Watch Roger Federer Hit A Behind-The-Back Lob And Eventually Win The Point! [Video]

by Staff | June 15th, 2015, 1:42 pm

Roger Federer showed off some of his vast shot-making skills today in Halle. Early in the third set against Philipp Kohlschreiber, Federer came up with this gem, hitting a lob from behind-the-back and it paid off. Kohlschreiber was able to return it but Federer put his smash reply away with a forehand passing shot winner.

Earlier in the match Roger slipped up on the grass:

“I must admit the court also feels a bit different this year,” Federer said. “And it was in the evening – So, a lot of circumstances that, put together, made us both slip a little. Mind you, today I may have slipped as much as I probably will throughout the entire grass court season. It takes you by surprise. You hope nobody injures themselves. And it nags at you’re confidence a little bit while trying to play good tennis. You suddenly think footwork rather than ball. But it was the same for Philipp and nothing in the line of injuries happened. So for sure it’s going to get only better as the week progresses.”

Federer eventually won the match 7-6(8), 3-6, 7-6(5). The German was serving 5-4 in the final set tiebreak before Federer reeled off the last three points to win. Federer is now 9-0 vs Kohlschreiber.

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13 Comments for Watch Roger Federer Hit A Behind-The-Back Lob And Eventually Win The Point! [Video]

Jeez Says:

That was TOO close for comfort!!

Jeff Says:

Feds….by the skin of his teeth

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I don’t understand this. Was he daydreaming? How did he overrun the shot like that? He wasn’t rushed or slipping or anything, it was like he did it on purpose.

I mean…. amazing shot sequence, but what the heck??

skeezer Says:

GOAT of shotmaking ( Bahrami a close second ).

Hippy Chick Says:

LOL Very nice,the only player that could pull this off….

SnotNosedKid Says:

Dimitrov would be proud

Jack Lewis Says:

@Tennis Vagabond
The other guy was at the net, Federer simply anticipated a direction and started running pretty much at the same time the shot was taken. He figured the other guy would go for the corner more… If you wait to see the shot and then run, you won’t make it in time.

Hippy Chick Says:

Jack Lewis im almost scared to ask,but whos your favorite player,as youve never said?….

MMT Says:

Ironically, the thing that Federer does probably better than anyone in tennis is his footwork. It is THE reason for his longevity, and his outstanding record on grass. So when he does slip, it comes as such a surprise that it makes a highlight reel – well there was also the shot to boot, but you get my point.

jalep Says:

@Jeff…hi there ;)

June 15th, 3:22 pm.

jalep Says:

What’s most impressive is that he wins the point after that hotshot behind the back – it’s no big deal for him. He’s Federer. Gotta love him.

Jack Lewis Says:

@Hippy Chick
Don’t be scared ;)
Probably Fed, then Djokovic (when he feels offensive), MonFils is fun to watch as well.
Used to love to see Haas…

M Says:


I was really hoping to see Tommy in the final against Roger.

Oh, well. Roger had a squeaker or two himself – we can’t have everything.

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