Roger Federer Adds New ATP Event In Istanbul To His Clay Schedule
by Tom Gainey | February 17th, 2015, 9:36 am

Just days after announcing his schedule for the first half of 2015, Roger Federer has already made a change. The 33-year-old revealed he has added the Istanbul Open scheduled from April 27 – May 3.

This is the first year for the Istanbul and the first ever ATP-level event held in Turkey. According to Federer, it’s his first trip the to city and to the country.

As he has grown older, Federer has spread his brand to countries he’s never played. A few years ago he went to South America for an exo tour. This past winter he made his first trip to India. And now Turkey, where many of you may not have known there was an ATP event!

Thanks to Federer (and to the money they have to pay him) the Turkey event will make quite the splash. The tournament also boasts a retractable roof!

Federer’s updated 2015 schedule:
23 Feb: Dubai
12 March: Indian Wells

12 April: Monte Carlo
27 April: Istanbul
3 May: Madrid
10 May: Rome
24 May: Roland Garros

15 June: Halle
29 June: Wimbledon

Federer now has five clay events scheduled and he’ll play three straight weeks with Istanbul, then Madrid, then Rome.

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54 Comments for Roger Federer Adds New ATP Event In Istanbul To His Clay Schedule

Humble Rafa Says:

His Love for the game show$$$$

skeezer Says:

^The jealous Humble still trying to up his typing skills to no avail. Keep practicing. It is not Fishing, no?
Fed bringing Tennis to Turkey. Way to spread the game globally Maestro. As for money?
“According to Federer, it’s his first trip the to city and to the country.”
Think that explains it. Oh yeah…and the paycheck is always nice :).

Hippy Chick Says:

Loverly scenery best of luck Roger….

Felipe Says:

Federer knows tha he has no chance in hell to win Miami (ultra slow hard court), so instead of going to Miami, why not try adding some matches on clay?…he also knows tha he will not be making all the weekends during the clay season, so an additional week (and the paycheck) will help him getting the match practice needed to peak at the right time.

Wog Boy Says:

Turkey is not some remote part of the world, it is in Europe, as much as for spreading the game globally, last week Turkey wasn’t on his list, they jacked up the offer and there are we go, Roger is going ti Turkey for the love of the game, give me the brake:)

Yolita Says:

I will be very surprised if Roger plays 3 weeks in a row on clay. My guess is that he will pull outy of Madrid.

Skeezer Says:

wog boy,
“For the love of the game”.
So tell us all then since you know, what is Fed playing Turkey for, for $? Like he is desperate for it? Doubt it. And does any of the other top players show consistent urar end year out things to promite Tennis worldwide?
I personally think Fed is still playing becausr he loves playing Tennis still, he has said so. He doesn’t have to anymore.
You need brakes?

Skeezer Says:

Btw, who said Turkey was remote?
Think the article speaks for itself
“This is the first year for the Istanbul and the first ever ATP-level event held in Turkey. “

Brando Says:

What a bizarre, strange and out of character decision this is by Federer!

He’s now going to play:

Monte Carlo-Week rest-Istanbul-Madrid-Rome-Week rest- Rolland Garros- week rest-Halle-week rest- Wimbledon!

He’s signed up for a potential 10 weeks of tennis in 13 weeks! Sorry but:

That’s just ridiculous scheduling for a 33, going 34 year old player! He’s hampering big time his chances at Wimbledon by slogging for 6/8 weeks prior to Grass on Clay.

He’d likely be exhausted by the time Grass season comes around!

Quite frankly speaking:

It’s the most bizarre scheduling I have possibly seen from a top player, and that too from Federer just makes it even more hard to believe!

Wog Boy Says:

What made him change his mind, last week he didn’t have Turkey in his scheduling, did he?
I didn’t get that about the brakes, are you telling me what to post and what not to?

Brando Says:

This raises a reasonable question:

Is Federer strongly about the $$$$$$$?

Consider the following:

– Winter 2012:

Signs up for a lucrative, big money exhibition tour of South America. He then states publicly he considers such events during pre-season -to be polite- ‘ill advised’ post Nadal- Djokovic going to South America in 2013.

Okay Fed but: they just did what you did 12 months earlier no?


He did not sign up initially when it was said by some he was demanding quite a lot of $$$$ to show up, publicly dismisses the event as a bit of a gimmick.Yet: when Nadal exits, thus freeing up more $$$ for the organizers to splash on Fed, he announces he wants to meet his Indian fans. Okay.

Why the sudden change of heart? And didn’t you say: I rather use pre-season to train than chase $$$?…..

– Istanbul:

Initially according to some his appearance was in question due to his high appearance fee. Now he announce’s he shall play. That’s fine.

