Despite His New Baby, Novak Djokovic Hopes To Keep The Same Schedule In 2015
by Tom Gainey | March 15th, 2015, 4:39 pm

Novak Djokovic said he doesn’t think the new member of his family, baby boy Stefan, will impact his playing schedule in 2015. The Serb, who is playing his fifth event of the year (including Davis Cup) as defending champion of Indian Wells, was asked about his schedule yesterday after a quick win over Marcos Baghdatis.

“Well, the schedule is going to be more or less the same,” the new father Djokovic said last night. “Of course this year I also committed to play Davis Cup. I played opening week in the season in Doha, so maybe I played a few more weeks more. But it’s just the beginning of the season. Of course my plans are to be in the biggest events in sport that we have in Grand Slams, 1000 events, plus Monte‑Carlo and few other 500 events.

“But I don’t know what the next day brings. I hope I can stay healthy and I can play well on the big tournaments so I don’t need to play other tournaments,” he added. “I have been very fortunate to be consistently successful in the big events over the course of last five, six years, which allowed me to play with the schedule the way it suits me the best.”

Next for the 3-time Indian Wells champ Djokovic is Spaniard Albert Ramos.

“I’m pleased with the way I’m playing,” Djokovic said. “Of course having won the title in Australia, it allows me to have and carry this confidence into every other event that is coming up in the season. So I do feel confident when I step on to the court also the fact that I have a great record in this tournament. So, you know, that’s something that is positive and that I will try to maintain as the tournament progresses.”

Djokovic did reveal a minor foot injury that he hopes is “going to fade away as the tournament goes”.

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28 Comments for Despite His New Baby, Novak Djokovic Hopes To Keep The Same Schedule In 2015

Hippy Chick Says:

Good schedule Nole,time will only tell about how it will infact on the rest of the year?….

Giles Says:

Wonder if he’ll play Madrid this year after skipping it last year citing a wrist injury. (wink wink)! Lol

jane Says:

since stefan’s been born, nole has won paris, wtf, the australian open, and been in the finals at dubai. eh, not too shabby. hopefully he can maintain the same focus, equilibrium, and momentum.

jane Says:

yeah, giles, he must have been faking, then, wink-wink, all just so he could skip madrid no doubt? lol.

Tennis Island Says:

Novak is dealing great with new person in his family. Many players couldn’t handle this mental stress but not him. Let’s see the rest of the season

Margot Says:

Lol Fed has 4 children. Hasn’t effected him too much.
Or is he travelling a lot more than he used to?

chris ford1 Says:

Jane – Giles thinks he is on to something! Wink-wink/
Of course Nole’s clever ploy to skip Madrid had to start with wearing a full forearm wrist brace so he could lose Monte Carlo and have the excuse to miss Madrid.

Giles Says:

cf 1. Spot on!!

Yolita Says:

So, if Novak retires, he’s in trouble. If he doesn’t retire and enters the court heavily bandaged, to play a match he knows he will lose, like the one he played against Federer in Monte Carlo last year, he is faking.
If he takes weeks off after that inury… It doesn’t matter, he’s still faking.
If he looks tired, even if he diesn’t take a MTO, he’s faking and he’s in trouble.
What can he do to avoid criticism? He could always try to stop winning.
Unfortunately, that’s the one thing he can’t do to appease the haters. Lol
Keep criticising Novak, whatever he does. We know the real reason for the criticism
The last 52 months have been tough for some. :-)

Okiegal Says:

Making comments about whether or not an injury is real or fake leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I generally give them the benefit of the doubt. These guys train hard and put their bodies through the mill week in and week out……give him a break. If Novak said he had a wrist problem why can’t we believe him??

jane Says:

yolita, giles has not said one positive thing about novak since he showed up on these boards, so don’t take it too seriously. :)

mat4 Says:

@jane, Yolita:

Novak was certainly injured last year, but he probably wasn’t too eager to play Madrid anyway. He was extremely p… off by his bad luck and the behaviour of the public in his match against Dimitrov a few years ago (his comment, if I understood well, and I am certain I did, was very… how to put it mildly… telling?).

mat4 Says:

4K has won, showing a lot of perseverance and stability, and Tomic looks very good against Ferrer.

It looks to me that the newcomers are here, but once again, we missed the right one.

jane Says:

tomic beat ferrer! that’s a good win for him. he also beat coric. could bernard be rounding into some form finally? i didn’t see either match, unfortunately.

mat4 Says:


He seems to have finally matured, playing at his best. He’s still slow, but he made good use of Ferrer’s pace, moved the ball around, played deep.

He was a bit lucky, Ferrer missed a few easy shots, but the result is here. (Tomic was indeed very lucky at 3/4 in the second set.)

Now, let’s see what Novak can do.

mat4 Says:

And Novak is broken right at the start…

jane Says:

mat4, nole’s come out flat tonight; long wait until after the scream-fest was over. hopefully he gets it together.

mat4 Says:

11 ue in the first 4 games… a bit too much. I still hope he finds his groove.

mat4 Says:

Things changed. Ramos made 3 DF in a game to be broken. Then Novak started to serve better and to hit his spots. The truth is that he didn’t seem worried.

mat4 Says:

Unbelievable… that FH is not working tonight. Still a lot of work to do.

jane Says:

jeepers, i was almost going to say he’s got his groove back and then he goes and loses serve. : /

mat4 Says:

Strange set. Guess Novak will break now.

mat4 Says:

Novak needs to calm down and focus.

jane Says:

mat4, high bounce, slowish court, would you say?

mat4 Says:

Yes, I guess so. The bounce certainly seems high.

But Novak’s FH is a work in progress. Once it is exquisite, and the other time abysmal.

Tonight, we got a few glimpses of the best, and a lot of the worst. Hopefully, Ramos didn’t play well either.

the DA Says:

^ I’m glad someone else has noticed the bounces. They are freakishly high – they make everyone look like the best kick server in the world. And it’s even more pronounced in the heat. I’m wondering if it’s also a ball issue – not just surface.

Anyway, I missed the Nole match. Just got up. It sounds like he couldn’t find his normal level. But still, he got through as all champions do – even when not 100%. Isner will be interesting. I’m always amazed at how he’s a bad match up for Nole but less so for Rafa and Andy. Yet Raonic is okay but not for Andy. A discussion for a later time.

mat4 Says:

I read the thread about the balls. I am not in a position to have an opinion, of course, but players in the three matches I’ve watched in parts tonight have missed wildly from time to time: Ferrer, Djokovic, Ramos, Keys, even Jankovic, who is very steady. Most of the time their trademark shots. Who knows?

About the courts: they are not slow by themselves. The rebound is high, that’s what make defence easier. Tomic played from 6 feet from the baseline and had no difficulties to reach the ball.

Novak missed a lot by an inch. He was very lucky Ramos didn’t serve better, but at the same time, one felt that it was just a matter of time when he would find his shots.

Margot Says:

@the DA
Read Andy said he deliberately made his serve bounce higher because Kohls is “short for a tennis player!”
The big meany!

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