2014 Runner-Up Roger Federer Has Pulled Out Of The Canadian Open
by Staff | July 29th, 2015, 7:38 pm

It’s Rogers Cup, but Roger won’t be there. Roger Federer has announced that he will not participate in the Canadian Open in Montreal on August 10.

“I am disappointed that I won’t be playing in Montreal because it’s a tournament and a city that I really enjoy and has incredible fans. My family and I have always received first class treatment from Tournament Director, Eugene Lapierre, and his team and I hope to be back in the future.”

“We are obviously disappointed to have Roger withdraw as it is always a privilege to watch him play,” said Lapierre. “We also understand his decision because, above all, he has always been very loyal to our event and we would love to see him play tennis for many more years to come.”

Federer reached the final last year losing to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Federer has played the Canadian Open 11 times winning in 2006 and 2004, but he’s never won the event when it’s in Montreal only reaching the final once there in 2007 and he’s skipped the event now three times in the last four years.

Federer, who turns 34 on August, will play Cincinnati, the only summer hardcourt event he will appear at before the US Open.

He ranks No. 2 with four titles on the season and recent Wimbledon runner-up finish to Novak Djokovic.

While Federer is out, the Toronto women’s event, it was announced, will boast all Top 25 players in the field.

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64 Comments for 2014 Runner-Up Roger Federer Has Pulled Out Of The Canadian Open

Humble Rafa Says:

It is rude to pull from a tournament named after you.

-Philosopher Humble

Yolita Says:

Risky decision by Federer. By pulling out, he will fail to defend the 600 points he earned last year. This means that Andy will have a much better chance of taking the #2 seed for the USO.

Not easy, but very doable for Andy. All he needs to do is outperform Roger by 600 points. He is playing two more tournaments than Roger… He definitely has a shot.

jane Says:

that’s true yolita; i didn’t think of that, but it’s a boon for andy in a way.

Daniel Says:

Where is the other tourney Murray is playing, Atlanta or Washington?

Atlanta is a 250 and Murray already had 3 titles in 3 ATP 250 tourneys so no points to gain.

If it is Washington he has two titles in ATP 500 and 210 pts for Davis Cup so not much he can gain there as well unless he wins it.

He defends 2 Quarters in Canda and Cincy and is trailing Federer by more than 1000 pts.

Federer is safe to be #2 for Cincy and my guess he is betting either Djoko or him will beat Mirray there and prevent him from reaching finals. So unless Murray wins Washington and Canada and Federer underperfom massivelly in Cincy he is safe for #2 in USO.

Maybe he and his team crunched the numbers and thiught Murray’s chance are slim. Better conserve energy for Cincy and US Open than play Montreal with less chance of winning.

But he pretry much give up on #2 with this decision (unless he wins USO). Probably he is for a push in USO wanting to arrive restes with Cincy as a tune up which aleasy favores him. After USO he kind of know that Murray eventually will cath him so he is in for a final push with the #2 seed in a Slam.

My two cents

Daniel Says:

I mean He give for #2 after USO or year end. Still possible but with one less Masters and Murray pace of beating the guys he should be beating he is my take to be #2 after USO

Jock-KatH Says:

You may be right Daniel, but part of Fed’s calculations could partially be influenced by his decision to play DC after the US GS – he’s preserving his energy.?

Colin Says:

You folks are forgetting a little thing called Davis Cup. GB plays Australia just a few days after the USO finishes, so if Andy goes deep in New York (as I think he can – particularly if it’s windy)he’ll then, without enough rest, have to play himself to a standstill against Australia, so his progress for the rest of this season is likely to be far from smooth.

Speaking of Australia, have you noticed the feud between Tomic and the Aussie authorities goes on. They proposed a meeting to discuss his complaints, but he refused unless they reinstated his sister’s financial support. If Pat Rafter had any say, I reckon Bernard would never play tennis again!

