French Open Said This: There Is No Reason For Us To Change The Security Measures
by Sean Randall | May 24th, 2015, 5:30 pm

A few hours after some degenerate kid walked out onto Chatrier in hopes of getting on a selfie with Roger Federer, tournament boss Gilbert Ysern said security measures were just fine the way they were.

“I’m not going to tell you I’m happy with what happened this afternoon,” Ysern said. “But honestly, at this stage there is no reason for us to change the security procedures.”

No reason? Some screwball just jumped the fence and spent more time on court than Alejandro Falla, and things are ok? No they are not!

“Tt was just a lack of judgment this afternoon,” Ysern went on. “Clearly the security people who were on court did not do the job the way they should have done, of course, to say the least.”

Well, now that you mention it, yes. They did not do their job, which is, among other things, to stop intruders from getting on the court. But that’s what happened today moments after Federer brushed away Falla, and was leaving the court.

And according to Ysern, his crew thought as long as the kid was just asking for a selfie – and not carrying say a grenade launcher or a light saber – then things were OK.

“We all know in tennis, like in other sports, the current approach consists in having the players,” Ysern said. “The crowds close to the players, you know, looking for signatures, autographs, and pictures, selfies and all that. Again, I think that’s where the lack of judgment this afternoon lays. I mean, the instinct and direction of security people must have been that it was something that was acceptable, which is clearly not.”

So who gives them the direction?

“I think we should understand that the issue here again is lack of judgment on the part of the people who are on court. It’s not the procedures that are in place that are wrong.”

Huh? Mr. Ysern, everything is wrong. The people AND the procedures AND you! Get it right because there’s little room for error here, remember Monica Seles?

What amazed me wasn’t that the kid was able to jump onto the court, it was that Federer had to point him out to security asking them to do something. “Look, see this freak? I don’t know him. Hello? Anyone??”

Otherwise, that kid probably would have walked off with Roger, gone to the locker room, maybe used the toilet and sat next to him at the press table, ate with Mirka in the player cafe. Hey, it’s ok as long as the kid doesn’t become aggressive.


Here in America if some kid runs on to the playing he gets his ass kicked, usually for everyone to see. That’s what should have happened here. Not the old, “hey, come on now, go back to your seat, young boy. Roger doesn’t want to do a selfie. Maybe next time.”

So now we have the first day of the French Open done and the story is about some nut kid and a trashy tabloid article about Stan and his women. Perfect. Well done French Open, way to start strong. Tres bien. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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25 Comments for French Open Said This: There Is No Reason For Us To Change The Security Measures

Jayeno Says:

Maybe it will take high ranked Player to threaten to boycott, as they did in Madrid with the blue clay, to get them them to up the security measures; does Fed, Rafa or Novak need to get stabbed like Monica in order for them to take notice they are lacking??!!??

SG1 Says:

Gilbert Ysern is blind, stupid or both. As many have already mentioned, Monica Seles lost the best years of career because of this kind of nonsensical logic.

Shame on you Mr. Ysern and your lackluster security. It appears that the ATP, like the FAA only believes in Tombstone Legislation i.e. we have to wait for enough people to be hurt or worse before something like this gets taken seriously.

Humble Rafa Says:

My seeding fiasco, the security, everything sucks. I am not liking this tournament much anymore.

jane Says:

i think youz needs some assistance too. : /

Kam Retnasami Says:

In other words, what the tournament director is doing is pointing the finger at the security guards, denying there was a flaw in the system, and not taking the blame. What a poor leader and what a coward!

Seth Says:

Could they be any more lackadaisical about this? If I were Federer, or any of the players for that matter, I’d absolutely raise hell until Mr. Ysern changes his tune decisively.

Dan Says:

Fortunately this fan like 99% are fine, but this is a big crisis for Roland Garros, it has already happened a couple of times. No one knows when the next Guenter Parche against Monica Seles will be, so they can’t even afford the 1% to happen.

Michael Says:

It is really atrocious to provide third grade security in such a Premier Grand slam event. And the statement of the Authorities do not seem to inspire confidence that they are going to tone up the security in the near future to provide comfort to the players and this is disgusting and only goes to show the crass indifference of the tournament Authorities who do not seem to be bothered by players misgivings of the security apparatus. It would be worthwhile to tackle a problem before it has taken roots rather than overcoming it when it becomes full blown. Hope sane counsel and wisdom will prevail on the authorities and they will give due attention that this issue deserves in right earnest.

skeezer Says:

Why is the FO even a Slam? They don’t act like one. Worst Slam on Tour.

kriket Says:

In America, if a kid did that and happened to be black, he would’ve been shot 15 times in the face.

madmax Says:

Just one word.



A few more.

Unbelievably crass approach.


a build up.

Absolutely makes my blood boil that they don’t take seriously any gatecrasher! I guess they will take things more seriously when one of our players get knifed.

