Roger Federer: Not To Sound Cocky, I Think I Worked Harder Than Anyone During The Off Season
by Tom Gainey | March 25th, 2014, 10:25 am

In an interview with the UK’s Daily Mail, Roger Federer spoke to Mike Dickson about the reasons for his recent resurgence.

The Swiss who plays today in Miami talks about his back bad, Stefan Edberg, the bigger racquet and the off season hours he put in to get back into top shape.

“What I don’t like is when people don’t understand why I’m not playing so well,” Federer told the Daily Mail. “So I come out like I did in Gstaad last summer and say I’m having problems with my back. It’s not an excuse and I don’t like talking about injuries anyway, people don’t need to know my problems.

“So they see you playing and see you struggling and they think this is your normal form. On any given day I always know I can play great tennis but last year I couldn’t even do that. I could do it for maybe a set and a half. That’s when the confidence gets lost and that’s when maybe people find it hard to understand.”

With the back better, Federer was able to put 100% into his off season training.

“December was crucial,” Federer said. “I don’t want to say this in a cocky way but I believe I worked the hardest from the top eight in the off-season. Many guys went off to play exhibitions, or were in the Davis Cup. I had time, I put my head down and worked and I did it without any setbacks.

“I played three straight weeks without any problems, ending at the O2 Arena. I thought if I could handle that and then all the December work and emerge in good shape with no problems that would be a great platform.”

Federer plays later today in Miami against Richard Gasquet. Federer is off to a 21-3 start this year with a Dubai title and four wins over Top 10 players.

If you are a Federer fan I encourage to read the full article.

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35 Comments for Roger Federer: Not To Sound Cocky, I Think I Worked Harder Than Anyone During The Off Season

volley Says:


TGIT Says:

If you win Miami I will believe you!

Giles Says:

Arrogant, cocky, humble.

Humble Rafa Says:

Arrogance of Arabia..What do you think I did during the off season?

Sleep all day and bang Xisca. I practiced too, damnit!

Michael Says:

I am in awe of Roger who still is passionate and hungry about the sport despite all that he has achieved over the years. 2013 was a nightmarish year for Roger and he has started 2014 on a bright note. I was heavily impressed with his performance at Indian Wells although he lost in the finals. That timing and precision is back and I find a new vigour in his backhand shots which he is hitting with so much conviction than in the past. Probably a Masters series victory will take his confidence forward to greater heights. From now on, you cannot write off Roger in majors and he is definitely a force to reckon with.

skeezer Says:

Stay Healthy!

SG1 Says:

Roger has delivered so far this year. This gives credence to his statement about injuries hampering him. As Michael said, it’s hard to not be impressed with Federer. At 32, he still has the game and focus to play at the highest level. Semis at the AO, win in Dubai, finals at Indian Wells and on a roll right now in Miami. The man has found his game again now that the back problems are under control.

Okiegal Says:

Yeah….those nagging back problems, I’m just so glad he finally came out of the closet about his….He didn’t want to talk about it but he did…forced to by insistent news media!!

Yes, stay healthy Fed! I want all the players to stay in top form for those amazing matches we as fans are accustomed to!

jatin Says:

He is almost 33 but so much passion to play and be on top again (after achiveing everything one could imagine) .. Unbelievable…
Proud to be his fan…

Humble Rafa Says:

Proud to be his fan

My fans are prouder than you, to support a gentle and humble person.

skeezer Says:

“to support a gentle and humble person.”
U wish.

Okiegal Says:

From Rafa, not Rosol, to be perfectly clear!! Lol

Vamos Rafa, you da man!!

skeezer Says:

^lol Okiegal too funny ;)

Okiegal Says:


I can’t let you get by with your little pot shots all the time, now can I?? LOL

skeezer Says:

And someone can’t let HR get by with her potshots either ;)

jatin Says:

Humble Rafa
You see things differently than us, no ?
Perhaps you should avoid picking other fans comments and support your fav….

Okiegal Says:


I thought Humble Rafa was a guy. Whether a he or a she…….failing miserably at being a comedian, imho!! Lol

Humble Rafa Says:

Whether a he or a she

I am very gentle and friendly. That’s all I can say.

skeezer Says:

Ha, lol…

“I am very gentle and friendly”.
Kettle, meet black comedian.

