2015 Davis Cup Draw: USA Draws Britain Again; France, Canada The Early Favorites?
by Sean Randall | September 18th, 2014, 12:34 pm

The 2015 Davis Cup draw was just announced and the big takeaway was a rematch between the USA and Great Britain. Earlier this year led by Andy Murray the Brits beat up on the US in San Diego. Next March that tie will take place in the UK on Murray’s turf.

I know Murray’s supporting the Scotland side today in the vote, but I believe regardless of outcome Murray will remain on Team GB through 2015, assuming he wants to play.

That wasn’t the only rematch in the first round. After beating the depleted Canadians at home, Japan and Kei Nishikori will now travel to North America for their first round encounter.

Also, Novak Djokovic’s Serbia team will host the Marin Cilic-led Croats. The rising Aussie’s make the long trip to the Czech Republic and France faces Germany.

Among the missing are Rafael Nadal’ Spanish team who won’t be in the World Group for the first time this century after losing over the weekend down in Brazil.

As any year, with Davis Cup it all comes to who’ll play. And 2015 will be a big question marks. Djokovic will have a new addition to his family so his time might be compromised. What if Roger Federer wins the Davis Cup, will he return for another year? Will Juan Martin Del Potro be available? Or Murray who may decide not to play for GBR if today’s vote swings in favor of Scotland.

With so many players, France will remain tough. And if Canada has both Milos Raonic and Vasek Pospisil healthy and at their disposal then that could really be the team to watch out for.

All the fun starts next year in March.

2015 Davis Cup First Round Matches
06 Mar – 08 Mar 2015


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18 Comments for 2015 Davis Cup Draw: USA Draws Britain Again; France, Canada The Early Favorites?

SG1 Says:

Who, other than Kei, is on Japan’s DC team? I can see him beating Raonic or Pospisil. He can get two wins out of the tie. Is there anyone capable of bakcing him up?

the DA Says:

@Sean – Andy has committed to GB for DC in 2015 and will be there in March:


senorita Says:

If Scotland votes YES next year will be the last time Andy will compete for GB. The English have turned against him since he came out for the ‘Yes’ side this morning. Just look at the comments in the DM. (Over 5k)


Margot Says:

The “Daily Fail” is gutter press and most of its readers are “Little Englanders” who haven’t forgiven Andy for his football comment of years ago.
I wouldn’t pay ANY attention to what’s written there.

the DA Says:

@Margot – Those pale in comaprison to some comments he received on his twitter timeline after his tweet last night. One delightful guy wished he’d been killed in the Dunblane massacre. There are some very sick people out there. The courage in making his position known (knowing there’d be a backlash) is another commendable trait of his.

steve-o Says:

Murray had better hope Scotland votes yes, otherwise the British tabloids are going to destroy him whenever he loses. Before they would just crucify him. Now they’re going to crucify him, draw-and-quarter him, burn him at the stake, scatter his ashes and then salt the earth where he walked. And then they’re going to really start torturing him.

In the event of a yes vote, would Murray’s Olympic medal go to independent Scotland or to the rump UK? Will Salmond and Cameron discuss this very important issue in the negotiations? I mean, there’s the crucial questions of how to divvy up the oil and the pound–and then there’s the matter of how to divvy up Murray’s gold medal, which trumps them all.

Hippy Chic Says:

They always do that with Murray anyway,they built someone up and then take great joy in knocking them down again,its the nature of the British press,damned if you dont,and damned if you do….

Hippy Chic Says:

^Sorry build not built^….

Hippy Chic Says:

The DA nice post,good for Andy for standing his ground….

senorita Says:

Yes it’s very brave of Andy to come out and say what he thinks. Jamie did the same. To be honest, I feel they may have pressure from the Scots to support the ‘Yes’ campaign or they’ll be seen as turncoats and unpatriotic.

Hippy Chic Says:

As i already said he will be crucified no matter what he does,its called hobsons choice….

