Rafael Nadal: My Attitude Could Have Been Better At Wimbledon [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 27th, 2013, 4:07 pm

In a TV interview earlier today, Rafael Nadal admitted that he could have had a better attitude at Wimbledon where he suffered yet another stunning loss, this one in the first round Monday to Steve Darcis.

Rafa’s words follow Uncle Toni’s earlier comments that Rafa’s attitude was the reason the Spanish clay king lost.

Nadal, who attended a Julio Iglesias concert with girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello in Barcelona, is now back home in Mallorca.

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62 Comments for Rafael Nadal: My Attitude Could Have Been Better At Wimbledon [Video]

Brando Says:

Yep, read similar elsewhere. Main thing is he seems to be healthy according to Toni. Darcis played well and Rafa played below par. Sh-t happens I guess. Onto USO series Rafa, better luck there hopefully!

Giles Says:

Vamos King! Wish you the best of luck for the rest of the season. Stay healthy!

Okiegal Says:

Injured or not, he still wasn’t moving like normal from the get go of that match. I think after 2 sets down he knew in his mind his body could not hold up to 5 sets that day or for the future even if he had come back and won that match……IMHO

Vamos Rafa, get healthy and good luck for your tourneys ahead.

Brando Says:

Muzza watching Spain v Italy: who can blame him? What a match! Bummer Italy lost though!:-(

Humble Rafa Says:

I look at the grass and it doesn’t feel like tennis should be played on it.

It’s like when you look at an 80 year old woman. You don’t look at her romantically, you look at her like she is your grand mother.

Grass is for cows, not grown men.

Ckr Says:

Isn’t Xisca his girl friend anymore?

Humble Rafa Says:

Isn’t Xisca his girl friend anymore?

Xisca is Maria Francisca Perello. Welcome to the world!

Okiegal Says:

Maria stated once she doesn’t want to be called Xisca. She said none of her family or friends ever called her Xisca. The article stated that she didn’t understand how that name got started. She prefers Maria or Mari.

Anna Says:

February – June winning almost everything in front of him was a long haul. Here’s hoping he’ll take some time to recupe and enjoy everything he loves so dearly on his island, and then be chomping at the bit for tennis in August. Love this champion.

Syam Lee Says:

Rafa’s burning desire is to win Roland Garros year in and year out, and he duly made it a record 8th and that i think took out everything from him once he stepped on the grass. Federer meanwhile has this burning desire to win Wimbledon every year but sadly, perhaps age is catching up and he failed to nail an 8th… Upcoming US Open will prove to be exciting.

metan Says:

Still waiting for you to come back.

Vamos Rafa!!!

TennisZod Says:

I hope see this same Wimbledon attitude when next you play Nole. Hope Nole bagel you.

Polo Says:

Nadal looks good for a couple more French Open titles. I think he will get at least 10 to make it out of reach from anybody forever.

Humble Rafa Says:

What did one goat tell the other goat?

“Stop being sad. Your situation is better than mine. Plus I have three mouths to feed.”

Micky Says:

@Humble Rafa

Your comments doesnt personify your name.

Try be more humble hey, jerk!

tennisfansince76 Says:

the funny thing about rafa’s girlfriend is that she is called Xisca by the spanish gossip press but none of her friends, family or rafa call her that.

Michael Says:

Obviously. That adrenaline boosting fist pumping Rafa was somewhere missing on court. I would not say he played very badly. The synonym of Rafa is “consistency”. He played average Tennis but that was not enough to take him through. Somehow Darcius found that extra gear to tame down Rafa. But, despairingly for him he couldn’t make it to the next match and had to forfeit.

Okiegal Says:

I hope Nole gets 3 bagels…0-6 0-6 0-6…thought the nasty remark he made at the FO was in poor taste. Could not believe he said that. I think it was the FO. Anyway, wherever it happened showed Novak has having no class at all.

Okiegal Says:

correction>>>> as having no class at all.

metan Says:

I think that’s good idea to he lost early because of lack of preparation compared to the top four.

However, I still see a chance for him to USO and other HC swing. More time to prepare for hard court.

Andy is dancing now. Main obstacles were gone.

Michael Says:

Metan, Andy still has Novak to encounter and so that should be an interesting match if that happens. With Roger and Rafa gone, now it is Novak and Andy who are the main attraction ? Hope they make it to the final to add glamour to the finale !!

