, and, yeah, believing it doesn’t matter what the scoreline is. It gives you a bigger lift if you’re up 5-1 than being down 5-1. Who cares? You never know, like we saw today.

Q. Did you notice the crowd’s spontaneous eruption in your behalf as you entered the court in the fifth set, and did that contribute to your good start in the fifth set?

ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, the goal clearly was after, you know, not getting that many chances in the third and the fourth that I was definitely gonna come out sort of running and, you know, ready to go and excited about being in the fifth set, because I love playing five setters. It’s what it’s all about. I’ve worked extremely hard throughout my career that, you know, I can win these matches. So that the crowd got into it was fantastic. I mean, you know, I don’t want to say I expected it. But it’s true, every time you get reminded how great the crowd is here in New York, you know, and that they actually wait for something to happen. For them, that was a key moment. They were happy with our performance, and I think they were really hoping I was gonna win today. I felt that. It definitely gave me a lift on top of that, and that’s why maybe it’s even more disappointing I couldn’t deliver that lift today.

Q. You spoke a moment ago about the tough finishes in the slams. How was your belief in yourself different, if at all, today than it was maybe before this season?

ROGER FEDERER: Same thing. I mean, look, I did all the right things in so many tournaments. But like I said, sometimes in sports it just goes the other way, you know. Maybe you’ve already won so much that it evens it out a bit sometimes. I don’t know. But for me, anyway, it was still a good run here. Like I said, I played great. I thought I was playing some really good tennis these last few matches, and that’s definitely gonna give me a lift. Sure, it’s a bit of a bummer here, what happened today. I guess it happens occasionally.

Q. Your first slam was in 2003 and your last one was 2010. At the end of this year, will you have a different feeling than the last seven?

ROGER FEDERER: Not really. I mean, it’s not January 1st yet. Let’s see what happens. There’s still some stuff left: hometown tournament in Basel, the World Tour Finals coming up still where I’m qualified for. So there’s still a lot to play for this season, but definitely I’ve had better seasons, yeah. But then again, you can’t play every season identical. You don’t want it to be, otherwise it becomes boring, too. I guess I will be extremely hungry going to Australia next year. It’s clear and obvious, and I know if I keep on working hard now that I’m feeling so good right now it will all pay off. I know it. I haven’t felt like this in a long time, so this is a good time.

Q. Players have been very vocal and effective in making their views known here. You know the game. Do you expect to see major changes here, or do you think things will just revert again and the schedule will be as it is next year again and so on?

ROGER FEDERER: It will be disappointing if that’s the case. I don’t want to have to say that. Without putting any pressure on them, I think it’s obvious that there needs to be a change, especially at the back end of the tournament. I believe also at the front end you can’t play first rounds over three days in a place where you do get rain and you don’t have a roof so you don’t have that protection. Yeah, I mean, it’s not the first year we’re finishing on Monday. I just think the competitive advantage that maybe one player has over another in any Grand Slam final, at the US Open it’s just unfair for the player. I just hope that a tournament, they understand it, they see that. It shouldn’t even be like a debate and trying to put them in a corner. I just think it’s common sense. We’ll hope for that, otherwise we will have to make ourselves heard again, which is not something we like doing.

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96 Comments for Roger Federer: “I Have Only Myself To Blame” [Video]

Wade Says:

Unfortunately couldn’t seel the deal Rog but keep your head up you played an incredible match against the world no1 who’s only really lost to you this year!
What can you say about Nole, sucked up the 2 set deficit and fought back strong like a true great champion should and can, well done!

Hope Murray can get inspiration from that match and fight hard against my favorite player(Rafa) and give us another great epic match.

Brando Says:

MASSIVE RESPECT FOR FED! More than anyone- including my fave rafa- he’ll call a spade a spade. He knows he should have won period! He’s got 2 match points on his serve and he is RF- game, set and match is what we should hear very soon.

It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win another slam he’s got 16- worse case scenario someone shall pass him. Well one day or another it shall happen, either way he has got more than anyone else at this moment.

He’s playing since he is competitive and loves the game- some of his fans need to take it easy and like fed enjoy the ride!

SG1 Says:

he definitely should have won. i think this was truly one of Fed’s last legitimate chances to win a major and it was why i picked him to win the tournament. losses like this, particularly at the later stages of a career, tend to cause a downward spiral. i personal think roger hangs up the racket after next year. i think he wants one more chance to get a gold medal maybe add another major. the guy has a family and more money than he’ll ever need and his legacy is carved in stone.

rjc Says:

there is no such thing as ‘should have won’ in tennis. either you win the match or you don’t. simple

Brucenhk Says:

I cannot believe that Roger lost. I am so disappointed! It it time that Roger retire? I thought that this article was witty:

Gannu Says:


King Says:

Should have, would have, bla bla,bla, he didn’t……story over!!!!

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Gannu you should email roger and ask him to pay for all the therapy you as a Fed fan are going to need after this match :}

Ike Says:

@ September 11th, 2011 at 12:15 am
funny but cruel

Gannu Says:

tennisfan… i guess u wont understand the pain.. u need to be in my place instead of mocking like this…i sincerely hope you dont go thru this… but its not easy..this year has been very very painful and with each year passng its going to be even more difficult ..thats why the pain of losing such a close match and perhaps lifting 17th gslam hurts so much… but its all karma… fed himself said that “Maybe you’ve already won so much that it evens it out a bit sometimes. I don’t know”….and thats why he is losing more and thats why djoker has become nadal’s achilles heel just like nadal was federer’s!! it all evens out….

