Rafael Nadal Meets The Press: Things Won’t Be As Good As They Were Before The Injury [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 2nd, 2013, 10:25 pm

Rafael Nadal addressed the throngs of media at the Vina Del Mar event earlier today. The Spaniard, who is making his first trip to Chile, discussed his expectations and health for his upcoming 3-event tour of South America this month.

“I need weeks of working the circuit. This is my first week and I don’t think the goals are the same that the ones I will have in two more months,” Nadal said. “I have to take it slowly and be humble to know that things won’t be as good as they were before my injury. I need to be patient.”

Rafa has been sidelined since Wimbledon because of a bad left knee. And he’s seen his ranking slip to now No. 5.

“If my knee doesn’t hurt I have no fear. I’ve had had more serious injuries in the past and I got stronger after them,” he said. “This is the injury that has sidelined me the longest so maybe it will take me a bit longer to get back my confidence, the good feeling on court, but if my knee doesn’t hurt I don’t see why I couldn’t get back my movements and game style.”

Nadal is the top seed in the draw. He’s scheduled to play the winner of Guido Pella or a qualifier Wednesday night. He’ll play doubles Tuesday night with friend Juan Monaco.

Monaco is seeded second followed by Jeremy Chardy and Pablo Andujar.

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35 Comments for Rafael Nadal Meets The Press: Things Won’t Be As Good As They Were Before The Injury [Video]

Humble Rafa Says:

My direct quote: “I have to take it slowly and be humble to know that things won’t be as good as they were before my injury. I need to be patient.”

Humbleness is very important at any time, especially after a long injury. Some things won’t be the same, some things will be.

You are welcome

Tennis Fan Says:

Bernard Tmoic, THIS is how a great champion and athlete behaves! Be humble! Not an arrogant fruit loop who has achieved NOTHING so far!

Giles Says:

Stay calm CHAMP, everything will be OK! 12 Million fans with you!! #VamosKing

nadalista Says:


“Top seed @RafaelNadal plays either qualifier or Argentine Guido Pella in Vina Del Mar comeback. Possible 3rd rd v. Gimeno-Traver. Vamos!”

Vamos to you too, Neil! A very discerning journalist……

alison Says:

Thanks for the info Nadalista welcome back Vamos Rafa.

nadalista Says:

And for those with access, Tennis Channel will be showing the VTR Open semis and final matches…..here’s hoping Rafa will be in the mix!

Lucky ba@$%#ds………


Jonathan @ peRFect Tennis Says:

He will most likely be fine. When has he ever talked up his chances?

Giles Says:

^^ Guess he is really apprehensive and understandably so!!

Michael Says:

Rafa is always modest as usual. He is downplaying the heightened expectations from his fans and that is the right way to move forward. You can never expect Rafa to blaze it off right from the start. He takes time to settle in and once he regains confidence, I think he can surely recover his pristine form. French Open 2013 will be very crucial to the prospects of Rafa to be in the top four.

subo Says:

not quite 12 million fans i hope he is off the juice should be drug tested a lot

Ben Pronin Says:

Hate to put a damper in super bowl Sunday but this is a must read:

nadalista Says:

Hope the bandage on his knee is just precautionary and not a sign of something serious:



skeezer Says:

After looking over the draw this looks like a Rafa benefit tournament and party for him than anything else. Oh well, he needs his practice and confidence like he says. Glad everyone else is all in trying to help out.

nadalista Says:

I don’t expect Rafa to go far in this tournament, I expect him to start picking up steam from Brazil onwards……….too many cobwebs to brush off.

nadalista Says:

C’mon Liverpool! Do your BFFs ManU a favour, beat these noisy neighbours…………

Sienna Says:

Well Rafa is playing minor league tennis. So we expect him to role the field with sets like 2,1 or zero. After this long off and his mbition and the opponents then it should be 3 titles no T breakers and really no sets to 5.

alison Says:

Nadalista i completely agree,im not expecting miracles,and i dont think i would read much into what happens this week,its a case of Rafa getting used to playing again after so long away,as for LVC well they managed a draw which benifits UTD greatly 9 points clear,looks like its theirs to lose this year,i did not know that you were a Man UTD fan?

nadalista Says:

@alison, I BLEED RED! Though I must say this year we are going to win the Title with the worst team Fergie has ever assembled, RVP excepted. Rooney’s gone soft, Gigsy’s past his sell by date (bless ‘im) and as for David de Gea…….must be a Spanish thing, the way he puts us fans on a roller-coaster, shades of a certain Spanish lefty from Mallorca!!

Anyways, in Fergie and Uncle Toni we trust!!

alison Says:

Nadalista i completely agree again,they will win the league although the standard of the team is as you say the worst i have ever seen,and the standard of the competition Man city,Arsenal,Chelsea all lack any consistency,im LVC myself say no more,i was never a Man UTD fan but the but the Giggs,Hughs,Sharpe,Cantona,Ince,Parker,Palister,Keane,Bruce team were a bloody brilliant side.

nadalista Says:

Liverpool played well today, really had City rocking……….they just need to get a new goal-keeper.

alison Says:

^Yeah tell me about it urgh what a total balls up by Reina,i loved the Liverpool of old what a fantastic side they were.

nadalista Says:

The knee tape Rafa spotted today? It was precautionary, according to Uncle Toni:


Brazil Federer Fan Says:

Yes, Yes! all precautionary. until rafa loses to some 100th ranked guy in a slam and then they will tell you how rafa has been having knee injury since his mother gave him birth.

If toni and nadalina had any shame, they would shut their mouths and just play. no one other than their dumb followers will fall for these lies.

knee injury, gone!, stomach injury, gone! what next? cancer and aids? and I am sure the nadal camp will do humanity a favor and find a cure for those guys! STFU already!

nadalista Says:

Sigh……..is any thread safe from the riff-raff?

nadalista Says:

Enter the rock star!!


“Nadal had never been to Chile, much less played an event here. Now he’s being treated like a native son with local newspapers digging up his connections to distant family members in the country. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera was one of the first to greet him when he arrived.

Call it the Nadal Effect.

“This country wants success and wants to be seen as successful,” said tournament press officer Rafael Walker. “For a long time the country was like a little island, isolated from the world by the sea and mountains. So when you get a big star here — like Nadal — he’s treated like a rock star.”


Giles Says:

Ahem! “ROCK STAR”. I like that tag! #VamosRockStar

alison Says:

BFF as fans of Rafa we are simply just glad that hes back playing,our expectations dont exceed much furthur than that,no imediate or instantaneous sucess,as for the dumb lies i dont know if they are lies,but im prepared to give him the benifit of the doubt,if that makes me a dumb follower then i suppose i am a dumb follower, as a fan all im doing is following my favorite and hoping for the best,after all isnt that what fans of their favorites do?sorry no harm or foul just saying.

nadalista Says:

^^^@alison, save your breath. That poster is not interested in a reasoned discussion, just mud-throwing.

Different strokes for different folks……

nadalista Says:


Simon Cambers’ take on Rafa’s decision to play both singles and doubles at the Vineyard:

“It is, though, a good sign that he is playing singles and doubles in Vina del Mar. On the one hand, it gives him a chance to test it out first, in doubles, which is less strenuous; on the other, it means he also feels like he can play a lot.”

Completely agree with this………..

nadalista Says:

Okay, I’m HATING on anyone with TennisChannel feed right now:

” Nadal is making his return to the ATP Tour this week and you can watch it LIVE on @TennisChannel, Wednesday, Feb 6 at 4pm ET”

jamie Says:


He knows what he is saying.

Final slam tally:

Federer 17 slams(he is done winning slams).

Djokovic 14 slams(like Sampras).

Nadal 11 slams(he is done winning slams).

Murray 8 slams(like Lendl).

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