Andy Murray Tells Federer Fans To “Relax”!
by Tom Gainey | November 23rd, 2014, 12:52 pm

Among the many viewers of Roger Federer and Switzerland’s big Davis Cup win today was Andy Murray. With a tweet, the Scot, who’s had his own back problems, took aim at Federer fans (“FedFans”) who were in ruin over the state of Roger’s health and game after Friday’s loss to Gael Monfils.

Following his poor showing at the ATP Finals last week, Murray, who at No. 6 finished out of the Top 4 for the first time since 2007, vowed to get better next year.

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32 Comments for Andy Murray Tells Federer Fans To “Relax”!

tfouto Says:

Go Murray! Win at least another grand slam this year.

RZ Says:

I saw Murray’s first tweet saying a lot can change in 2 days in sports, and really couldn’t fathom why people took offense to that. Regardless, I love how invested Murray is in the sport of tennis.

jane Says:

he got loads of backlash on twitter for saying *that* – go figure!

Polo Says:

I don’t think Murray has any mean bone in his body. Some people are too uptight to take offense even when there’s none.

Hippy Chick Says:

Love you Andy,now come on enough p*ssing about,lets get one of the GS next year,dont really care which,although been a Brit another Wimbledon would be amazing,and please stop been so damn friendly with your rivals,polite handshakes will do nicely,you can beat them you just need to believe in yourself,i want back as one of the big four and not an also ran, as the hard luck stories have done my head in just lately….

Hippy Chick Says:

And i agree in that Andy meant no ill in these words,quite the opposite,but as Okiegal would say,some people will make a federal case out of anything said….

Eric Says:

“…sorry.” Only Andy!

Brando GOAT Poster Says:

So f’ng spot on!

I said it the other day:

It’s embarrassing how some are so quick to overact.

The tie was 1-1 and folks here were talking of a miracle being needed to win the DC:


It’s typical of this era/ generation to be honest:

Mentally- by and large- we are pretty pathetic, prone to extreme thinking, weak and blow things ways out of proportion.

The hyperbole is idiotic at times.

In comparison to the calm and cool of those gone by who faced MUCH, MUCH tougher situations and kept a level head I say:

Mentally this era/generation is pretty poor.


SG1 Says:

It seems that Murray is a bit of Federer fan himself. He may need to shed some of that admiration to get back where he needs to be. I don’t think you need to hate your opponent as was the case with Connors, Mac and Lendl, but I think you need to have some animosity in your heart when you step on a tennis court for a big match.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Murray is spot on. I thought Roger wanted to protect his body for reverse singles, with Stan winning the first tie. That might have given his a chance to relax and test his body.

I wish Andy comes back and wins a slam or atleast start challenging the big guys as he used to do consistently. He is a much better player than what he was throughout 2014.

Michael Says:

Brando @ 5.08 PM,

I am not sure you took the effort to see my counter post, but let me clarify once again. The word “miraculous” was used in the context of Roger’s back problems and the way he lost to Gael Monfils. May be it was an exaggeration, but things indeed looked bleak for Swiss at that moment. The score of 1-1 in the singles looked pretty tight for the Swiss team especially considering that the French had a superior Doubles team where victory was taken literally for granted. The equations changed only when the Swiss decided to experiment with the pair of Roger and Wawarinka to change the tide in their favour which fortunately clicked to perfection. I was also not aware of the physical disability of Tsonga who was nursing an arm injury which greatly hampered his play. Moreover, Roger recovered well and play an excellent singles match against Gasquet which too was somewhat unexpected. Afterall there was this apprehension as to how much that bad back was posing problems for Roger, but everything vanished when success blossomed.

Hippy Chick Says:

SG1 November 23rd 6.17pm,spot on lets see a bit of fire and passion….

Jack Lewis Says:

>> Mentally- by and large- we are pretty pathetic, prone to extreme thinking, weak and blow things ways out of proportion.<<

Nah, that's been true of all generations. The problem is now we have the internet and all that stupidity can be published to the world at large and read by all.

Margot Says:

Rumours on the net that Andy and Dani have parted company.
Nooooooooooo :(

jane Says:

it looks like it’s true; i’ve seen it all over. also jez is off the team too!

Hippy Chick Says:

Shame really,i would think this is the last thing Andy needed,more unrest in the Murray camp….

Giles Says:

Andy is now engaged to Kim Sears.
Congrats Andy!

