French Open Security Update: Roger Federer Is Surrounded! [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 29th, 2015, 11:57 am

After a Day One security faux pas, the French Open has stepped up its security detail in a major way. Just look how many security officials are surrounding Roger Federer as he walks the grounds at Roland Garros today.

Federer rolled past Damir Dzumhur to reach his 11th straight French Open fourth round. On Sunday, he’ll meet the winner of the ongoing Gael Monfils-Pablo Cuevas match.

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30 Comments for French Open Security Update: Roger Federer Is Surrounded! [Video]

SG1 Says:

Yup. No adjustments to security need to be made…LOL!

skeezer Says:

That’ll work,lol!

Giles Says:

Only thing is they might smother him! Lol

Giles Says:

PS. Now this is favouritism in the extreme! Lol

elina Says:

I guess his request was granted then.

Ben Pronin Says:

This is kinda hilarious. Effing royalty at the French Open.

RZ Says:

Let’s hope they are good at their jobs. More security does not necessarily mean better security

M Says:

I can barely see Roger, LOL.

Is that him, on his phone? :-)

Giles Says:

Bunch of clowns!

Giles Says:

At least there’s more than one clown for this circus!

SnotNosedKid Says:

What a lot of hassle just to get another runner-up tea tray next week.

skeezer Says:

Not funny by a long shot The “request” you mentioned was for his safety, not cause he no likey the ump.
Sore loser losing the request argument perhaps?

Okiegal Says:

It appears that the French Open bosses aim to please witn all requests…..or demands….which is it??

elina Says:

Oh don’t be too hard on yourself skeezer (even though you also lost the Kyrgios notch on the bedpost bragging).

Okiegal Says:

I will have to admit…..I love SnotNosedKid’s moniker…….hilarious!

Giles Says:

Okie. :(((

elina Says:

The incident of a fan managing to breach security to get a selfie with Roger should never have happened but pales into insignificance compared with the demonstrator carrying a lighted flare who ran amok in the middle of Rafa’s match last year and came within a few feet of him.

The 15-man posse of guards now surrounding Federer is simply window dressing designed to appease the Great One and, as already pointed out above, just another example of how his every whim is pandered to.

skeezer Says:

^and should be. He is the GOAT.
If Rafa demands….errrr…requests.. the same security be comforted that he will get it.

Yolita Says:

I love the French! More security than the President of the Republic… A little bit teasing, maybe? :-)

Humble Rafa Says:

I think it will be great if he keeps his security details while on court. The court can accommodate all of them. Then all the Security can glide “gracefully” and achieve immortality.

elina Says:

Yolita lol!

I think you may be onto something! I never thought of that. A bit too OTT to be serious perhaps.

That would make more sense.

elina Says:

skeezer, you may be onto something.

Maybe Rafa could demand that Bernardes could be on his security detail.

From what I hear, he now has a lot more spare time on his hands!

jane Says:

anyone else think fed looks kind of embarrassed? it definitely seems drastic or else tongue-in-cheek, as yolita suggests. it’s like men in black x 10. :D

elina Says:

You guys, or maybe they are GOAT herders lol.

jane Says:

ha ha, elina. maybe. :D

Daniel Says:


I think he is kind of embarrassed, hence looking at his phone heads down all the time. The good things is at least he is secured, but maybe the French Organizers got a bit pissed and said, ok, do you want more security, you will get it. Because they could cut half those guys and it will still be plenty of people:-)

Honleuraise Says:


GOAT herders. Love it. I wonder whose idea it was to dress them up to look like undertakers at a funereal?

jane Says:

daniel, yeah, tha’s what i meant (looking at phone, head down, etc)

mat4 Says:

Gachassin and his team are disappointed me more and more. They made a joke of Roland Garros. Federer asked for more security, with a very good reason, and the only thing they did is to try to embarrass him, instead of realizing they made errors.

kriket Says:

Federer’s henchmen :)

You wanted more security? Here’s security for ya!

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