Here’s Roger Federer Yelling “Shut Up” At A French Open Fan [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 5th, 2012, 6:32 pm

One of the lasting clips from Tuesday’s Roger Federer 5-set win over Juan Martin Del Potro was the Swiss, in rare display, losing his cool yelling “shut up” at a courtside fan.

The moment occurred late in the second set with Del Potro ahead 5-4 in the tiebreaker. A fan yelled out during the rally just before Federer netted a forehand crosscourt giving Del Potro the point.

“I was pushing hard and I was trying to – should have maybe won that second set earlier,” Federer said of the incident. “I’m stuck in a breaker. Juan Martin is playing well, hitting hard, I’m in defense. Obviously I was emotional and I was sometimes upset. Sometimes just trying to push myself on. Push harder and try harder and move faster, all those things, because I knew it could be crucial to the match. Thank God it wasn’t, but in the moment itself you don’t know. So you wait and see.”

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28 Comments for Here’s Roger Federer Yelling “Shut Up” At A French Open Fan [Video]

Michael Says:

One of those rare moments where the ever calm Roger loses his patience. There should have been a serious distraction and that yell during that point should have upset Roger.

Bryan Says:

Ha ha ha! Justify his action all you want but this incident just proves how a sore loser he really is. Could he done that when he’s ahead? Don’t think so. Pathetic!

Prasanth Says:

Precisely Bryan!!! Its all important when you are behind and when you are fighting back… Why would you care when you are up and when you getting another chance… This is what they call fighting spirit which everyone praises about Nadal and when it is Federer, then is he a sore loser? So, you don’t have to think so, but it is what it is….

dc Says:

@Bryan Says:

Ha ha haa! Justify his action all you want but this incident just proves how a sore loser he really is. Could he done that when he’s ahead? Don’t think so. Pathetic!
Bryan – seriously – this is the reason you would label someone as pathetic. I mean you gotta be serious!!

Adam Says:

wow! to everyone who scorns federer for this… I’d like to meet you. you must be a pretty flawless person.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I’m a Federer fan, I consider this pretty awful behaviour, but all the same I found it pretty funny and cool. If he did this every match, it wouldn’t be cool. But if it happens so rarely that everyone talks about it, then its just funny.

Flotsam Says:

Federer wasn’t yelling at “the fans” – he was yelling at the specific twit who shouted “OUT!” while his slice was in the air and before it landed on the line. It sounded like a line judge, and probably distracted him briefly. Fed had every right to be irritated, and the spectator should have been ousted.

Ben Pronin Says:

When Serena flips out at line judges or umpires, it’s criticized mainly (imo) because she has a tendency to keep going and going. But she defends it by saying in the heat of the moment shit happens. This is a pretty good example of that. It’s not like you see Federer planning this ahead of time, and he doesn’t linger (like Serena tends to do). So it’s definitely not something that should be praised or imitated or anything, but shit happens. Even to Federer.

sportific Says:

Yes Ben it does happen, however, the people who jump to his defense don’t often allow the same courtesy to other players and are quick to condemn them. Remember, the next time Federer fans gush about his sportsmanship and gentlemanly demeanor that he has his surly moments like anyone else.

Steve 27 Says:

Federer is a “true gentlemen” of the sport.

metan Says:

Haha ,,,,,haha once awhile, still can be forgiven,
But vamos rafa is perfect!!

CM Says:

That person who yells out should be escorted out of the stadium.
The umpire should have said something.

metan Says:

Haha ,,,,,haha once awhile, he doesn’t deserve condemnation,
But vamos rafa has perfect attitude,

Mark Says:

Fed should be fined at least $1m for that outburst. Firstly he can afford it and secondly he is supposed to be a role model. Yeh right. Some role model!! He has a history of tantrums when he was younger. Me thinks he hasn’t changed.

