Some Might Say Boris Becker Has A Thing For The Ladies!
by Tom Gainey | April 11th, 2013, 12:46 am

Tennis great Boris Becker is one of the more unusual yet interesting follows on twitter. Like a box of chocolates, you never really know what you are going to get from the the six-time Grand Slam champion, but it’s often eyebrow-raising. Like today, Becker tweeted a series of pictures of some rather ravishing ladies.

Becker, who’s had some history with women in his life, has since settled down with a wife and a son (his fourth child, first with Lily), but on twitter, he’s still booming away.

And if you were wondering.

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12 Comments for Some Might Say Boris Becker Has A Thing For The Ladies!

Humble Rafa Says:

Not only is he a bad commentator, he is a womanizer! Sure, German Shepard, you love your wife.

Ben Pronin Says:

Haha love the last one.

jeff Says:

Nope!! He was actually tweeting these stuff in his wife’s presence, some of you are so dump in reaching to quick conclusions lol

That last pic? we all know Becker has a fetish for black women NID

skeezer Says:

Finally! Some quality pictures at Tennis X. Getting very tired up here with way too many pics of guys showing off there wares.
Great tweeting Beck!

Wog boy Says:



alison Says:

WOW These are very beautiful women,Mrs Becker is also very beautiful,she must also be a very secure person,that she doesnt mind her hubby looking at pictures of other women in various sexy poses,as a woman speaking about other women if you have got it why not flaunt it,you go girls :-)))…

alison Says:

Agree with Skeezer in that its great for the men to have something to look at too,im a woman whos all for equality :-)))…

Esrelle Says:

And why is this interesting?

alison Says:

Esrelle the male posters seem to think so.

Steve 27 Says:

Who said the germans are cold? Lol.

Anna Says:

Well, if it’s equality were looking for then I’d love to see Rafa in those little black briefs the girl in pic 3 is wearing. Maybe Nole in the little skirt (pic 1) and Fed flashing a come hither look and a tat (preferably one that’s hidden).

alison Says:

Anna lol nice post,cant ever imagine Roger with a tatoo though,he seems way to classy to compromise his body or image,Nole in the little pink skirt well hes definetly game enough,and Rafa well we know how good he looks in a pair of black undies anyway, Armani knew exactly what they were doing there,in fact yeah sod the men and equality lets have more picture of male tennis players in various states of undress.

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