Look At This Red Clay Court Roger Federer Is Practicing On!
by Tom Gainey | April 11th, 2013, 1:09 am

We haven’t heard much from Roger Federer since bowing out of Indian Wells to rival Rafael Nadal almost a month ago. Federer, who was struggling with a back injury at the time, has resumed his training as he gets focused on the French Open. And that of course means practicing on the red clay.

Except Federer isn’t just any other tennis player. Take a look at this shot of the court Federer’s was playing on today:


“Enjoying my practice….” Federer wrote on Facebook.

Well, we are enjoying the scenery (Swiss alps?) and also the court which appears to be a red clay sandbox. Is that anything like court Philippe Chatrier at the French Open?

Federer is not expected to play in Monte Carlo next week but he will return in Madrid early next month. The 31-year-old ranks No. 3 this week. He’s 13-4 on the season but hasn’t reached a final in four events and hasn’t won a title since last summer.

Last year during a similar clay schedule he won Madrid then reached the semifinals at Rome and the French Open, both losses to Novak Djokovic.

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34 Comments for Look At This Red Clay Court Roger Federer Is Practicing On!

Sirius Says:

Best of luck for the clay season :)

Wog boy Says:

It is not just red clay, more importantly it is altitude, have a look around and judging by the trees this is high altitude, smart move, getting ready for Madrid.

alison Says:

Best of luck to Roger in the CC season(although not too much as Rafas my favorite lol),i wouldnt bet against Roger springing a surprise or two in the CC season or at the FO.

Ben Pronin Says:

That looks like some thick clay!

Brando Says:

I said it a long while ago and I’ll say it again: expect the fed to have a highly successful clay season. At his best, his clay tennis is still second only to Rafa for me!

Humble Rafa Says:

It is a very playable and winnable court. Atleast it’s not blue.

the DA Says:

Just read that Ferrer has pulled out of MC with a thigh injury. That’s a pity for him, hope it isn’t too serious.

His withdrawal won’t help Nadal get back to No. 4. sooner as Daveed was only defending 10 points. If Nole withdraws there’ll be an odd situation at MC where Andy will be seeded No.1 and Rafa No.2. How weird is that? hehe

rafaeli Says:

Nadal is not bothered about getting the #4 ranking, he has got bigger fish to fry.

Giles Says:

^^^ And hopefully he will fry them in the quarters!! #VamosChamp

the DA Says:

^^ He may not be bothered but the other players (and their fans) are.

Humble Rafa Says:

I am the undisputed King on clay. The official rankings never mattered to me. I play for the love of the game and for the joy of the Humble Nation.

TableTennisWeBlog.com Says:

Awesome court, awesome player and awesome view ;) Hope to see great things by Roger in the upcoming clay months :)

Humble Rafa Says:

I hope they don’t put me in the same quarter as Zeballos. :) You know, the honorable gentleman, who beat me in Chile. I respect you.

contador Says:

Great picture really. He is remarkable. He could be retired and kicked back, getting fat, sipping a cocktail on a beach somewhere, but he’s out there energetically hitting a tennis ball on an obscure, ragged looking court in the alps. He sure does love his sport. Gotta love Roger Federer!

I agree ^^ @ Wog Boy. Good preparation for Madrid.

Nadalista Says:

Who exactly are these players who are worried about meeting Rafa in the quarters?

Novak is the undisputed #1, if he’s worried of playing a player ranked #5 in any round then he should be questioning HIS ranking.

Same comment for Murray, his ranking being #2.

Federer is the GOAT, if he’s worried about playing a player ranked #5 in any round then maybe he’s a lamb, not a GOAT.

Daveed. Dear, dear Daveed. He knows his fate before he plays Rafa so what would be the point of worrying about an outcome he already knows?

Let the games begin………..

alison Says:

Have to say i get confused sometimes,posters claiming Novaks in Rafas head,Rafa cant beat Novak anymore,Rafa lost 7 times to Novak etc etc,now all of a sudden this Novak will struggle against this Rafa hmmm.

Sirius Says:

^because its clay and novak is not in his 2011 form. on the otherhand, rafa has shown great form this year on clay

alison Says:

Sirius yeah i see that,but do we always have to base the future on whats happened in the past?does never have mean never will? eg why do posters think Rafa never having won a WTF,means that Rafa never will win a WTF?anything can happen in this world,and when they play theres always the chance otherwise they wouldnt be there,and its as Nadalista says Rogers the GOAT,Novaks the world no1,and Andy and Delpo have the game to trouble anybody,Novak and Roger have both beaten Rafa on clay,so what has anyone got to be scared about?

alison Says:

^Should be why do posters assume,not think.^

Sirius Says:

“Does never have mean never will?”

No and i totally agree with you that anything can happen ( Wimbledon 2012 rosol match is the best example recently ). Thats why i watch this game, you never know how a tournament is going to end.

i didn’t find anything about players being scared of playing rafa on this thread. I’ve seen the word “bothered”, but no “scared”. Maybe i don’t know the difference between the words “bothered” and “scared”

btw, i dont think that any of the top 3 is scared of rafa. He is definitely the clay goat but that shouldn’t scare fed,novak,andy imo

alison Says:

Sorry should have said bothered not scared of.

Giles Says:

It’s not the players who are scared but the fans.

Giles Says:

PS. Especially insofar as the Roland Garros seedings are concerned i.e. if Rafa remains No 5.

the DA Says:

I see “bothered” has morphed into “scared”. No one suggested the other top players are frightened of Rafa – I’m pretty sure they aren’t (Nole scared? Never). They can certainly be bothered or irked at the thought of meeting him in the QFs, especially someone like Nole whose top priority is RG this year. That’s a different thing.

alison Says:

The DA not scared at all ive never thought Novak,Roger,Andy,Delpo were scared,and i shouldnt have used that word.

the DA Says:

@alison – it’s okay, I wasn’t singling you out.

alison Says:

Just to add thats some beautiful scenery,Roger in fact all these players choose to visit some stunning places to relax.

RZ Says:

Seeding Rafa at #5 could be a blessing in disguise for whichever of Fed or Murray, even possibly Djokovic, gets that draw. Assuming that Nadal wins the quarterfinal match, the other player has a few extra days to prepare for the grass of Wimbledon.

Sirius Says:

Federer is playing Basel this year. So there’s a chance he might skip paris for resting if he qualifies for the WTF like last year.

Damn! Why not play Tokyo or Beijing instead of Basel?

Steve 27 Says:

Because he likes to play in his house, Sirius.

skeezer Says:


Maybe, finally, Rafa will play a quality opponent early on ( like the qtrs ). Me guess in the end it shouldn’t matter, after all , he owns the Mud.

RE: the “scared. afraid, whatever” stuff. Laughable. I mean, if “soooo scared” why play? Believe it, playing Rafa on Clay can be intimidating for sure, but the top players welcome playing Rafa.

Fleischer Says:


“Rafa will play a quality opponent early on ( like the qtrs ).”

That wont happen for sure…he will always get a cupcake draw. For example he was ranked and seeded 5 at IW, but still ended up facing his delicious little punching bag in the quarters.

“I mean, if “soooo scared” why play?”

You are right Geezer, Federer is not playing MC these days.

rogerafa Says:

It is all well and good to say that nobody is scared of Rafa on clay. However, I am not sure how many actually look forward to playing him on clay. I think very few have any real self-belief that they could beat him on clay. His clay record is simply insane.

queen Says:

That looks like beach sand lol

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