Roger Federer, Andy Murray Not Scheduled To Play Monte Carlo
by Staff | April 8th, 2014, 10:32 am

The first big clay event of the season begins next week in Monte Carlo. King of Clay Rafael Nadal will be the top seed at the tournament he has won eight times. Novak Djokovic, who broke Nadal’s run last year, is seeded second.

Australian Open champion Stanislas Wawrinka is also entered along with David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Missing from the event right now, however, are Roger Federer and Andy Murray.

Federer, who has never won the event, hasn’t played there since 2011. Murray, who’s played a lot of tennis already this year since his return from back surgery, has been a participant the last six years twice reaching the semifinals.

Both players could still end up in the event via a wildcard.

UPDATE: According to the tournament, Federer has accepted a wildcard into the event and will play for the first time since 2011.

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30 Comments for Roger Federer, Andy Murray Not Scheduled To Play Monte Carlo

the_mind_reels Says:

I’d be surprised if Fed turns up as a wild card. With Davis Cup this past weekend, he’s played a lot of tennis and needs a break. He’s not defending any points, and he’s exempt from playing the event anyway, so I suspect he’ll rest up for the Madrid-Rome combo.

RZ Says:

I’m guessing neither takes a wild card. Murray recently played a bunch on clay for Davis Cup and probably wants to rest his back. Fed probably wants to ease into clay court season to make sure his back holds up through the French Open.

Humble Rafa Says:

I can’t believe the so called top player pass on an important tournament like Monte Carlo. They are afraid of the real clay court season beginning.

Translated Age Says:

Shocker. What a news scoop.

mikael Says:

Looks like Fed will play Monte Carlo this year.
Shocking to see him in there.
Isn’t Mirka due any day now?

contador Says:

It is a good time to take a break, if you are Andy or Roger, HR. I’d vote neither taking a wild card.

Nole and Rafa to duke it out again in the final, what else?!

Giles Says:

Fed takes a W/C for MC.

Maestro Fed Says:

Roger has taken the wildcard and he is playing MC.
It looks like he may take a break from Madrid and/or Rome and wants to compensate for that by playing MC. This is directly going to impact Djokovic’s chance of retaining the title here.

Colin Says:

I have frequently alluded to the 2011 Monte Carlo semi-final between Nadal and Murray. Anyone who thinks Andy can’t play on clay should watch the highlights video on YouTube, in particular the second set.

Andy had an injured right elbow, received an injection 20 minutes before the match started, and went on court with an armful of cortisone. Nonetheless he played well, though losing the first set 6-4.

The second set was something to behold. Andy won it 6-2, and toward the end was really bossing Rafa, drawing him to the net and then executing beautiful lobs.

In the third set the cortisone started to wear off and Murray, understandably, panicked. Nadal needed no further invitation and pounced, winning the set 6-1.

Had he been fit, Murray might well have won that match, and as I say, he certainly showed he can play on clay.

As far as I know he has already decided to miss Monte Carlo and concentrate on working to be ready for Rolan Garros, so forget that wild card.

By the way, Andy has announced that he hopes to have a new coach in place in time for the FO.

Salleh Ahmed Says:

Dont know why fed doesnt take a well earned break after so much tennis?

Daniel Says:

Federer confirmed he will play MC

A Tango Lad Says:

Roger will play Mote Carlo.

Hopp Roger!

tweener Says:

Last year after taking a long break post IW, roger lost in the 2nd match against kei in madrid and was clearly looking rusty. That probably could be the reason, he doesn’t wanna take a 4 week break. I think, he’s not too much bothered about the possible result in MC, he just wants to stay match fit.

CCback Says:

Roger is playing Monte Carlo it is confirmed.

contador Says:

Lol, Federer in his old age continues to surprise me. I love Roger Federer. And MC is one title he does not have – I guess I wouldn’t be too upset if he won ; )

Roger could use a win vs Rafa – but that is not realistic, lols…

yeah, not too keen on Roger taking out Nole only to get another beat down on clay by Rafa. Seriously – rather eat tin foil than watch another clay Fedal.

Rita Says:

Yay for no month-long Roger drought!
Although this probably means Mirka’s due a little later and he’ll end up withdrawing from Rome or Madrid.

Giles Says:

Fed taking a WC for MC – guess he is buoyed by his win over the Kazhaks (who?)! Lol

Hippy Chic Says:

Colin i thought that match was at the FO not MC,but anyway i would like to see him play that way all the time on clay,whether its against Rafa or whomever,the irony is hes under less pressure at RG as opposed to Wimbledon,so he can hopefully swing away more freely….

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Not sure if Roger is frustrated with Stan being Swiss No 1. Or probably he knows that he would be in an extended break after the new born and might skip few masters in the later half of the season. Want to bloat the points as much as possible, so that he does not get ranked outside Top 8.

Translated Age Says:

Mirka is expecting twins again?

Well as far as doubles is concerned, he’s definitely the GOAT.

His boys can swim (or dance, or whatever).

Alexandra Says:

Wonder what made Federer take the WC. Granted, he was rusty last year in Madrid, but he played a lot more tennis this year. He played Miami and DC, he didn’t play all those last year.
I’m not so convinced by Andy’s clay court game to be honest. He has the occasional great match, but also really bad ones.

Translated Age Says:

He wants the points to keep his 4th seed for FO and Wimbledon to avoid the possibility of having to face Nole or Rafa prior to the semis.

I also heard he’s trying out a new DHBH. Says:

Colin, if you have to go back three years to find a “strong” semifinal loss to illustrate that a man with zero clay titles or even finals can really play on clay, well…. Says:

I call that Verdasco Syndrome.

When a single close loss is the highlight of your career and used to justify high expectations.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

I don’t think Roger plays because of rustiness. He skipped MC in 2012, in one of his best years, and had a very tight first match in Madrid. He was chasing No 1 then, but still skipped the tournament.

This looks like more a case of coverup for taking extended break during later part of the season.

Gordon Says:

Federer’s schedule this year is different from previous years. He is committed to the Davis Cup and that adds last week, September against Italy (who knocked off the UK) and since the tie against Italy is in Switzerland you’d have to think there’s a good chance Fed and Stan may find themselves in the finals later in the year.

Plus the timing of Mirka’s pregnancy can throw a wrench into the calendar as well, no?

Or perhaps Edberg has convinced him that playing Monte Carlo is a good idea. It’ll be interesting to see where Federer winds up in the draw.

Humble Rafa Says:

Not sure if Roger is frustrated with Stan being Swiss No 1

Nah. He is fine with someone else taking the limelight. Arrogant One is fine sitting on the sidelines and praising the number 1.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Nah. He is fine with someone else taking the limelight. Arrogant One is fine sitting on the sidelines and praising the number 1

If Roger can sit on the sideline and praise No 1, how can he be an Arrogant One. It contradicts.

Hippy Chic Says:

Tennis Vagabond i see what your saying,and its frustrating as a fan of Murrays,so it would be lovely if he could always play that well on clay,and the irony is hes under less pressure on clay than grass so hopefully he can just go for it and swing away freely….

Slice Tennis Says:

contador Says:
“Federer in his old age continues to surprise me”

Yes, the advances in sports medicine will always aid such miraculous stuff.

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