Tennis Players React To Novak Djokovic’s Win Over Rafael Nadal
by Tom Gainey | January 29th, 2012, 4:45 pm

The top tennis players in the world are chiming in on what was one of the greatest match of all time. Last night Novak Djokovic outlasted Rafael Nadal in fie sets to win the Australian Open. Incredibly, the match clocked in at 5 hours, 53 minutes making it the longest Grand Slam final in Open Era history.

Not surprisingly, twitter was abuzz with players paying their respects to Djokovic making history:

juan del potro
Felicitaciones a Nole y Rafa por la gran final que jugaron. Grandes campeones!! Saludos a todos!!
19 minutes ago

Sergiy Stakhovsky
@DjokerNole Congrats!!Epic match!!!Hard day for Rafa but I am sure that he will be back for more :)
1 hour ago

Kevin Anderson
Are you freaking kidding with me! Just woke up and caught up with result. Got to hand to it both players, #Djokovic just a little too good
2 hours ago

@DjokerNole Left blood and showed much guts out there… IDEMOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Sooo proud of you!!! P.S. bravo Rafa
2 hours ago

Somdev Devvarman
Both @DjokerNole and @RafaelNadal are such great athletes and great ambassadors of our sport! #truechampions
3 hours ago

Rohan Bopanna
That was some phenomenal display of outstanding tennis with stamina and courage by both @RafaelNadal & @DjokerNole . Hats off to u guys.
3 hours ago

John Isner
Cant help but be impressed with nadal and djokovic. Ridiculous athletes
4 hours ago

Varvara Lepchenko
So sad for Rafa.Although Djokovic deserved it all the way!!!
4 hours ago

Anastasia Pivovarova
Even my sweetheart was tired at the end of the 5th set Rafa vs Nole :-)
5 hours ago

Nico Almagro
Final impresionante de 2 FENOMENOS de nuestro deporte.Rafa recupera un grandísimo nivel y esta muy cerca de un enorme Nole!bravo por los 2!
5 hours ago

Well done @DjokerNole!!! Just amazing Nole :)
6 hours ago

Robin Haase
Great effort by the chair umpire #australienopen. I think he was happy he could stand at the ceremony!
6 hours ago

Janko Tipsarevic
No words for the match…the level of tennis is getting higher and higher…Congratz to bouth @DjokerNole & @RafaelNadal ..True champions..
6 hours ago

Jesse Levine
Tennis was the real winner in that final…sheesh, what a battle. Hats off to both players. Taking tennis to new level
6 hours ago

Anastasia Rodionova
Standing ovation to both players!
6 hours ago

Ipek Senoglu
Nadal is my hero today! #winorlose @RafaelNadal
6 hours ago

Mahesh Bhupathi
Wow!Cliche but tennis won today..Congrats @DjokerNole unexplainable effort and to @RafaelNadal for an amazing display of pure grit and guts.
6 hours ago

Juan Ignacio Chela
Yo no llego ni a las 6hs de sueño ni con un dormicum
7 hours ago

Gustavo Kuerten
Qq coisa de excepcional!!!! Um absurdo esta Final Djoko x Nadal!!! Espectáculo emocionante,, Show, show, show!!!
7 hours ago

Laura Robson
Managed to get the tv working for the last game. Wow. Unreal tennis. Congrats to Djokovic but I’m a Rafa fan for life.
7 hours ago

Vania King
Poor Rafa!!! Brilliant match
7 hours ago

Thiemo de Bakker
Great match! Unbelieveble what a fight after 6 matches and 5 hours+ today! #respect!!!!!!!!
7 hours ago

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19 Comments for Tennis Players React To Novak Djokovic’s Win Over Rafael Nadal

Terri Fern Says:

The match was really something else to watch.. It was amazing! My favorite is still Rafael Nadal. He is soo good and fun to watch. Hopefully someday I will get to watch him play in person.. Great Austraian Open looking forward to the next tournament.