That’s what it is going to take.

Atrocious, shocking and any synonym in that category.

Who is the head of player’s council now? I know Fed stepped down, but for the life of me can’t remember who took over from him?

SG1 Says:

skeezer Says:
Why is the FO even a Slam? They don’t act like one. Worst Slam on Tour.


In terms of management of the tournament, absolutely! In light of the recent Charly Hebdo massacre, security should be taken very seriously by the upper ups at RG.

What the players should realize right now is that the FO has security in place to protect the elite folks in the crowd, not them. No one took the security for this match seriously because it was a first rounder and who of any importance is going to show up and watch a first rounder…even if it’s Federer. This kind of half-hearted attention to detail is exactly what the whack jobs are looking to exploit when planning to do something insane.

But, the players have the upper hand. They don’t play and there isn’t any tournament. This really is a big deal. Federer was concerned about security at the practice courts as well. Hope that someone at RG grows a brain (you only need half of one to get this fixed) and does something about this before something really unfortunate happens.

jane Says:

i think they still don’t have lights.

and then they used to start late or whatever so they can have lunch; that might’ve changed but i remember one year when scheduling was roundly criticized.

even this year they are taking 3 days to get through 1 round with rafa and novak starting tomorrow. that’s dumb considering the weather is a bit iffy. have they always done this? i know the USO does but i didn’t think the FO did.

Markus Says:


You raised very good points there about this security issue. The players should have a meeting with the FO organizers/officials to demand for better security. If no improvement is promised and promulgated, they should boycott this tournament. This isn’t much ado about nothing the way Mr. Ysem’s words and actions seem to imply.

Humble Rafa Says:

skeezer Says:
Why is the FO even a Slam? They don’t act like one. Worst Slam on Tour.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

I assume streakers make Wimbledon a great tournament. I understand your twisted logic because your brain is programmed incorrectly.

mat4 Says:

They can’t have lights. The neighbourhood doesn’t allow it.

SG 1 put it well.

mat4 Says:

Ysern has already downplayed the security issue. The organisers don’t plan to make changes.

And skeezer is right: the FO doesn’t deserve to be a slam. They were quite lucky the Italians didn’t react the way they should have in the seventies, so they got away with their amateurish behaviour. But compared to the AO, or IW, Roland Garros is a second category tournament.

skeezer Says:

streakers threaten the players, but they do hurt the eyes.

jeanius Says:

Typical French.

Daniel Says:

Guys, as much as they are having this issue now, Roland Garros is awesome and IT is a Slam. I’ve been there, to Wimbledon and US Open and the feel is great, is smaller than the others but more organized and accessible, not big queues, beautiful young people working in the entrances and in all stands, you can circulate with much more flare, the venue is great, location. Beautiful courts. It’s awesome, at least my personal take.

US Open is just too big everything, you take long to entrance, long to eat, have to walk miles to get anywhere, a bunch of stars, it’s exhausting, but great. Wimbledon was my favorite, mainly because it was my first Slams and all the history, just incredible everything.

Hard to believe that IW is a better tourney that Garros just beaches they have more money from infrastructure?!

elina Says:

meh, same thing happens at US Open, the last slam that figured out semis on Saturday was bush league.


Michael Says:

And sometimes I wonder as to why we do not have the hawk eye system on Clay ? Yesterday, in the match between Monfils Vs Vasselin, the Umpire funked big time on a call by pointing out the place in which it pitched and called it right, while the hawk eye showed it awfully out of the line causing a huge embarrassment. I think apart from toning up security related issues in a big way, hawk eye system should be installed in the tournament without further delay. How many times we are going to find Umpires alighting from their seat to pinpoint the mark where the ball landed ? It is total waste of time.

Margot Says:

I agree with. Seems very quaint and old fashioned not to have hawk eye.
Mind you, jumoing off the chair and inspecting the clay, looks like the only exercise some of those guys get……..

Michael Says:

True Margot. It is really crazy in an era where technology is making leaps and bounds. When they have the availability of technology, they should make use of it instead of adamantly sticking to old practices in the name of preserving tradition which is regressive and counter productive. The message is clear. Evolve or perish. Even in Wimbledon which has resisted all along the embrace to modernity, there is a sea change visible where the authorities are forced to bid adieu to old customs and traditions and are welcoming new ideas. You would recall that there was a great opposition when the Authorities contemplated constructing a roof over the Centre Court to overcome frequent interruptions due to rains. But, finally, the compulsions of the day emerged the winner and they couldn’t postpone the decision any more due to commercial unviability. When this is so, why is French Open so lethargic in this urge towards embracing modernity ??

elina Says:

Hawkeye is only accurate to 3-5 mm. Not as good as the mark left by clay.

It can be argued any way however, this is the reason.

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