A Star Is Born! Nick Kyrgios Stuns Rafael Nadal Today At Wimbledon [Stats]

by Staff | July 1st, 2014, 2:53 pm

After defeating world No. 1 Rafael Nadal 76(5) 57 76(5) 63 in the round of 16, wild card Nick Kyrgios has become the first man to reach the quarterfinals on their Wimbledon debut since Florian Mayer in 2004. At 19 years 70 days, he is the youngest player to reach the quarterfinals at a Grand Slam since compatriot Bernard Tomic (18 years 255 days) at 2011 Wimbledon.

Kyrgios is the first teenager to defeat a world No. 1 at a Grand Slam since Nadal achieved the feat when he defeated Roger Federer at 2005 Roland Garros aged 19 years 2 days.

Kyrgios is the lowest-ranked player to reach the Wimbledon quarterfinals since No. 158 Tomic in 2011.

Kyrgios is the first player ranked outside the Top 100 to defeat a world No. 1 at a Grand Slam since No. 193 Andrei Olhovskiy defeated Jim Courier in the 3rd round at 1992 Wimbledon.

Kyrgios is the lowest-ranked player to defeat Nadal since No. 690 Joachim Johansson at 2006 Stockholm. Kyrgios is the lowest-ranked player Nadal has lost to at a Grand Slam.

Kyrgios is just the 3rd Australian player to defeat Nadal after Chris Guccione and Lleyton Hewitt. Nadal’s last loss to an Australian player (before today) came when he retired against Guccione at 2007 Sydney. Kyrgios joins Lleyton Hewitt as the only Australian player to have defeated Nadal at a major after Hewitt defeated Nadal at the 2004 and 2005 Australian Opens. Kyrgios has ended Nadal’s 14-match winning streak against Australian opposition.

“I think I was in a bit of a zone out there,” Kyrgios told BBC television. “It hasn’t sunk in what just played out out there. I played extraordinary tennis. I was struggling a bit on return, but I worked my way into it. I served at a really good level and I’m really happy.

“You’ve got to believe you can win the match from the start and I did. I’m playing unbelievable tennis on the grass. He hit extraordinary shots, but he’s always going to bring that.”

Nadal, who had not reached the Wimbledon quarterfinals in three years, commended the young Australian.

“The thing is this surface, when you have an opponent that decides to serve and to hit every ball very strong, you are in trouble,” said Nadal. “I think that I didn’t play really bad, but that’s the game in this surface.

“I think in the second and the third set I was better than him, but I was not able to convert those opportunities. And for the rest, I think he played better than me. So, in general, talking about what you need to win in this surface, he did the things better than me.”

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45 Comments for A Star Is Born! Nick Kyrgios Stuns Rafael Nadal Today At Wimbledon [Stats]

Humble Rafa Says:

Congratulations to K-boy. He played well and deserved to win. Humble will take it in his stride and look forward to the break to heal the body.

Wimbledon should call itself, “Two Surface Tumbledown” – Grass area and the Bald area.

Tennis Fan Says:

Nadal was fortunate to have made it so far … he looked pretty wobbly in each of the last few matches … lets see how Kyrgios does against his next opponent to get a real guage of where he’s at ,,,

Ben Pronin Says:

These are some of the weirdest stats I’ve ever come across. I’m gonna go with the Florian Mayer thing as being the most WTF of the bunch, though. I never even knew the guy made a slam quarter, let alone on his Wimbledon debut back in 2004.

Thanks, Kyrgios, for giving me the chance to expand my tennis trivia.

skeezer Says:

Rafa used to have good stats….now, still in his prime, he is losing to low ranked players often…and building bad stats.

jane Says:

okay, i think nick the kid is quite handsome. he’s also incredibly composed. very impressive.