Terri Fern Says:

The match was really something else to watch.. It was amazing! My favorite is still Rafael Nadal. He is so good and fun to watch. Hopefully someday I will get to watch him play in person.. Great Australian Open looking forward to the next tournament.


djokovic proved why he is number 1,7 wind over nadal,amazing ,all in finals

csebig Says:

Sad day for both Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Who belives than anyone could run for six hours just like that? It will take the toll on their bodies. If not in the next few years, then after in the private life. It is not good!

Michael Says:

Beating an invincible Nadal 7 times consecutively is an amazing feat achieved by Novak and that too in three consecutive slam finals. It is one of the greatest achievements in sport measured by any standards.

mike Says:

My Tivo ran out at 5-5 in the 5th!!!!

Thankfully ESPN had the match on and I picked up the final set at 4-5.

Nadal was fighting for every point. Nole looked more relaxed and seemed to be having an easier time.

Rafa, crank up that serve like 2 years ago and you will dominate once again.

johhnny Says:

What did Roger say? His hypothetical twit:

“I’m not impressed at all. I would’ve done it better and faster. This surface is too slow. I am the one who should’ve played in that Finals.”.

Ajet Says:

”Michael Says:
Beating an invincible Nadal 7 times consecutively is an amazing feat achieved by Novak and that too in three consecutive slam finals.”

nadal was never invincible anywhere except clay! that’s why it had to happen sooner/later that some guy would beat him! Even Fed couldn’t stay invincible, so how could nadal!!! I am glad to see that one guy finally came out and showed game and courage to expose nadal’s supposed ”iron menality’ or else it was becoming unbearable seeing everybody praisisng nadal as he is really the mentally strongest ever!!! well, everybody looks like that(mentally strongest ever) until he meets his equal and reality comes out! nadal was also called mentally strongest while roger was being laughed away as mental midget while facing him, when he was mentally vulnerable only to nadal and none else; in a way quite similar to how guys like safin/hewitt/roddick were being laughed at while they faced fed then! then it became known to the world not to later that federer may be too much for all these guys, but rafa’s more than enough to handle! and now it’s obvious that nadal may hold unbreakable mental edge over everybody federer, but he too has mental weakness and problems against some guy(here djoker)!

nobody’s mentally strongest ever, every great player at his peak appears untouchable on his favourite place(like fed was from 2003-07 at wim and 2004-08 at uso), but it has to stop sometime. i remember the days how federer was praised more than every other tennis player for beating his nearest rivals roddick on all surfaces, not even the adrenaline raining dangerous nadal of 2007 could stop fed or expose his vulnerabilty(and fed was already showing signs of coming off his peak in 2007 itself, though he somehow wrested 3 slams from the field)! roddick must be feeling humiliated when arriving to face fed by the ridiculously one-sided comparison between him and fed ignoring the match-up thing etc! then suddenly federer falls off his peak, gets hit by mono, loses winning momentum and and is crushed by nadal demoralisingly! then only people realise the simple fact that even fed can have his weaknesses and tough times!

moreover, nature had already sent nadal with the perfect anti-fed game to make fed look perfectly mortal and grounded and he just peaked off at right time of fed declining, and inflicts a historic morale-destroying defeat but then, nadal suddenly starts being hailed as superior to fed and probabaly best in history, not even when he’s half way through federer/pete’s mark! then nadal gets needed help from nature(in form of jmdp’s injury, fed’s clear bad patch, djoker’s vulnerability and mental fragility that time etc.) to run away with 3 slams in 2010 and people confer on him godly status, and premature declarations of nadal’s goathood started being made! nadal was lifted and lifted and lifted, until djoker sent him crashing down by developing weapon to counter him successfully and make nadal look as helplessly mortal at times as nadal hmself made look fed so often!

that’s law of nature! nobody can say who’s mentally strongest and none can say who’s really greatest ever! and i’m pretty damn sure that djoker too might get his nemesis any time, when we would least expect!