Jock-KatH Says:

Yes Colin, the biggest DC effort may have to come from Andy – but potentially it’s no bed of roses for Fed and/or Stan who are both likely to go deep at the US Slam. Andy’s only advantage is the 6 years difference between him and Fed, and 2-3 year age difference Andy-Stan. Will it be significant or not? Only Father-time knows.

Also, the efforts of the “other DC sides” at the USO could also be relevant, Kyrgios & co. etc. etc.

What do you think?

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I don’t think Fed cares much if he arrives 2 or 3. Either way he is likely to play Novak, and at least one other Slam-worthy player (i.e. Stan or Andy). Falling out of top 4 makes things tougher but there’s not a big difference between 1-2 and 3-4.

If Fed is #2, he’ll face Stan or Andy in semis and Novak in finals. If Fed is #3 he’ll play Andy or Novak in semis and 1 of those three in finals. (That’s assuming things go to form- but if any of those players are knocked out before semis it still doesn’t change the delta between 1-2 or 2-3).

Jack Lewis Says:

The race for #2 is of no importance to Federer. After #1 the other rankings are not that important. He obviously feels he will have better chances at the US open by skipping that event. I doubt he will get another slam but he obviously wants to maximize his chances.

SG1 Says:

Being from Montreal, it’s a little disappointing that I won’t see him play here (though I have seen him player in the past).

At 34 he’s going to manage his schedule the best he can. I don’t fully blame him for pulling out. He wants one more slam for his trophy case. Though, as Jack Lewis said above, it isn’t going to happen.

I really think that Wimbledon was his last shot. There are several guys out there who can overpower/outwork Roger on a hard court. While he doesn’t have to play all of them, I do believe that he will eventually have to beat Novak which seems to be a lost cause at this point. Should Novak lose early along with some of the other big hitters (Stan, Berdych, Cilic, Tsonga, even Monfils et al.) then sure… Fed could win. But that scenario is so unlikely. If Fed plays Murray in the final, then sure….he has a shot. But I think a string of unlikely upsets is the only way Roger picks up another big trophy.

chris ford1 Says:

Love how some think that being #2 or #3 is ‘not that important’. You go to #3 or lower, and Muzz, 2nd best player of the season, gets his rightful spot -and odds increase you have to beat both Muzz and Nole.

Fed by bailing gets to go into Cincinnati fresher, and it’s a faster court he has done well on and has a decent shot at winning. He hasn’t won Rogers Cup in 10 years. Last trophy there was back in 2006.
Don’t think Fed at 34 believes he can play both Masters and the USO.

Daniel Says:

TV, big difference being #2 for Fed. right now tge only olayer who “owns” hin is Djoko and if he is seeded 2 they can only meet in finals.

Although I agree Djoko is more likelly to be there regardless an upset can happen and somewhat he just doesn’t play his best in USO big matches (apart from final he won) even the Fed matches he saved MP, was 2-0 down to Murray in 2012, play five sets with Wawa and lost to Kei last year. I think he wants a comanding statemnent performance this tear there to set #10 and his path for top 5 or better GOAT. But if he is upset, I fancy Fed’s chance agaisnt anyine else, specially if he plays well in Cincy. Cilic is not goign to happen again, Kei, Milos and Dimitrov fell they kind of regressed for several different reasons and Nadal to me has no chance in fast HC.

That leaves Murray, who Fed has a mental edge right now and Wawa who is a bit inconsisitent still. So, to me avoiding Djoko before finals increases his chances and one of the other two can beat Djoko there and in a final agaisnt Fed anything can happen.

Daniel Says:

chris ford,

Totally agree with your post.

Daniel Says:

Fed seedes 2 he could draw Wawa who may not reach that far. Than he either has to beat Murray or Djoko in finals.

And although Djoko has the edge on Murray, with the eay Murray’s been playing eventually he will get a win (or not;-). But as both Djoko and Murray are top 2 in race having tonolay only one of them is better than having to play both.