But isn’t it bizarre scheduling for a 33 year old-especially if he wants to be fresh (as he needs to be) for grass season- to go 3 clay events back to back, then a week off and then a 2 week Clay Grand Slam.

Surely for anyone- Nadal, Djokovic, Nishikori etc- that would be somewhat ridiculous, overly demanding scheduling. But for a 33 year old who wants to prioritize Grass season:

Surely it’s suicidal to sign up for this. It begs the question:

What motivates him to do this?

Surely not common sense, new found love of Clay, him wanting to play 4 clay events so he can hit RG hard, wanting to have a insane clay season etc. All those reasons just some illogical for a 33 year old whose chances for success-realistically- lie elsewhere as for many that age due to clay being a demanding surface.

Which really leaves only one logical possibility:

Love of $$$$$$.

Now that’s fine by me: just wish RF remember’s how often he says ‘yes’ to $$$ before he knocks others for doing so.

jane Says:

maybe fed is trying for number 1 again too? more events = more points? just a thought. however, i am inclined to agree with yolita that maybe he’ll end up pulling out of one of the clay events.

i think this year there’s a longer break between the french and wimbledon, too, so that does allow a little bit of respite.

Wog Boy Says:

jane, if he is after the points he could play few rounds in Miami and make more points than winning Istanbul. I really don’t care if he plays for money, good on him if he can, I can’t, but whay do we have to wrap everything Federer is doing into something special for the mankind when he is only human, very pragmatic one. That is what anoys me.
Everybody knows he was negotiating for a long time to play Istanbul, Yolita asked on the other thread why he doesn’t have Istanbul in his schedul, then he comes out few days ago with his scheduling (without Istanbul), player of Roger’s magnitude doesn’t change his scheduling few days after he posted it unless…(I am not allowed to finish my thought, it is heresy even to think something like that about Roger, nevertheles to say it).
He is not going to Turkey to promote tennis but everybody can have their opinion, including myself.

Juanita Says:

Bravo, “Humble Rafa” (and, Señor Rafa is humble)!! Your comment goes straight to the point: clearly explains the Love of the game of life (aka tennis) by Swiss “Maestro of Cockiness” ( aka Herr RF).

Sidney Says:

It is nice to see Roger play a new ATP event while he is still playing great (and not as a ‘player’ on the senior tour). Turkish tennis fans must be delighted. I would be…

My guess is he is trying to accumulate points to stay in the top 4, for a better chance of landing a decent/more manageable draw (for his age) at the slams. The money is nice of course but i doubt that is the main driving factor behind the schedule change. Although it wouldn’t surprise if it was. Hey, money is money. :) The iron is still hot…

skeezer Says:

“Surely it’s suicidal to sign up for this”
LOL who is this character?

skeezer Says:

“He is not going to Turkey to promote tennis but everybody can have their opinion, including myself.”
Yes, your opinion.
And sure he is getting paid. Why wouldn’t he? Feds popularity for the sport, and representative OF the sport, is unequaled in todays Tennis. So yes, he is showing up an playing and just by that it itself is promoting the game in Turkey.
And what if Nole showed up here and not Fed, I would say the same stuff. Nole can promote the game by doing this just as much as Fed here or in other Countries. He is the Worlds current #1.

skeezer Says:

“but why do we have to wrap everything Federer is doing into something special for the mankind when he is only human, very pragmatic one.”
Wog boy, I think you are over reaching here with the intent of the article and what was commented thereafter.

Brando Says:

‘My guess is he is trying to accumulate points to stay in the top 4,’:

That still is not reason enough to sign up for 3 back to back clay events because:

1. In January Fed said that he’s playing as well as he has ever done so. That he’s feeling great about his game, where it’s heading etc. And the fact remains: he’s no.2 in the world. Reason enough for one to think: Fed think’s he’s atleast a contender in every big event he enters, thinks he can win them and aims big.

2. Why withdraw from Miami then? If he wants to maintain his ranking then why forfeit 180 ranking points at Miami to play a 250 point event where he can only add 70 meager points to what he forfeits? Why settle for 250 points when- and this is EASILY feasible, realistic to do so- a SF performance in Miami alone gives you 360 points?

3. Why risk burnout? Federer could easily play Miami, have a break, Monte Carlo, 2 weeks off then Madrid, Rome, week off Roland Garros. It’s his traditional calendar, one that Djokovic has and is one that no one can call anything other than: a good one all things considered.

Yet instead the 33 year old has signed up for 3 back to back clay events, week rest, a Clay Grand Slam and then immediately a Grass season.

That schedule just invites burnout issues for a 33 year old: so why sign up for it?

