Andy Murray Broke Down In Tears After Receiving The Freedom Of Stirling [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 24th, 2014, 12:36 pm

British star Andy Murray wept on Tuesday after receiving the Freedom of the city of Stirling award at his childhood school in Dunblane and presented with an honorary degree by the University of Stirling.

“I’m honored and excited to receive the freedom of Stirling,” said Murray. “I’m also really looking forward to visiting my hometown and my old school. It will be great to share this special day with everyone, especially the local school children.

“Stirling prides itself on being the City for Sport and it would be great if young people felt inspired to pick up a tennis racquet – or any piece of sporting equipment – and pursue their dreams.”

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25 Comments for Andy Murray Broke Down In Tears After Receiving The Freedom Of Stirling [Video]

contador Says:

Love it. Congratulations, Andy Murray!

Hippy Chic Says:

Im not really one for awards ceremonies,as the kitsch is usually so irritating,but this means alot to Andy as he was in the school on the day of the Dunblane masacre,and the emotion he showed had me welling up,so congrats Andy on your award….

Hippy Chic Says:

Andy will win Wimbledon and the USO this year,you heard it here 1st….

Anna Says:

Hippy Chic : Oh please! get real – what planet have you just dropped off from???? I’ve heard of OPTIMISM but you take the cake!

RZ Says:

You can take the boy out of Dunblane, but you can’t take Dunblane out of the boy!

RZ Says:

@Hippy Chic – that would be awesome! I’d be happy for him to win just one of the two. I think he has a better chance at Wimbledon. With all of his grass-court ranking points from the last couple of years, he should move up to a top 4 seed at Wimbledon. But he’ll have a tougher road at the US Open

Okiegal Says:


What time is tea time in England? Since you take the cake, as per Anna’s comment, you furnish the cake at tea time, and I’ll furnish the tea……How does that sound?? LOL

Gordon Says:

Andy Murray = A classy guy with heart.

Nuff said.

metan Says:

♥Andy Murray!

Margot Says:

Really nice Q and A with Andy answering questions from school kids :)
Sue Barker is extremely annoying, however!

Okiegal Says:


Barker is very annoying. She had an interview with Rafa once and I thought she got way too personal with him regarding his girlfriend and why he would probably never marry her. It was way out of line and in poor taste, imo…….yeah, she gets under my skin in a hurry.

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ thanks,people post predictions all the time which in the grand sceme of things mean nothing,so i was merely posting one of my own,and why the hell shouldnt i?anyway i agree that Wimbledon would be his best bet,as his game seems better suited to grass,hes won the USO in 2012,Roger,Rafa and Nole all have won multiple GS in a year,so is it out of the realms of possiblity that Andy could actually do the same??

Hippy Chic Says:

Anna @3.29pm April 24th,wind your neck in woman for gods sake?people make predictions on this forum all the time so what who cares?what makes me any different?i was merely making one of my own silly as it might seem to you?jeez lighten up?

Hippy Chic Says:

^And BTW for the most part i try to be a positive optomistic person it fits what i am about in the real world,granted its not always easy sometimes when you read the comments on this forum.^

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal@4.53pm April 24th,afternoon tea is 3.00pm in GB,and you have got youself a deal,we will have a party with all the Tennis-X crew exclusive invites though cakes,biscuits,chocolate eclairs,take some before i take take them all,as Anna is right i do take the cake lol….

Michael Says:

Andy became nostalgic remembering his school days at Dunblane. Ofcourse, he may not savour some of the horrific memories of the past especially the indiscriminate shoot out at Dublin where he was a witness as a boy when he could easily have been a victim. What saved him the day was that he hid under a desk in his Headmaster’s study room when the indiscriminate shooting happened and the killer was bent on eliminating as much as he can. The killer Thomas Hamilton once sat in his mother’s car and Andy just could not reconcile to it. We must than luck for Andy coming out of this tragedy unscathed to become a brilliant Tennis player.

Hippy Chic Says:

Michael please read my post on the Rafa thread,as im deadly serious….

Okiegal Says:

Andy is a classy guy. Did not know about the ordeal he went through at his school. Sounds like he was very fortunate that something terrible didn’t happen to him. I know he must have been terrified. How many lives were lost in this shooting? So very sad.

Purcell Says:

Andy Murray and his family have done so much to lift the charming and deeply historical town of Dunblane away from the terrible incident in the school. In turn, the well- recommended museum with it’s enthusiastic and knowledgable overseers has a large area devoted to Andy and we were told that the golden postbox has been repainted three times owing to sightseers and fans from all over the world peeling off the paint. Needless to say, I didn’t try that whilst having the obligatory photo taken.
In the cathedral there is a very subtle memorial dedicated to ‘The tragedy of Dunblane?’ I only noticed it as I was heading towards the stained glass windows. Interestingly, some marauding King and his men…..can’t remember which……clambered on to the roof and removed the lead to make weapons. Funny to think that this medieval action resembles the dishonourable trend of nicking lead for cash in UK.

RZ Says:

Predictions are all in good fun. No one should get upset when someone makes an “out of the box” prediction about who would win a title.

Gordon Says:

At RZ –

You are right on. For example, say someone predicted that Almagro – who is 0 for 10 lifetime against Nadal, having only won two sets in those 10 previous meetings, would match that today in the QF of Barcelona, after losing the first set, to win the match.

That would be an “out of the box” prediction, no?

Strange things do happen though, don’t they?

Hippy Chic Says:

RZ and Gordon thankyou both for proving my point….

Michael Says:


About 17 students lost their life. And the killer killed himself after the shoot out.

Michael Says:

Alison @ 7.45 am,

I read your encouraging post in the other column and thank you for the same. I don’t know if I deserve it honestly and when I say this please do not think I am displaying any false sense of modesty. I literally mean what I say. Nevertheless, your words of encouragement inspires me to hone my skills further where I feel there is considerable scope for improvement. Regarding your suggestions, well they look pretty novel, interesting and I definitely would give it a try going forward. You are not stingy when you praise somebody and that is a remarkable character few are endowed with in this greedy world.

Jamie Els Says:

Andy is the real deal — doesn’t put on airs, but shows much emotion when genuinely touched. Classic Scotsman.

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