King Federer Says:

Well, they can federer, but they should also fine nadal for groping his @$$ and god knows how deep those fingers go and then touching the balls and shaking ump’s and players’ hands after all that nasty @$$ digging and posing an health hazard to everyone on the court.

oh yeah! nadal is perfect. yes he is! at digging his @$$ in public without any inhibition. that surely is the “role model” i want kids to see so that we can all happily live in a world where every one is digging their @$$, nose and their b@!!s in front of an audience that has come to see us perform. yes! please sign me up for such a “perfect world”!

malher Says:


Sundi Says:

I just saw this while watching the second set tiebreak and cannot believe the crowd did not turn against him. There was no way to tell that he was yelling at one person, which still wouldn’t be an excuse/justification anyway. He yelled this after the entire crowd made some noise after that good shot of his that Del Potro returned.
If ANY other player did this (including French) the crowd would’ve instantly turned against them.
Someone he gets an exception

dari Says:

I am surprised that he got away with this, like TV said, it was pretty awful, and my jaw dropped when I saw the slo-mo, he looked frightening. But the french kept cheering him!
This is likely first and last time we see this kind of thing, but i for one would love some of the general fire I saw in this match more often from the old guy.


Mark Says:

King Fart. Let’s see now, how many times did you use the word @$$ in your last post – 4 times! Are you by any chance obsessed with Rafa’s @$$? People are used to it by now so shut up you fedthug.

skeezer Says:

Wow, such a pile on for Fed haters. When has Fed out of almost 1000 matches on tour not been a gentleman on the court? His behavior overall has been the standard for all tour players, and juniors coming up. So he shows some emotion once in a great while. It’s like…..omg…..look there…see…….see? Fed said shut up!!!! He is so bad, just like everyone else!! No, he is not everyone else, by a long shot. Look in his trophy cabinet. Look at the sportsmenship awards.

You Rafa loves jealousy and envy has no bottom( err….butt ).

skeezer Says:

“People are used to it by now ……..”


Lmao, lol….

Ben Pronin Says:

Skeezer, Federer has had plenty of moments. Delpo US Open final, for example. Miami against Djokovic. Look, Federer isn’t perfect. I don’t really get why he’s expected to be, though. Like I said, it’s heat of the moment stuff. And one of the reasons is because he’s getting blasted off the court and people are yelling during points. It’s annoying for anyone, especially when you’re losing.

And I’m sorry, but what kind of argument is it that we wouldn’t see this if he was winning? Of course we wouldn’t because if he’s winning (or anyone for that matter) then there’s a lot less negative emotion to produce that kind of outburst.

And another thing, what does Nadal’s odd butt-picking habit have to do with this? Federer had an ugly outburst. I don’t know if he should be fined, certainly not too much, it’s not like he was cursing. But still, Nadal’s habits have nothing to do with this. Why not fine Federer for tucking his hair behind his ears all the time, then? Seriously, people, grow up. This is just embarrassing.

Jack Lewis Says:

So telling idiots in the crowd who seem to believe they are line judges, shouting OUT in the middle of points, interfering with the game, the other spectators, is a bad thing… somehow?

Just Me Says:

Metan: Contrary to what you espouse, Rafa isn’t perfect. Those of us who read lips and understand Spanish can plainly see him saying “Puta” over and over and over again.

skeezer Says:

“..Nadal’s habits have nothing to do with this. Why not fine Federer for tucking his hair behind his ears all the time, then?”

Ben, seriously, you can’t SEE the difference between tucking your hair over your ears to butt picking?

You can’t be serious man!

Pass the Purell please.

Re; Feds “moments” my post stands. You count out a few out of almost 1000 matches over the most televised Tennis player on the planet. Wanna compare Novak, Rafa, and Murray? Go for it.

Long Le Says:

In fact, what has been notable to me at the current FO is the umpires’ repeated requests for the fan observing order and silence as the match is on, at the times more often than in other tournaments.

Doris Says:

Why do the players have to tell the fans to “shut UP?” If a person is yelling out, why don’t the oficials step in–if the yell obviously distracted the player so they missed, the point should be played over, and then let the crowds “boo” the spectator for causing it——–
You can’t fault a “GOD” like Fed for taking care of business the only way he could control the spectator.

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