Rafael Nadal: I Won’t Get Back To My 2013 Level, But I Will Try To Get Back On Top
by Tom Gainey | November 29th, 2014, 12:17 pm

Following an injury-plagued 2014 season, Rafael Nadal is hoping for a better year ahead. In a recent DPA interview, Nadal talked about his hopes for 2015.

“No, 2013 is magical and unforgettable. 2013 does not return,” he said in an interview with DPA via Google Translation. “I have two more years. I have to try again compete all I need to be at the top. This year I had back problems at first, then wrist, then appendicitis. Many things have happened that have allowed me not having the necessary pace to be competitive in every month of the year. The goal next year is that this does not happen.”

Nadal is expected back on court for the Abu Dhabi exo in late December.

Nadal was also golfing during a Olazabal golf event yesterday. Here are some videos:

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61 Comments for Rafael Nadal: I Won’t Get Back To My 2013 Level, But I Will Try To Get Back On Top

jane Says:

what does he mean he has “two more years” i wonder? before he’s 30? before he retires? able to compete at top level? it certainly piques curiosity!


I was wondering the same thing. He is still the best as far as I am concerned. I believe 2015 is going to be one heckler of a year for Nadal. I think he has at least 3 more french opens that are within his grasp.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…..I was wondering about the two years comment myself. I was hoping a translation thing. He always has said he wants to do the next summer Olympics, if possible, but this is the first time I have really heard him place a timeline on his career, if that’s what he means…..but in all reality, I personally don’t think he will be able to play much longer than two years……Hope I’m wrong. Can’t stand the thought of him retiring…..Chick don’t be upset because I brought up the retirement word……but curious if he brought it up first??

jane Says:

maybe he means before he turns 30 okie, and that’s when it becomes more difficult to compete for slams?

Okiegal Says:

@Jane……I hope so!! You know, I love the sport of tennis, but I have been faithful to following him so long, that when he does hang it up, I will be crushed……but know he can’t play forever! I dread the day, but it’s coming…..sigh….

brando GOAT poster Says:

That 2 years comment is a translation error. He’s on record for saying- very recently too- that he wishes to compete for many, many more years. Plus he’s also said he takes it year by year, event by event: a guy like him ain’t going to put a limit on himself. He’s far too competitive of a individual to impose any restrictions on himself tennis wise. I mean would a man who’s so inclined to logical thinking and taking things as they are in the present really start predicting the future when he’s historically someone who firmly believes in being rooted in the present? Me thinks not at all. Besides: one just does not know the future at all anyhow.

Okiegal Says:

@Brando…….this is just what we’ve been saying about the translation thingy from Spanish to English……hopefully, you’re right with your theory!!

Hippy Chick Says:

If Rafa means it will be difficult to win GS past 30?then of course it will,but isnt that true of all players?

jane Says:

definitely hippy. how many slams have been won by players after turning 30? not that many. roger has won 1 thus far. sampras won 1. connors won 2. agassi won 2. good chart here:


TennisLand Says:

Nadal himself is proving that tennis after 28 is not an easy task..

i remember so vividly how Roger was attacked from all sides after 2009 for obvious reasons by media and commentators.. same story in 2013.. and the man is still scripting history..

if to have a 2014 year like Roger, who has the most match wins regardless of surface at, 33 is not considered the greatest achievement then what is??

Okiegal Says:

It is a great achievement, just like the year Rafa had in 2013…..only the great champions can make these unbelievable things happen!

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal nice post,Roger made history this year winning the DC,but so did Rafa by winning a GS for the 10th consecutive year,and the same GS for the 9th time,or am i missing something jeez?….

Okiegal Says:

@Chick….Thanks and you are so right the FO record is out of sight…..but now, you are very well aware that some tennis fans don’t count the clay titles, aren’t you?? LOL When I became a tennis fan, every match was played on clay or grass…..just saying…yeah, they count, all right, much to the dismay of some tennis fans.