But will still be supporting federer till he plays and yes i wuldbe eagerly waiting fo him to win that 17th gslam trophy which now seems elusive!

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Gannu I am definitely not mocking you. I am a big Fed fan myself. today combined w/ last year is quite hard to take. 4 MPs squandered. two possible finals appearances undone. when i saw 2 MP’s i felt a sense of dread. a frightful Deja Vu. not again I thought. it couldn’t happen the same way again?!?! then it did. it was like watching a car wreck in slow motion. and fathertime moves on. how many chances are left. but one of the best ways to deal w/ painful situations is w/ humor. although i’m not sure i was even joking. Fed should pay for our therapy.

tennisfansince76 Says:

@Gannu at least we can look forward to Fed dominating the senior circuit in several years

Michael Says:

It is definitely a heart breaking loss for Roger. A match he should have won, he lost partly due to his own errors and partly due to the good play of Novak. At 40-15 match point, Djokovic turned lucky yet again when he ripped blinded forehand return of the Federer’s first serve and that fell right inside the line to Federer’s corner leaving him bemused. Novak just tried that shot in a desperate fashion but due to his good luck, it fell in. That is the kind of year Djokovic is having where everything is falling in place. Even on the break point, Federer double faulted to gift the game to Djokovic. He could have fought the game if not so, who knows ? It is as Federer rightly says the way it is. No match is finished until you win the last point. Federer couldn’t and paid the price. Bad for Federer but good for Novak. Today is his day. Federer’s dream of a 17th major should wait a little longer. But I am pretty sure that Federer is not finished yet. At this age, if this veteran is able to give such stiff resistance to youngsters like Djokovic, it speaks volumes about Federer’s prowess and sets an example to the next generation. Federer should patiently wait as there will be a time when the tide will turn and I hope it is pretty sooner than later because Federer is aging.

Gannu Says:

tennisfansince76 Says:
@Gannu at least we can look forward to Fed dominating the senior circuit in several years

wonder how come you lose hope so much that u are talking abt senior circuit.. HE IS STILL WORLD NO 3 and HE LOST TO THE MOST DOMINATING PLAYER THIS YEAR AFTER HAVING TWO MATCHPOINTS….I wont write off federer.. he still has one gslam left in him..

Rick Says:

Like I said, he is pathetic in 5 sets!

chris Ford Says:

I am a Fed fan, but all credit to Nole Djokovic and his dream year. He clawed himself back with killer good tennis to even the sets at 2 all, then lapsed in one game in the 5th…leaving Roger to serve for the match.
He said he thought he was about to lose, decided to take a huge gamble on his service return shot and that carried him to victory.
I had no problem with his showmanship. Reminded me of Maximus in the movie ‘Gladiator’ turning a hostile crowd…”!! “Look at me!! Are you not AMUSED???” And THAT worked too.

When he settled into waiting on fending off Roger’s 2nd match point, I saw Djokovic’s eyes go to lasers and a big grin on him.
It said to me Nole was settled and in a zone to take the match..”Bring it on Roger, give me your best shot!”
And at home, perched on the edge of my seat throughout the 5th – I said “Uh Oh!” and cussed.

Mila Says:

“because that’s the kind of way they grew up playing when they were down. I never played that way. I believe in hard work’s gonna pay off kinda thing, because early on maybe I didn’t always work at my hardest. So for me, this is very hard to understand how can you play a shot like that on match point.”

Dear Roger, let me help you understand: it is called balls, cojones or muda depending on a language, something that you obviously lack.

And after that return (40-30 for you), you used your “hard work” approach you grew up with and played safe shots while “the Serbian peasant” on the other side went for winners with deep balls, and broke you for 5-4, then served for 5-5, then broke you again for 5-6, and closed you out for 5-7. What you can do – the unpolished peasant grew up like that, all luck no hard work!

The sad truth is he is 63-2 and you are on a plane on your way home…

tennisfansince76 Says:

gannu again i am joking. the hard part is i feel like his best tourneys are Wim and USO. and we have to wait a almost a whole year to get another crack.and next year i hope he is in Nadal’s half of t he draw more

Skeezerweezer Says:


As a Fed fan, hard to read your post and swallow. But believe it or not I agree with you. Tough love for Fed, but he needed to take it to Nole at those moments you described, but coudn’t or woudn’t do it. This match was very close and I did think Fed had set up Nole in the 5th to win, but Nole kept swinging out at the end and Fed didn’t. They both had there uh oh moments in the 5th, but at the very end Nole decided to swing out and Fed couldn’t answer. Nole is a deservng #1 this year. He played like he is the top dog.

Fed is still getting within striking distance of winning slams. I give him another year before I would bury him. Remember, so far Fed is the ony guy this year to take Nole out in a Slam, so he has very big balls.

margot Says:

Nole’s got the x factor now, same as Rafa, never, never give in, always believe, from whatever position you’re in, you can win.
Please bottle (;)) this “bottle” and give some to Andy quickly, his time is running out :(

tennisfansince76 Says:

Skeezer I thought Fed played w/ very big balls all the way up to 5-3 40-15 in the 5th and then he didn’t. sometimes when you think you already have something you try to protect it even though you don’t have anything until the umpire calls the match

Mila Says:


Thank you. You have always been rational and a good sport, unlike that madmax character. I wish Federer had at least 10% of your graciousness in defeat.

