Fanatic Rushes On Court For Selfie With Roger Federer, French Open Security In No Hurry [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 24th, 2015, 9:24 am

Following a comfortable win over Alejandro Falla in the first round at the French Open, Roger Federer was attacked by a fan as he was leaving the Chatrier Court.

The fan jumped on court to request a selfie with an annoyed looking Federer. Several seconds went by before security finally came in to apprehend the trespasser before something serious could have happened.

Federer’s not pleased about it either.

“I’m not happy about it,” Federer said. “Obviously not one second I’m happy about it. It happened yesterday in the practice, too. It’s just a kid, but then three more kids came. And today on center court where you would think this is a place where nobody can come on, just wanders on and nothing happens. Happened during the finals in ’09 as well for me.

“So I definitely think this is something that something needs to happen quickly. Basically yesterday already. Not now, you know. But obviously want this to happen immediately. Normally I only speak on behalf of myself, but in this situation I think I can speak on behalf of all the players, that that’s where you do your job, that’s where you want to feel safe. And so clearly I’m not happy about it. But nothing happened, so I’m relieved. But clearly it wasn’t a nice situation to be in.

“Gilbert Ysern already came and apologized to me, and we had a quick conversation. I just told him what I think needs to happen. I told him about yesterday, as well, which he didn’t know about. Yeah, I’m sure they will take the necessary steps now, but this doesn’t only mean for this tournament for this year; it means for all the tournaments we play all the years coming up. We need to make sure that it’s safe out there and people don’t just wander on the court like a free pass, you know. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”

This isn’t the first time Federer’s dealt with intruders coming onto the court at the French Open. Remember this moment from the 2009 final against Robin Soderling?

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17 Comments for Fanatic Rushes On Court For Selfie With Roger Federer, French Open Security In No Hurry [Video]

Markus Says:

That’s tennis for you. Poor security, poor officiating, etc. Very lackadaisical in so many aspects.

Angel Says:

Fucking French Open!!!

jane Says:

luckily the kid looked harmless, but still…how strange!

Ronn Says:

First, they sacreww up the draw by putting all the best players in the top half and now this. The French really sukks this year…

Seth Says:

Yep, between this and the tabloid fodder Wawrinka article on the RG site, it’s evident they need to tighten things up this year.

Jack Lewis Says:

The kid looked like a self entitled brat (why would rules apply to me?). Too bad for the crowd or else he might have gotten a well deserved top spin slap.

Wog Boy Says:

“It happened yesterday in the practice, too.”

Ок, it shouldn’t have happened during the match, huge blunder by organizers, but how do you stop it from happening in the practice court, that is actually the time for the fans to see the players and have the photo/ selfie with them, at least that is my experience from AO.

Tennisfan Says:

They should not let any random person get that close to the top players during match time or practices. There’s no knowing if one of them is a pyscho like the guy that stabbed Seles.

Jack Lewis Says:

It’s not about trying to get the attention of the player as he leaves or gets on court for practice, it’s about going on court during practice and interfering.

Wog Boy Says:

^^Thanks for clarification.

paul gibson Says:

What the hell? Unbelievable, I’m so glad this happened,what I can hear you all say! It’s shown that Federer is human and not an all conquering tennis android like I assumed he must be, seeing him talking about that silly little boy wanting a selfie he came across as quiet nice and refreshingly normal, let’s not forget this man is an tennis icon. Well handled Mr Federer. New balls please!!!!!

madmax Says:

Its absolutely dreadful. Watching that video again when stupid jimmy ran onto the court and put the flag over Fed’s head, my heart just felt sick.

French security? There is no french security!

Giles Says:

How about the time a guy ran across the court, at the US Open, and kissed Rafa. Of course the security guards removed him but how was the guy allowed to get that close to Rafa? And here’s me thinking the US had the best security in the world. They are all the same! Rubbish!

madmax Says:

Markus Says:
Federer had to wave his hand towards somebody before security came up to move the kid away. How lackadaisical was that? Do they need to be called before they move into action?

Security is not an illusion, otherwise, there won’t be any need for it anywhere.

May 25th, 2015 at 10:11 am


Wimbledon is in a different class.

Search your bags on arrival, and then you get through arrivals and they search again.

Security in every corner, the military even – whether that is part of the tradition, I don’t know, but then, look what happened to Seles. However, I do think, since then, security has been stepped it. I mean, it had to really.

The French though. This has happened Twice. That is what makes the difference here.

Rick Says:

Fed has stupid fans, all the Fedtards! And Federina was mouthingoff his own fans. Well, he has weird fans! And Fed was being rude to his own fans! The fans are weird, but they are his fans. Well, they were not hurting him. So Federina should shut up.

Miles Nicholas Says:

Rick, what an ignorant, almost incoherent statement. I’m guessing you’re a Rafa fan? The point here (which should be blindingly obvious to even the most stupid), is that security is so lax, that ANY player (even one you like, Rick), is potentially at risk.

Markus Says:

Hahaha! I think I am one of those stupid people referred to by Rick because I could not understand those bunch of words and sentences he strung together on May 25. 1:38 PM. I could not get any rhyme or reason or meaming in that post. It sounded like a burp. Oh, stupid me.

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