RZ Says:

I think Dani has done more for Andy than he gets credit for, but honestly I’m not sure what else he could do. Perhaps a fresh start is what Murray needs to get back to where he was. At least I hope so.

django Says:

Apparently they weren’t happy with Mauresmo

Margot Says:

Now rumours flying round Andy and Kim are engaged. What is he on????
Too much news, think I’ll raise the drawbridge and hide behind the portcullis for a while!

the DA Says:

@Margot – It’s true, he has finally proposed. It’s so typical of him to drop 2 newsworthy bombs on the same day and then take off on a 12 hour flight and not be reachable for comments, hehe. I’m very happy for him – not least Kim who has been patient personified.

Now the pressure’s all on Rafa ;)

jane Says:

well if it’s true, that’s nice. he’s been with kim for a long time, and she seems to be very supportive. but definitely seems like lots of changes at once. kind of went through it this year with nole: first boris, then marriage, then baby.

brando GOAT poster Says:

Damn that’s poor, poor decision! Should’ve fired amelie not jez and dani. This just seems to indicate he’s firmly backing her and I wish I shared his faith since I voiced doubts at the point of appointment and now legends like McEnroe, wilander doubt that appointment also. Who knows what the future holds all that is certain is: he’s 28 next year, he just cannot afford another year like this one during his prime so all major decisions he makes have to be spot on. Hope this but I just do not rate amelie at all and cannot see what she has to offer that shall see him win more majors.

Okiegal Says:

@the DA 2:46

Your comment about the pressure being on Rafa…… I posted an excerpt from an interview Rafa did the other day. It has to do with his relationship with his girlfriend. He talked about both of their careers. It was an interesting interview. If you care to read it, it’s on the Fedal War thread posted on Nov.23 @2:49.

the DA Says:

@Brando – IMO we should be giving Andy the benefit of the doubt with this decision. He’s proven to be astute when it comes to the big decisions in his career so far. Amelie has had, what, only 4 months? Was everyone calling for Lendl’s head in his 4th month?
Actually, I do recall some did – but they were mostly haters & mocking the appt.

By all accounts Dani & Jez were very resistant to her appointment. That couldn’t have contributed to an optimum atmosphere for training. I noticed an awkward tension between he and Amelie several times during matches. I imagine Andy was very dispirited by that and was forced to make a hard decision. It wouldn’t have been easy for him because Dani is a dear friend and Jez was close. That’s why I admire his conviction: in a very adult way he made a tough choice and demonstrated commitment to the coach *he* chose, whether it works or not.

Dani has been a great help and he’s seen his friend achieve his dreams from the best vantage point in the great tennis stadiums across the world. Not bad and not likely to be forgotten soon. I’m sure that in his heart he hopes this works out for Andy (as do we all). Just my $0.02

Margot Says:

Jez Green going too. Mitchell suggesting this is due to changes in Andy’s fitness regime brought on by need to manage back.
@the DA
Andy must be quietly chuckling to himself mid -air!
Oo wonder if he proposed at Ross’ wedding…..wub.

Margot Says:

@the DA
I imagine Dani will get a coaching job very easily, if that’s what he wants.

jane Says:

we can’t really know since we’re on the outside looking in, but if things aren’t clicking then change is good. hopefully it all works out well.

the DA Says:

@Margot – Yes I imagine Dani could get one. Not many coaches have 2 slams and Olympic Gold & Silver medals on their resume. I wonder if it was ever his plan to coach? It seems he stumbled into it when Andy asked him to join him on tour during the coach less era. What an apprenticeship though, eh?

Now, to find out if there’ll be streams from Manilla n the next few days – tennis, I’ve missed you! LOL

RZ Says:

@Margot – the engagement isn’t really much of a surprise, is it? They’ve been together a very long time. Happy for them.

RZ Says:

What a lot of the criticism about Dani and Jez does not take into account is that they worked with Andy long before Lendl came on board and never got him over the finish line. That’s not to say they didn’t accomplish anything while working with him (he was staunchly “Big 4” material before Lendl was on the scene), but a counter-argument could be made that those 2 weren’t enough for Andy to win slams so him keeping them on rather than Amelie doesn’t necessarily make sense.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal/The DA,Rafa wants the whole marraige and kids thing,but says hes actually focused on his career at the moment,and Xisca is studying for a University degree,they have been together for a number of years,but seem very independant people,she doesnt follow him around 24/7 and he wouldnt want her to either,shes her own person and not just Rafael Nadals girlfriend….

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