What Does Roger Federer Have To Do To Finish 2014 Ranked No. 1?
by Staff | November 8th, 2014, 10:07 pm

On the eve of the ATP Finals, Roger Federer still has a chance – a longshot one – of finishing the year No. 1 for a record-equalling sixth time.

For Federer, who trails top man Novak Djokovic by 1,310 ATP Ranking points, to have any hope of finishing the year No. 1, the Swiss must win the ATP Finals (undefeated champion = 1,500 pts, 1-loss = 1,300 pts). Then depending on how Djokovic does, he may also need to pick up additional ranking points at the Davis Cup (max of 225 points).

For 2-time defending Finals champion Djokovic, if he goes undefeated in round robin play (3-0, worth 600 pts) or if he makes the final he’ll clinch No. 1 for a third time in his career.

Max ATP Finals points: 1,500 (200 per RR win, 400 SF win, 500 final win)
Max Davis Cup points: 225 (75 per singles win + 75 team title bonus)

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17 Comments for What Does Roger Federer Have To Do To Finish 2014 Ranked No. 1?

Ben Pronin Says:

Davis Cup < 250 title.

Brando GOAT poster Says:

To be honest I think this is a moot point now and the year end is inevitably on its ways to Novak now. I think Fed’s over it emotionally interms of investment and just now focused on a good WTF (obviously aiming for a win) and then DC. And I think most fans are likewise over this race. A case of: a open secret that is just awaiting the mandatory official confirmation.

Steve 27 Says:

Djoker has the chance to equal Nastase and Lendl 3 Masters in a row and is not even mentioned?
Come on, Randall, you can do it better¡
Be more ojective this time and give an article to Djokovic this time. Expand your points of view at least once. There are much followers than a certain player.

jane Says:

i read that if nole were to win the wtf for a third time, he would break lendl’s record 3 in a row, a record which is 27 years old, the same age as nole, as well as the same number of wins on indoor courts nole presently has: 27.

jane Says:

^ consecutive wins, i mean

Michael Says:

Statistically, Roger still has a chance, but realistically he has none and if he still manages to become year end No.1 then that can only perceived as a miracle. A good performance at Paris Masters would have helped Roger’s cause, but his elimination at the quarters there has complicated the scenario quite unfavourably. Nonetheless, Roger is not playing for No.1, he is playing because he loves the sport and wants to enjoy as much as he can and treasure those memories because he knows he cannot rule the game for ever and there will come a time when he will be compelled to hang the boots. All said and done, Roger is still the second best player in the World today and that requires some taking in such a competitive environment where the young guns are perceivably dominating.

sienna Says:

No BP. Davis Cup can earn 500 points.
hè can win these points by winning final.
to reach final those points have already been awarded.

it is hardly aan miracle if Roger winswithoutlosing aan match + Novak need not reach the final + lose RR match.

those things are not so impossible to imagine but maybe not allthree.

sienna Says:

so is novak 2 or 3 time defending champion?
2 in a row, but 3 titles….

Hippy Chick Says:

Sienna hes won the title for the last two years,and he won the title in 2008….

sienna Says:

I do know how many majors the players have won.
Why is he referred as 2 time defending champ and not 3.

a mistake or referring to the last 2 years?

Hippy Chick Says:

Sienna i think your making an issue about nothing really….

Alexandra Says:

Federer missed his chance for No.1 in Paris. Now it’s mainly up to Djokovic to seal it. Federer’s chances to end No.1 are about 5%.

Okiegal Says:

I think when the titles are back to back that’s how it’s spoken about in articles and what not…..I guess, but not sure!! Who knows what the nose knows…..speak beak!! Lol

sienna Says:

when was a 3 time winner of thee single biggest tennis price after a slam Id like that they got my numbers correct.

the 5 big ones are being counted for history. Novak with 3 less of Rafa if he wins will be very conscious about nummers.

Hippy Chick Says:

Sienna true,but theres nothing to say Nadal wont win more GS in the future,and in not knocking the WTF,as it is an important tounament,but i think Novak would still rather be where Rafa is with double the GS….

Tennis Island Says:

It would be great to see Roger Federer as a world no 1. He works so hard and has same age so it would be another big trophy in his career. Good luck

sienna Says:

Nadal will be ready for AUOpen.

maybe it will become his most important slam. AuOpen will be a possible gamechanger.
winning there would give such a boost the rush will take him to Garros
you do the math…

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