Serena Williams Speaks Out on US Open Incident, Offers No Apology
by Staff | September 14th, 2011, 10:31 am

Almost three days after her controversial outburst during her US Open final loss to Samantha Stosur, Serena Williams offered a statement this morning on twitter.

“My emotions did get the best of me this past weekend when I disagreed with the umpire. It has been a long road to get back to the US Open this year, and I am thankful to have had such a great two weeks in New York,” she wrote.

Serena, who had evaded the issue during her post-match press conference, has yet to apologize for her comments directed at chair umpire Eva Asderaki.

“If you ever see me walking down the hall look the other way because you’re out of control,” Serena scolded Asderaki. “You’re totally out of control, you’re a hater, and you’re unattractive inside. Who would do such a thing? And I never complain. Wow… We’re in America last I checked. Can I get a water or am I gonna get violated for a water? Really, don’t even look at me! I promise you, don’t look at me cause I am not the one. Don’t look my way.”

Early in the second set Serena screamed “Come on” after hitting a forehand. But the Asderaki ruled her yell was a hindrance since Stosur had not yet made contact with the ball. Under an interpretation of the rule, the point was awarded to Stosur.

“I actually thought it was a winner, but she did really good to even put her like racquet on it,” Serena said Sunday. “I thought it was a clear winner. I thought it was the hat drop rule, where if you drop a hat you kind of replay the point.”

“I don’t even remember what I said. It was just so intense out there. It’s the final for me, and I was just – I have to go – I guess I’ll see it on YouTube.”

The US Open responded Monday by fining Serena $2,000 for verbal abuse, writing: “After independently reviewing the incident which served as the basis for the code violation, and taking into account the level of fine imposed by the US Open referee, the Grand Slam Committee Director has determined that Ms. Williams’ conduct, while verbally abusive, does not rise to the level of a major offense under the Grand Slam Code of Conduct.”

Serena was under probation for a far worse outburst during her last visit to the US Open in 2009 when the American was defaulted from her semifinal match against Kim Clijsters.

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35 Comments for Serena Williams Speaks Out on US Open Incident, Offers No Apology

Maya Says:

Serena is being clueless from a PR standpoint. She needs to apologize. I know tons of people who can’t stand her and it has nothing to do with her tennis and everything to do with how she handles herself. She comes across as very fake and that is a problem. I think because she was the youngest in her family she was overly indulged and has a sense of entitlement. I don’t see the same coming from Venus.

Hananova Says:

Should have been fined $1 million and banned for a year. If I was the umpire, I would sue her for threats, assault, intimidation.

US Open tennis is a joke, as is their paltry penalty, pathetic explanation and cowardly fear of enforcing the violation of her earlier probation.

If Williams was white she would be permanently out on her ass. Williams’ coach/father is a well-known racist. Like Father, like daughter.

Lulu Iberica Says:

I’m sorry, but that is just BS that if Serena “was white she would be out on her ass.” Maybe if she were not a star and huge ratings booster she would be out. Yes, Serena is rude, crude, a diva, full of herself, etc, etc, and I do think she should’ve received a stiffer penalty, but I do not think she actually physically threatened anyone in this incident. If Andy Roddick said the same things, would anyone believe that he was actually going to physically assault the umpire? No! People are more intimated by Serena (or pretend to be) because she is a strong, large black woman raised in Compton.

Tarun Says:

It doesn’t matter what she says after the fact and she knows it. I’m glad it happened as it showed her true character. Just as I didn’t enjoy watching McEnroe as a child, I am happy to say I will not watch another Serena match.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Serena’s tweet is beyond belief! As a reminder, she is fined $2000 while she earned $900,000. Compared to the monthly salary of the average reader, it’s even not the price of a parking ticket. USTA should fine her 50% of her total gain (so that she needs to sell her new karaoke to pay the fine), and she will start thinking twice before opening it on the court the next time. And the fine could be redistribute equally on all US open umpires. Anyway, she has been punished by almost all the press/blogers/twitters everywhere.

sitara Says:

Serena is a rude and obnoxious bully.
She has no class whatsoever. How dare she humiliate the chair umpire for just doing her job and then continue to intimidate her? She should be ashamed for being the face of American tennis.
An upset fan

Jamie Says:

She blundered by arguing with the umpire, but she made a bigger blunder by posting a 40 second video of herself doing a lewd bare-butt dance in her USO NIKE DRESS at her hotel. Someone put it on youtube “Serena Williams Twerkin to Lil Wayne” (song ‘I’ve got money!’) on Sept 11 and it was going viral with 70,000 hits — links tweeted and put on many discussion boards.

