After Playing Football On Tuesday, Novak Djokovic Is Giving A Racquet Away On Sunday [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 23rd, 2013, 4:34 pm

On the eve of the most important event of his tennis calendar, Novak Djokovic is loose as a goose. The Serb announced via twitter yesterday as a gift for all the birthday wishes he recieved Wednesday, he will give away a racquet to one lucky fan who retweets Djokovic’s video message.

Today, Djokovic spend some time practicing on court Philippe Chatrier before heading to the UNIQLO store in Paris for a special event.

Djokovic will be the top seed at the French Open, the only Grand Slam missing from his resume. The World No. 1 will be on an opposite of the draw to Roger Federer, but could land Rafael Nadal in his semifinal section.

The draw comes out on Friday.

Earlier this week Djokovic and F1 star Fernando Alonso kicked off Monaco Grand Prix week by partaking in a special football event.

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12 Comments for After Playing Football On Tuesday, Novak Djokovic Is Giving A Racquet Away On Sunday [Video]

alison Says:

Loved the video of Nole playing football,as well as tennis he also has some silky skills as a footballer,and a kind gesture giving away a raquet to one lucky fan too,nice one Nole :).

Wog boy Says:

For Nole fans and others, it is old, so if you have seen it, just disregard it. BTW, he has got new Uniqlo collection for FO.

alison Says:

Wogboy cute video with all those little kids surounding Nole,he has a very kind heart :))..

Wog boy Says:


Thanks, it does look like that.

alison Says:

Wogboy i might not like everything he does,but i do like him,he has got a heart of gold,eventually when he has children of his own i think he will make a lovely dad :))..

Wog boy Says:


I am not blind follower either, I do cheer for him and I always will, but that doesn’t mean I will always agree with everything he does or say.I never have an idol, nor agree or recomend to young people to have idol. I was raised that way and I raised my kids that way. It is ok to have people you like and try to shape yourself, your life or game, by taking something what you like from certain people, but not to have idol and be blind follower, at the end of the day you have to be your own person. To idolize somebody or something doesn’t help you in achieving beeing yourself and puting your stamp on your life.
When the day comes to have a chat with St Peter I want to be able to tell St Peter: Ok, this was my life, I lived it the way I wanted, feel free to send me where ever you think I should be send. … I guess it is going to be one of those nine circles;)

jane Says:

Awww, Nole. Didn’t know he had a new collection Wog boy. i was in the Uniqlo store in London a few weeks ago but I didn’t see any tennis gear. Mind you, I am always easily distracted while shopping… ;)

Wog boy Says:


It just happened yesterday in Paris, you can see it on this link, though you will not understand:)Тенис/1329718/Новакова+колекција++„UNIQLO“.html

courbon Says:

@Wog Boy: You think you will meet St.Peter?Good on you.I think I’ll get Lucifer instead.Thats Ok with me…Being in the Rock’n’roll all my lie idea of hell attracts me more…In the hell you’ll have all the best musicians-Hendrix,John Bonam, Jim Morisson…so I can play with them.I know-Heaven is nice but the Hell is much more fun..
Go on this link
and tell me what you think.

Margot Says:

Ah, but I think Bob Marley must be in heaven, don’t you?

Wog boy Says:


In order to get to Lucifer, you will have to go through St Peter, he is doing the roster upthere, he is the boss, the other are just supervisors. So don’t you worry, you will meet St Peter and he will send you to Luciferovic, you’ll get there.

I am trying to have a look but I cannot do it, I’ll wait for younger ones to help me and I let you know later. Do you have it on You Tube?

alison Says:

Wogboy nice post,its one i thing i myself cannot stand either hero worshippers who think one player is bigger than the sport itself,this forum has some but thankfully not too many,i think you are the perfect roll model for your children,stick to your own identity make your own way dont become a follower,i dont know if this makes me a terrible fan but away from watching tennis i have no interest in Rafas,Rogers,Novaks or Andys lives its only when they are playing tennis im interested in them,other than that i couldnt care less we are poles apart,i dont believe in heaven and hell but i do believe you go onto a higher vibrational level,i dont know if you know much along these lines but about 4 years ago i became a pagan,the gypsie life and the native american way of living became very appealing to me,indian head massages,healing with crystals,chanting with drums,meditation,it might sound a bit strange,but i am a bit strange,i think im the tennis x hippy chick.

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