Can Novak Djokovic Win The Calendar Slam This Year? Andre Agassi Thinks He Can [Video]
by Tom Gainey | March 6th, 2015, 11:22 am

Former tennis great Andre Agassi tips Novak Djokovic to win the calendar Slam this year. Agassi says that Djokovic, who already won the Australian Open, needs only to beat Rafael Nadal to get it done. And with

“He’s playing a level above everybody at the moment,” Agassi said last week during a gym launch. “I think he still has a lot of room for improvement. If Nadal doesn’t get himself right for Paris, that will be his biggest stumbling block is getting past him there because that’s no easy task. Then he’s looking at a pretty dominant year.”

Rod Laver is the last man to win the calendar year Grand Slam in 1969. He also did it in 1962. Don Budge also accomplished the feat in 1938.

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49 Comments for Can Novak Djokovic Win The Calendar Slam This Year? Andre Agassi Thinks He Can [Video]

SG1 Says:

Wow. If Federer couldn’t do it ’04, ’05 or ’06, how’s Novak going to pull it off. No mental lapses over the next 3 slams over 21 matches and with Rafa going for the big 10 at the FO? Not impossible but very unlikely.

Giles Says:

In the words of Rafa, we’ll see what’s going on. Lol

Hippy Chick Says:

Well he is obviously the only one that could this year,he could win the FO if Rafa still isnt right physically,i think even though hes won the title twice Murray and Federer have games better suited to grass,and an extra week between RG and Wimbledon might benefit Rafa this year?(i know,i know,call the men in white coats lol),the USO is the most open GS of all with a number of different champions in recent years,so not a shoo like he is at the AO, if he were to win the FO then you could put it down as a distinct possibility,personally i hope things are shared out again,and also that Murray can get back into the GS winners again?….

Brando Says:

It has not been done for 47 years for a reason:

To maintain a high level for 4 varying slams and win is close to impossible to do.

It only takes 1 player, 1 good day and your out.


His win on his turf AO was not exactly a walk in the park. 5 set v Wawrinka and had Murray not imploded who knows then. We certainly saw a even first 2 sets.

So yeah: possible, but don’t bet on it.

SG1 Says:


Definitely would like to see Rafa get 10 FO’s (what an accomplishment that would be!) and see Murray pick up another slam somewhere. I like seeing a domination and dynasties but there are some really compelling stories this year and it would be nice if a bunch of players had the opportunity share in it (Murray, DelPo, Wawa etc.)

SG1 Says:

Brando’s right. Novak had some challenges at his best slam. Hard to see him not getting knocked at least once in the other three.

SG1 Says:

Even though he’s one of the greats, I tend to dismiss Agassi’s opinions.

Jimmy Says:

Premature to talk about this until he shows he can beat Rafa at the French.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Makes sense to discuss post Wimby, if Novak had won all 3 slams. It’s ridiculous to talk about it after AO.

Brando Says:



It’s like when Rafa wins RG in the past, sometimes in a dominant fashion, and folks suddenly say:

Well he’s going to steamroll through Grass Season now!

LOL, sure, he always does right?

It’s absolutely laughable the reaction sometimes we get in the media.

Hippy Chick Says:

Got to get this in but Andre is hot,he really suits the bald look,much better than the mullet he used to have….

chris ford1 Says:

Agassi is right. He COULD. But “COULD” doesn’t mean will. Probably the 1st one since Federer with a shot. But even though Roger was keen to capitalize and pad his stats in the “Weak Era” 2003-2007 and craved a Grand Slam perhaps more than Nole does now – he couldn’t get it done. Nor could he capitalize when his two big rivals crippled one another at Madrid in 2009 and a “Serena Slam” beckoned. Del Potro ended that at the USO. Djoker had a fine shot in 2011, but Fed screwed Novak in the FO semis.

It is HARD! Really unlikely!

jane Says:

i’d say no. he certainly cannot “will” the calendar slam, and he’s very unlikely to “win” it either. ;)

nole’s always been great across the surfaces, being the youngest to reach semis or further at all 4 slams, but still: there are just way too many factors that come into play when trying to win a slam that go beyond a player’s ability.

elina Says:

Roger had virtually no chance at a calendar slam with Nadal waiting for him on the other side of the net at the French.

Even with just one in his pocket and three to go, given Djokovic’s proven capabilities at the remaining three, he has a better chance realistically than anyone in decades and certainly more than Roger ever did.

Nadal was simply unstoppable at the French when Federer had a chance.

This year I’m not so sure.