I think one of this 4 wins US Open, with Wawa slow odds than other three, Djoko favorite, than Murray, than Fed.

sienna Says:

lets hope it is no injury or starting problems with his back.
but probably he felt last year he played to much leading up to the Cilic loss.

us open is his best shot at slamsucces.

djoker wont get past quarters.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

If the seeding mattered to him… he’d be in Montreal.

Tazman1 Says:

I believe that Fed is doing what is best for Fed and that is good! He has to look to the immediate future to keep his energy up! I think that Roger will win in Cincy and he will at least go very deep in USO! Any way that you slice it, Roger is the GOAT and will get another major to solidify his legacy, IMO!

Jock-KatH Says:

Tv – as above don’t ignore the other commitment – the DC for Fed.

chris ford1 Says:

No Vagabond, the seedings do matter to Fed. But at his age, he has to make hard choices. He can’t play them all, so he has to weigh what Masters or other commitments he should play in to keep rankings up and avoid tougher draws….or not…to be fresher for other events. That he thinks will benefit more at that are worth a loss in points to be “fresher at”
Seems dumping Canada to have a shot at Cincinnati and a slim chance at the USO was one of the easier “hard choices” he made.


BTW – It would be nice if Tennis X would pick up on that important discussion going on, on significant changes to the game may be happening soon.

Like chopping “player’s warmup time” way back. Elimination of the “let” call. Sudden death once you get to deuce in a game. Sponsors and media contracts negotiators now asking when the WTA will rein in the “shriekers”. More night games in certain media markets during the weekdays. Media pushing both Tours to do something about “farting around” rallies where neither player is trying to win the point, just pushing the ball back and forth waiting for the other player to make an error 1st..

Jock-KatH Says:

Defending Points in 2015: (Think these are correct – if not would be pleased to be corrected.)

Roger = 5.140
Noel = 4.260
Andy = 2,010
Stan = 1,200
Rafa = .045

If ranking is not the principal interest to each player, what can we assume:

Roger: Rio ( in the process DC + would like one more slam)
Noel: Retaining No. 1 + French Open (Rio???? – doesn’t look like it)
Andy: DC + Another Slam win (hopefully Wimbledon 2016.
Stan: Another Slam + a DC win + Rio.
Rafa: To regain form and win French Open.

If anyone cares to respond, I’m hoping for a balanced respond without nastiness.

mat4 Says:


I think that Novak will make Rio among his priorities in 2016. He was very upset by failing to win at least a bronze at the previous Olympics.

Roger plays for two reasons: he likes to play, and there is a big chunk of money to earn. Real big. Can he win another slam? Who knows. We see that he was one step away of winning WB the last two years. He could be very dangerous at the USO, with just a little luck.

The others? They just play, and their objectives are to go deep in tournaments and to win them. Not a particular one, but each time they play. Then, they can’t always chose.

Daniel Says:

I think Nole for next year will want to win everything he can, as it is with almost all rulling #1. Imagine of he wins USO this year, maybe next year he cna target the Grand Slam as many thought he could do ot this year.

But his priorities will be Garros + any other Slam (the most he can as he’ll turn 29) + Rio medal (preferably gold as it will be played in HC, already announced) + Masters record and hold #1 till year end to tie Federer with 5.

Agree with mat4 ref Fed and the other is to win Slams, Wawa any and Murray Wimbledon priority as always and any others.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

JKH, I actually take Federer at his word that he plays because he loves competing. I don’t think he is fixating on anything in particular as a cap to his career. That said, I think he wants to win Slams, because he wants to win, period.

I imagine the other players might have similar goals in mind to those you stated. I wonder if tennis players actually set goals in that fashion for a coming year, you know, actually verbalizing (even if just to themselves) what their hopes and goals are, what their standards for success for the year are.

