Roger Federer And Others Congratulate Stan Wawrinka On His Win
by Tom Gainey | June 7th, 2015, 3:05 pm

Among the many congratulating Stan Wawrinka for his incredible triumph today was Roger Federer. Federer, who lost to Wawrinka in the quarterfinals on Tuesday, has been in a way a beneficiary of Stan’s win, denying Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open last year and Djokovic today.

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6 Comments for Roger Federer And Others Congratulate Stan Wawrinka On His Win

Brando Says:

Congratulations Stan that was a performance of the absolute highest order!

He fought a battle with nole and won the match with spectacular.

Truly one of the best, if not the best, display of attacking tennis on the biggest stage I have ever seen! 60 winners in just 4 sets: insane stuff!

It was a special performance that will live long in the memory of many for sure.

Brando Says:


Excellent photo by Magnus Norman who has to be the most outstanding coach in Mens Tennis bar none.

Worked miracles with Soderling and now Wawrinka. Sensational.


Get the cheque book out and make a Don Corleone style offer he cannot refuse to this man, he’ll do wonders for you. I wish.

Michael Says:


Not to take anything away from Wawarinka, I think Novak allowed him to dominate the match by being less aggressive and perhaps tentative. The big moment caught with him.

danica Says:

Great congrats from Judy Murray :).

Rich Says:

Some possible food for thought on Djokovic:

1. EXHAUSTION. He looked very tired too me in the Finals, I think because he expended so much energy throughout the tournament, because…

2. SELF-DESTRUCTION. His style results in long, grinding points against opponents who are sharp and on form. While most players would commit errors under Novak’s groundstroke pressure, a dialed-in player like Wawrinka did not, so, in my opinion….

3. SHORTENING POINTS. Novak has to get better at shortening points, including coming to the net off of more of his terrific groundstrokes, mainly when his opponent has to run to retrieve them, and Novak has to use more side-to-side rolling topspin short angle shots, to keep his opponents off balance and tire them out. Low percentage drop shotting is NEVER the answer. In addition to the above….

4. ATTACK STAN’S BACKHAND. Novak should have played most of his shots to Wawrinka’s backhand, preferably out wide. While Stan’s backhand is a shot of beauty, almost as pretty as Gasquet’s and Youzhny’s, like all 1-handed backhand players, Stan must be on balance to unleash it. Stan made most of his errors when he was off balance hitting backhands. Finally…

5. COACHING FAILED HIM. I blame Becker and Vajda for not adding more point-shortening strategic elements to Novak’s game and for Novak’s loss, especially in light of his obvious fatigue.

Stan deserved to win, but Novak should not lose to Stan at any GS Final; he’s just too great.

courbon Says:

Brando, you have not be properly following ‘The Godfather’. First Rafa should ask him nicely to coach him and if he refuses, he puts a horse head in to his bed ( in Majorca is probably easier to get donkey, so that will do also…). That’s how you do it-not writing a cheques!Go back to your DVD and watch again best ever trilogy!

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