Adam Says:

I think Grigor should give her the car back and start dating Eugenie

El_Flaco Says:

Kyrgios channeling Federer…


skeezer Says:

^loved the casualness of it all, so in your face, lol.

jane Says:

that’s joie de vivre…very much a young player’s territory. nothing at stake for him, really. it’s not like he’s one of those players we and the pundits have been waiting on – like raonic, dimitrov, etc – it’s just about the joy of the moment for him. you can tell by watching. it’s quite infectious.

yet it’s also interesting that his mum thought he’d have no chance and that made him angry. it’s a sign of his hunger and pride. not to mention stating that his goal is the be number 1 someday.

so is he another tomic? or is he a new star? time will tell.

Okiegal Says:

He is definitely on the cocky order….and a show off, but can’t compare to Tsonga or Gael….they’re real cute and funny when they do it……Nick, not so much……his cockiness is a more in your face kind……yeah, Skeezer you caught that too!!

Ben Pronin Says:

Cocky, humble, arrogant, shy, doesn’t matter. We’re not trying to friend these people, we just want quality tennis. Kyrgios plays with a lot of swag and I love it. I don’t think he’s like Tomic, and I hope it stays that way.

I don’t think he was necessarily disrepectful towards Nadal, though. His celebrations were over the top at times. After winning the third set he reacted as if though he won the match. I actually think it’s really impressive that he had these emotional celebrations all throughout the match but didn’t let them hinder his game at all. He just kept his focus so well. We really haven’t seen that since I’d say Djokovic and Nadal were young.

He was playing on Centre Court against the world number 1 and 14 time slam champ for a chance to reach his first slam quarterfinal and make the first big statement of his career. He clearly enjoyed it.

andrea Says:

it’s not a total shock that this guy beat nadal. rafa’s grass court efforts have been shaky for the past 3 years and big hitters/servers trouble him. i figured an upset was in the works with one of the top guys…and there may be another one. the newer generation is chipping away at success. c’mon raonic!

Humble Rafa Says:

Rafa used to have good stats….now, still in his prime, he is losing to low ranked players often…and building bad stats.

Still in my prime? I am playing good even at old age.

I would like to drink what you drink.

skeezer Says:

^I try to stay away from drinking too much Rafa kool aid. Water is the best.

Yeah the kid is just being 19. Who wouldn’t at 19, be celebrating after taking a set off the worlds#1, let alone 3 and a win? As Ben said, what was great was he was able to enjoy those moments and still keep his game in check to beat Rafa.

Bad Knee Rules Says:

This was a painful landing from cloud nine.

Was Nadal injured?

Hippy Chic Says:

Fantastic win for Nick,no complaints the better player won,hopefully he can back this up against Raonic?cute guy with a great future and a big game,the positive thing i take about Rafa this Wimby was that at least he made the second week which was a better showing than the previous two years in what is now his worst slam,where at one time it was his second best,Fed,Novak,Andy all look great anyway,but im hoping Andy can defend the title now?

Hippy Chic Says:

LOL I actually lost count of the amount of times he said you know in that interview….

Peep Says:

Congratulations nick.the confidence of youth.

Polo Says:

People who stud their sentences with filler words like, “you know”, irritate me. Kyrgios could be the leader of that group. I’m rooting for Roanic now!

Okiegal Says:

HI HIPPY CHIC……its about time you made the scene……….have missed you, my kindred spirit!!

Okiegal Says:

Roger says “you know” a lot too, I’ve noticed.

Okiegal Says:


I am pulling for Andrew, definitely my 2nd favorite. Oh how I hope he can defend his title. That would be great for the Brits. Good luck to him.

TheOneGOAT Says:

the great moonballer, lost to players ranked outside 100 3 times in a row at the oldest and most prestigious tennis tourney? say what, in his so called prime? did you say he was a a contender for G.O.A.T, Andre ‘the punk and substance abuser’ Agassi?

These people give the phrase G.O.A.T a bad name.. shame on them..

Okiegal Says:

Milos vs Nick….duel of the kings of aces…..will we see a repeat of Isner and Mahut….a five setter?? Although aces every point isn’t my kind of tennis, I will watch….because after all, it is Wimbledon!!