David C. Says:

Bad loss for Fed, not sure what is the next step for him, only time will tell. But his career does look quite a bit like Sampras’, as the latter didn’t win a slam back in 2001 and he was born 10 years earlier than Fed. As for being gracious, yeah, he could have done better, though he did say Novak played well, so it was not totally horrible. In addition, he was pretty gracious in both AO and Wimbledon this year, so it is still okay.

Mila Says:

Guardian is one of the two papers I read regularly. Here is their take:

Michael Says:

Mila, Why are you criticising Federer ? In his interview he has clearly stated that he is himself to blame for the defeat. What is wrong in that statement ? Ofcourse Djokovic got lucky at 5-3 fifth set and Federer was only telling the obvious. He is not denying the victory of Djokovic but only explaining reasons for the defeat.

madmax Says:


thanks for the compliment.

I return it also to you, one of the less gracious posters who make up lies about Federer. Whether people are honest with you or not,doesn’t matter. I am honest with you. You can’t take it. Your problem.

If you want to discuss graciousness, then perhaps read Michael’s post, he seems to understand where I am coming from. You don’t. Doesn’t mean you are right or I am right, just means we have different takes on things, a bit more gracious eh Mila?

I wouldn’t want you to take things the wrong way.

madmax Says:

Mila, also, thanks for the guardian link. It doesn’t surprise me you read about Kevin Mitchell, he is a die hard Murray supporter (which is great), but never has been a fan of Roger, so it doesn’t surprise me he writes in this way.

Each to their own. Skeezer is also a very good friend of mine and knows me way better than a one or two time poster like you, so get to know me first before you make your judgements. It’s never easy I know, when Federer loses a tournament, and these things happen a lot more regularly now than before, but to post what you said about him is unfair and that is the angle I always come from, that there is a lot of unfairness here about Federer, I just put you into that category of people who can’t see the goodness in someone and I think I am validated in saying that, because the guardian is negative (or kevin mitchell), and you support that negativity.

Right on Mila!

Marija Says:

Mila, I completely agree with you. I am fan of Novak, but have always admired Fed’s game. However, the balls and the graciousness in defeat he doesn’t have are really disappointing for a player of his rang. I wish best of luck to Novak in the final.

Milos Says:

Federer showed poor sportsmanship. When one of the people in the crowd fainted he didn’t want to wait because momentum was on his side. Also in one of the crucial points in the 5th set he hit the ball with his frame and didn’t even apologize. Anw he deserved to lose.

Dory Says:

Doesn’t give much credit to Novak does he? Comes off as slightly arrogant person. GREAT player, but arrogant. On the contrary, Novak is all-praise for Federer’s quality.

alison hodge Says:

yeah its a little disapointing for roger and his fans,but lets put it into perspective the man has 16 grand slams,some guys dont have any,some guys would gladly cut of there right arm to have won what roger has,some guys will go a whole career without ever winning a slam,think of them and how there fans feel,hes healthy,hes done it all,and hes still playing,and anyway what else has he left to proove,whatever he does now is gravy anyway,its like boris becker once said,its not the end of the world,nobody died.

Mike Says:

i have been a long time Federer fan but even i am embaressed by A) his spectacular abilities to just plain out Choke and B)he is still a bitchy whiny brat who thinks the planet revolves around himself and has no ability to show any class in adversity

Polo Says:

This interview can be interpreted any which way one wants. I thought it was honest. That stupendous return by Djokovic was really a heartbreaker. Even Djokovic admitted that he just had to do it that way. If it goes in great, if not then sorry. Had that ball been out by a centimeter, Djokovic would have been called unlucky and Federer the lucky one. After skills, there is always some luck involved in sports. Both guys had the skills. As to what happened, Djokovic had the better luck in the end.

jeanius Says:

If only Novak were a more likable player, Fed’s loss and Djokovic’s victory might be easier to take. We might welcome and support a new champion if that were so. But he seems cocky and arrogant, and bit of a gamesman with all that ball bouncing to buy him some time to rest,as well as his complaint to the umpire about something going on in the stands. Meantime, I got a very funny email this morning from a pro who organized a clinic for this morning. He said:
“One player is sick after watching Roger F’s 2 Match Point chances. His spot is available for today’s 10:30 Clinic, call if interested in showing us how to be consistent on the court!”

David C. Says:

Well like what I wrote earlier, Roger could’ve done better at the presser, but given the situation, it is also understandable. Was he sour, yeah more than likely, but it is what it is. However, we shouldn’t forget that he has been quite gracious in defeat too. This year’s AO and Wimbledon, last year’s USO and FO, USO of 09 are all good examples. On average, I say he is fine.

dari Says:

I would be bitchy too if I had 2 match points and 2 sets up!
I just want him to turn that attitude into another grand slam.
And Mila is right, whether you’re a fed fan or not you gotta acknowledge Nole cojones and I’m a little surprised fed had that attitude of not understanding that blitzing aggression on mp down. Roger not understanding aggression, what has the world come to?
Anyway, the only way to erase some of the pain is to win more slam(s)! Go Rog

Skeezerweezer Says:

Well, i watched those two match points over in slo mo, my imo;

1rst match point

Fed hit a first serve in which was great, he tried to go out wide but wound up hitting it not so wide, Novk simply read it, got his racket back early, and swung away with a great return. No luck there, sorry.