On Tuesday, Serena’s attorneys had it removed from youtube and some other video-posting sites claiming Serena has a copyright for it. It is a disgusting video, in which she makes no attempt to disguise herself.

Why would she do something so embarrassing to herself and her sponsors?

David Says:

USTA caves to Serena almost as easily as Obama caves to the Republicans.

fed is afraid Says:

serena is such a card!!

chris cabrera Says:

Serena has proved herself once again to be immature, obnoxious and too self-impressed for my tastes. I only hope that she will disappear into retirement soon, so that I dont have to listen anymore to her self-effacing answers. Too bad she never, ever grew up.

Humble Rafa Says:

There are other ways to game the system. Take a medical time out. Bounce the ball 23 times. Towel your face 20 times between points.

Berating the umpire is a bad policy. But when your ego is as big as your left as*, you can’t but argue with the umpire.

Edward Says:

My young daughters looked up to Serena as a professional athlete. Her conduct is horrible, she sets a terrible example and the fine placed was unacceptable because it’s insignificant. This behavior should result in one year ban. The tennis association needs to deal with this severely. I will no longer allow my children to watch any match Serena participates in. SHE IS BAD FOR THE SPORT!

SG1 Says:

Even the shout out after the forehand was very questionable. Mary Carillo, in her typically understated way where American players are concerned, called it ” bad form”. Every player on tour knows the implication of calling out in the middle of a point before your opponent has reached the ball. This is kindergarten stuff at Bolletieri’s. I think she got much too free a pass on that to begin with. And after trying to cheat, she practically goes postal on the umpire! Anyone think this is just crappy parenting?

I found Serena’s whole approach to the match over the top. She wanted to dedicate the match to the 9/11 victims. How can she dedicate a match to 9/11 victims and behave like this? The whole thing is embarassing. The USTA then compounded the mess by fining her the equivalent of one diamond stud on her earring. What a joke!

Serena…just play tennis. Don’t say too much. Just play. Wanna’ learn how to conduct yourself? Watch Rafa. Watch your opponent, Sam Stosur. You might actually learn something.

Anthony Says:

Serena’s rant to Eva Asderaki could very well reveal what she feels about herself. Serena could feel that she is out of control, a hater, and unattractive inside. In the 2009 and 2011 post-match interviews from the Serena-rant matches, I believe that Serena says that she doesn’t recall what transpired during the rants, an incredible explanation from a top player who is keenly aware of everything about her matches. Sadly, creating a circus to distract from being whipped in a U.S. Open final seems to be Serena’s latest gameswomanship.

In any case,I will never watch or attend another tennis match in which Serena Williams plays: I do not support what I perceive to be foolishness.

Humble Rafa Says:

WTF…Roger is not in the trunk. Gosh darn’t boys. He choked 2 match points.

Repeat after me. Rog in the trunk. Rog in the trunk.

Seriously, how many match point does he need to choke before he goes in the trunk.

George Says:

$woosh, just get over it. Serena is Nike’s all American girl. She should be yours too. Teach your children. Pay a $2000 fine and get more multi million commercials parodying berating behaviour.This is how the world sees Americans. This is America. You can not go back. Sad but true.

Humble Rafa Says:

In another related matter, Mike Bryan should be banned from tennis. a bad mouthing, arrogant one.

Mike Bryan actually put his hand on an official and threatened him. He was fined $10,0000. In my opinion, if you touch an official, you should be banned. They are not your toys.

Humble Rafa Says:

All the bad mouthing that Roddick does doesn’t earn him any brownie points.

Fish only called Tsonga a “Dumbas$”. But he is the best of the Americans. What a shame!

Don’t they teach these kids manners in schools?

Gat0r Says:

Glad to see people are finally seeing this woman (loosely) for the person she really is. She’s an arrogant bully who thinks she can push people around and the world owes her.
Wonder where she got that attitude, DAD…

Tennis would be much better off if this entire family went to another sport. Roller derby would be a great fit for all of them.

Polo Says:

For all her greatness as a tennis player, Serena will be equally remembered for being rude, crude, classless and a bully. Those will be her legacy in the tennis world. As bad as she was good.

