Poll: Better Future, Grigor Dimitrov Or Bernard Tomic?
by Staff | February 12th, 2013, 10:54 am

Two of the brightest young talents in men’s tennis, Grigor Dimitrov and Bernard Tomic, squared off yesterday in Rotterdam. In what could be the first of may clashes in this blossoming rivalry Dimitrov drew first blood with a 6-3, 3-6, 6-3 win over the Australian.

Born just 18 months apart, the two often excite with their flashy games, but also disappoint with frustrating losses. Dimitrov reached his first final at Brisbane this year, but fell apart thereafter. The 20-year-old Tomic captured his first career title a week later in Sydney, but failed to win even a set off Roger Federer in a much-hyped Australian Open third round encounter.

So who’ll have the better career? Here’s our early tale of the tape to help you decide:

Grigor Dimitrov
Bernard Tomic
Current Rank
Career Titles
Career Wins
Wins Over The Other
Record vs. Top 10
Likes the older top women – dating Sharapova, rumored to have dated Serena
Young, blonde Aussie models need only apply
Smiling, easy-going, lover of lollipops!
Kind of a dick, more or less
Baby Fed, Showtime
Weekend At Bernies, Tomic The Tank Engine
Legal Issues
Infringing on Federer’s copyrights?
Speeding tickets, hot tub fist fights
Does Bulgaria have those?
Always bright in Australia
Head Gear
Sometimes a hat
Sometimes a headband
Big 2013 Win
Claimed Sharapova
Claimed Sydney


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11 Comments for Poll: Better Future, Grigor Dimitrov Or Bernard Tomic?

RZ Says:

Hard to make a prediction here. I think Dmitrov has a better overall game, but I think Tomic has more confidence/cockiness that could serve (no pun intended) him better in important matches. However, Tomic could also end up in jail for a few years from all of his run-ins with the cops, which would mean Dmitrov by default.

gannu Says:

You guys are funny ;-)

Big 2013 win – claimed sharapova – Lol ;-) That indeed is one big catch i would say

nadalista Says:

……sorry, I was too stunned to comment when I posted the above article.

I think this merits investigation by the ATP, gotta be a match fix there………….

Bobby M Says:

Kind of a dick ? Do you guys run a dating site as well ?

Tomic does not have to be a media darling he just needs the right attitude to win- and he has that.

If he wins all most of the haters will be more forgiving and not need to enjoy bashing a guy who just enjoys playing tennis.

If you do not like the guy you do not have to follow his games , press conferences etc. – he is not a public official and does not have need a silver tongue to decorate his comments.

Speeding tickets do not make you a bad boy especially at twenty yrs old with the cars he is able to drive… Loving the self righteous godly media scrutiny – the Cardinals might want some of your resumes.

Tennis is entertainment and players like Bernard are needed to get people interested. Maybe he wont get the underwear commercials like Pat Rafter or the biggest sponsorship deals, why should anyone else care ?

alison Says:

Bobby M i completely agree what Bernie does in his spare time is his buisness,hes only doing what many typical 20 year olds do,by enjoying his own independence,so to call him names is uncalled for,granted he needs to mature more and let his tennis do the talking,much like Grigor is doing,both are talented players,so it could be a great rivalry to look out for in the future,watch this space.

MMT Says:

In my opinion, the main differences between the two is their level of athletic ability – if Dimitrov can shore up his footwork, his athletic ability will carry him a lot further than Tomic’s. Even if Tomic improves his footwork he’ll never have Dimitrov’s quickness and flexibility, which will always leave him susceptible to players who can defend well.

Dimitrov’s serve is far better at the moment, the improvements in Tomic’s notwithstanding. I think Tomic has more room for improvement in this area, which gives Dimitrov a leg up now, that Tomic can make up in the years to come.

Both of their backhands are, in my opinion, a weakness. While both effectively utilize the slice, it’s in coming over the ball that both of them lack the effectiveness they require to be more technically symetrical. As a result, both them have court positioning problems that will show up when they player players who can retrieve more balls. Both of them would benefit from a better backhand and a better net game to relieve some pressure from their forehands to finish points.

Dimitrov gets my vote, even though I think Tomic hasn’t really shown much of his best at this point while Dimitrov doesn’t have the tournament victory yet. Navratilova is fond of saying that on grass, with all things equal, the better athlete ultimately prevails, and I think that actually applies across all surfaces.

For that reason I think Dimitrov has the most potential.

the_mind_reels Says:

As far as game is concerned, I think Dimitrov’s has more upside. I watch him play and feel like he’s still, to some extent, finding his game and developing his tactics a bit. Seems like there’s a bit of room for him to play bigger off all wings.

Mentally, it seems like Tomic suffers more from walkabouts or just lack of motivation at times. This isn’t a scientific analysis by any stretch, but in looking at their results from last year, one thing that stuck out to me was the number of times that Tomic lost a set 0-6 en route to losing the match: 6 times. Dimitrov also dumped a 0-6 set in one of his losses last year, but it was the fifth set of a match when he had also gone five in the prior round. Again, not particularly scientific, but I think there’s something there that speaks to fight and grit.

As for the comments posted by Bobby M and alison, I disagree. It’s true — tennis-x.com is not a dating site– and no — Tomic doesn’t have to be a media darling — but the guy *is* kind of a dick (which basically just means I won’t really like him). What’s at the heart of that, though, is his lack of maturity, which is an absolute necessity for success on the court. When you look at the guys who have held the top spot through this generation, they’ve all shown a professionalism and maturity far greater than what Tomic has shown the world he’s capable of.

I don’t know if speeding tickets make one a bad boy (whatever that means) or not, but when incurred while driving a Ferrari around when you’ve already been excluded from Davis Cup competition for lack of professionalism on the heels of speeding infractions in your other BMW sports car, it certainly doesn’t suggest that (a) you care or (b) you’re maturing.

Tomic certainly talks the talk, and he seems confident (if not pompous), but he’s also struggling to channel it all into something constructive. Also, just to say it: it’s true he’s also not a public official, but he *does* have a duty to his country (which has financially supported his development) and to the ATP (the rules of which he is bound by) to conduct himself professionally and with integrity.

trufan Says:

Tomic – because he has a two handed backhand. that’s it. Federer is the last slam champion we will see who had a one-handed backhand. THe high spinning bounces on today’s slow courts make the one-hander a huge liability.

M Says:

Dmitrov did wonderfully this week in Rotterdam. We haven’t seen BrATomic since that incident with the – what was it this time, a yellow Ferrari? Orange BMW Z-series? Is he still in custody? :-/

Also, I can’t help but wonder why that ^^ nickname was left off the list. He has it for a reason.

There’s also a reason for the slogan “mind of a champion”. Tennis is a sport that requires mental as well as physical discipline.

BrATomic cannot haz.

jane Says:

Who knows? Tomic may need more time to mature; I wouldn’t write him off just yet, although there is no doubt he has some issues.

Dimitrov has had some tantrums and has been accused of tanking as well; I don’t know if it’s true. But he does seem to have less “off court” problems than Tomic though.

Didn’t get to see him in Rotterdamn. Looks like Delpo handled him alright but he made it to the semis which is good.

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