It just does not add up. The only logical conclusion one can draw for signing up for this ridiculous scheduling is: $$$$$$.

Wog Boy Says:

Let us make it clear, there are only two players who can bring Turkish fans to watch tennis, their names are Rafa and Roger, Nole can’t due to historical reasons, nothing to do with tennis. The owner needed Federer or nobody would turn up even Istanbul has 14 million people, that why the organizer (owner) was ready to go back to Roger (after Roger posted his schedul, smart move) and pay whatever Roger asked and save the tournament and himself. Roger is paid to promote tournament and organiser and not so much tennis. If you know Turkish culture than you would know that if it is not Football or Basketball they will not come. Didn’t we have WTA finals in Istanbul until last year, Arena was ghostly empty all the time.

skeezer Says:

@wob boy
“Roger is paid to promote tournament ..”
Thank you.

ZZZZZzzzzzzz..$$$$$$$…oh sorry. You said something?
Yep. it’s s all about the money….@ a 250.

Guess you forgot to know and check in your posts of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ that Fed has every incentive to play for money here…

His sponsors pay him more than $40 Mil annually and he made 55 mil in 2014 …..alone.

skeezer Says:

woG boy sorry..

Sidney Says:

Roger knows his own body and physical ability and limitations better than anybody. He might still pull out from an event or two if HE feels it is in his best interest. Not because of someone else’s opinion.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ No need to be sorry, I am woBbly quite often…but I don’t fall..not that I know;)

Wog Boy Says:

^^for skeezer

Skeezer Says:

@wog boy

Daniel Says:


this is just a schedule, Fed probably won’t be in all 3 consecutive weekends. If he has a good draw he will force more one tourney over the other.

As much as they like to say they enter every tourney they play to win, we know realistically for him now that is not true.

It is just one more tourney than last year where he actually played 4 matches in Miami and there is another week before Wimbledon.

The only way for this schedule to hurt him long term in Wimbledon is if he goes to semis or beyond in every tournament he plays before Wimbledon: Monte Carlo, Istambul, Madrid, Rome, RG, Halle, very unlikely! He most likely will go far in Halle as his past success there shows and maybe reach 1 clay final and 1 clay semis. I bet he will enter grass with something around 15 to 20 matches on clay total including RG, which is not much at all for 5 tournaments.

Patson Says:

There’s always a monetary aspect, although it won’t be the only one, or may be sometimes it is.

After all, when was the last time we heard a tennis player going to Papua New Guinea to promote tennis ?

jane Says:

“if he is after the points he could play few rounds in Miami and make more points than winning Istanbul.” — yes i guess that’s true wog boy. there could be many reasons why roger has chosen to go there. maybe mirka is keen on turkish delight? ;) maybe the money offer is one fed can’t refuse. maybe he thinks his chances of winning 250 points there are better than a potentially tougher draw at miami. maybe roger wants more clay titles on his resume. maybe he simply wants to try something new; he’s been playing the tour for a long time. in any case, if he does go deep in a few events, he can always pull out of one of rome or madrid to have a rest.

Wog Boy Says:

” maybe mirka is keen on turkish delight? ;)”

No comment;)

skeezer Says:

“After all, when was the last time we heard a tennis player going to Papua New Guinea to promote tennis ?”
If they offered $$$ to Nole he would come, no? Ahem…

Patson Says:


I thought Fed is the ultimate tennis ambassador, no ?

Skeezer Says:

Not by you types comments, you tell me, who’s a better ambassador?

KatH Says:

If one is cynical, perhaps there is a caveat in Federer’s acceptance of the Turkey invitation – could be he has accepted but only if Nadal is not there as well.

metan Says:

Roger is in Turkey coz he missed out his turkey lurky on Last Thanksgiving! Hahaha!
But who knows everything new can bring out something good for him and tennis as well.

Felipe Says:

After what happened to him in autralia (early exit), he knows that there is a big chance that the same might happen in France, so for me the schedule make sense. Also, now there is an extra week between Roland Garros and Wimbledon and Halle is now a 500.
The number 1 is a delusion, since in order to have any chance he must win wimbledon, some master 1000 and Djokovic needs to underperform.If nothing weird happens, Djokovic will do what a few players have acomplished, holding the number 1 for a calendar year (Federer did it 3 times in a row, Nadal never)

Patson Says:


Can’t recall how many times I’ve seen people say Fed = Tennis. Can’t say that about Nole though.

Fed the ultimate ambassador of tennis determined to bring tennis to all corners of the galaxy!

Brando Says:


‘After all, when was the last time we heard a tennis player going to Papua New Guinea to promote tennis ?’:

LOL, spot on my man!