Patson Says:

19 years old … beats the world number 1 who happens to be one of the greats of the game …… now, who won’t be ecstatic ? Give the young man a break. He’s a conqueror , and he deserves to enjoy it, no matter which way he wants.

Polo Says:

Yes, Federer also uses “you know” a lot. But that’s Federer. He’s excused. Nothing that he does annoys me…except when he fails to convert a break point.

Hamza Says:

Congrats to Nick. Thoroughly deserved victory. As for Rafa, he can go back and recharge his batteries. Should enjoy the one month break before getting back to tennis. As for Nick, good luck for the many tennis years ahead of you.

Rafa’s got tons of points to defend this year. Needs to be in top shape.

Humble Rafa Says:

At 19, I was a grandslam champion, winning on the greatest surface on earth.

metan Says:

Congrats to Nick. He deserves it, the winning and the way he celebrated it. Wish him all the best . You have done great job.

As Rafa, I expected it, so it is not a shocking.

Go home, have enough rest and prepare for the hardcourt season. VAMOS, Rafa.

Brando Says:

Congrats to Nick!

Gotta to say I didn’t like his strutting in the match: it just peeved me right off.

But that you can put down to the brazen confidence of youth.

His Tennis though did the talking much better and he was the deserved winner!


Great effort but not surprised to see him lose. I think his fans understand that after 2012 and 2013, not winning a Grass match for 2 years this was always a tough ask to win.


Not winning a single mere set on Grass for 2 long years!

The win at Wimby never really was a realistic possibility as Rafa had to discover his game on Grass again.

You could he was trying his best, trying to rediscover it and bit by bit he was getting better, but you knew deep down as soon as he would be up against a firing, composed player then he’ll be in deep trouble.

And trouble Kyrgios proved to be.


I am pleased that he lost with a good performance, an improvement on Grass and now plenty of time to relax and gear up for HC season knowing his game and mind is in good order.

Rest of event:

Krygios looks the real deal and he’s a real contender.

Many teenagers when they first arrive on the scene show talent but Nick shows that and the vital other element that suggests a Slam winner:

On Court presence!

He doesn’t seem intimidated, unnerved by the pressure, seems to relish the occassion and has that swagger that all Champions seem to possess:

I think he’ll win a Slam for sure…………BUT NOT this one!

I think this is FED’s last chance at a Slam. 32 he has to face ONLY ONE of the dreaded 3 (Rafa,Andy, Novak) and he’s on Grass, winning 9 on the bounce:

He’s hardly going to get a better chance than that later on down the line is he!

So he’s in the final for me: he cannot and likely will not f’up this opportunity since it ain’t going to come around again!

The other side?

It all depends on ANDY MURRAY:

He’s the best Grass court player on that side, and I think he’s a even better Grass Court player right now than Fed.

He’s 26, in his prime, home crowd is behind him, he knows what to do out on Court and can beat all the players remaining in the event.

Good luck to him!

This Rafa loss will know free up the schedule to enjoy the WORLD CUP properly without having to channel surf stressfully all the time nervous about the score in the other match!

GO MUZZA: nail that Slam no.3!

Polo Says:

Nadal will not enjoy the World Cup because like him, Spain was eliminated before the quarterfinals.

Brando Says:

@Polo: LOL that was meant I reference to myself! Was switching nervously between Rafa’s match and the Argentina: unbelievably stressful seeing how Rafa and Messi were up against it as a fan. Glad Rafa bounced out since I would not have been able to handle more of this to be honest! PS: Huge props to the USA for their valiant effort v Belgium! They showed a lot of fight and commitment and were unlucky not to level in extra time!

skeezer Says:

“Gotta to say I didn’t like his strutting in the match: it just peeved me right off.”
Oh, so its ok when Rafa fist pumps and jumps in the air and all the vamos when the opponent misses?

Where do you think this young guy learned it from? Lol

Brando Says:


LOL grandpa, of course:

The evil incarnate that is known as Nadal, who else right?

