Andy Murray Returns Home To Dunblane [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 16th, 2012, 11:07 pm

Andy Murray returned home to Dunblane for the first time as a Grand Slam champion. The newly crowned US Open champion made a special visit to the place where he grew up this afternoon. The 25-year-old was greeted by thousands who came out in appreciation of their new hero.

“To have been in my hometown today and to have had that reception is something that will live with me for a very long time. Thank you so much,” posted Murray via facebook.

With over 15,000 well-wishers lining the streets, Murray arrived back into the town in an open-top bus, then proceeded to walk the streets meeting his fans and showing off his Olympic medals. He later hit with some local kids at the Dunblane Sports Club, the site where he first learned the sport.

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13 Comments for Andy Murray Returns Home To Dunblane [Video]

Kimmi Says:

very touching!! so glad that he eventually realize his dream. No one will say he has not won a major anymore.

good luck in the future Andy. hope you wins 3 or 4 more before you hang your racquet.

harry Says:

I said it in a while back — but will say it again; great news coverage through the summer, tennis-x!

Posting here is awesome, but it is time consuming. The slams are done; winter approaches, and it is time to hibernate for a while… A plus tard fellow posters :)

grendel Says:

harry – at some point I’ll be joining you – in spirit at least – once I can quieten this itch to gabble. Hope to encounter you in the New Year.

Margot Says:

Bye harry *waves* come back soon, or at least for the WTF :)
And thanx again :)

skeezer Says:

See ya harry come back soon!

grendel Says:

oh, and harry, just in case you haven’t yet entered the deep sleep, I haven’t in fact read the Beerbohm book you referred to. It’s one on a long list which grows longer rather than shorter as the years, the decades, slip by. However, prompted by you, perhaps I will push Miss Dobson into a bit of discreet queue jumping….

alison Says:

I was meaning to comment on the Andy Murray GS champion thread, about how many slams Andy will win,but did not get around to it before it dissapeared,anyway i will say that although double dijits in slams might be unrealistic TBH,i think 4 or 5 is a possibility,and silly as it may sound i think he could complete a career GS,the reason i see this as he has been in finals in 3 of the slams and lost only to two players,but he has shown he can beat those players on their favorite surfaces now,the only final he has not made is the FO,and granted that will be the most difficult,but Rafa wont win there forever,and Murray pushed him close there two years ago,personally i see this as only the start of bigger and better things to come from Andy,just my two cents.

steve-o Says:

Congrats, Andy! You’ve earned it!

harry Says:

@skeezer, Margot and grendel:

thanks, you guys! I should not have checked now, but couldnt resist ;) i’ll be gone for real this time and should be back in a couple of months.

@Margot: no issues. hope i get to poke fun at you about the scot later this year ;)

@grendel: (i) Zuleika & Beerbohm are consummate charmers — be careful ;) (ii) though i thanked your post in that thread, i did not say what i wanted; so i am leaving you a message there.

Margot Says:

@ alison
I’ll second or even third that:)
Yay! Let’s Go Andy! Let’s Go!

grendel Says:

harry – just in case you have one more peek, I have attempted some sort of reply to your post on that old site, but I should say that I had very little idea what you had in mind – apart from the secrecy issue, which I think you get wrong.

the DA Says:

Andy and Kim with Anna at the Burberry show. Hope Roger isn’t too put out :)

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