Humble Rafa Says:

‘After all, when was the last time we heard a tennis player going to Papua New Guinea to promote tennis ?’:

When he goes to Papua New Guinea, he bleeds Guinea pigs, just like he bleeds blue for some country that paid him $10m exho money.

Skeezer Says:

“Haters gonna hate ladies.”

jane Says:

“If nothing weird happens, Djokovic will do what a few players have acomplished, holding the number 1 for a calendar year (Federer did it 3 times in a row, Nadal never)”

Felipe, do you know how often that has been accomplished, just out of curiosity? I suspect the second half of the year will be most difficult, as Nadal has everything to gain from Wimbledon onward, whereas Nole has a fair amount to defend. Although he does have room to improve at a few of the Masters events; he didn’t play Madrid and did poorly at Canada & Cincy. Perhaps he does have a decent shot at doing what you say, though he will need to be very consistent.

That would be pretty great! From my perspective anyhow.

dari Says:

Everybody needs money, even roger Federer. Needs to feed the great grandkids. But thinking this is their only motivation is silly. he is 33 and hasn’t played there, maybe hes trying to check off some places to play before the big R. Plus bring some more excitement about tennis to the region. why does it have to be so sinister guys

dari Says:

I think he wants to get to #1 and give RG one last shot.
Go roger

dari Says:

“whay do we have to wrap everything Federer is doing into something special for the mankind when he is only human, very pragmatic one. That is what anoys me.”
Great question, wog boy. And I think Novak has asked this to himself those couple times when he’s pissed that ppl are cheering roger over him. Its not fair, but Rog is King of Tennis. We’re all just gonna have to get over it.
I usually like the Novak type, pippen instead of Jordan but Rog got me many years ago and there’s nothing to do about it. Don’t be mad, bruh :)

dari Says:

While I’m on a spree in have always been fascinated in the “why doesn’t Novak get more adoration?” question.
He just got to agassi’s slam count and I would have wanted more hoopla, but it just wasn’t there. Don’t know why.
When Rog and Rafa win slams you can feel the whole tennis world beamning.
Doesn’t help that the final was trash (fine there were good parts!)

Wog Boy Says:


We want more…we want more…

Mad??? No way dari..I love where is my man ATM and the way he is, if he is anything else but what (who) he is I wouldn’t like it. You know, when I was younger my grandfather told me “Son, if everybody likes you something is wrong with you, change the things”.

skeezer Says:

Dari re:9:13 post.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Novak used to get frustrated for not getting enough attention. Looks like his fans too follow him.

Everyone plays for money, but only few can demand and deserve. Roger is one of the few.

Wog Boy Says:

^^Looks like you are just one pathetic shit stirrer who is fishing around, keep trying.

dari Says:

Wog boy I know you are not stomping around angry, you used the word annoyed so I took advantage to use that casual phrase.
I bet you do live Novak the way he is, he’s awesome and no. 1 in the world and probably the smartest #1 tennis player we have ever had. I like the intellectual in him.
And I have heard a similar saying, but Rog is OK because plenty of ppl don’t like him!

Wog Boy Says:

dari, I knew what you meant, and thanks for nice words about Nole, as we said long time ago “Per Aspera ad Astra” fits Nole nicely:)

brando Says:

“why does it have to be so sinister “: who says it’s sinister? The matter is clear and apparent to all with a crumb of sense. Some posters mused over this pick and concluded that they think money most likely is the overriding attraction to do this since for many logical reasons this is a bad move. No harm no foul: especially when they state why they think as such. And the last time I checked: everyone has a right to voice their opinion no? So there hardly was a problem………. Until a few fans got upset and starting making it into one. It seems they got a problem with others forming their own opinions and when it involves Federer then unless it toes the line of their idolatry, toys shall be thrown out of the pram! And sinister? No one has said it is just some sensitive fedfans interpretating it as such. The overreaction lies with them. Time to grow up no?

brando Says:

@nirmal: novak gets plenty of attention and he does not crave it. Sure: compared to fedal he gets less. But look who they are and who Novak is in the tennis community: anyone with sense can understand why fedal garner more attention. And Novak doesn’t really have a problem with it: he knows fedal are unique superstars in the sport so he gets why they are more popular. Not rocket science to understand. Main thing is: does he get the respect he deserves? The answer is yes. And popularity is just overrated today. What’s popular today is generally mediocre. Will Smith is a popular actor. But is he better at acting than Joaquin Phoenix, Daniel Day Lewis? Hell no! So being more popular-for me- means nothing. Today the most popular people are Taylor swift, justin bieber, Kim Kardashian etc people like that. How talented are they? I think not at all. So Novak would be silly to care for the popularity contest as it’s meaningless. He’s doing fine.

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