Roger Federer Isn’t Thrilled About Playing A Night Semifinal Then A Day Final
by Tom Gainey | August 16th, 2014, 11:06 am

Roger Federer is already a little on edge about his scheduling this weekend in Cincinnati. A week ago Federer had to play a 8pm night semifinal against Feliciano Lopez then return the next afternoon to play in the Canadian Open final against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga at 3pm.

After the loss to Tsonga Federer admitted going from night to day so quickly wasn’t ideal.

“I think it was the overall day conditions that were tough for me,” Federer said last Sunday. “It was faster than in the night, all my previous matches, so I think the turnaround was tough.

“It was just a turnaround from late nights to all of a sudden day. It gave me less time. Just also the way, you know, you feel out there.”

Federer did play all night matches in Canada up until the final against Tsonga. That hasn’t been the case this week in Cincinnati where the 5-time tournament champion has played in the day. But once again he will have to deal with the quick turnaround from a 9pm semifinal tonight to, if he wins, a 4pm day men’s final on Sunday.

According to the ATP, that’s within the tournament’s right since players must be given a minimum of 18 hours between the start of the their semifinal and the start of the final: “When the two (2) semi-final matches are not to be played consecutively, then the scheduled start time of the final shall be no earlier than eighteen (18) hours from the scheduled start time of the second semi-final match.”

Cincinnati provides 19 hours of rest in the case of tonight’s winner.

“It’s not an advantage. Is it a disadvantage? I don’t know,” Federer said of the tight turnaround. “You can’t like finish at midnight and then come back at 2:00 the next day. It’s realistic, but then it’s not fair. Then you have a disadvantage.”

Federer may also have a deal with a marathon 7pm women’s match between Maria Sharapova and Ana Ivanovic before. Or maybe weather.

“Clearly the scary part is in the case of rain. We don’t ever talk about that, but that can have a huge factor on Sunday. And then having it back it up twice. The other guy is easily finished. I hope no rain tomorrow.”

David Ferrer or Julien Benneteau will have 25 hours of time between the start of their 3pm scheduled semi and then the final. But first things first for Roger.

“Look, focus is clear trying to win that semis and not worry about the finals. I know I got my work cut out with Raonic,” he reminded.

Federer has beaten Raonic all five times they have played.

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27 Comments for Roger Federer Isn’t Thrilled About Playing A Night Semifinal Then A Day Final

Giles Says:

Whiner! Having his excuses ready in case he flops!

Sirius Says:

^Look who’s talking about whining!

Giles Says:

I don’t think you know the meaning of the word “whiner” if you are accusing me of being one. I comment yes, not whine!!!

Giles Says:

Joker is out, Wawa is out, Rafa is out and the whiner is still whining. He probably can’t believe his luck that he is potentially going to be in another final.

Sirius Says:

Whiner federer whined about Blue clay, hard courts, atp’s long schedule, the ranking system, etc. etc. Only federer whines, right?

Frankie Says:

Pleez! Roger only responded to a question asked about the turnaround. He said in an interview that yes it was hard but Tsonga played really well and deserved the win.


madmax Says:


Thank Goodness for common sense. Problem is Giles doesn’t have any.

Giles Says:
Whiner! Having his excuses ready in case he flops!

August 16th, 2014 at 11:38 am

giles. What is it with you? Do you really hate Federer that much? Does he really make you sick because he is working hard and has done all year, and now he is reaping the rewards. I find it really really sad.

Sorry that Rafa is not up to speed right now, but you know, he will be back soon. I think that he will have every chance to win the USO.

I think you need to realise as Frankie said that he answered a question honestly. All players, whether that is Roger, Rafa, Novak, or Andy have to play a different schedule depending on the tournament, and the draw.

I had thought that Roger was playing way too many night matches, doesn’t seem fair somehow, but it is what it is.

We all know you can’t stand Fed Giles, but it really has gone far enough for some of us to hear this day in, day out.

Well done to both Fed and Murray yesterday. Will read what Murray had to say as am sure he will be upset at being 4:1 up in the second. It was definitely on his racquet, Fed did well to break back as he did. Showed some courage and fortitude. It’s what I like to see from the Maestro.

jane Says:

“giles. What is it with you? Do you really hate Federer that much?”

madmax, giles hates nole too.

Patson Says:

I’ve noticed something interesting.

There is some sort of ‘make snarky comments’ cold war going on between Giles and Skeezer. Tennis-x would be a lot better place if both these people stop posting snarky comments over here.

Okiegal Says:

Thread created to incite fans into getting embroiled in the whining debate. Whose the biggest whiner, Roger or Rafa? They have succeeded. Why do we fans play into this?

madmax Says:

jane Says:
“giles. What is it with you? Do you really hate Federer that much?”

madmax, giles hates nole too.