Brando 2.0 Says:

I am a Englishman and to be honest- if honesty is permissable around here for a moment- I must say that:

The one good thing (for the record I hope the Union remain’s but would accept whatever choice Scotland makes as it’s their rightful discretion to make a choice that they wish for on this matter) would be that:

The phony support for Andy would be at an end.

All would be out, naked, public and in the open!

What I mean by phony is those from us English who used to pretty much knock the guy, call him a scrawny so and so, look down on him as a bit of a wimp, question his heart/ character and then yap the classic:

He’s Scottish when he has a lose and is British when he wins!

I hated that BS that used to fly around Muzza and only came to end once he won a Slam. He remained the same, but all of a sudden his status in the Tennis fraternity changed. And the reason was not because all of a sudden folks came to their senses but because:

English sport- for a nation that started many sports- currently has a pathetic amount of genuinely world class Champions.

Truthfully we have little to shout about. It’s quite ridiculous how bad we are in some Sports in the International Arena (World Cup 2014 anyone?…).

We this dearth of winner’s to shout about, along came one in Andy Murray in the USO 12′, lo and behold all of a sudden:

It’s OUR champion Andy Murray!


The hypocrisy of it all just stinks to me!

So should Scotland go the independence route it would really separate the genuine from the superficial, snobby, glory hunting/ bandwagon jumping jerks who switched what came out of their mouth since all of a sudden the fella they knocked as a wimp is now a Champion.

As far as Andy is concerned:

He is what he has always been- a proud Scot (rightfully so) who’s chased his dream, achieved it in a dedicated manner all due to his OWN effort, sacrifice and willingness to forge ahead regardless of the obstacle or setback he has to confront.

What the British/ English public may be like towards him post this matter is not something I think he gives a rat’s you know what about.

Andy is smart individual.

He’s intelligent enough to know that investing anything- let alone his self esteem- at the feet of a public who’s treatment towards him solely depends on his results, classification (winner or loser) as opposed to his character, being would be pure folly.

So he won’t likely give a 4 letter you what about it.

And rightfully so since the English public in the main- and I say this as a Englishman myself- does have a snippy, b—-y, moaning, groaning, hating, judgmental attitude to alot of our national public figure’s.

Talking rubbish and in a negative light about public figure’s is sadly a national sport in this country.

Everyone’s favourite past time.

IF Andy is granted Independence from it then all I say about that is:

Good on ya my man, good on you!

Colin Says:

Sean, what do you mean, “supporting the Scotland side”? The Noe campaigners are doing that too; they believe staying in the Union would be best for Scotland. Andy himself, of course, has no vote, as he is not resident there.

The worst of the anti-Murray crew are usually football fans, because that sport does seem to attract the more moronic and unpleasant elements in the population.

BTW, Margot, “Daily Fail” is a good dig at the paper, but many call it the “Daily Heil”,on account of its enthusiastic support for Hitler throughout the 1930s, pretty well up to the outbreak of war.

the DA Says:

steve-o – You’re joking about the Olympic medal but it’s amazing how many people think that the Gold, Silver, USO and Wimbledon wins will be changed from GB to SCO. They won’t. He won them representing GB and they won’t be updated retroactively. As an example look at the honor roll at Roland Garros: Mima Jausovec & Monica Seles are listed as Yugoslavians and Lendl is listed as Czechoslovakian. On the Olympic website 1988 gold medalist Miloslav Mecir is Czechoslovakian not Slovakian.

Margot Says:

And Scotland stays in the union! Yay!

Hippy Chic Says:

Great posts from Brando,The DA,Colin,Margot etc,English/Scottish he will always be the man whom won Wimbledon,USO,Gold Medal representing our country and for that we are very proud of him,nothing but nothing will change that,Colin is right about the Daily Mail which my late father used to say is probably the most right wing newspaper there is,he was very bitter after doing national service,otherwise he never wouldve left the village where we lived….

Patson Says:

This feels so anti-climactic especially after watching braveheart. I truly thought all the Scotsman would go to the polling booths yelling ‘Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom’ !

Just shows how little I know about Scotland. I blame Braveheart for this.

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