Andy Murray Joins The 500 Win Club [Chart]

by Tom Gainey | April 1st, 2015, 12:08 pm

Andy Murray became just the 46th player to win 500 career matches on the ATP circuit yesterday following a 64, 36, 63 win over Kevin Anderson in the Miami fourth round.

“It means a lot,” Murray told Sky Sports. “There’s not a whole lot [of players] that have managed to get to 500. It’s very nice to have done that. To do it here in Miami was quite fitting. I’ve done a lot of hard yards on this court, put in a lot of work here.

“I hope it’s not the last match I win! I hope I’ve got a few more in my career. There’s a certain number I’d like to get to before I finish playing. Hopefully my body will hold up and give me the opportunity to get there.”

After the win, Murray was present with a cake on court and given a small ceremony.

“The guys over there enjoy carnage when there is cake around,” Murray said pointing to his team. “Especially the guy in the middle there. Loves his cake. Carnage.”

Murray becomes the ninth active player to reach 500. He’s also the first Brit to do it.

1) Roger Federer 1,012-229
2) Rafael Nadal 721-145
3) Novak Djokovic 625-142 (prior to Miami QF)
4) David Ferrer 623-296 (prior to Miami QF)
5) Lleyton Hewitt 612-255
6) Tommy Haas 561-315
7) Tomas Berdych 507-266 (prior to Miami QF)
8) Tommy Robredo 505-322
9) Andy Murray 500-155

Murray plays later today in the Miami quarterfinals against Dominic Thiem.

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25 Comments for Andy Murray Joins The 500 Win Club [Chart]

RZ Says:

@HC – you got your thread! :-)

Hippy Chick Says:

RZ YAY i got my thread,what an achievement by our Andy,and some big names in that list,onwards and upwards for our guy….

Ben Pronin Says:

That cake looks awesome.

RZ Says:

Ben Rothenberg had tweeted that they ATP/Miami tournament had upped the cake game compared to the cake Lleyton Hewitt got last year for 600 wins. I’d say he is correct based on the pic halfway down on this page:

Margot Says:

Thanx Tom :)
Awesome, as you Yankees say, from Andy :)
Wonder what his next target is?

KatH Says:

@ Margot: Let’s hope it is winning his match against Thiem.

jane Says:

i said it on the other thread, but congrats to andy here too.

brando Says:

And there’s many more to come, you better believe that!vamos Andy!

Margot Says:

501 and counting….;)
Come on!

RZ Says:

@Margot and KatH – 501 and counting…and hoping for some easier wins. He’s long past Henman and needs to stop modeling Tim’s rollercoaster matches!

the DA Says:

Andy looks good in his 501s. He did what champs do when the going gets tough. Just like Nole yesterday. Glad to see it. Last year he was losing these (even this year – Dubai, ahem). Also, thank goodness he’s bucking the QF run. We like SFs or better.

But Thiem – wow. If he builds some stamina and his coach can reign in some of his wilder impulses – watch out! That BH was lethal.

Margot Says:

U r American? How come such a huge Andy fan?
DA has explained b4 because I accused ;) him of being British,as he has a very dry British sense of humour, as well as being an Andy nut!

Daniel Says:

Andy in semis of another big tourney. Only Djoko is having better results than him this year in the bigger tourneys. Eventually he will get a win over Novak again, if they are to play in finals.

Better lose early in Dubai but go deep in Slams and Masters.

the DA Says:

@Margot – What did you think of our boy’s returning today? I thought it was fantastic. He’s definitely taken it up a gear – more aggressive than usual. I’m quite excited to see where Jonas will take it. It will counteract some of his fuzzy service games. ;)

RZ Says:

@Margot – I was born in the UK, moved to the US when I was 11. So I’m a big fan of Team GB (as well as Cadbury’s chocolates, Shreddies, PG Tips, and all sorts of other good stuff that my fellow Americans don’t understand and have been deprived of). :-)

I get called “unpatriotic” a lot because more often than not I don’t root for American sports teams or athletes. Part of this has to do with living the first part of my life in the UK; the other part of it has to do with the fact that the US has so much sporting success that it’s more fun to cheer for others.

RZ Says:

^ There’s also the fact that in general I like Andy Murray a lot as a person. Occasional on court dramatics aside, I like his sense of humor, sarcasm, humility, and feminism.

Sidney Says:

First Brit to 500 wins? I never would have guessed given GB’s rich tennis history and tradition.

Amazing achievement! More success, and perhaps knighthood in the future!

Margot Says:

Thank you. That explains it. @ 6,41: I like him for all those reasons too :) Plus magic tennis too, of course.;)
@the DA
His ROS was simply AWESOME, I tell you, AWESOME. Virtually on the net. A friend said it was the same v Anderson, which is insane given the way Anderson serves. Andy’s own serve will always be a “work in progress” I guess.
Read somewhere Jonas was kind to Andy when he was just starting out. Dunno how true that is?

Margot Says:

Andy even loves his “haters.” Wub.
@DA and RZ
Also loving all the net work. More wub!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Andy has been a fantastic sportsman throughout his career. I have never seen him complain about his opponent or any other factors after his loss. He always seems to respect his opponents and have a very good humor sense.

He has so many areas to improve to catch up with the Top 3. If he could make some improvements, he could definitely win another couple of slams.

It should all start with his serve. Out of the Top 4, he is the only guy who cannot hold his serve consistently. It does not get exaggerated much in the early stages of the tournament, since he is capable of breaking his opponent. But when it comes to Top players, they are very good in protecting their serves. That’s where he gets caught and loses big matches.

KatH Says:

Yes Margot – am hoping that 502 comes Andy’s way as well. Noticed Tomas stated he “has his plan”!!! (Hope it is one of those “best laid plans o’ mice and men” that end up going awry….

Noticed Judy Murray working hard on promoting tennis at schools – was in my area a couple of days ago (Dumfries & Galloway.)

RZ Says:

@Nirmal – very true that despite how good he is, Andy has more areas where he can improve (second serve for sure) compared to the 3 guys above him. Hopefully Amelie and Jonas are working with him on the right stuff so that more big titles will come his way.

Margot Says:

Am always very nervous when Andy plays Berd. Now I’m reminded of the H2H, even more so! I think Berd has an advantage in best of 3. EEEEEKKKK!
I love Judy, she’s a human dynamo!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

RZ, his second serve gets more exposed, because of his inconsistency in his 1st serve. I believe the problem starts with his 1st serve. If he can get consistency of around 65-70%, then his second serve would improve. I have seen players including Roger his good second serves when their 1st serve percentage is higher.

RZ Says:

@Nirmal – I don’t disagree that he needs more consistency with his first serve and that would really help his results, but that’s because I think his second serve is pretty wimpy – a lot slower than his first serve and in major need of beefing up.

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