Margot Says:

@Chris Ford
Tennis is like a Dinosaur, moves very, very, slowly and reluctantly forwards… And re your last point “farting around” I imagine that was a wind up, because how on earth could they enforce that?
Actually, a topic I’ve seen come up elsewhere, but never here, is match rigging.

Jock-KatH Says:

OK Thanks Everyone.

Anyone see that extraordinary picture of Murray & Federer at Bangkok 2005 (or was it 2006). (Margot – it would really give you a smile) – will see if I can find it again.

Purcell Says:

Mat4: I’m not privy to the thoughts, decisions and actions of anyone especially those, like tennis players, who are in the public eye, because that situation gives rise to ill- informed nonsense, often conflicting nonsense, from the media. However I doubt that any of the top echelon, including those up to around fifty are short of a few pennies. The top lot are wealthier than most of us could ever dream of, even allowing for the expenses incurred running support teams, travel, families etc. It seems that they are doing good things with their cash as well. Even those plagued my serious injury like Delpo, Haas etc are not going to struggle too much…….
Therefore I doubt that a big chunk of money is uppermost in their minds. My take is that it’s more to do with the following: as you say, love of the game, pride, gladiatorial effort, history, promotion of the sport worldwide, character forming and other issues. Ok I’m being idealistic!

Ronn Says:

Sounds to me like Roger’s afraid he’ll lose to Djokovic and Djokovic will get the upper hand in the head-to-heads AND gain the psychological advantage heading into the US. Not that he needs it, though, because he’s already in Federer’s head BIG TIME and if Federer can’t even beat Djoko on grass then there’s no way he’ll beat him on the hard courts over 5 sets.

Gypsy Gal Says:

^Just another conspiracy theory^….

Ronn Says:

And the downwards spiral for Federer begins…He’ll lose all his points for the Canadian and after that he has A LOT of points to defend until the end of the year. And being that Murray is LONG overdue, I’d be surprised if Murray doesn’t become the world #2 near the end of the year. But if he doesn’t, SOOOO what? All the better for the Serbinator to widen the huge points gap even farther and the gap could swell up to 7000 points or more if Djoko wins the US Open and plays as well as he traditionally does after the US Open until the end of the year. The next 2 to 3 years are going to see Djoko pile up quite a bit of MAJORS trophies to add to his collection for sure…

Markus Says:

Federer’s downward spiral has been predicted since several years ago. And it’s accurate. He has spiraled down to number 2.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Yeah,i always find it strange on this forum,posters cannot simply be content with their favorites achievements of one all time great,they have to belittle the achievements of another all time great….

chris ford1 Says:

For Djokovic, the rest of 2015 has some very interesting potential achievements that are possible, likely, and all but certain (passing John McEnroe into 5th place in most weeks as #1).

It’s not all about 1 2000 pt event.
He can tie or exceed his record and Rafa’s for most Masters wins in a year (5). He has 4 now.
Djokovic passed Federer with most Masters wins and is in striking distance of Rafa’s 27.
If he wins Cincinnati, he becomes the 1st to own all Master’s titles.

It’s looking like he will have a better h2h with Federer over their careers.
And unless Rafa comes back strong, odds favor Nole to put that h2h in doubt.
At the momement, he is in contention to have the most (adjusted) points of any player in a season. Fed holds that record now for his 2005 season.

And the Year End Championships? Not given the importance that players put on it, overlooked by some “Slam-centric” fans and writers. But coming back to being a big deal again. And a hinge point for two guys – Federer and Djokovic. Djokovic has 4 already. Ivan Lendl and Pete have 5. Federer has 6. If Djokovic wins, he will likely end up tied with Fed with 6 or exceed that. If Fed wins one more – his record probably will be safe from Djokovic.
(And there is Rafa. What could possibly salvage Rafa’s year? The USO…or…the last big thing he has never won – Barclay’s. )

Daniel Says:

Yes CF, a lot for Djoko at stake still this season.

