Stan Wawrinka Tells Drunk Fan To Shut Up At US Open [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 28th, 2014, 3:43 pm

Stan Wawrinka had an eventful night. After two quick dominant sets his opponent Tomaz Bellucci got on track to win the third then led by a break in the fourth before Wawrinka took the match in a break.

But late in the fourth Wawrinka got into it with a fan who Wawrinka said after may have been drunk, telling the person, “Shut up, man! Seriously, shut up.”

“I think was great atmosphere, South American fan,” Wawrinka said of the incident. “At the end of the day they start to get a little bit drunk. It was okay. I had to talk to few of them. At the end it’s normal. It was four set, tiebreak. Before the tiebreak, he was serving, everybody was into the match. That’s okay. It can happen.”

Officials including tournament referee Brian Earley tended to the matter in the stands.

Wawrinka, the 2013 US Open semifinalist, plays Blaz Kavcic in the third round on Saturday.

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14 Comments for Stan Wawrinka Tells Drunk Fan To Shut Up At US Open [Video]

madmax Says:

What was the referee thinking? Seriously, how can any player play when that sort of joker is in the crowd? This is serious stuff!

Don’t blame Stan at all. Could have lost him the set.

Is alcohol allowed in the stands? I didn’t know that?

jane Says:

the us open always seems to have these sorts of incidents in the night matches. i remember during a rafa/mardy fish match once, they had to remove a drunk guy from the stands. it must be difficult for players to concentrate.

Wog boy Says:

I don’t know for the rest of the world but in Melbourne (Sydney) alcohol is allowed in plastic cups. There is always problems if the match is in the late evening, some of the people start to watch from 11am (like me) and by the time evening comes they are loaded (not like me) with beer or wine. It is up to security to kerp an eye on these trouble makers and not let them back in the stands. Nole had same problems few nights ago but he ignored it, though im Melbourne this year he was upset with some fans during his match with Istomin.

Wog boy Says:

jane, you beat me again:)

jane Says:

wog boy, you make great poitns as always. yes, security should be on top of it. to some degree, the umpire should be too, by asking the crowd to be “quiet please” but there are security people specifically working the stands, so they should be on top of any extra rowdy members.

skeezer Says:

Hey, it’s NY, fuhgeddaboudit.

Emily Says:

This happens every year and there’s always some people who have had a few too many by the night matches. I expect it in the outer courts, but that person was right next to the court in Ashe. Why pay so much money just to get drunk and disturb the players?

Stan was in the right and you can see the other spectators were appreciative that he said something.

FanAdvocate Says:

That fan paid for the ticket and ticket sales pays you to play! Stop being a primadonna, shut your mouth, do your job and play the game! You snot nosed athletes would be in the street if it wasn’t for the fans, so show some gratitude and stop acting like your in charge, because you aren’t!

Hippy Chic Says:

Alcohol and sport really dont mix,ive worked at football matches stewarding,and fans have been ejected for rowdy drunken behaviour spoiling things for the other fans,i dont know the rules regarding tennis,but Stan was quite right here,and the officials stepped in to nip it all in the bud eventually….

Colin Says:

FanAdvocate, you are presumably one of those adolescent American “fans” who whoop like 12 year old schoolboys playing Cowboys and Indians.

Yes that fan payed for his ticket, but the other fans paid for theirs too, and they want to enjoy the tennis, as they demonstrated.

jane Says:

^ and the fan wouldn’t have anything to watch were it not for the tennis players dedicating their lives to the sport.

Polo Says:

FanAdvocate, paying the price of a ticket does not put you above common decency.

Wheels Says:

@ FanAdvocate, you also pay for your ticket on an airplane, but see what happens if you try to pull off being a drunk rowdy lout. Paying admission to any venue allows you to be a spectator, not a disorderly drunken sod! It is too bad that the chair umpires don’t try to control the crowd when they are being disrespectful.

Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with Polo paying for a ticket does not put you above common decency,does this fan not realize that with their drunken behaviour,that they are also spoiling it for the other spectators trying to watch and enjoy the match….

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