Novak Djokovic Having Fun In Basel: Learns Swiss German, Dons Creepy Halloween Mask [Video]
by Tom Gainey | November 1st, 2011, 4:44 pm

Novak Djokovic has shown a relentless appetite for learning on-court tennis tactics this year, making a quick 12-month leap from contender to now frontrunner. Off court, Djokovic is learning as well, and in this video the Serb is playfully being taught the Swiss German language.

Back on court, Djokovic made his debut today in Basel and after a long rest bit since his US Open title he won his first round match over Belgian Xavier Malisse 62, 46, 75. He’ll next play the Kampke-Kubot winner on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, via Facebook Djokovic asked his fans about keeping the tradition of wearing a mask onto the court. “Hey everybody! Got a little dilemma before my match, could you help me?i was thinking of going out with a mask on court today, since everything is in halloween mood but knowing that today is a big holiday, i dont want to make it weird. Should i do it or not?”

Well, he did it.

As he entered the stadium, Djokovic wore this creepy get-up:

Benjamin Soland (Blick)

Benjamin Soland (Blick)

You can see more pictures of his court entrance here.

Novak is of course already clinched the year-end No. 1 ranking for the first time in his career and with the pressure off he seems to be enjoying himself.

Joining Djokovic this week in Basel are Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych and Andy Roddick in a very strong field.

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14 Comments for Novak Djokovic Having Fun In Basel: Learns Swiss German, Dons Creepy Halloween Mask [Video]

Lou Says:

Djokovic certainly is taking tennis to new level in term of his off screen personna- he is really funny.
But I still think that Federer will have an edge over him with his humble smiling personality.He is a huge hit amongst all age groups. Federer rocks and game of tennis wont be the same wihtout him:

Kimmi Says:

sure he knows how to have fun. last year was a small mask, this year is bigger. what you think will be next year?

Tough match to get through… but he did with flying colours.

Wog boy Says:

Good on you Nole, you are born to make peple happy. That is God’s gift. God bless you.
To Care, imate za sve. Bog te blagoslovio.

jane Says:

He is such fun. I agree Wog Bog; that is his natural personality, to have fun, entertain. Funny that he chose sport, but if he hadn’t I think he would have found the limelight somehow (like I mentioned about JMac recently).

Love that he wore a Joker mask (I think?).

Love also how the top four guys are either multilingual or they attempt to speak other languages.

Masked Djokovic Struggles In Basel; Federer, Murray, Roddick Wednesday Says:

[…] Serb made another grand entrance wearing a mask when he walked on the court, a tradition he says he started five years […]

Wog boy Says:

@Jane can not agree more.
Thanks for Wog Bog but I am Wog boy :))
Bog in Serbian means God, and there is only one God and that is not me, that is for sure.

alison hodge Says:

i like nole i find him and his impressions quite funny,however i found that mask creepy not funny sorry folks jmo,i would of prefered an impression of the monster mash,or thriller.

laslo Says:

Nadal speaks two, what languages does Murray speak?

—Love also how the top four guys are either multilingual or they attempt to speak other languages.—

jane Says:

laslo, both Fed and Nole are multilingual, i.e., they can speak a few languages relatively fluently. As for Rafa, he’s done an excellent job of improving his English. Murray is probably the least relevant here in terms of the top four; perhaps I shouldn’t have included him as I don’t know if he knows another language, though he did train in Spain when he was younger, and just recently he tried to speak Cantonese (or was it Mandarin?) during an acceptance speech – but I gather your point is that that’s pushing it. Fair enough.

Wog boy Says:

Andy Murray tried to speak Mandarin, it didn’t work. The only other lingo they would be able to understand him in Shanghai is Shanghainese. Cantones is spoken down south, Cantone province, Hong Kong. They use same writing but they don’t understand each other unless they speak Mandarin. We are more familiar with Cantonese (Peking etc) because it was British colony and most early Chinese imigrants all over the world were Cantonese speaking. Not anymore.
BTW Shanghainese women are the most beautiful ones… that’s what they say.

Wog boy Says:

Peking is Cantonese for Beijing, to clarify.

margot Says:

jane: Andy speaks “dour Scottish” and English, that’s two :) British people, to our shame, are hopeless linguists and since the whole world speaks English now, thanks to the net, no further need to bother.
Wog boy: Andy made a rather rash promise to speak some Mandarin if he won the title again…is why.

Wog boy Says:

Margot, I think it is great he tried. It didn’t work but that is less important. He has got my respect for having the guts to give it a go.

jane Says:

margot, of course, how could I forget dour Scottish! ;)

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