– 1 more win over Fed and he revert HxH with him.
– Cincy and he complete the Masters set, never done before
– 2 more Masters and he has the record of 6 in a season (if Nadal doesn’t win anyn more this year) he will be with 26, 1 shy from the record, which most likelly he geta next year.
– 4 Year End #1 is virtually in the bag now, bar injury.
– Pass McEnroe also done deal for 5th all timeand getting closer to 200 weeks
– USO for another year with 3 majors, only Fed had done better with 3 and also reaching all finals in a season
– A Fifth WTF staying 1 shy of Federer record of 6.
– 3 nore wins over Nadal and he reverts that HxH also, any other win he gets puts him closer and he canndraw Nadal in Nortg America on R16 or Quarters in one of two Masters, let’s see how that will play out.

If he achieve all of that, or half of it, next year he will be in for another historical year at 29 he could have a safer look where his career will go and where he can stand in mens tennis history, already a legend.

Daniel Says:

The only 3 records that right now seems unreachable are:
1 – Connors total title at 109 (eve for Federer)
2 – Federer’s 17 Majors
3 – Federer’s 302 weeks at #1

This based on Djoko’s age. If he wins USO he stay at 10 at 28 and half, so Sampra’s and Nadal’s 14 is stillreachable. But that depends on a lot of factors and basically he will have to win majors after 30, something very few could do.

That is why USO is at most important for him right now and he knows it. The goal now maybe Cincy, but as a set up for USO, than everything else.

sienna Says:

I dont think hell sail through.the hard hitters have more chance on this court then on the gras.
If Fed plays his cards right this one could be his. I fancied US open for Federer from beginning of year. especially with sabbatical Cilic took.

Daniel Says:

Agree in part Sienna, indeed Djoko lost two matches on fast HC, in Doha to Karlovic and in Dubai to Federer whereas on grass he looked sublime and on clay he was dominating bar that performance from Wawrinka.

Slow HC Djoko rules but fast HC he can be upset hence he never won Cincy and his, relativelly poor record un USO finals where he lost matches to all other big 4 and played 5 sets with Wawa before. So indeed here is where he is most vulnerable, north america HC swing. Asia he dominates last years, so woth Paris and WTF nowadays.

Last year he was a bit uninterested in Canada and Cincy but this year I think the history will be different and there is nobody playing that great now other than Murray and Fed. But yeah, nobody saw Tsonga coming last year so on HC a player on a row cna beat anybody. Hard to see it again at USO but in Masters sure.

chris ford1 Says:

Daniel, it may be unlikely, but another totally sick, never to be broken record is possible. Since Nole won Paris and Barclay’s last year, he currently holds titles 6 of the 10 big events under the ATP. A record already.
It is possible he wins 1 of the next 3 Masters. No one has ever held 7 of 10. Chance of winning 2 more Masters is there. And if somehow he won all 3 Masters before Paris…he’d have 9 of 10 of the ATP’s biggest Tour events (Slams being independent from the ATP). That would be sick, sick, sick!!!

Then there is that thing about 4 Masters won in a year, 1 skipped, 4 to go. 1 win ties his and Rafa’s record, 2 makes a new record. I don’t see how any would match it if he won 3 or all 4.

Don’t know what Nole will do. He could get injured or something or start playing badly. But right now I would put odds on him getting a few special marks in an all-time great career this year, and with a running 365 day total 2014-2015.

SG1 Says:

Novak’s slam final record is somewhat pedestrian but given who he’s had to beat it more than makes sense. If a few of those close losses had been wins, he’d be right there with a shot at Federer’s 17.

Novak is sort of the Lendl of this generation. Forced to beat a lot of players are either great…or on the cusp of it to win a major. He hasn’t had any majors that have been slam dunks except for maybe his first one against Tsonga.

Daniel Says:


With the eay he is olaying and dominating Masters final I would be vert surprised if he doesn’t win 2 of the next 4, not counting WTF. So I think he is safe to record of six in a season.

