Maria Sharapova Gets Bitchy On Chelsea Lately [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 28th, 2012, 10:38 am

Maria Sharapova and Chelsea Handler hammed it up last night during a hilarious interview on the Chelsea Lately talkshow.

Sharapova brought with her a big bag of (sponsor) goodies including a racquet, shoes and a complete outfit for the tennis fan in Chelsea who just celebrated a birthday.

And then the fun ensued as Sharapova handed Handler a new dress.

Sharapova: “You’re an extra small, right?”
Chelsea: “See, your are a bitch I like that.”
Sharapova: “I really am.”
Chelsea: “I know you have a reputation for being kind of bitch, right?”
Sharapova: “At times.”
Chelsea: “Do you not hang out with the other tennis girls is that why people think that?”
Sharapova: “I’m not exactly giving them fives in the shower… It’s not my thing… I get out of the locker room as fast as I can… It’s not my hangout.”
Chelsea: “That’s good, I like that attitude. You don’t really give a .”

Chelsea hit on Sharapova’s Russian background – she said she didn’t know the tennis star was Russian until a few days ago. Sharapova also said her “Sugerpova” gummi bears, which Chelsea chowed down during the interview, would not have vodka in them.

When Maria said her fiancee, Sasha Vujucic, was 6-foot-7, Handler joked if he was black.

Rarely does Sharapova ever reveal much in interviews but this was one the best I’ve seen with the former No. 1.

Sharapova is scheduled to play at Indian Wells in her next stop.

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11 Comments for Maria Sharapova Gets Bitchy On Chelsea Lately [Video]

Andre Says:

Work Maria

carlo Says:

I love Chelsea Handler.

The Insider Says:

Shame the video isnt available.. only in the USA

Oscar Says:

I sow the video in “E online” it was great the interview. Sharapova only 24 years old, amazing.

Kimmi Says:

I cant see these too. shame indeed

Humble Rafa Says:

The only useful thing in that interview is Maria admits she is a b*tch. That’s all I got from that.

sportific Says:

@Humble Rafa, she seems to have learned a thing or two from you. You have perfected that persona intentionally, or not?

Anna Says:

This was great. Would love to see Chelsea in Maria’s box at IW. Too hilarious!! As far as being a bitch, it takes one to know one. I don’t think Chelsea got anything over on Maria.

Chelsea Says:

Why didn’t anyone tell me she made those noises on the court. She sounds like me when I’m riding Chunk (my well endowed pup).

I’m firing all my writers. I don’t care about high fives in the shower, or that she’s bitchy – SHE’S BLONDE AND BEAUTIFUL LIKE ME, OF COURSE SHE’S BITCHY.

We should have been talking about our noise.

Chelsea Says:

Oh, and she thinks I will “sit in her box”? She sure better bring on the noise if she wants me sitting there.

jamie Says:

There is no way Chelsea Handler is 36 years old.

She looks way older.

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