2nd match point

Fed hit another first serve in, wihich was actually better into his body. Novak slid out of the way and did make the return, but it fell way short inside the basline. Fed rolled to his left to take his famous inside out FH, and was well in the court, to hit an aggressive imo easy typical like Fed FH, and…….hit the tape, out. My point is that WAS the point Fed should have got. It was there. It was crunch time, and the opportunity was at that moment. The rest is history.

The mental part of the game at this level is everything.

Name Says:

What a sore loser. I’m sure if *he* came back to win an important match, his words would be all about himself and his amazing skill and awesomeness. Yet he whines when his opponents do that? Bad sportsmanship and no class. Quit being so full of yourself and get a grip on reality, the world doesn’t revolve around you! Whiny brat…

Anna Says:

Give Roger a break. He was absolutely gutted after that match and I can’t blame him. It wasn’t that he lost, but the way he lost. He lost his cncentration (Nole’s antics payed off big time) just when he should have been totally focused. It happened last year the same way. Nole absolutely new if he could create a distraction he could maybe pull off the win again. DAMN!!

Swiss Maestro Says:

Mila :

Obviously uncivilised creatures like you would like to think so. If you are so enamoured with his cojones, keep sucking on them and stop your blabbering.

Is novak the only guy who has fans of his b@lls. I know there are a lot of pornst@rs who might have. I did not people were so obsessed about someone’s b@lls.

Let novak even achieve half of what Federer has achieved and then we will try to compare them. Till then, try to restrain your mouth, else people like me will pay you in kind, you stupid b!ch.

As steve tignor said, novak is having the kind of year where he would make the shot in a pressure situation. Didn’t this same guy lose a year or so back to melzer from 2sets up? Atleast fed was nearly 30 when that happened to him for the 2nd time and he has lost 2 athletes at their peak form in tsonga and novak.

Federer has been in decline for 3years now and he overcooked his shot against a person having the best year of his life. Go look at 2007 uso final and you will see novak playing like a pu$$y in the match.

You can call federer a thousand names and I will call you and novak another million names. At the end of the day Federer has numbers which are light years ahead of novak. Come talk to me when he even gets close to half of those numbers. this guy has barely been no.1 for 2months and you have the audacity to talk about cojones? this is exactly why novak’s popularity outside serbia is miniscule compared to federer/sampras/agassi/borg or mcenroe.

hell, murray and roddick have more twitter followers than this jerk.

Swiss Maestro Says:

O Anna! you make me feel guilty for calling certain idiots raf@tards!

thank you for your kind words for Roger. Good luck to rafa. I will try my best to ignore certain rafa fans who call Roger names.

Name Says:

Anna, if he can’t concentrate on the court maybe he shouldn’t play Grand Slams. There’s no such thing as “should have won” in tennis. You either win or lose, it’s as simple as that.

Daniel Says:


There was no distraction at all (for RF). Have you read the interview? I think he was really concentrated but having in mind the last year’s outcome far too cautious. That’s why he lost the game. He served and had to win the game.

ROGER FEDERER: Yeah, I see probably 2% of what he does or other players do because I am focused on my stuff, and I don’t look what they’re doing. I don’t really care. As long as it’s sportsmanship, I don’t care. I don’t know what he did, so it’s not an issue.

Nina Says:

I was ready to shower Roger with praise and admiration for his unvelibeable match and his astonishing game which seriously troubles Nole, but after reading his press conference I don’t feel for the guy one bit.

Roger, you are a formidable champion, the best ever, we all know that. But you should learn to take defeat with grace, to show respect to your opponent and not project this saint-like image which doesn’t become you.

What a great gentleman Rafa is, acknowledging Nole’s domination of him this year in a brutal honest way. Sadly i can’t say the same about Roger, his presser was as classless as i’ve ever seen them. Disappointed in him. Sorry I had to vent it out.

jane Says:

The return winner off Fed’s serve out wide on his first match point was quite a scorcher and very exciting, but in a way I thought Fed’s next serve, into Nole’s body, was even better, tactically very smart, and thus even tougher to return. It was great Nole got that back because I think it would’ve handcuffed so many players and finished the match for Roger right there. It was a short return, so Fed had to rush forward, not quite in position, hence clipping the tape. Basically, on the two match points, it wasn’t like Fed played or served badly. Nole just loosened up and hit two back-to-back good returns. After, that, however, it did seem like maybe Fed was re-running last year’s loss in his head or something, because after losing those match points, he hit a few more errors and played too cautiously – like Daniel said. The stats show that Fed hit a lot more errors over the course of the match, and Nole won more points, so maybe putting more pressure, overall, on Fed’s serve. Which nonetheless held up very well. What a very very close match, just like last year.

It reminded me of their French Open match in that Fed was in control in the first two sets and then Nole started to get his teeth into the match. Nole had a break and was serving for the fourth set at the FO too, but Fed broke back and won the tiebreak. So I think that is what Nole meant, in a way, was that he didn’t want the FO to happen again. He almost forced a fifth set there too, but it wasn’t to be and Fed got to the final. This time, he made sure to force the fifth, and in the end, he was able to come through and get to the final. These two play great, tight, narrowly contested matches against one another.

Swiss Maestro Says:


Roger doesn’t have to take a lesson from novak’s uncouth fans about grace. please STFU! there are more qualified people than you guys to tell Roger what is right and what is not.

Skeezerweezer :

Thank you for that article.