Rafa fan Says:

Rafa is not super human. His uncle should realise that his protigee can get tired. Clearly the emotional and physical aspect of injury and 7mnth lay-off and then coming back to win RG particularly the semi final win against Novak can take its toil on him. He has it is pushes himself alot. So Rafa no issues. Your track record at Wimbledon is great anyways. I also think that ATP should have considered more time between RG & Wimbly way before instead of waiting till 2015 wo push it a week ahead. Wimbly 2013 has lost its sparkle and ATP should have a less ‘taxing’ schedule is it wants the Rafas and Feds to paly longer ’cause clearly they have given so much to the sport like no others I feel. And to Uncle Toni and his team, plz get Rafa to believe that he’s so good that despite not much practise he can still make it through the earlier rounds for sure. That doubt of ‘not much practise time’ should be erased from Rafa’s head now. He’s got to believe that he that good. I think that would give him more confidence when he steps on court against players in earlier rounds.

Wog boy Says:

“I think that’s good idea to he lost early because of lack of preparation compared to the top four.”

What preparation Nole had? After RG he went to Corsica to chill out, that is about it, plus that “match” with Dimitrov. Couldn’t you read what Uncle Toni said, something about atitude and then Rafa repeated what UT said, as usual.

Giles Says:


metan Says:

@ wog boy.

Didn’t nole join bodes??
If he wasn’t then that’s my wrong assumption.

When I said preparation it doesn’t mean only practicing on the court but bigger than that they are including body and mental.

If Nole can get the wimby this time finger crossed. I will be happy with that. After all he has worked so hard and not only him but also others who will be in the final.

But my personal opinion is this is Andy’s moment.

metan Says:

We all know that we all wanted that final must the top 4. Since two were out Rafa and Roger. Left only Nole and Andy and that will be awesome. Who ever win that person deserves it. Most of top ten players they are working extra hard to achieve what they are. I appreciate it. So good luck for Nole and Andy.

My feeling says Andy. Finger crossed!

TennisZod Says:

Nole will win. Just see. He dominate men tennis and he dont lose to 100+ rank players like Federer and Nadal. Everybody know Nole best player with no weakness like Fed and Nadal. So how Andy beat Nole for Wimbledon win? Only Nole win this. And he become no.1 for record 400 weeks. Then people forget Nadal and Federer.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Michael if i were Andy and Novak sensibly i would only be thinking of the next round and not the final,especially given whats happened so far with Roger and Rafa,theres still a long way to go between now and then,and IMO i think its rather disrespectfull to the other players to say that it has to be an Andy/Nole final to add glamour,how would you feel if two different players make the final?

Wog boy Says:

Hippy chic,

That is exactly what Nole said:

“I think the fact that the top players lost in the last few days gives enough reason for all of us to not underestimate any opponent and not look that far,” Djokovic said of Bat-s**t Wednesday at the All England Club. “So we got to take it step by step. It’s sport, you know. This is what happens. Everybody, especially lower-ranked players in the opening rounds, have nothing to lose really when they go on the center stage and they come up with their best game.”

Michael Says:


Yes, it is still a long way to go. But as the top two seeds, we naturally expect them in the final. Ofcourse nothing is certain and it is exhibited by the loss of Rafa and Roger quite early on in the tournament. It is still an open race. However, you cannot discount the kind of interest an Andy Vs Novak final would generate ? Well, take Rolland Garros, everybody lost interest when Ferrer came to the final. It is not that he didn’t deserve it. He played truly well to reach that stage. But what generated considerable anticipation and curiosity was the Rafa vs Novak Semi-final which was actually considered as a final. I still cannot do anything if it is a Robredo Vs Almagro final at Wimbledon. But, interest would be killed in such an unlikely eventuality.

Giles Says:

Didn’t joker make almost the same statement last year when Rafa lost at Wimby????

Nadalista Says:

@Giles, it’s basically Rafa’s attitude always but when Rafa says he never takes any player for granted, no matter their ranking, it’s called false modesty.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Wogboy yeah exactly Andy said the same,BTW off topic i was so envious when you said you went to the great Barrier Reef,the farest i ever get these days is Great Yarmouth in Norfolk,nice little holiday seaside place though.

grendel Says:


Djokovic’s remark was made in response to exceptional circumstances – and even so, I don’t think it was devoid of an element of kiddology. Nadal, on the other hand, plays the same record over and over. There is a difference.


I am delighted to report that the horror show you envisage, of an Almagro/Robredo final, is a technical impossibility.

Wog boy Says:

hippy chic,

Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organisam on planet Earth. You have to experience it, sea, corals, rainforests, no point in me trying to explain it. It is not the first time I went up north, but the best time is now, winter time. When I say winter, I mean around 25 degrees:) In summer it is too hot and humid for me, I cannot function on that kind of weather. I’ve criss-crossed Australia, from Perth to Sydney (4000km), from Melbourne to Cairns (around 3500km), inland to Simpson desert, you name it. There is one corner that I have never seen and that is Kimberly region, NW Australia. I am planing to do that trip in few years time, to start from Sydney and finish back in Sydney driving north and around Australia. This is a huge country with so many natural beautys. I remember driving from Perth to Sydney through Nalabur plains and stopping in the middle of nowhere (for 1500km you don’t see a tree or anything, just scrubs and wegdtale eagles), I would make a coffee and enjoy completly non polluted nature, (not polluted with civilisation). The feeling is great, so spiritual. As I am getting closer to Adelaide that ugly face of fake civilisation is appearing. For that trip to happen a few thing have to fall in place, and I hope they will fall.
BTW, now is whale watching season, they are going alongside east coast, north to warmer waters. Sometimes mothers with calves enter Sydney harbour and we can see them playing, what magnificent creatures.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Wogboy sounds lovely im so jealous of you,i have seen it on TV discovery channel,and it looks simply breathtakingly beautiful,but i suppose what you see on TV couldnt really do justice to what its like seeing it all live?