We may know more in Montreal because he won everything he played or was in finals since Doha. If he wins there than we are in for something this year. Dificult to gauge if he’ll want to go all out in both Masters risking be spent for USO, one thing is go for broke in IW/Miami double as he has done before in 4 weeks with no Slam in the horizon. Maybe if he gets a good draw and some tuff playera lose early he can try to go for it. it depends if he saves energy and wins match fast. I think he will prefer to peak for Cincy, USO also knowing that Fed likes this two so if he beats him there even better for him, be competitive his main rivals are playing.

But i think he will keep the same pace as first half of season. Many of us were in doubts due to RG loss and he erased that in Wimby with much more composite than last year.

Daniel Says:

SG1 indeed, the match who gets closer to my mind is USO 2013. Novak was leading third set and suddenly collapsed and Nadal raised his level. Imagine if that match was different, Novak would have 10 Slams already, multiple years with multiple Slams, 4 Year End #1 going for a fifht straigh (he coudl reach Smapras 6 Straight) and closer to Nadal Slam count wich would be 13.
I knwo there are no IF’s in tennis and tehre is several matches we can apply the same logic for other players but that match changed everything this decade, both for Nadal and Novak. The RG contested were different because there was Nadal’s territory but that match is a match Djoko couldn’t aford to lose, and it may cost him long term, more so than the Mureay losses or RG finals.

Jock-KatH Says:

I’m curious, Daniel, why the RG was a match Djoko couldn’t afford to lose, and it may cost him long term, more so than the Murray losses or finals”.

Tried to connect with other “connected” comments – ???….

Angel Says:

Djoko will eventually finish his carreer between 13 to 15 slams at the most. Probably 2 more Year End Masters and 100 to 140 more weeks as number 1 at the most. A very much like Sampras numbers achieved. My guess. Who knows for sure?

Daniel Says:


Because everybody is expected to lose to Nadal on clay;-)

Murray “on paper” is more natural on grass than Djoko and on HC back when they contestes US Open there was wind and Murray play better with conditions. But US Open 2013 Djoko already have established himself with superior HxH over Nadal on HC and it was a match he couldn’t lose. He is 1-2 agaisnt Nadal in USO wherehe should have a positive HxH as it os their whole careers on hard towards Djoko. That match gave Nadal year end #1 another year with multiple Slams plus a mental edge that year with 2 Slam wins (after the RG semis).

HC is suppose to be Djoko’s territory and I hope he still have time to win more US Opens.

Daniel Says:

Just ti correct Jock I said USO 2013 was a match he couldn’t afford to lose. Same coudl be said to RG 2015 but Wawrinka was in a Cilic rub there, so bot much one can do.

jalep Says:

From this Nole fan perspective, the RG 2015 final loss was the worst. But I’m not thinking in terms of winning a load of GS’s. That he lost USO in 2013 doesn’t bother me – he already has that title.

Not sure how much Nole even likes playing USO compared to Wimbledon, RG, AO. USO is my least favorite GS. Maybe the heat here is affecting my mind. Really hating on the temperature being over 100F…38-40C and I could suffer a heat stroke in my car. Miserable bike riding too. The air is stifling and dusty. We need rain! End of Rant.

Gypsy Gal Says:

I think he will win the FO,although i suppose its probably easier for me to say than it is for him to do,and who knows if he will be at the same level next year,and other players are also coming through,and he will also be a year older,time will tell i suppose?….

jalep Says:

Hi Gypsy Gal

It’s easy to say Nole has time, he’s too good not to win, ect. But reality is that each year it’s more anxiety for his fans at RG. For him? He has an excellent life, is committed to his tennis career and is a consummate professional. I’m done predicting about RG for now on out into the future.


Excited to see what happens in Wa.DC, Montreal, Cincy, USO.

