Roger Federer Reveals His Santa Claus Outfit And More During #AskRF Session
by Tom Gainey | December 8th, 2013, 10:05 am

Roger Federer livened up an otherwise dead period in pro tennis yesterday by taking to twitter for another comedic round of #AskRF. In its short history, #AskRF has already become a big hit on the social networking site as fans from across the world ask Roger an assortment of questions and comments, hoping the Swiss provides a rare, cherished response.

Taking a break from training, Federer spent about two hours, responding to questions about if he’d look like his mustached father when he gets older, Mirka’s role on twitter, the last song he sang, on his dancing skills, his 2014 hairstyle, and his thoughts on the passing of Mandela.

Here are some of the highlights from Saturday’s session:

Federer is currently training in Dubai. His first stop on the 2014 ATP World Tour takes him to Brisbane at the end of the month.

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8 Comments for Roger Federer Reveals His Santa Claus Outfit And More During #AskRF Session

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Ha ha this is so refreshing to have something a bit more light hearted in the off season,and a nice break from all the petty bickering thats been going on lately.

Giles Says:


Okiegal Says:

This was pretty neat…..I know his faithful fans are delighted!! I agree, Chic it is rather refreshing not to be argumentative all the time.

Sc0rpiongirl Says:

You missed two very good ones:

Q: what is Mirka getting for Christmas?
RF: A hashtag.

Q: Roger, go to prom with me? hehe
RF: Are you sure you want to go to prom with an old swiss guy? #Sketchy

SUPER hilarious! LOL Roger is such a funny, down-to-earth person, very approachable in person as well. I always wonder how anyone can not like him and even worse, say he’s arrogant?! I mean, c’mon, out of everyone out there, Roger is anything but arrogant!

Hamza Says:

Haha, Fed’s got a great sense of humor.

Purcell Says:

Thanks for those words ScOrpiongirl but I fear you’ll have a hard time convincing the hard cores on here.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Purcell not all Rafas fans think Roger is arrogant,i actually think think hes very buisness like on a tennis court,but he actually has a side thats quite light hearted and funny too,many have two sides to them,theres no pressure when they are not playing either,so things are not always black and white.

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