Okiegal Says:


Tee Hee!!

metan Says:

How did you know Roger that other players didn’t work as harder as you????
But your hard work is showing. Well done!!!

Giles Says:

The Swiss #2 has a spy, know all about everything!

Hippy Chic Says:

Roger i believe they all work hard in the off season,every bit as much as you do,no offence but i think its rather a perculiar thing to say,nobody has a monopoly on who works the hardest.

John Says:


Surely you agree that the older you get the harder you have to work on your fitness to keep up with the younger guys. I think what he says makes perfect sense. Hes almost 33 so he has to work his a$$ off to keep up.

Take someone thats 5 to 10 years younger and try tell me they have to put in as much work. Fed has an insane amount of milage on his body and the body ages. Ask anyone hitting the gym when they where in there twenties and comare it going to the gym when youre older lol. Not the same. In fact I would say just 7 years ago, I would of seen twice the results, for the same effort I put in today!:( its sad but true… :

Ben Pronin Says:

Well he’s referring to the exhibitions some of the other guys played. Roger’s no stranger to exho’s so he probably knows that not as much training can be done when you’re playing them instead of training during the off season. Federer did that South American thing at the end of 2012 and look how great 2013 played out for him…

Hippy Chic Says:

John well when you put it that way fair enough,no harm or foul anyway.

nadalista Says:

“Federer did that South American thing at the end of 2012 and look how great 2013 played out for him…”

So its the 212 exhos that ruined his 2013 season now? I thought Roger said it was his back………

Oh well, Rafa and Novak can now blame those darned exhos if their 2014 season goes pear shaped………….


If Roger worked harder than everyone else it will show in his on-court RESULTS, i.e. tournament wins (n.b. 250s don’t count). No need to draw us diagrams……..

skeezer Says:

^Yes, Fed labored through a back problem, and yes Ben is pointing out the exhos probably didn’t help. So? What do Rafa and Nole have to do with Feds health issues?
Its obvious by the results Fed has done something, whether its getting healthy or working the hard yards are both, and its great to know. He is moving well.

Gordon Says:

Hey folks, please remember that Roger, like Nadal is an ESL athlete. The difference is his misuse of English is occasional, where others mangle it every time they open their mouths.

He didn’t say none of the others practiced. He just said he believed he practiced harder than anyone else. He probably remembers the cash grabs and promo tours and exhibition match paydays he did in South America a couple of years ago and rues that this offseason he was working his ass off instead of travelling and pocketing more money than normal.

Yeah it came out odd but really? Do we really use this as a smoking gun on his character?


And as for Humble Rafa, male or female I crack up at the comments. They at least have some wit contained within.

nadalista Says:

Fed sucked in 2013 because of his health issues, if what he said is to be believed. Nothing to do with the exhos he played in 2012. What else is to blame for his sorry 2013,the BP oil spill?

It is Fed who mentioned the exhos and he only brought it up as a cheap dig at Rafa and Novak for the exhos they played in South America.

It’s HIM who needs to stay in his lane, and stop worrying about how other players handle their off-season business.

Okiegal Says:

He probably did work harder than anyone else……rehabbing his back……it’s paid off for him, he’s started the season off with a bang….but wasn’t it Sean Randall who said “Once a back patient, always a back patient”? We will see…let’s hope all “bad backs” hold up the entire year!

skeezer Says:

#8 to #4 within a month. Results are there!

nadalista Says:

“#8 to #4 within a month. Results are there!”

Good for him.

Purcell Says:

Honestly Nadalista: despite this article being lifted from The Daily Mail, a paper of dubious distinction and provenance, the reasonableness, patience and good humour of the responses must have surely given rise to good feelings.. Still, I suppose none of these positives will deter you from continuing your anti-Roger campaign.

Gordon Says:

Yes, Nadalista, back off being such a troll.

How do you know what Federer meant by what he said?

Just because you are full of seething hatred doesn’t mean that people who are successful in life think like you.

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