Zom Says:

“What did Roger say? His hypothetical twit: ‘I’m not impressed at all. I would’ve done it better and faster. This surface is too slow. I am the one who should’ve played in that Finals.’.”

– I don’t think so, johnny. Doesn’t sound like Federer at all. But it’s okay, maybe you’ll get there eventually.

Mark Says:

@Ajet. Let’s put this down to phases players have in their carreers. Djoker is having his time now but for how long? We will soon have another player in the spotlight.

sheila Says:

i agree w/ajet. i dont think there is a goat. there r gr8 players @ any given time. players like djokovic, nadal, federer r all gr8 in their own time. the discourse has been if nadal passes federer’s grand slam titles then he will be greatest of all time. maybe he will surpass federer w/slam titles, but federer has other records that i dont c nadal passing. i.e.: consecutive weeks @ #1, # of consisten grand slam semis & qtrs he reached. all these players, plus so many others from the past r all gr8 players & to say one is goat is diminishing rest of field. djokovic is making history now & if he should win all 4 majors in 2012 then discourse will turn 2him being goat. imho, goat discussion is an invalid one because each player has made history with their own records.

Michael Says:


Completely agree. This is the time of Novak. Finally there is a player who has dared to challenge the legacy of Federer and Nadal. I hope Murray follows in his footsteps and takes the lead.

Michael Says:


True. Nothing continues forever. We live for the moment. As of now, Novak is the best and we can only speak for that. Future is for mere speculation. Who knows, with all the luck as you say, Novak might be the player who will break Roger’s record in slams.

Steve 27 Says:

Ajet you read Nadal in every note and then criticizes all about the spaniard. Why? Are you obsessed with him? I just dont read a fan of Nadal critizes about Federer like you do. Is because Nadal hurts Feders mind and his possible grand slam and records? is that the reason?, Is not pathetic now, with a third (Djokovic)who is doing the same (or more)to Nadal and you disrespectfully laughs of him? Is that for you a concept of sportsmanship? All I read for you is always a comment against Nadal, if you dont like it, why are you write about him? are you on highschool? grow up kid, is more than “god” Roger in tennis, is not this year, probablly 2013 ends his great carreer. All you need is a wide open brain and thinks more about tennis and other aspects. Dont be another hater who usually punish the rival against his favorite tennis player. Serioulsy, think about it.

Ajet Says:


you surmising me on this matter is a glaring instance of the pot calling the kettle back, CARTOON OLDIE! ;)

Ajet Says:


you haven’t read nadal fans criticising fed??? oh, i forgot that you are a blnd blind oldie who can’t see things right, haha! and the reason that the anti-fed rafans are not all out criticising fed is because djoker has forced them to suck up their own medicine down their throat!

Ajet Says:

rafa fan raging bull was just a day before the final making fun of federer. but right now, he’s gone on much-deserved hiding, lol!

jamie Says:

Will the good times continue in Djokovic’s career in 2012?

Our astrologers have prepared a chart for Novak Djokovic on the basis of his birth details to analyze the planetary positions and see how will be the year 2012 for Djokovic’s career.

As per Djokovic’s birth details his moon sign is Pisces and he is undergoing major period of Ketu and minor period of Venus. The position of Ketu (which gives wisdom and creativity) in the 10th house (indicating career) from his ascendant is highly favorable for Djokovic. Venus, (which gives enjoyment and pleasure) placed in the 5th house (indicating sports) from his ascendant is also a positive sign for him. This indicates the year will further boost career prospects of Djokovic.

Moreover, the position of Jupiter (indicating money) in the 2nd house (representing monetary and material assets) from Djokovic’s Moon sign till May 2012 will bring him good financial gains.

Bryan Says:

@jamie Do you know Djokovic’s birth hour? I study chinese astrology and predict Nadal’s 2012 mental strength is worse than 2011, since he is a ‘Mental str control talent chart’. His mental str element is attacked in 2012, so trying to rep up output with less mental str may cause injuries.

Federer is a ‘talent control mental str chart’, so he won’t be affected that much this yr, he will rep up output too.

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