Wog boy Says:

“Nullarbor plains” and few more spelling mistakes, I hope you don’t mind, that is me.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

^I love all that natural way of living,getting back to nature,i love the Native American way of living,and how the Gypsies live,really getting back to basics,so spiritually uplifting^.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Bad spelling and puntuation is me Wogboy dont worry about it,its a tennis forum nobody cares :)..

Michael Says:


It was just a slip of tongue and to give an example as to how Wimbledon would be robbed of its interest if the final is contested by lesser players. I know they will be meeting probably in the fourth round if both manage to reach that stage. But in that eventuality Andy would be out of the tournament which I hope doesn’t happen for this year’s Wimbledon. They need Andy especially to sustain Spectator’s interest which has waned after the exit of Roger and Rafa. Novak is still there fighting and he too is needed to add more glamour.

madmax Says:

I think Rafa is being a bit hard on himself actually. He has a fabulous, hard working attitude towards his tennis, has just over done it thats all with his work ethic. The body and mind can only take so much; I fully expect him to resume normal business when the hard court swing begins.

Giles Says:

@ nadalists. You beat me to it. Was just about to post the same link. Good to see our boy relaxing and enjoying himself
Vamos King!

Giles Says:

@ nadalista ^^

Giles Says:

Thanks @ nadalista. He has lost quite a bit of weight!

nadalista Says:

@Giles, maybe a little, but but he looks well ripped! Could crack a few walnuts with those quads!

mem Says:


usually Giles beats you to it. you guys are great at keeping rafafans updated.

thanks for posting the links. beautiful photos! our boy is living the life and i am so happy for him. he has played a lot of tennis since February, so he deserves some r & r. as always, he’s looking gorgeous! im hoping that if all goes well and his mind & body feel good enough, he will request a wild card into a tournament sometimes soon. in any case, i am glad he’s having some fun. with due respect to the other players, wimbledon doesn’t feel the same without rafa and roger; of course this is just my opinion.
anyway, enjoy guys!

Steve 27 Says:

Andy Murray is my bet! You are the man Andy, since Perry UK has waited for this moment. Janowicz, Berdych or Djokovic are the only ones who have a chance against you. Come on!

El Flaco Says:

His knees had a bad attitude.

metan Says:

@nadalista thanks for his photos. He looks great.

@Giles. How do you know he is a little bit slim:-);-)?

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Madmax nice post@9.08am as a Rafa fan,coming from a Roger fan thats lovely to hear:)..

Nadalista Says:

@mem, pleasure! Yes, looks like he is in a good place. Wouldn’t surprise me if he played a tournament in July before heading off to Canada.

All Rafa needs to do now to complete the Summer holiday pics album is to post a photo of himself holding one of those ugly fishes he usually catches!

Vamos Rafa!

James Says:

@Nadalista, I hear Rafa is likely to play a clay tournament after Wimbledon is over. Then it’s Canada next. Is it in Montreal this year? I hope it is. Have friends in Montreal who want to see Rafa play live.

Steve 27 Says:

Perhaps Hamburg, why not?
Then Montreal and peak for the US Open

Nadalista Says:

@James, @Steve 27,

I have also heard rumors he may play Hamburg, we wait for confirmation. It would be good idea, IMO. Take a page out of the successfully implemented Chile, Brazil, Acapulco and then IW play book.

the DA Says:

From the look of this strapping I’m not sure about Hamburg:


Hopefully just a precaution.

Nadalista Says:

@the DA, yes that taping looks nasty. However, reports say that is to deal with swelling and helps drain excess fluid in the knee. He did not have prp treatment this time round so that is encouraging.

Danny Morris Says:

El flaco @ 8:07,

LOL! They definitely have a mind of their own, conveniently getting injured outside clay.

I think Murray’s back has been spending a lot of time nadal’s knees

Danny Morris Says:

I think Murray’s back has been spending a lot of time with nadal’s knees. He got conveniently injured during the clay season.


Giles Says:

And fed was healthy and fit and lost to 116! #FedOverAndOut

sienna Says:

So in order to forget about wimbly and not being injured, they put out photo of him with serious knee taping?
As if to say even holiday is painfull for my knees.

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