Markus Says:

I always thought the French would be the biggest blank space in Djokovic career. I still think that. Federer was very very lucky to have eked out one during Nadal’s reign. I doubt if Djokovic would be as lucky. Nadal is only one year older and from his interviews, in spite of his losses this year, he remains highly motivated. There is no way he is going to let two years go by without a French title.

chris ford1 Says:

You might have a point if you were saying this a few years back.
But Djokovic and now Murray have become superb players on clay, and it isn’t up to Nadal ‘motivation’ anymore…

Markus Says:

cf1, you have a point there, too. Djplovic has become a formidable opponent to Nadal on clay and has been consistent at it so far. Murray on the other hand, although vastly improved and with a recemt victory over Nadal, remains to be seen.

Giles Says:

Just a reminder to all the joker fans in particular, the world still goes crazy for a Fedal match even though it is an Exo.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Many people including myself thought Novak beating Rafa at the FO,meant the title was his,its all a foregone conclusion now,or so everybody thought hmm,everybody seemed to underestimate Stan and how well he was playing again me included,as for Rafa he has nothing left to prove anymore on clay its all gravy now,will he win another FO who knows?but then again he doesnt need to anyway,i believe as good as Novak is on clay and everyone else,he might have his work cut out trying to win the one GS that eludes him,Rafa has players that can worry him on clay now not that it matters,so has Novak,the field is getting better,other players are coming through,and he will also be a year older,these things actually get harder each year not easier,my two cents….

Gypsy Gal Says:

^Meant everywhere else,not everone else^….

Markus Says:

Gypsy Chick, I also thought that French was his (Djokovic) after he beat Nadal until Wawrinka beat Federer and I thought Stan would be his big hurdle since he seems to be the player who gives him the most problem in the last couple of years.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Markus lol Gypsy Chick please dont give me anymore ideas for another new monikor,but i do like it as its part of both names or Hippy Gal,anyway yeah completely agree,and the chances will get less and less with every passing year,this isnt to say he cannot/wont,just that it gets more difficult,im a great believer in that if things are meant to happen they will,still JMO….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Fabio makes the final,wonder who he will face Rafa or Seppi?….

Markus Says:

Oops! Gypsy Gal, that was a Freudian slip. I think I am fixated to your old name.

madmax Says:

Tennis Vagabond Says:
I don’t think Fed cares much if he arrives 2 or 3. Either way he is likely to play Novak, and at least one other Slam-worthy player (i.e. Stan or Andy). Falling out of top 4 makes things tougher but there’s not a big difference between 1-2 and 3-4.

If Fed is #2, he’ll face Stan or Andy in semis and Novak in finals. If Fed is #3 he’ll play Andy or Novak in semis and 1 of those three in finals. (That’s assuming things go to form- but if any of those players are knocked out before semis it still doesn’t change the delta between 1-2 or 2-3).

July 30th, 2015 at 7:54 am


exactly right. The dynamics of 2 or 3 aren’t that many. If he stays in top 4, then whoever he plays as an opponent, will be in the same part of the draw.

It is a shame for the fans that he cannot play, but if there is an injury, (or just sheer tiredness), then it is the right decision.

Hope all is well for the next hard court event and that he is back to full health.

SG1 Says:

While the USO surface is nothing more than glorified highway pavement, it’s my favorite major. The crazy night matches, the NYC skyline, the energy of the crowd.

The only thing missing is a US male player with a genuine shot at the title. Of course with Serena is going for the calendar slam which will create crazy buzz. Hopefully she doesn’t falter and gets to the final because I think this kind of story transcends the sport itself.

SG1 Says:

Of course Serena going for the calendar slam will create crazy buzz…. sorry for the sloppy grammar…:)

Patson Says:

Does SG stand for Sloppy Grammar ?


Gypsy Gal Says:

Giles@August 1st 4.17am,thanks for the link,so glad Rafas playing that this year,im looking forward to it….

Top story: Svitolina, Muguruza Top Seeds At WTA Chicago; Clijsters Returns