Kimberly Says:

agree with polo

blaine Says:

she’s a ghetto girl; what did you expect? Whenever the williams brothers or their pimp father are criticized, the race card comes out in a heartbeat; it never fails. She’s always been this boorish and the american media has always covered for her (sort of like eldrick woods or a few hundred american basketball players). To be quite honest, she was actually fairly restrained this time; her attack on the Asian lineswoman in 2009 was classic ghetto complete with threats of bodily harm (imagine the outrage from the mary carillos and mary jo fernandezs of the world if a male player had done that?) and it was a far worse breach of conduct in my view – and she was let off the hook that time just as she is being let off the hook this time. The deliberate yelling at stosur during that point (clearly aimed to distract an opponent who was soundly outplaying her) and her antics during the change-over are the real serena: the phony apologies after the fact are just a ghetto girl trying to do some damage control.

Humble Rafa Says:

I expect Serena to kick an umpire in the crot*ch and get a $200 fine. It is coming. Both the kick and the fine.

What a family? One daughter’s likes to show skin whenever she can, other abuses everyone. Good Lord. God save American Tennis.

Humble Rafa Says:

Why has Tennis-x not covered the Mike Bryan episode? Agenda, may be?

Staff, he laid hands on an umpire. No simple matter. Even John Mcenroe doesn’t do it.

Dan Martin Says:

Mike Bryan should get suspended by the ITF from some events they host such as the Aussie Open, Davis Cup, the Olympics or next year’s US Open – who knows what will happen? Probably nothing.

jatt Says:

Why our american players are behaving so rudely on and off the court ? This is a shocker.. When so many well known star tennis players behave so badly it actually brings a very bad name to the country itself..Not sure what is happening ? Roddick, serena, mike bryan, anybody left ?

maggie Says:

Blaine may I ask you what do mean by you statement “she’s gheott girl, what do you expect? first and formost she”s lady,and American number tennis player for 12yrs. She has earned her award with honest plays,taking verbal abused,just because closed minded people. BLAINE ,DO YOU SUPPORT THE OFFICE of THE PRESIDENT WHEN OUR PRESIDENT treated with no respect? Serena you rock “””my lady #1 Tennis player..

scineram Says:

What default? Stop lying!

corn dog Says:

I think they should suspend her from the Olympics. They can’t suspend her from the Slams since they need her so much, but she really should not represent her country when she is so arrogant and publicity-starved. Do you notice she only plays FedCup once every 4 years? Just to qualify. There are more up and coming American players who should have that honor, and will probably not have problems with rules. The video from the Dubai tournament where she commits the same rule infraction (plus same umpire) is interesting in that Serena laughs and apologizes to Kuznetsova immediately. So she is well aware of the rules.

Just Me Says:

Sounds as though everyone bought into the PR rubbish about her growing up in Compton. She didn’t live long in CA at all…born in Michigan, short stint in CA, then actually grew up in Florida.

Just Me Says:

Regardless of where she grew up, she’s still trash.

Dan Martin Says:

Nothing about the incident but here is my take on Steffi vs. Serena in light of the Steffi-esque tennis Stosur played to beat Serena –

KissMyGrits Says:

When ROGER FEDERER cursed out the umpire with F word and all on LIVE national TV, he received a $1500 fine from the US Open. Why should Serena receive more of a fine? Because she is black? Because she has abused line judges and officials before? Well, so have a whole host of other players. The sad thing is many of you people for some reason or another want to single out Serena for this behavior. You cannot bring yourself to recognize that your behavior is sexist, racist, or even both. During the rain delay Roddick cursed out the Tournament Director on LIVE TV; yet no one is on here asking that Roddick be fine or banned from tennis. The most ironic is of course those who claim they can’t stand the sight of Serena and would NEVER watch her matches KNOW every detail of every point (because of course, you were WATCHING her match). Serena is a superstar and her haters love to watch her even more than her fans. She makes tennis exciting and you boosting the tennis TV ratings during her matches just makes her shine even more. Serena made a boring sport take center stage with her brand of drama. It was a magnificent US Open.

jojo Says:

So many American players are not very nice in their court deportment. But it’s up to the USTA and the powers that be to enforce the rules. Glad to see they did it here.
Andy Roddick is nasty, interrupts, and belittles the officials when he argues with them. Andre Agassi had several awful incidents, including a couple after he changed his ways, Jimmy Connors and Johhny MAc were hell on earth (and the officials caved in to them). Pete Sampras was always a gentleman, Jim Courier was pretty good. Mickey Chang was fine. Querrey, Fish, and Isner are great, so maybe I’m exaggerating…..The real problem with Serena (and the same with Sharapova and Venus) is that they are allowed to shriek…not grunt, grunting is reasonable on long points in tough situations…..but shriek like they just saw a ghost…..they all do the intimidation thing, and it just isn’t fun to watch, unless they get beaten…like Sam did to Serena…..justice was done!

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