Hippy Chick Says:

I think if Rafa were to falter at the FO,and Novak were to win it he would be super motivated at W,however as i said in an earlier post i think Andy will also be super motivated to put to bed the dissapointment of last year,and IMO has a game better suited to grass than Novak,the USO is more open Rafa,Andy have all won the title beating Novak Rafa twice,Cilic winning the title last year,and Kei beating Novak to make the final,so hes deffinetly not invincible at the USO,still hes the only player that could do it this year,other than Serena on the womens side,and i suppose someone will do it again eventually,so who knows time will tell?….

brando Says:

IF Serena Williams could not do it on the women’s side then that tells you it’s own story. Infact: in over 45 years on ATP/WTA so many great champions have came and gone only player from either side has pulled it off. That’s just tells you everything right there. This is a ridiculous question: even Rod Laverne would not pull it off in the modern era!

Hippy Chick Says:

Brando i thought Laver did do it,and Graf on the womens side,or am i missing something??

chris ford1 Says:

Elina – Federer lost to Kuerten in 2004 in 3rd round. Rafa didn’t play. 4 years of nothing due to Nadal arriving, then in 2009, Rafa’s parents separate and Nole and he injure and wipe each other out in Madrid, opening the door to Sodering then Federer. But he loses to Delpo and getting a ” Serena Slam” with Nadal and Djoker still getting over Madrid and Fed winning at the 2010 AO.
French Open is a long ways away. See how the 3 do before then.

elina Says:

Hey chris. In 2004, Federer was too young to pull off the calendar slam.

In 2009, he had already lost in Australia (guess who) so it was already impossible before the French Open.

Hippy Chick Says:

Elina i dont know who your favorite is,but your posts are always very measured,balanced and fair,your a pretty cool chick IMO….

jane Says:

^ maybe rafa? that’s what i was thinking anyhow.

elina Says:

Jane, no Rafa is not my favourite although I can see how you could think that lol. I just like to show the other side of the argument, devil’s advocate if you will.

Hippy, thank you so much girlfriend!

Coming from the Queen Chick here on TX that means a lot!

Right back at you BTW. You are always more than fair. Don’t let “certain quarters” upset you! :)

Markus Says:

I would be happy to see Djokovic achieve a calendar year Grand Slam. I hoped for Federer but it did not and will not happen. Then Nadal but that too is fast becoming hopeless. How interesting would that be if Novak does it. Everybody debating between Federer and Nadal as GOAT, then Djokovic runs away with the Grand Slam right before their eyes. O really hope he does it.

Sidney Says:

At this point in the current tennis season, it is too early to say if Novak will win all 4 majors.

But Agassi is right: Novak CAN win all 4 this year. And he’s the only one who CAN do it this year. :)

IMO, Rafa is of course the ONE player that poses the biggest threat to Novak not just at FO, but also at Wimby and USO. Rafa is just a beast with his A game on any surface.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

There are idiots who still think there is a weak era. To breakdown Novak’s chances, which GS has he really dominated to be called invincible, like Roger did at his peak? With Roger he had 3 slams where he was invincible and pretty much a given to win them. It was always a curious case in FO, where he had to wait for Rafa to falter which did not happen.

With Novak it’s probably AO. Except that, he is only a contender on all the other 3 slams, not an overwhelming favorite in any one of them. Good part for him is, we cannot rule him out for any of the slams. So he does have a chance to win all the slams. Can he do it in a single calendar year, is something we need to discuss in the later part of the year, not so early.

Markus Says:

People are free to think whether there is such a thing as a weak era or not. As long as they have an explanation for their point of view, that’s fair and that does not make them an idiot. The idiot is the one who, instead of explaining his choice, calls people names instead. Present your argument instead of calling the other person an idiot. You don’t get points for that in a debate.

Okiegal Says:

The number one player in the world won the first slam of the year, he is also carrying the most pressure on his shoulders because of the ranking. We will see whether it will get the best of him or not. Number one is expected to kick butt and take names. If he does win every slam this year, he just might be considered for the GOAT RACE!!

Sidney Says:

Novak has been the overwhelming favorite at USO for several years now. That’s why his losses there have been quite surprising to some experts and disappointing to his fans (me included).

skeezer Says:

Tell ’em!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Novak has been the overwhelming favorite at USO for several years now

How many USO does he have to call him an overwhelming favourite. I can understand in AO, but in USO?

Matador Says:

23 years and…
Jim Courier the last man to win the half grand slam.

Margot Says:

As Agassi has already predicted Andy could win a couple more, now Nole a calendar slam…..what next? Rafa to win RG and Fed Wimbles?
Jeez, the guy is a regular Mystic Meg.

madmax Says:

There is a very good chance that Novak will get the calendar slam this year. However, he knows what he will be up against, so if that is his aim, he will need to be practising a lot more on clay and of course, the draw will either be kind to him or not.

madmax Says:


Agassi has been very kind to Murray. Everything right now is about Murray and what a fantastic player he is, but we all know that.

Have been utterly spell bound by Davis Cup. ALL matches played have been edgy and gruelling. Heart beat rising.

I really think that once you play in front of a DC crowd, it really does lift the game. Something happens to the mental faculties and whoever plays, becomes Murray/Nadal/Federer/Novak all rolled into one.