TennisLand Says:

10 consecutive years while playing the full ATP tour?? nope….

Hippy Chick Says:

Why cant we leave it at Roger made history and Rafa made history,jeez some people cant be content in been happy,unless they succeed in making others miserable….

Okiegal Says:

@Chick……ain’t gonna happen!!!

Hippy Chick Says:

Okiegal exactly,why cant we give one player credit without pulling the other to pieces?theres more chance of me and Hugh Jackman well you get get the picture right?lol….

Humble Rafa Says:

2 years is all my body can take. I know that. I plan to maximize the next 2 years and then retire for good.

TennisLand Says:

exactly my point.. why cant some people leave it that Roger holds the greatest records of all time.. but some people here are not happy with that and they bring in “hey look at the H2H between Roger and Nadal” “10th yr consecutive” “9th yr consecutive” n all that..

i think that is even more miserable..

Hippy Chick Says:

The point is they both have their own records,and there is childish tit for tat nonscense from both parties,i agree with all the Roger GOAT talk,he has made more history too winning the DC,the only thing ive ever asked is that Rafa be given credit for his achievments but he never is,the H2H is a silly argument anyway IMO,but everytime we have had a thread on Nadals CC achievements saying how incredible they are,some Fed fans fire back with the same old 1 dimensional Nadal only wins on clay,without clay he has nothing yada yada,its six of one and half a dozen of the other,and tough been a fan….

Hippy Chick Says:

No need for Nadal fans to p*ss on Fed,or Fed fans to p*ss on Nadal,but this is an open forum where fans are free to discuss their favorites achievements,and that includes all fan groups,one might be the greatest but that doesnt mean that we shouldnt discuss the rest….

TennisLand Says:

I don’t remember talking about CC specific details.. where do you guys deduct that from???

for all I care, Nadal can be the nth dimnesional player.. good for him.. but as of today its GS 17-14, WTF 6-0 and Masters 27-23..

DC and Olympics are played for the country.. so I dont consider that its anything great wrt Roger.. it was considered up until 11/23/2014 by those who want to discredit Roger..

Roger at 33 is producing some of the finest tennis well past his prime.. it sure is nice to see how Nadal responds past the prime..

Hippy Chick Says:

You completely missed my point,never mind,no point….

Gee Says:

Competing when your dc team stinks > your wife calling your dc team mate a cry baby + avoiding dc to avoid getting injury & losing to roddick/hewitt/safin/falla/davydenko/andreev/baghdatis/Agassi….lmao!

AR Says:

The “I have 2 more years” phrase just means that he’s 2 years older (than in 2013). In Spanish they say “tengo ___ anos” to say how old they are, which literally means “I have ___ years” in English. Relax Rafa fans :)

Okiegal Says:

@Chick 3:06…..Yes ma’am, I get the picture all right……Hugh Jackman……hubba hubba!!!

Okiegal Says:


I think Chick is referring to a postby V S Manian on another thread……the Fedal war zone thread. The poster talked about Rafa’s wins being mostly on clay.

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie i explained what i meant at 3.44 and 3.56pm to Tennisland,but i wasted my time as the point was lost,so i give up,no use flogging a dead horse….

Roger is the class Says:

Does Nadal suggest a selfish 2 year ranking system again?

Okiegal Says:

@Chick^^^^ I know exactly what you mean!!

Mr. Larvey Says:

Okie, HC, totally ageree with your opinions. Why bother arguing who’s the GOAT and make points to back up ones own opinion? It’s exactly same as in politics. You can make a perfect point but the other side just doesn’t (want to) get it. And in my opinion, it’s fine. People do not need to agree on everything. Typically, I just skip all of these GOAT discussions, because there is never anything new in them. Tennis fans can appreciate all top players and their qualities. It’s great to have Nadal and Fed competing in the same sport even if their playing style is completely different.

madmax Says:

Gee Says:
Competing when your dc team stinks > your wife calling your dc team mate a cry baby + avoiding dc to avoid getting injury & losing to roddick/hewitt/safin/falla/davydenko/andreev/baghdatis/Agassi….lmao!