Swiss Maestro Says:

great post jane! novak just refused to lose yesterday. What a great year he is having. I wish he had more civilised fans like you, jane.

would you be a doll and smack those 2 idiots nina and mila for me please ;) jk.

Nina Says:

@swiss maestro… you’re clearly making a foold of yourself with your insults, you can’t accept any criticism. I’m not gonna waste my time trying to reason with someone as classless as you. good night!

sheila Says:

heartbroken federer lost, but @ 30, he still took it to djokovic all the way, more than u can say about younger in their prime players. dont know y roger seems 2b losing in the big moments, but i still dont think he has anything 2prove. as 4 murray, once again, couldnt get thru nadal & murray is in his prime. i’ve always felt djokovic is a gr8 player & hes proving it. tsonga is a hardhitting player, as is berdych, soderling, delpotro, but what they lack, imho, is consistency in the big moments. yes rogers consistency has not been there as it once was, but as i said, he doesnt need 2 prove anything. these other guys may hit the ball harder, but they lack the consistency & the belief 2 beat a nadal or a djokovic. wham bam thank u mam tennis does not guarantee a slam win. i dont c anyone challenging the likes of djokovic or nadal, except w/each other & i include murray as not being a threat either. let me c 1 of these other guys win nadal & djokovic in a major & take home the title then my opinion will change

Swiss Maestro Says:

I dont care for you either nina, you uncouth and uncivilised b!ch. please spare me your reason. get the fcuk out.

I can criticise novak and you much more than you can criticise roger. so don’t try to start that game with me.

Swiss Maestro Says:

great post sheila. I wonder why everyone wants to keep their heads buried in the sand about federer being 6years older than novak, which is one generation in tennis.

sampras/agassi lost to players like rios/kuerten/kafelnikov. nadal and novak are way better than those players

Mila Says:

Someone give swiss maestro anti-depressant pills and fast!
This is a fan forum and certain level of profanity is expected, but this creature exhibits a pathological behaviour.
Poor swiss maestro, you are (unintentionally) entertaining all of us here…

Mila Says:

And here is a story from admittedly Federer fan. Note the writer (Federer fan) is a normal person, so posters like ‘swiss maestro’ need not to read on – they do not speak ‘normal’..

(start of quote from Yahoo’s “Busted Racquet”)

“Federer takes a jab at Djokovic’s desperate match-saving shot
Chris Chase – September 10, 2011

Roger Federer is a great tennis champion who comports himself with class and dignity in victory. As a loser, his attitude leaves a lot to be desired.

Following his stunning collapse against Novak Djokovic in Saturday’s U.S. Open semifinal, Federer took a jab at his opponent’s decision to slap a crosscourt forehand on match point. In the eyes of Federer, it was a desperation shot unbecoming a champion.

First, watch the shot again. John McEnroe called it one of the best returns in tennis history.

Here’s Federer’s post-match quote:

“Some players grow up and play like that. I remember losing junior matches and being down 5-2 in the third and they start slapping shots and they all go in for some reason. That’s the way they grew up playing when they were down. I never play that way. I believe hard work’s going to pay off. […] So for me this is very hard for me to understand how you can play a shot like that on match point. But maybe he’s been doing it for 20 years. Maybe for him it’s very normal. You’ll have to ask him.”

It wasn’t said in a conciliatory tone. It was said like a man who thinks that shot was beneath him, who thinks that Djokovic was disrespecting the game by having the audacity to play such a point.

Djokovic’s explanation was simple. “You have to take your chances when presented,” he said after the match.

Even if Federer is right and Djokovic was taking a “devil may care” attitude, it doesn’t make the shot any less legitimate. It’s like a football coach going for fourth-and-3 in the fourth quarter. Desperate times, desperate measures right?

Nothing against Federer, mind you. I like athletes who care so much it hurts. When Peyton Manning walks off the field at the Super Bow l without shaking hands or LeBron James does the same, I don’t have a problem with it. Sportsmanship isn’t about phony handshakes and false compliments. There are plenty of ways to be a good loser that don’t include giving the opponent a man-hug at center court and speaking cliches about how you gave it your all but didn’t have enough. Taking passive-aggressive shots against your opponent isn’t one of those ways.

Considering how gutted I was (and still am) for Federer after the match, I can’t fathom what he felt like in the aftermath of the loss. No amount of disappointment should lead to jabs like that.

Win with class, Roger, lose with class.” (end of quote)

Swiss Maestro Says:

Ok, mila, I can give you more entertainment if you want. I know a lot of women who do that. there is a name for such women. it starts with who.

I will trust even novakh0le like you can figure that.

simba Says:

Skeezerweezer wrote:
“Fed is still getting within striking distance of winning slams.”

I wouldn’t call having a MP on SF or QF a striking distance. If he had won that match, Nadal would clean his clock in Finals like the FO. In AO, Nole straightset him. In Wimbledon, he lost at QF.

Striking distance is when Roddick fought Federer to the stand still late in the fifth in W’09.

simba Says:

Totally agree with this:

Mila wrote:
Dear Roger, let me help you understand: it is called balls, cojones or muda depending on a language, something that you obviously lack.

Two MP’s down, Nole stepped up and hit a screamer. When it was your turn with 2 MP’s down, you chipped back the return just long. I called that playing not to lose, lacking courage, admitting defeat. You deserved to lose.

scoreboard66 Says:

@Anna: “Give Roger a break. He was absolutely gutted after that match and I can’t blame him. It wasn’t that he lost, but the way he lost. He lost his cncentration (Nole’s antics payed off big time) just when he should have been totally focused. It happened last year the same way. Nole absolutely new if he could create a distraction he could maybe pull off the win again. DAMN!!”