All that jazz aside my good man:

I’m curious to know if you have been following the World Cup that is going on in Brazil?

And how much coverage/ interest has it received in the States?

Any public buzz for it at all?
I hope team USA’s valiant effort got the support it deserved!

Patson Says:


I’ve been following it. We’ve been getting fair bit of coverage except that I have to listen to that douchebag aka Alexi Lalas, who exhibits such shameless confidence infront of world class players like Ballack, and Nistelrooy. Do the unsuspecting viewer, he presents himself as Pele. If you don’t know Alexi Lalas, good. Some people in my office were super-excited about the Belgium USA match. There were lots of oohs and aahs in the extra time. But overall, a very small fraction of people really seem to care about soccer (pardon me but that’s what they call it here). Anyway, plenty of excitement when Green scored but the damage was already done by then.

I’m a Messi fan, which makes me an Argentina fan, who seem to rely solely on Messi. Even if they beat Belgium, they’re losing to the Dutch. The Dutch ain’t losing to the Ricans. I’m guessing it’s going to be a Brazil vs Netherlands final, with Brazil winning it.

Polo Says:

Those of you who are put off by the strutting, fist-pumping, chest-thumping players must not be fans of the World Cup. Look at the way those guys celebrate after scoring even by just a single point! And I would not even mention their coaches’ behavior.

Okiegal Says:


I think he learned it from Tsonga….is that who you meant??

Daniel Says:

Nadal said a lot of “in this surface”.

metan Says:

Which one is cool,,,
in this surface or you know,,,, 3 words or 2 words. 😊😃😜

Keep up a good fight!

metan Says:

For fedal, all matters. From words to fist pumping, to writer, number, pictures.
Hahahahaaha, What a fun

Michael Says:

Kyrgios would have beat anybody including Novak playing the way he did. He did all that is needed to be done on Grass. Heavy Serve, brutal hitting from both flanks. What was missing in his repertoire is the volley and the one or two times he came to the net, he was passed by Rafa with ease or he just flanked balls to the net. And the most exquisite shot was hit by him in between the legs which must be ranked as shot of the tournament. He executed that shot with such brazenness and audacity.

jane Says:

here’s dan martin’s piece on tennis break-throughs. lots of great memories/videos:


Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal @7.00pm July 1st hi missed you any everybody else too,ive alot going on in the real world so my blogging has and probably will be considerably less unfortunatly,anyway Rafas gone which wasnt totally unexpected, i was actually happy that he made the second week,which was a better showing than the previous two so one has to take the positives.

Okiegal Says:


As Michael stated on another thread, I have missed you. Glad you are able to break away from the real world and check in with us on TX.

Regarding our guy, as you stated he got deeper in the tourney this year……until he met a serving machine. Kudos to young Nick…..He really had his eggs all in one basket yesterday…….WOW…..but I will have to reserve star billing status for a later date. How many mediocre players play the match of their lives against Rafa……and I’m not intending to say Nick is in that category. I will have to agree with another poster who said he was the real deal. I am referring to Darcis and Rosol.I wasn’t stunned at all by Rafa’s loss, and I really don’t think he was either. When someone serves like he did yesterday and you can’t get a touch on the ball…..well, you’re in big trouble. Rafa had his chances, but had trouble finding the lines at times. It is what it is…..on to hard courts!!

Chic, I hope your Andy can win this thing and defend his title…..I’m in his corner big time and wishing the best for him! I also hope Rafa has a blast at the beach……btw……I thought Rafa took that loss better than usual…..not meaning to say he wasn’t disappointed……but his demeanor seemed calmer, imo.

I think I will don my thong and head to the beach too. My beach would have to be a lake…….and I am kidding about the thong!! Tee hee.

Nice to hear from you again. It has to feel good to know you’re missed…..a real compliment! Have a great day!!


PS Halep just gave Sabine a bagel and is moving on…..come on Genie!!

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