November 29th, 2014 at 4:57 pm


Okiegal Says:

@Mr. Larvey…….Thank you, sir. I always appreciate your post, even though our favs are not the same guy! You penned your thought perfectly…..agree with everything you said……it is like politics, perish the thought!! Lol

Alexandra Says:

It’s obvious that he means he is two years older now than he was in 2013.And that things get more difficult when you get older. Nothing unusual here. He often uses “have” when he talks about age.

Nathan Says:

I think Rafa is currently the second best player of all time, behind Federer of course. Though I am an avid Nadal fan, 17 GS wins is better than what Rafa has, no matter how you slice (or in Rafa’s case topspin) it. I think he has 2 more RG titles for sure, and will win 1 or 2 more of Melbourne and Flushing Meadows over the next 2 years. Probably will win the next 3 French Opens though. So all in all, I think he has 4-5 more Grand Slams left that he can win. Because honestly, he would have beat Stan if he was healthy in the final of Australia this year.

Hippy Chick Says:

Mr Larvey @4.43am many thanks and hooray for fans like you,objectivity is lost on alot of people on this forum….

Hippy Chick Says:

Nathan nice post,completely agree,and i like your summary….

sienna Says:

the plan has already been made.
two yard to try to overtake Federer.
so au open 2015 is a crunch slam.given the fact he is already ducking favoriete role hè wants to enter with low profile or have they enterred some adversary because he needs to train lights out from now on to even have a chance of being competative.

Colin Says:

Regarding the apparent contradictions of “two more years” and the next Olympics thing – maybe he just can’t count!

james Says:

Hope to see him at his best again in 2015.

the DA Says:

Does anybody have a decoder ring for whatever sienna writes? Thanks in advance.

skeezer Says:

“Does anybody have a decoder ring for whatever sienna writes?”
Read a Humble Rafa post first. Then read a sienna post.

Okiegal Says:

Rafa has never been the Aussie Open favorite, has he?? Yeah, I need that comment decoded too…..adversary…..train lights out for chance to be competitive??? HELP!!!

Michael Says:

One familiar characteristic trait of Rafa is that he is always guarded and pessimistic about his chances whenever he makes a come back. But once he enters the competitive scene, he betrays his own lack of confidence by his masterly come backs which becomes envious for any Tennis player as normally it takes some time to get in your groove and it cannot happen automatically. In Rafa’s case things are different and he immediately ascends to the high gear by taking his game to another level stunning his critics as well as competitors who harbour any suspicion about his turnaround. Will this time be any different ? I am not buying Rafa’s pessimism and feel that he is all set to make a roaring come back and announce his entry with a bang.

the DA Says:

“Read a Humble Rafa post first.”

No thanks. I like a modicum of real wit in my humor. Sienna is pure hate with a touch of sexism. I don’t see the decoder link.

RZ Says:

It’ll be interesting to see how the next few years pan out for the top players in terms of what level they’ll be competing at, whether they’ll have a retirement season/tour or a quick decision to stop, or whether they’ll keep plugging away Hewitt-style regardless of results. I just hope that each gets to retire on his/her own terms and not due to something like a career-ending injury.

jane Says:

michael, twice rafa has comeback in the way you describe: after being out in 09 and 12 with injuries he came back and posted his 2 best years, in 2010 and 2013. so i do not think it’ll be different this time, until proven different. i too expect him to come roaring back. he does note he “has two more years” which is true but still he tends to come back with a bang.

skeezer Says:

^same here.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

I’m with Jane. I like his humble demeanour, but I wonder if he believes it or he says it because he KNOWS he’s gonna come roaring back and can’t wait to explode on the field again.