Well said. Novak is the king of gamesmanship and causing distractions. Raising his arms up for applause saving one of those match points, had to be very upsetting to Roger and definitely cause some distraction. I think the worst of all was after the match, Novak doing an “Incredible Hulk” type crouch and his celebration. I try so very hard to see good in this guy, but it seems that he is nothing but an attention seeker and is taking the class out of tennis. I shake my head and ask why this is so, but am still to find n answer.

Milos Says:

What about Federer hitting the ball with his frame and not apologizing? In crucial moments of a match. Is that sportsmanship? Novak had to show to everybody that it was hit using frame, because Federer didn’t have enough class to do it himself.

scoreboard66 Says:

I suppose two wrongs make a right? Did Fed intentionally hit the ball with the frame? I doubt it. However, Novak intentionally wanted to belittle Roger in front of the crowd. He’d better be careful coz the NY crowd loves Roger. I suppose Novak has forgotten how much groveling he had to do to undo the nasty taste he left in the crowd’s mind, by incorporating the help of John Mcenroe to try to erase that. His behavior has not been very exemplary over the past two weeks, so think about that before criticizing Roger.

Ben Pronin Says:

Quite simply, Roger sounds pissed off.

scoreboard66 Says:

Anyone would be ticked off if they lost a match like the way he lost. I think he was more angry at being beaten by the returns not being so elegant as he thinks the game should be played. Rog is a perfectionist but it’s what makes him stand out from the rest and it’s why he’ll always be in the conversation when the topic is about the elite of the sport.

Milos Says:

Of course that he didn’t hit the ball intentionally with the frame. But he intentionally didn’t apologize. Anyway he got what he deserved.

scoreboard66 Says:

@Nina: “@swiss maestro… you’re clearly making a foold of yourself with your insults, you can’t accept any criticism. I’m not gonna waste my time trying to reason with someone as classless as you. good night!”

dunno why you’re upset coz Swiss Maestro is defending Federer. Wasn’t it a few days ago you wanted for the new posters to leave coz they were defending Rafa? It seems to me you can’t handle what you dish out. You become nasty when anyone mentions Novak, and yet you criticize roger, Rafa nd other players at the drop of a hat. Get a grip.

Milos Says:

One more example of Feds sportsmanship. During the match a man fainted and Novak stopped play so that necessary help can be provided to that person. Federer asked why are we stopping? Enough said.

scoreboard66 Says:

Roger has said that he doesn’t pay attention to a lot of things, so couldn’t it just be possible that he didn’t even realize he hit the ball with the frame? It was a tension-filled moment, so maybe he could be given the benefit of the doubt, coz he’s human?

Nina Says:

You’re hallucinating scoreboard66. I don’t criticize Roger or Rafa or any other player, I respect them all, something you clearly are incapable of. And Swiss Maestro is a classless act calling women bitches and whores. i guess you want to be put into that group, fine with me.

vox777 Says:

So, you guys watch tennis? You like the game?
How can you not just be astonished by that return winner? That is why I watch tennis!
Could you do it? In moment like that? Could you smile while Federer is serving for the match?
I’ll answer… You couldn’t… No one could. Only one person could… World No1 in tennis!
He just did what was expected from him to do! Showed why he is No1!
Why didn’t federer yelled over net: Nole give me short return, or put it in out… Because he thought he was better… He still thinks, but he isn’t. he is No3 and that is where he stands now, he should deal with it… You too fans… And bad naming is so below tennis… Please, try to be above it… This is not a football forum :DDD

Nina Says:

Agree with it, vox777, specially the name calling. It’s offputting and juvenile.

scoreboard66 Says:

About the fainting, it’s possible he didn’t realize what was going on. You’re comparing Roger to Novak who uses the court as a stage and pays attention to everything. Novak is an exception to the rule. I don’t see any other players devoting so much time to their surroundings like Novak does. Do you ever see Roger looking into the crowd, at his box, or anything else? His eyes are fixed only on his opponent and the court. Novak makes abig deal out of everything. if he hits a great shot he looks to his box for praise. As I said, he’s different.

Nina Says:

So accept that he’s different. No one is the same, thanks God.

scoreboard66 Says:

@Nina, now I know you’re hallucinating. Who was it that said Rafa likes to make a big deal of his injuries while Nole keeps it inside? You’re very critical of many players, so stop trying to be a saint. Nothing wrong if you criticize other players, but have the guts to take what you dish out when it comes back to you.

vox777 Says:

And about luck… federer hitting so many forehands and backhands on the line? Luck? No, knowledge.
Nole hitting one great return? luck? Sure :)))…. And he is one of the best returners ever, is it also luck? For 8 years?…
It was like Bulls game… M. J. missing many shots, but in the last second… Boom! 3 pointer! All misses are forgotten.
So if Federer thinks he deserves to win, I say, you should win more points in total than your opponent! And was he really expecting Nole to give him match points? Is it new rule to let the one serving for the match win?
Nole was lucky on some points, but brave gets the luck. Nole was playing short balls for most of the match, and federer was risking, knowing he had nothing to loose… and luck was with Federer, so many shots on lines! Than he started playing safe and Nole started risking and luck went on Noles side… It’s how life works!

