Novak Djokovic Doesn’t Like To Be Called A Veteran [Video]
by Tom Gainey | April 1st, 2015, 12:18 pm

Following a tough 3-set win over the tricky Alexandr Dolgopolov in Miami yesterday, 27-year-old Novak Djokovic was asked about his quarterfinal match against David Ferer, a battle of “two veterans” the reported stated.

“Did you say ‘two veterans’?” Djokovic smiled. “Thank you. That’s the first, I haven’t heard that. Thank you.

“This is a milestone,” Djokovic said. “This is a big thing for me to hear. I need to gather my thoughts here from what I heard just now,” he said. “Reality just hit me. Thank you for that.

“It’s been a long time I have been playing tennis but I have never heard that I’m a ‘veteran’.”

The 4-time Miami champion will face Ferrer tomorrow in the quarterfinals. Thursday is also Ferrer’s 33rd birthday. He’s a veteran.

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9 Comments for Novak Djokovic Doesn’t Like To Be Called A Veteran [Video]

chris ford1 Says:

The you tube caption is more accurate. If you click on the video, his reaction is great. Amused and accepting of the 1st-time use he has ever heard the term used about himself. Tennis-X has a caption that is flat wrong. Nothing in that vid about disliking it.
Djokovic is still one of the youngest players in the Top 10. For many years he was the youngest one. At the moment, he is the 4th youngest with the recent additions of Raonic, Nishikorim and Cilic.
“Veteran” was something Fed or Ferrer or Roddick was called. Not him. Things change.

brando Says:

He is a veteran though when you think about it. He turns 28 in May and historically players are seen as senior figures on Tue tour at that age. His span on the tour (over 10 years I think), number of matches (probably over 800), success and stature qualifies him as a veteran in the world of Tennis for me. Weird? Yes. But in tennis it’s not weird or strange for me.

jane Says:

chrisford1, that’s true. his reaction is pretty funny. i guess he wasn’t expecting to hear, that but it’s funny-strange how he is kind of hit by the reality that it’s true in that very moment, which in a way, he acknowledges. i thought he was conciliatory overall.

Sidney Says:

Judging by the titles of recent articles/blog entries, Tom doesn’t like Novak and Rafa. Inaccurate representation galore.

Markus Says:

Agree with you Sidney. Tom’s bias is increasingly becoming obvious.

brando Says:

@sidney: spot on. The amount of TMZ like clickbait on those 2 recently has been unreal.

madmax Says:

Very sweet reaction from Novak. He seemed taken off guard, but when you think about it, though certainly not over the hill, Novak, now in his late 20s will be regarded as a veteran.

It really is a silly term though. So I can see why he smiled.

I think all the comments about him not playing so well this tournament, may well be correct. However, he has come straight from winning a previous title, so much be suffering from Lactic acid build up, with very little rest in between tournaments, it is no wonder he has looked tired and heavy in between matches.

madmax Says:

and during matches, at times.

roy Says:

let’s not forget that when federer turned 28, people were excusing his losses to nadal and djoker as the result of his old age and ‘past prime’ performance.

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