Okiegal Says:

I’m anxious to see if DelPo comes back witha bang, like the “bang” he had at the USO. After watching him win it that year I thought everybody beware this guy was going to be a contender…..and then the wrist problem, which didn’t surprise me at all. I thought at the time can the wrist last with the hard hitting that he does…..and sadly enough it didn’t…but wishing him the best…..Love to watch him play……but don’t want to watch him beat Rafa…lol

Jf Says:

I believe Nadal will return next year and dominate.
If stem cell therapy works on Rafa the same way
It has for Pau Gasol, who this year is feeling great and producing
at a high level at a late stage in his basketball career; then maybe Rafa can be close to pain free, maybe.

Michael Says:

Jane @ 5.38 PM,

Even that is what I said that Rafa will in likelihood come back with a bang. Rafa is totally in a different league and is a natural athelete. Normally, come backs are difficult for any Tennis player, but Rafa is an aberration and exception. He stages brilliant come backs not once, but twice. I do not think this is possible for any player knowing how competitive and tough the sport is. Novak once said that even if you wake up Rafa well into the midnight and goad him to play Tennis, he would replicate exactly the way he plays in matches – lively and aggressive with all serious intent. He is a Tennis machine ofcourse with conscience.

Dc Says:

Nadal will come back strong..like he has done in the past. However the field has also gotten better. Many players have defeated the big 4 this year and have developed the self confidence to beat them.
Opponents will have the belief that 28 year old Nadal has just recovered from a surgery and are going to give their best to win against him.
One also has to keep in mind that it’s the back this time. The back is a much more complex than a knee. When Nadal came back from the knew surgery , he was a much more attacking player for he did not want to run and defend; this probably caught the field by surprise and Nadal went on a winning spree. This time may be different- no surprises , opponents well prepared, but Rafa will prevail- he’s so close to 17, he can smell it and won’t give up.- this is definitely going to be one of the most important seasons in Rafas life and tennis history. Will Roger loose the goat trophy – time will tell.

Michael Says:

Are Roger and Rafa the only claimants for the GOAT title or it is that we are debating as to who is better amongst the current lot ? If it is the former, then the argument would be inconclusive since the title of GOAT is a mere perception and it may depend upon individual bias, prejudice and evaluation. How can anybody say that Roger is a better player than Laver or Rafa is a better player than Borg ? In Laver’s case, his proponents would argue that he was denied his best years due to the tiff off between Professionals Vs Amateurs which was hogging Tennis during his time. While in the case of Borg he retired when he was just 25 and thus wasted his prime years because the best years for a Tennis player to ensure a robust career is between 26-29. Also, there is a view, the validity of which is debatable, as to whether we are giving more importance to Majors than it is due and whether it is the sole yardstick for judging the GOAT ? If Tournament victories are taken into consideration as criterion for GOAT then it is Connors who is the head with Lendl far behind and Roger standing in the third spot. So, the GOAT debate would never cease to end and would continuously linger on for generation through generation. 50 years from now, there might emerge a player who would be smashing all records and thereby reboot the GOAT debate by giving it a new thrust with the contours entirely different.

Okiegal Says:

I think Novak ranks right up there with Rafa and Roger, he was a late bloomer with respiratory problems. When he got that straightened out, he was a competitor……his h2h with both of them is very good……just saying!!

elina Says:

Michael, you really nailed it! Bravo, as always, well said!

jane Says:

it’s true michael; there are so many factors to debate.

Matador Says:

I hope three more trophies for him: A second AO, a tenth RG and his elusive Master Cup. And finish his superb and tremendous carrer with class. Then, he and Maria Francisca Perello can start his own family with joy. All the best wishes for next year, Bull.

skeezer Says:

^Keep hopin, lol

Matador Says:

why are you so unrespectful? are you always write negative things when opinions differ your point of view?

Anyways, this doesnt matter. Rafael Nadal will show again he can win big things in the future.

Hippy Chick Says:

Skeezer what is there in life if we dont have hope right?….

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