Milos Says:

If I ever collapse while watching tennis match, it would be nice to know that play would be stopped. :)

vox777 Says:

Didn’t anyone notice that Nole wasn’t on his A game? That he was too defensive most of the match? That he was waiting for Federers errors? He only does that against weaker players… Maybe that pissed Federer off? Because Nole was not going for the lines most of the match… Maybe he felt disrespected… or old?
Hope that Nole will be much more aggressive against Nadal. Hope that it will be a great match! Hope that Nole wins!
And about crowd… Very bad behavior, very rude… screaming when players serve, clapping on 1st service errors from Nole, shouting during points… Maybe they should print a manual and glue it to the back of seats… Or maybe all tournaments should be played in London? or China? :DDD

vox777 Says:

Oh yeah, and collapsing :DDD
Sorry, bad joke, but I had to do it :DDD

scoreboard66 Says:

yeah, yeah, yeah, Nole was on his C game, but he’s the best, it only took him 5 sets to beat the old and weak Roger who is 6 years older than Nole. Just imiagine what would have happenend if they were both 24? I think it would have taken 15 sets for Nole to beat Roger and he would have had to be playing his A game. Talk about Nole being lucky.

Swiss Maestro Says:


dont bother with this uncultured and uncouth idiots. they come a very uncivilised part of the world, i am sure.

nina :

if you dont want name calling, then please keep your lessons on human behaviour to yourself. If you call the most popular tennis player of the last decade arrogant, be ready to face the music. you think you are so smart that you can see what people over the world have not seen in the last 10years? or is it because your eyes are blinded by novak winning a couple of slams.

I repeat again, more people in this world think novak is a jerk than those who think Roger is arrogant. most of these people are surprisingly, novak fans. what a fcuking coincidence! NOT!

scoreboard66 Says:

“Didn’t anyone notice that Nole wasn’t on his A game? That he was too defensive most of the match? That he was waiting for Federers errors? He only does that against weaker players…”

Funny you should say that, it’s what I’ve always thought about Nole’s game. He slaps the ball back and waits for the opponent to make the errors. Enough said. I didn’t want to get into any of this back and forth business.

May the best man win tomorrow, which is Rafa. :)

Kimberly Says:

maybe rafa will win tomorrow? Unexpected, but possible?

alison hodge Says:

@kimberly i think been the hunter rather than the hunted suits rafa better,i wonder if thats the reason he would rather let the opponent serve 1st at the begining of a match,anyway i think it suits him best to be the underdog,to be honest like you say he isnt the favourite,and in a way that takes the pressure of him,as long as he does his best i dont think anyone can ask any more of him,we will be proud of him no matter what.

marrisv Says:

Rafa just has to go out there and show that he wants this as badly as he wanted it last year for the career slam. I just want to see him play freely and not have the mental walkabouts he has had this year against djokovic, especially in the later stages of the set. 4-5 down, 5-6 down etc…
If he keeps calm, then we are in for a cracker.. i just want to see him at his best, giving his best.

King Says:

Novak should have beat Roger at USO in 2007, than was Roger luckier and he did because Novak was inexperienced and new on the tour. It took him only 4 months later anyway. How old was Roger than? So much so about Roger’s perfect game in 2007. Novak was on even grounds with him in that game!!!

Kimberly Says:

He is playing a guy that has been virtually unbeatable. That could get anyone rattled. He needs to believe and enjoy. I think that will help. He has the game.

Anna Says:

Alison & Marris – Here, here guys. Totally agree. Hey Pam Stosur won today. Who would have thought that could happen. Love Serena but am very happy for Pam. Her 1st slam!!!

Roger will recover. Maybe he wasn’t at his best moment in his pressor, but those moments happen to all of us. As Rafa says, “He is the best of the history”.

Kimmi Says:

Anna – it is Sam Stosur. You gotta have to get the GS champ name right:)

dari Says:

Laugh out loud and shake my head at the Pam stosur.
Fed fans, care for salt in wounds?
RT @sharapovanovic: Final-set records this year: Djokovic 10-0, Nadal 9-3, Federer 2-6 (five straight losses).

Cygnus Says:

Why was the part where Federer said “I don’t” (blame myself for the loss) cut out of the text???? Trying to cover up for a really classless interview comment???

skeezerweezer Says:


Have to agree with SM on the matter, you didn’t have to sh!t on Fed to make your fav look better that he already is. There is no better response than “he just won”. Fed is just pissed that he lost, and great champions are sore losers, they never like to lose. Some convey it better or word than others. BUt the heart of a Champion remains. Why go on? Look, this will all pass and what goes around comes around. Nole has how many slams? Oh, he’s good this year….but a career so far? So much promise, so pitiful results to boast overall.

When he gets 10 slams, start believing. and when he is 30 and takes the world #1 to 5 sets and on the brink of defeat, start talking. But now, better to be humble, thankful, respectful and hopeful. Novak’s career could turn on a dime in a lot of heartbreak losses like Rafa’s did in his prime. Novak was known as a quitter, bad joker, a serve that needed major surgery, and ball bouncing that put everyone to sleep. Give it a rest and congrats to your fav, he’ll win USO, relish that.

i am it Says:

A lot of antagonism among the brilliant posters, and I am not against it. Same old players albeit with different pseudonyms, and the same old rhetorics, at times the same old phraseology trickling down protuberantly. Intellectual peace or feigned truce can beget boredom, as it did for a while here. With the antagonism, however of a weak kind and bereft of substance, Tennis X has only gotten rejuvenated from its stagnancy.