August 16th, 2014 at 2:05 pm

Hi Jane.

giles does nothing except whine about Federer whenever he plays. Time to grow up I think.

By the way, thanks for the commentary last night Jane on the Fed v Murray match. I saw only some of it (as you know), and really thought it would go to a third.

I know Murray would have been disappointed, but I think he just lacks confidence right now. In my books, he will be just as eager to improve between now and heading into New York, as anyone.

He has the tools to play really well. He has just lost that bit of mental strength and we all know as tennis followers, that has happened to each and every one of our faves at some time in their career.

Okiegal Says:

One more thing…what is wrong with the players telling the press what they think or how they feel? They are hounded unmercifully and then expected to answer all their dumb questions and then people make a big deal out of their answers. I don’t care who it is…Roger, Rafa, Novak, Andy etc….it is getting ridiculous…my 2 cents!!

jane Says:

no problem madmax; it was a topsy-turvy match – some errors from both, but some excellent play from both. fed’s focus was exemplary. when murray started to falter in the second set, fed was so focused and ready to pounce back in it, such that he won in straights even though he was down a double break in that set. impressive. you’d never know he has 2 wee boy twins somewhere. :)

JF Says:

I’m amazed by the sensitivity here.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Anyone with a hint of common sense knows this is a unfair schedule for the player winning the night match. It doesn’t matter if it’s Roger who has won you cannot give this kind of advantage for the player who wins the day match.

Michael Says:

The shape of environnment plays a lot in deciding outcomes of matches where the margin of difference is minimal between one player and another player. Ofcourse, it is an unfair advantage for a player who plays all his matches on day and presented with a similar kind of opportunity in the finals compared to a player who plays all night matches and has to adjust his game in the finals when it is a day venture where he has to readily adjust to the speed and flight. But, that is how Tennis functions and Roger is an experienced campaigner who has seen it all in his lengthy and has to adjust necessarily adjust to different outcomes. Ofcourse, nobody would be thrilled to be in a difficult situation but is there any other alternative ?

piyush chauhan Says:

may the best man win

Gordon Says:

Why do you think a bye is given to the top 8 guys at these tournaments? Its not like they couldn’t have a full draw of 64.

But in addition to guaranteeing that the top 8 guys advance to the round of 32 the tournament also provides an extra day cushion for the finalists in the previous week’s final.

In this case Federer had 3 days between his Sunday afternoon final in Toronto and his first match in Cincinnati.

However, the overachieving non-top-8-seed player has an extra match to play a day earlier. It rarely happens, but it did this year and the Canada champ – Tsonga – became a 6-4, 6-1 victim to Youzhny.

Things like this happen.

In the current case the players on the side of the #1 seed know ahead of time they get the early semi-final match. That’s the way the draw goes. The deal the US Open has with the networks necessitates matches in prime time on a Saturday for both Masters 1000 matches.

Fortunately for Federer last night’s match against Raonic was little more that a quick training session so he should be fine against Ferrer. But yes, it could have been ugly and there have been times when it has been.

But not this time.

And folks – please ignore Giles. He is nothing more than a mean spirited troll. Haters should be ignored; their vile spewing has way less of an impact.

Hippy Chic Says:

Gordon this forum is full of mean spirited trolls,take newbie Casey as an example,aint got a nice word to say about Novak or Rafa….
Great post though BTW….

Polo Says:

Doe anybody really take Giles seriously though?

madmax Says:


No. Except them!

Nice one Gordon.

This person seems to now have turned their attentions to HC who, when praises a rival opponent, gets the other side of Giles’ tongue. The woman can’t win.

Eric Says:

Speaking of unfair scheduling, Ivanovic played until late in the night last night and then had to come back for the final at 2 pm, while Serena had something like seven extra hours of rest. Blatant abuse of the order of play, it seems to me.

skeezer Says:

Yeah thanks for bringing that up, very good point. Totally realize the Tourney wants to end on Sunday, but why can’t they start a day earlier?

jane Says:

agree eric. too bad. i think ana might’ve put up more of a fight had she had a little more time to recover from the marathon win over sharpie.

Eric Says:

I don’t think they need a day off but it seems obvious that you should schedule the 2 women’s SF matches in succession and the 2 men’s SF matches in succession, instead of mixing them up so that one player in each final inevitably has almost 50% more recovery time.

Polo Says:

Agree with Eric. That makes more sense.

Leo Says:

I like Eric’s suggestion, too.

In addition, why not push the finals a few hours? Like 4pm for the women and 6pm for the men.

As for the 2nd semis, what is up with a 9pm start time?

In the end it didn’t matter. Roger handled it like a pro.

Vamos, Rog!!

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