Sadly Juan Martin Del Potro Will Have A Third Surgery On His Left Wrist [Video]

by Tom Gainey | June 15th, 2015, 10:14 am

The news continues to be bad for Juan Martin del Potro. The Likeable Argentine returned in March after post-Australia surgery but his left wrist wasn’t good healthy enough.

Del Potro had remarked he was hoping to play the clay, but he never did, nor did he play at the French Open. And now the latest news is he will have a third surgery on his left wrist next Thursday.

Today, a disconsolate del Potro broke the news via a heartfelt youtube video.

“Ive spent some tough weeks and months. Some sad days, some dark days. Not much light at the end of the tunnel because of my serious wrist injury,” del Potro said. “But the good part of the story is, I don’t give up.”

“If there’s one thing I want to do is to fight for what I love and that is to play tennis.”

Del Potro admitted that he played in Miami with pain, and now doesn’t practice or train.

“The whole situation made me realize it wasn’t wise to go on in that condition,” he said of his Miami sensations.

“I just find myself fighting mentally and psychologically, not giving up and trying to find solutions to my wrist problem.

“I didn’t want to to fight tennis. I didn’t want to hate this sport.”

He said with the support of his doctor, he looked into alternative treatments for the left wrist which first plagued him in 2012. But to have a chance at returning to tennis, there was only one option.

“I’ve decided to commit myself and undergo surgery hoping it will be the final solution,” he said.

“I did look for alternatives, other diagnosis as well. But all in all, it ends with the same place if I want to play tennis again, and that is to face surgery again.”

Del Potro, who turns 27 in September, said he will update his fans following surgery.

“I still dream about stepping onto a tennis court one day.”

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18 Comments for Sadly Juan Martin Del Potro Will Have A Third Surgery On His Left Wrist [Video]

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Sad. Even if the surgery works, he isn’t training and he’ll be starting over at 27. After already one surgery on each wrist, its hard to imagine there will be permanent solution. Also hard to know how to feel about his perseverance, whether he needs to accept and move on with his life, but I suppose in the grand scheme its worth a few years to fight for a dream, even with odds against.

Okiegal Says:

This is a sad on going story. I feel so sorry for this guy. He’s had way more than his share of bad luck. Such a talent. After watching him win the USO with all of those tough matches….I thought to myself, how will his wrist hold up. I believe he hits harder than anyone on the circuit. Hopefully, this will work for him, certainly hope so. He’s such a nice guy.

RZ Says:

I hope this 3rd surgery works for him. I agree that it’s sad, and it also makes me worried for Laura Robson who’s had similar wrist problems.

Daniel Says:

The only positive for DelPo is that he is still young. If Wawrinka is winning Slams in 29 and 30 (and after a divorce) so can he. Hope he recovers and ger hit some ball
By the end of the year so next year he starts his recovers and ascend back to top 10

Markus Says:

I think that’s it for del Potro. This is sad considering how good he is. He is supposed to be the leader of the group after Nadal and Djokovic. Now that he is essentially gone, that epoch has become a really weak transition period. That’s added longevity for Djokovic, Nadal and in some ways, Federer, too.

Okiegal Says:

To me his problem is a catch 22 situation. He gets his wrist fixed and gets healed and starts hitting like he always has, because that’s what comes naturally for him. What would keep it from happening again with his mode of play? Love this guy and hope he gets well.

Okiegal Says:

Also… wishes for a speedy recovery to him and his fans!! :)

Hippy Chick Says:

Such sad news i really feel for the guy,he seems to go from one injury crisis to another,i assumed when we didnt here any news that it was a step in the right direction,im not predicting a top 10 at the click of ones fingers,but hopefully he will be back competing by the end of the year,best of luck Delpo….

MMT Says:

I have a solution, and I’m only half joking – he could convert to a one handed backhand. Tsonga does it quite a lot, and del Potro is tall enough that he should be able to make the transition more easily than a smaller player who can’t use leverage as frequently. I wonder if it’s been suggested to him – he could work on the stroke until next year and go to the OZ Open on a wildcard and try it there.

jane Says:

sad for delpo: i hope he comes back!!

sienna Says:

2 2 and 2

chris ford1 Says:

It sounds so trite, but I really really wish the 3rd time (operation) is the charm for Juan Martin.

Markus Says:

The sad truth is that previous failed surgeries lower the chance of any further surgery to restore that affected part back to normal or even close to what it used to be. And you cannot subject that part to the same stresses that caused the injury. I really think it’s all over for del Potro.

Thangs Says:

1,3 and 0

Colin Says:

I wonder – what were those “alternative” treatments he investigated?

It cannot be said often enough: if any alternative treatment which has been around for some time actually worked, then it wouldn’t BE alternative. It would be an established part of regular medicine.
Perhaps the most obvious example is homeopathy.

Jatt Says:

So sad, reminds of another talented argentine tennis player nalbadian suffered a lot of injuries.. Wonders how lucky, or gifted or whatever we want to call is federer..

Juan Martin Del Potro Recovers From A Third Surgery On His Left Wrist Says:

[…] few days after a heartfelt message announcing his continued issues with his left wrist, Juan Martin del Potro tweeted out a post-surgery photo surgery […]

M Says:

What Okiegal said in the third comment. All of it.

Best wishes for the quickest recovery for JMDP.

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