Milos Raonic Says His Hair Is No Different Than Yours, It’s Just The Product He Uses
by Tom Gainey | August 31st, 2014, 12:11 pm

A topic of conversation for rising star Milos Raonic has been the rising star’s almost perfect hair which never moves and never is out of place. After a third round win yesterday over Victor Estrella Burgos, Raonic addressed he he maintains his look.

“It’s not really a secret,” Raonic said. “I don’t got really too different hair of most people. Just the right product.”

Asked about a potential hair product sponsor, Raonic didn’t sound interested. “Maybe I will, but I’m not necessarily chasing one at the moment. I’ll just let the hair speak for itself. It’s got a Twitter account, so it actually does more speaking than I probably do on Twitter.”

The 23-year-old Raonic is in the fourth round for a third straight year. Tomorrow he’ll meet Kei Nishikori.

“Kei’s I think biggest strength comes really in his movement,” Raonic said. “He’s able to take the ball early because of it. But also, at the same time he’s able to defend well because of how well he moves and how well he can get himself in position. Sort of have to find your way around that.”

Raonic also revealed he doesn’t take the subway in New York for fear of injury.

“Last time I rode a subway in New York I actually got hurt, so I avoid them,” he said. “The turnstile hit me really hard in the knee and I was limping for a little while.”

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12 Comments for Milos Raonic Says His Hair Is No Different Than Yours, It’s Just The Product He Uses

Tennis Fan Says:

Why the absorbed fascination in Raonic’s hair … get a life.

Hippy Chic Says:

I would bet my life on the minute Milos wins his first GS(which i believe is only a matter of time),that there will be a shampoo commercial of some discription….

Margot Says:

Agree Hippy, re slam and probably hair deal….;) It is inevitable. Milos was born at just the right time.
Not my favourite of the newbies tho.

Hippy Chic Says:

Margot nor mine either,i think he has alot of talent and i respect him and his game,but he leaves me a bit cold,i like Kie and Grigor how about you?

Margot Says:

Those two, tho I think of Kei as between Andy and Grig, and Thiem and Kusnetzov.
Is Kei a wee bit older than Dimi, I wonder.

Gordon Says:

I think DC Comix has a case of copyright infringement against Milos, who appears to have assumed Clark Kent’s ‘do without permission.

jane Says:

^ there is something very … retro about it.

Bob Lewis Says:

He’s definitely Milos the Missile when he’s serving. However, he becomes Milos the Mistletoe when he’s returning. Nishikori’s serves aren’t that tough, particularly the seconds. Raonic can’t even get them back into play. It’s awful.

Bob Lewis Says:

I hate to pick on the guy, but Raonic doesn’t move particularly well either. Yea he’s a big guy, but he’s just the modern version of his coach. Big weapons, but the return and defense need improvement. Ljubo’s guns were nearly as big, but was more versatile on D.

jane Says:

kei just broke to go ahead in the 5th 3-2. we’ll see if he can hold onto and maybe even build on the lead.

i agree that milos has work to do on his game.

jane Says:

the commentators are noting that milos has no plan b, no change in tactics. the crowd are definitely behind kei.

jane Says:

congrats to kei for reaching the quarterfinals!

bad day for canada at the us open: popsicle, bouchard and raonic all lost. interestingly all did better on grass, and in milos’ case even clay.

at the slams milos went:
AO – R16
Wim – SF
USO – R16

genie went:
AO – semis
FO – semis
Wim – finals
USO – R16

AO – R32
FO/Wim/USO – R128
but of cours in doubles W at wimbledon.

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