Watch Highlights From Roger Federer’s SF Win Over Novak Djokovic In Shanghai [Video]
by Tom Gainey | October 11th, 2014, 10:24 am

Roger Federer snapped Novak Djokovic’s 28-match winning streak in China beating the Serb 64, 64 in the Shanghai Masters 1000 semifinals earlier today.

After being down five matchpoints on Wednesday, Federer played some of his best tennis of the season to score his first win over a World No. 1 since he beat Djokovic in the 2012 Wimbledon semifinals. Federer faced and saved only one break point the entire match, hit 35 winners, seven aces, and won 20 of 35 points at the net.

Federer now leads Djokovic 19-17 in their head-to-head and 3-2 this year.

Federer’s 60th match win of the season puts him into the final against Gilles Simon, and keeps him in the No. 1 hunt.

If you missed the match, here are the highlights:

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17 Comments for Watch Highlights From Roger Federer’s SF Win Over Novak Djokovic In Shanghai [Video]

roy Says:

nadal picked the worse year to have a wrist problem … he would have been cleaning up post wimbledon with the state murray and djoker are in.

SX1 Says:

Dude there is reason nadal hardly wins any tournament after USO..

he could have chances at USO series

Michael Says:

“HISSSSSSSSSS Genius in action”.

Roger lived upto that flagging today. Novak just had no chance. He didn’t play badly at all. But what can he do against a Roger who was reproducing his prime era display ?

Dc Says:

roy Says:
nadal picked the worse year to have a wrist problem … he would have been cleaning up post wimbledon with the state murray and djoker are in.

October 11th, 2014 at 10:47 am
ROFL & LMAO…Just liked he performed at wimbledon !!!!
Ha ah ha ha..Roy make the most hilarious comments…..

On a serious note – Rafa is injured.. Pl do not make fun of him by making such comments.

FedExpress Says:

“I’m not going to come into the match and play terrible,” said Federer. “It just won’t happen – not in the finals, not against Simon. That’s the confidence I have right now.”

I luv it.

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

Thanks you Tom for that!


It’s only highlights, but that is the best I have seen Fed look since FO 2011. With comfortable ease.

The venturing to the net was impressive but what stroke me most was:

1. The aggressive body language. He looked so pumped up in this like ‘I’m going to show this guy who’s boss and screw Brando and his ageing process theories’. LOL: did he play like a charged up player or what? Very alpha male presence on court. Almost had the look of a bully a few times when the camera gave some shots of him. Peeved, aggressive and intent on kicking some butt: really, really great to see that kind of attitude on court.

2. The instinctive net play: His net game seemed so spot on. Consistently venturing there without fear, coming in post a fantastic deep shot, with great reflexes in exchanges. Incredible stuff: he looked the part there for sure as opposed to sometimes looking like he’s clutching at straws by going there. He looked like he was in his natural habitat in the video in those net exchanges.

3. Dazzling footwork: He seemed to have time on every shot, moving nimbly on his toes like the day’s of old as opposed to flat on his heels in recent years. He was dancing in this performance. Great footwork.

but most of all:

4. The sheer power in his ground strokes. Wow. His Forehand looked so beast like in this. His Backhand. So powerful, with depth and causing havoc.

I have not seen Fed strike the ball with so much power in a long, long time.

No wonder when he won the final point he turned to his box and let out a lion like roar.

Put simply:

Weak era, strong era, any era: when Fed plays like that then barring a certain Spaniard he’s virtually guaranteed to kick the opponent’s butt.

Performance of the year.

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

‘That’s the confidence I have right now.’:

Beast mode!

Damn Rafa: why the hell are you injured!

I would love, love, love to see Rafa take on Fed when he’s in this kind of form.

It would be absolutely amazing to see for me: Tennis nirvana.

A Lion taking on another Lion. 2 huge presences going at it.

Fed seemed in such a aggressive mode today: his alpha presence, his mean demeanour. I just loved to see that.

Rafa brings the same to the table. The beast locking horns with Fed in this kind of mood would be absolutely epic.

Gutted it won’t happen this year.

I really hope Rafa get’s to face Fed in this kind of bad ass mood and form some time next year on the big stage in a Grand Slam.

Don’t give a care about the result:

Those 2 lions going at it and not backing down one iota would just be gobsmacking to see.

Really hope something like that happens. Preferably at Wimbledon (miss Fedal finals) or at USO (NY and America are longing to claim a Fedal Slam classic for many a year).

Here’s hoping it happens.

Tennis Fan Says:

As anyone knows Nadals style exacts damage to the body … he won’t be able to play at his old level much longer (I don’t expect Nadal to have much of a chance past next years French). Federer game is utterly meant for tennis … what will Nadal’s game look like when he’s 33? Ha Ha … don’t even answer.

Okiegal Says:

Poor Giles……meanwhile, COME ON SOONERS DEHORN texas…… the 109th Red River show down!!

madmax Says:

Wow Federer. Incredible tennis.

Hippy Chick Says:

Federer is meant for tennis fair enough,what will Nadals game look like at 33 ha ha again fair enough,but beside all his short comings regarding style of play,the guy has 14 GS,only one player in history has more,and the guy has won at least one GS for 10 straight years,not too shabby IMO for someone whos career is deemed such a failure(sigh)….

Polo Says:

What does it matter what Nadal’s game will look like when he’s 33? He and Roger have been entertaining us with great performances over the years. We rejoice when they win. We suffer with every loss. We treat like dear friends those who side who take our side and hate those who don’t. One without the other will take the fun out of our arguments. About Djokovic? He’s great, too but stands some steps behind those two. Most of us ( maybe it’s just me) take him as a neutralizer. Somebody to put a check on either of the two so that one does not move way ahead over the other.

Giles Says:

Okie. We’re you referring to me “Poor Giles”?

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Polo,fantastic post,tennis is about the here and the now,who knows if there will even be a tennis-x forum when Nadal is 33,maybe it along with those two players will be long gone?

Gordon Says:

What I will never understand is the mean spirited crap spewed in here by the trolls. If Federer, Nadal and Djokovic hated each other I could maybe – and that’s a slim maybe – tolerate it.

But these three are legendary in their advancements of the sport of tennis. They are respectful of each other and are gracious in defeat and in victory. And more than anything else, their careers are defined by each other. And while the spirit of competitiveness prevents them from being close with each other, I have little doubt we’ll see them side by side watching future champions, in full stadiums that the momentum of their collective careers and talent help build.

And yes, they have each had off moments, but haven’t we all? They didn’t descend from Valhalla; they are human like you and me.

So when someone wins can the non-fans of the loser just back off? And I have to note that Nole’s fans have been great in posts on this match, it’s the Rafa trolls who are contributing the garbage today.

Why not give it a rest?

Steve 27 Says:

The only great teenager who was terrific in his 30s was Ken Rosewall.
Even Sampras who had “the greatest serve of all time” was very poor in his 30s bar the US Open 2002.
I certainly think Rafa can be top 8 in 2017 if he decides to continue his career.

Okiegal Says:

@Giles……Oh, no……I spelled it wrong!! Sorry….I meant Simon…..having to play Roger…..I really thought Novak would win the whole thing, but Roger had other ideas. He’s just playing so well atm, I would feel sorry for anyone who had to be across the net from him…..that’s what I meant!

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