Win or lose, Federer’s persona, the ID he assumes during interviews, is STILL mostly dishonest (boastful, self congratulatory, reckless analogies) and tends to be disrespectful to his rivals. Djokovic also falls into a similar category at times, though (pay attention to how he lightly throws around term “greatest of the history” light-heartedly in Murray-esque manner).

The excerpt in question also caught my eyes instantly, but I took it as Federer’s attempt to rationalize his irrational loss, and in that attempt he got carried away a little bit to recall the extra-textual component, a resort to youthful memories, if you may.
That same slap shot from Djokovic on a match point could be a routine occurrence for a number of top (or potential) players, e.g. Dolgopolov, Tomic, F. Gonzalez, but for a stable group of top four, it is rare, thus rarely anticipated and seldom responded. Mind you it also happened last year at the same same stage at the same venue under similar circumstances, so it may be sowing the seed of a pattern, however of an anarchic kind (that one can never be alert enough when it will be definitively pulled out).

What a player says has nothing to do with how great a player is, or with what he has achieved in his career, and one skill is neither sub-sequence from nor consequence of the other. One skill does not compensate for the deficiency of the other, either. Performance on the court and politically correct elocution are two different arts, or two different games. One game need not consolidate the other game, as it never did with Sampras, one immediate example, except maybe if you take tennis to be a predominantly show biz and play for commercial reasons alone.

Another response: If you like to think Djoko played the semifinal defensively, you should only re-watch 3rd set, 4th set, and last 4 games of the 5th set. It is his offense that won him the match. Had he continued to play defensively like the 2nd set, you know it the match would have ended in the 3rd set.

Usually losses do not help (e.g. Murray), but for Federer, this loss, which was a near win, allowed him to gauge where his game stands currently and sprouted a healthy self-belief that he will be a factor in the next GS, which is all good.

As for Djoko, the future is tomorrow, and as any dominant number 1 of the history, he has the burden of proving that he does not lose a GS final to the player he beat 5 times in the same calendar year. The expectation, variously for fans and detractors, is he must win every match.

Michael Says:

It is sheer luck that propelled Djokovic to the finals. Djokovic was well resigned to defeat after offering the break of serve and at 40-15 the match was as good as over. But, Djokovic resorted to desperate measures and luckily for him it worked. Such is the remarkable year this man has had. But, honestly I feel that Djokovic should lift his level in the finals to win against Nadal this time around especially with Nadal being close to best.

Mila Says:


I have no problem with you agreeing with SM (I assume it is ‘swiss maestro’) on this matter, you are both big Fed fans and it is kind of expected. However, I hope you are not agreeing with his way of expressing himself – it’s rather profane and borderline psychopathic… as I’ve said earlier, a certain degree of profanity could be expected on these pages but SM has, simply put, lost the plot.

Anyway, skeeze, I did not shit on Federer, I was just pointing the obvious and many folks here expressed their agreement with my assertions. If you think that I shouldn’t have said what I thought and kept quiet, that’s a different story altogether. I still think like many others that Roger is very very very sore loser and lacks grace in defeat big time. Think of me as a little kid in the famous story “Emperor’s New Clothes”. The kid is saying what everyone refuses to admit – that the emperor is naked. OK, my emperor metaphor may not be completely accurate since Roger is only #3 in the world, but I am sure you get it.

Finally, this is just my opinion, shared by some tennis journalists (Guardian, New York Times) mind you, but you are welcome to disagree.

Talking crazy and profane/dirty like Fed fan ‘swiss maestro’ erodes ones credibility, makes him look like a lunatic and I hope you do not agree with that.

Skeezerweezer Says:


No offense recieved, i stated my points and you yours. Its well known when Fed is gone i wil be cheering for Nole. So know that ;). Until then, protect his legacy and his status i will.

Rahul Says:

I dont see why ppl are making such a big issue out of Feds comments. Nole’s on court interview matches Fed’s comments pretty much. He took a gamble which paid off, end of story.

There was a link to a guardian article which was just nonsense, unprofessional and pure conjecture. I dont expect everyone to like Roger Federer but articles like that are cheap publicity and more telling on the writer than the subject written about.

madmax Says:

Milos Says:
One more example of Feds sportsmanship. During the match a man fainted and Novak stopped play so that necessary help can be provided to that person. Federer asked why are we stopping? Enough said.

September 11th, 2011 at 6:00 pm


no one knew at that time what was happening, not novak, roger or the umpire. The guy who was way back in the audience, the last few rows, what? seat number 22,000 or something? How could anyone see that far. There was a scuffle, at first thought to be a fight breaking out. No one knew until the umpire used his cell to figure out what was happening. At that point, from what was happening, novak looked at umpire, then roger, and said there was ‘a disturbance’.

You cannot blame either player for wondering what was happening.

A similar incident happened I think, was it last year or earlier on this year? When Roger noticed a guy had fainted in the crowd and had said…’Is someone going to help that gentleman?’. He used the word gentleman’.

He’s one of the good guys Milos. No need for cruel words.

Suzette Says:

Swiss maestro, you allude to uncouth,uncultured posters that come from uncivilized countries. Tell me what is civilized about some of the disgusting things you call these women.Your mentioning porn and falatio in your posts to punctuate your ideas, make me wonder what ‘civilized ” country you are representing?

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