Who’s That Running? Who’s That Stripping? Why It’s Rafael Nadal! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 17th, 2011, 10:26 am

Armani released a new Rafael Nadal ad/short film last week. In this one, Nadal is shown running through a building (or being chased?). Then he strips down to his underwear and changes into a new pair of jeans.

Nadal then heads to roof where the Armani Exchange logo is off in flight.

Was he too late? Was it a missed opportunity? Was Djokovic flying the logo? I have no idea.

The tag line for the video is: “Johan Renck to create an action-packed short film. The film’s narrative called upon some genuine acting skills but – just like the modeling – Rafael Nadal took to it like a fish to water.”

Fish to water?

The Swedish born Renck has credits that include AMC’s “Breaking Bad”.

Here’s some behind the scenes footage on the making of the video:

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40 Comments for Who’s That Running? Who’s That Stripping? Why It’s Rafael Nadal! [Video]

Ben Pronin Says:

The music is kinda weird but sick commercial. This could be the start of Nadal trying to usurp Federer as the Master of Awesomely Ambiguous Commercials That Make No Sense.

skeezerweezer Says:

Rafa Love Girls Unite! LOL

Dana Says:

It occurs to me, watching this, that Rafa could easily adapt to being a model – a professional model – in his post-tennis years. Particularly if he decides to leave tennis in the next year or two while he’s still young. I’ve often wondered why he chose to publish an autobiography at his young age and at this point in his tennis career. It seemed to me like a way of saying goodbye. I don’t know, but it occurs to me…

Murphy Says:

OMG, what a gorgeous man!!!

dari Says:

Rafa looks great running around in.that suit- who knew roger wasn’t the only James bond on the atp tour?
Even with the suit and the body, my favorite rafa look is the big smile and man hug at the end of the behind the scenes video.

Gorio Says:

If Rafa is thinking of changing career this seems to be the best time for it. If I were him I would. His accomplishment in tennis is already great and adding more to it will require Herculean effort and adding only a few notches.

He’s young and there is so much in this world and his potential to discover or explore.

Kimmi Says:

hmmmm Shekshy!!

susie Says:

This guy is becoming actually sexier since his teens, when he was that raw, cocky buck, oozing testosterone and strutting on court, and shy & awkward off it, oblivious of how he looks.

Now he’s all man, sexy AND handsome, self-assured and calmer, and it’s great to see.

Michael Says:

He is one awesome guy both on and off the court!!!

alison hodge Says:

i have to agree with everything that susie said,rafa oozes sex appeal in this advert,and like a fine wine has got better with age,pure class on and off a tennis court,very handsome very sexy,and like dana says maybe he should become a model if or when he retires from tennis,although i hope that wont be for a while yet,btw i loved kimmis sean connery sounding of the word sexy sheksy lol.

subo Says:

rafeal nadal is doing what he likes best taking it all off let him do ex rated movies a role model give me a break picking his ass smelling his fingers and playing with his dirty dyed hair right he is a phony and fraud big time

Rafalicious Says:


Michael Says:

@Subo. You have to try and spoil everything you stupid person. Probably a fan of the classless cheating Serb!!!!

carlo Says:

I think it’s fair to say Nadal:

A) he’s in love with himself
B) he thinks of himself as hot
C) pretends to be humble but is, in love with himself
D) spend less time looking at himself and focus on ways to beat Djokovic
E) retire and spend his time admiring himself

Wog boy Says:

Armani undies are fingerproof.

grendel Says:

only dari commented on the James Bond references – there were plenty there, right from the start (in the 2nd video), when you see Nadal in sihouette, leaning slightly to one side with the right hand suggestively poking inside his jacket – quite a good joke, since the suggestion is he’s going for his gun – this is Sean Connery to the life though without the teasing grin – whilst we know in fact he’s about to strip. Sex and death again, eh?

Incidentally, these Armani people aren’t short of a bob or two – the director is classy, since it says he’s done some of Breaking Bad. That’s a quite excellent drama for anyone who’s looking for something to watch – it’s consistently exciting and you care about the people. Actually, it’s exciting because you care about the people….

aimee lum Says:

what a handsome young man

M Says:

You all are a little late with the coverage, but Rafa looks just as spectacular now — if rather thin — as he did 5 days ago when this came out. :-)

Lulu Iberica Says:

Well, if Rafa thinks he’s hot you can’t blame him, because he’s right! Thousands of screaming girls (and middle-aged women and gay men) have made sure he knows it! I have to say I have imagined scenarios where I work at the BJ King Tennis Center and meet Rafa at the US Open, or Rafa is just a regular guy who works at El Corte Ingles, and I’m a foreign exchange student in Spain…

skeezerweezer Says:


Much respect for posting that. At least you have the Femaleness to admit the real reasons why most love Rafa. Sexiness. Others hide behind his tennis game, which most can see through like a just cleaned glass window.

margot Says:

Thus skeeze it follows, that those of us that love Andy are pure of heart….;)

Kimberly Says:


However, if hotness were the only criteria I imagine Feliciano Lopez would have a larger followings? Even with the worst backhand on tour!

alison hodge Says:

skeezer although i admit rafas hot,i love him because hes an amazing tennis player,sorry but not all of us are that shallow,there are many players out there just as good looking that i cannot stand,and many not so good looking players who i love to watch,also whats good looking to one person may not be to another,and vice versa,many women i know go crazy for david beckham, jmho but ive always found him overated,but hell thats just me.

alison hodge Says:

margot as a humble gal from north yorkshire england, i am pure of heart and love our andy too.

dari Says:

Hahahah margot!
Andy is growing more handsome though lately,maybe Tue haircut has done him good- better watch out, pure heart!

Kimberly Says:

sorry guys, but Andy (murray that is) is simply not hot.

The other Andy, more so, for sure.

alison hodge Says:

kimberly do you mean roddick as i cant think of another.

margot Says:

dari-him braveheart, me pureheart….;)
kimberly, problem with Lopez is, when he’s on court, no woman cares any more about tennis….bit of a shame really…..:)

Kimberly Says:

allison, i meant roddick.

Margot–A friend of mine went to watch one of lopez’s matches in miami and I asked her if she noticed his serve etc and she said she could not watch the match because she was too busy admiring his booty.

Kimberly Says:

btw delpo just lost to blake in stockholm

alison hodge Says:

kimberly i thought you did i agree lovely piercing eyes,and looks nice in normal day clothes without that cap on too,saw him on our british version of the weekest link a few years ago,anne robinson the presenter flirted with him,and shes old enough to be his mother.

alison hodge Says:

kimberly i thought that was who you meant lovely piercing eyes,looks better in normal day wear,and out of that cap,he was on our british version of the weekest link a few years ago,looking really sexy,even anne robinson the presenter flirted with him, and shes old enough to be his mum.

alison hodge Says:

sorry computer threw a hissy fit and i typed post twice didnt know if it got through or not.

alison hodge Says:

kimberly wow great win for blake did not see that one coming,just goes to show how fickle sport can be and tennis is no exception,glad for blake as his career has been in the doldrums for quite some time,especially as blake is half british too.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Well, hotness is not the only reason I like Rafa. I do actually watch the tennis and not just ogle him! I think his personality is probably the biggest draw for me — great fighter on court, shy and sweet off court.

Michel Says:

Rafawill be very popular in the gay scene. Good for him to try en raise awairnessabout gay’s.

annaliza villaflores Says:

i just love rafa he’s hot@very cool young man

The fighter Says:


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