It is a thrilling experience watching the GB davis cup and I have no doubt they will win today and Andy will bring that home.

I happen to agree with Agassi and everything he has said about Murray, that he has plenty more chances to win a GS and that, unfairly, he is the one that has been written off, but he is no different to nadal/fed or novak in his earlier years. The trials and tribulations of being at the top of the game and of taking a risk to hire a new coach, that happens to be the wrong gender in the majority of peoples’ eyes.

Murray made a brave move in my view and slowly, it will pay off.

metan Says:

May be Agassi has a crystal ball like our Jamie.

Mighty Federer couldn’t make it while he was in all his glorious days, how much more for Nole. It is such a huge task. But who knows, he could be the one. 😄

Markus Says:

Agassi has to say what he thinks. He cannot say what Margot thinks.

Margot Says:

Lol am fed up with these past players who suddenly become tennis “experts” whose every word we have to hang onto, is all.

Markus Says:

Several players have won majors from out of the blue. How can iit not be possible that any of these regular top 4 guys can do it? Nole has been to the finals of the French a cople of times, won Wimbledon and US before. How can it not be possible that he cannot wn them all this year. Saying what you think does not mean you are predicting definitely that it will happen. Is that sonhard to understand?

Markus Says:

sonhard = so hard

Markus Says:

They are experts.

Markus Says:

It is not the experts’ fault that you hang on to their every word to get so discombubulated about it. Believe what you believe but also allow others to express theirs.

Margot Says:

Lol Markus, having a bad day?
Didn’t realise I was stopping anyone expressing an opinion, and I am merely expressing mine. CIF

Markus Says:

Margot, when you belittle somebody’s opinion by calling him a “regular Mystic Meg”, then you are, in an indirect way, trying to disallow him from expressing his.

Alexandra Says:

Andre was talking a bit too much, just to promote his fitness machines.

My take, if Federer couldn’t do it, Djokovic certainly won’t either. In fact, the only year he won more than one slam was 2011. So what makes people think he will sweep all four in one year?
Wawrinka was supposed to win the calender slam last year, which was even more out there.
You can talk about it, if he has won the first 3 of the year. Everything else is just too speculative.

Sidney Says:

So Agassi is not a tennis expert? Wow. Really way out there! I want what you’re drinking…

Alexandre Says:

Agassi said it is possible, he did not say it was going to happen. I think it is also possible. Djokovic is better than Federer on clay and better than anybody on hard surfaces right now. Will he go 21-0 in the next three majors? It is unlikely, but considering the fact that Nadal may not be playing at his best, I think Djokovic has a shot. People do not realize this, but Djokovic is one of the top 3 or 4 clay court players in recent years. If it weren’t for Nadal, he would probably have won 3 or 4 FO. Arguing about whether or not Djokovic can sweep all four majors in 2015 is premature. Until Djokovic finds a way to overcome Nadal, it won’t happen. That being said, if he finds a way to win the FO, I believe Djokovic has a reasonably good chance of sweeping all four majors this year. Federer is getting old and I think his ability to compete in a best of five set format is clearly diminished, and there is no other player that can beat Djokovic. Considering how consistent Djokovic has been since mid 2010 (he has made it to 18 of the last 19 majors’ semi finals and of those 18, he made it to the finals 14 times (and won 7).

Daniel Says:

The problem for Djoko is that he is not overwhelming favorite in next 3 Slams, top 3 for sure in it, but not sue in as AO.

Also, even if he is to manages RG which can propel him to another Wimbledon, he will enter US Open where oddly something just doesn’t click for him.

I know Kei played a fantastic match last US Open but that was a match Djoko should not lose, not with what at stake with no Fedal and coming after beating Murray in Quarters.

Seems a Slam he doesn’t feel great/right. He plays great, goes to semis or beyond since 2007 but something just doesn’t click for him there. Will see, maybe after this year AO victory and last HC results he can be ready when the time comes.

But it would be the ultimate tennis irony if neither Fed nor Nadal were able to hold 4 Slams at the same time and Djoko is the one to do it, more so Calendar Slam.

A question for during / after RG.

elina Says:

Novak is the current “virtual” co-favourite at the French this year according to the oddsmakers. He is the sole favourite at the other two.

Unless Nadal finds form (as he always seems to do), the French Open will be the biggest mental challenge for him and New York is the biggest surface match up problem for him.

I give him a 10-20% shot at the calendar slam this year.

Okiegal Says:

It seems as though Novak is the favorite for everything. Having the extra added pressure of number one ranking and these expectations of him….will the nerves set in? We will see. Should be interesting with Fed coming back so strong and all that jazz. I think it’s areal exciting time in tennis. Not to forget about the young guns, they’re capable of an upset of ….two…..or three….
Bring it on!! Okie is ready!

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